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Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon: The Lucha Libre!

Libra is the sign most likely to make contact with “the other” while Sagittarius Moons need to explore far and wide in order to feel emotionally nourished. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings Libra/Sagittarius is arguably the most likely to make meaningful contact (Libra) with far-off peoples and far-off places (Sagittarius). Astrologer Jefferson Anderson says this the Sun/Moon pairing of the “wildly free-spirited libertarian” who is at their best when leading an African Safari, an Alaskan expedition, or other adventure off to exotic locations where they can experience the joys and wonders of distant geographies. (Source) So dear reader, since we’re discussing a Sun/Moon pairing as wildly free-spirited as Libra/Sagittarius what do you say we take a brief astrological cyber-Safari off to the wildly free-spirited world of Mexican Lucha Libre films! Oh, you’ve never seen a Mexican Lucha Libre film you say? Well then you’re in for one heck of a lovely (Libra) adventure (Sagittarius). Beloved Mexican professional wrestler turned movie star turned folk icon Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, aka “El Santo”, is about as textbook an example of a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon as you’ll find. (Chart)

Libra/Sagittarius makes for a great geography or literature professor. This pairing loves to compare cultures so here is a brief primer on the differences between American and Mexican wrestling: in the United States professional wrestling occupies a place in the cultural ethos somewhere in between the NFL and the Cartoon Network. In Mexico things are much different. South of the border, professional wrestling is experienced more as folk tradition than steroid-fed uber-circus. The Mexican wrestlers, known as “Luchadors”, are loosely akin to a combination of Brazilian Capoeira performers, Indian Bollywood stars, and Harlem Globetrotters basketball players who ply their trade with liberal amounts of shameless Elvira style camp.

Like many Libra/Sagittarians, Santo was known for being vivacious, gregarious, and going on thrilling adventures in which he always had loads of fun while relating (Libra) to his public with great joie-de-vivre (Sagittarius). Astrologer Bill Tierney says this pairing’s “sincerity and honesty shine through, which only adds to its public appeal”. (Source) This is true even when the Libra/Sagittarius in question is a Lucha Libre star like Santo whose “sincerity, honesty and public appeal” must shine through a mask.

A good number of Libra/Sagittarians will find their way into education where their lively spirit, charm, and concern for others can be put to use broadening the intellectual horizons of young minds. Santo was not an educator per-se but several generations of children did grow up watching his films and acting them out on schoolyards which, if nothing else, certainly served to broaden their imaginative faculties.

You can often spot a Libra/Sagittarius by their fashion sense, which is best described as one part suave (Libra) and one part outrageous (Sagittarius). Only a Libra/Sagittarius like Santo could rock a smoking jacket with his Luchador mask and pull the whole ensemble off like a total boss as he did in the film Operacion ’67, considered one of the Lucha genre’s all time classics:

Santo in Operacion ’67

Most Libra/Sagittarians have a philanthropist or political activist of some sort inside them. Libra is interested in defending the rights of the downtrodden while Sagittarius is interested in “taking up sweeping, global causes where they do battle with the biased policies of the powers that be” astrologer Bill Tierney tells us. (Source) Linda Goodman suggests this pairing take up some type of “Great Cause” such as Greenpeace where they can combine the fair-mindedness of Libra with the idealism of Sagittarius in order to “spread light into darkness”. (Source) Singer Bob Geldof is a Libra/Sagittarius who organized Live Aid, a massive rock musical festival that raised money for African countries being forced into poverty by Western banks. (Chart) Santo was not involved in social or environmental causes per se but he did became a symbol of justice for the common man as result of taking on vampires, thieves, killers and other forces of darkness throughout his films.


Speaking of Libra/Sagittarians who shine light on the forces of darkness, author Jeremy Scahill is also a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) A former correspondent for Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now program, Scahill is best known for his investigations into Blackwater, the infamous private mercenary company. His 2013 documentary Dirty Wars documents the horrifying injustices (Libra) being committed against people of other cultures (Sagittarius) via “targeted killings, drone strikes, and U.S. government–condoned torture”. (Source)

Scahill has never taken on practitioners of “black magic” or a giant “diabolical brain” as Santo did in the 1962 film Santo Contra El Cerebro Diabolic but he has investigated the dark art that is Barack Obama’s “kill list”, the existence of which is truly diabolical in a supposed democracy. According to Scahill, Obama’s assassination ring is of such scope that for all intents and purposes he’s “out Cheneying Dick Cheney”:

There is, of course, one major difference between Santo and Scahill. The diabolical brains that Santo took on existed solely within the imaginary world of Lucha Libre films while those that Scahill takes on occupy the White House.

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Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius: The Golden Gate Bridge

Today is the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) so it’s good time to take a look at its Sun/Moon pairing. The opening celebration for the bridge commenced on May 27th, 1937 but it was opened for traffic the day before. The GGB was thus “born” on May 26th, 1937 making it a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart)

Gemini is symbolized by two twins facing each other in much the same the twin pylons of the GGB face each other. Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur (half-man, half-horse) and considered the sign most likely to take long distance trips. The GGB looks like the Twins (Gemini) and was the longest distance (Sagittarius) suspension bridge ever built at the time. It has twin sets of lanes that go in two directions at once (Gemini) and is traversed primarily by people inside vehicles measured in horsepower (Sagittarius).

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius: The Golden Gate Bridge (Photo Source: Rich Niewiroski Jr.)

Gemini is the sign of Bike Messenger and the Cab Driver, the Blogger and the Bookseller, the Writer and the Journalist. It’s also the sign most likely to look for shortcuts or, as in the case of the GGB, actually engineer them. People with their Sun (identity) in this quick moving sign eventually come to be identified with their aptitude for quick communication and ability to cross-pollinate between different areas of life. In the case of the GGB, it’s now identified primarily as an avenue for quick-commuting and cross-pollination across different parts of the Bay Area.

Sagittarius, the sign opposite to Gemini, is the Traveler, the Student, the Scholar, the Gypsy, the Professor of High Adventure and the Super Crusader of Quests and Faith. For people with their Moon (emotional needs) in Sagittarius, travel is a form of emotional nourishment. With its Moon (needs) in Sagittarius (travel) it’s not a coincidence the GGB is funded (nourished) by the money (emotional support?) that people pay to travel across it. The GGB needs paying drivers to travel across it in order to be physically sustained in much the same way a person with their Moon in Sagittarius needs travel in order to be emotionally sustained.

Astrologer Jefferson Anderson emphasizes pairing’s love of freedom, writing that “The open road is a lot more tempting to you than the drudgery of a routine job . . .” He also provides an eerie warning given the location of the GGB atop two active fault lines, “You have a tendency to dispatch past catastrophes from your short memory.” (Source)” In light of Anderson’s warning it should be mentioned that, according to

While engineers did find a way to secure the bridge’s towers in the heavy ocean currents, accommodating earthquakes was not part of their original design. (Source)

The GGB has its Moon right on its North Node, the point of destiny. This is considered an indicator of coming before the public in a big way according to astrologer Celeste Teal. (Source) Placed in Sagittarius, the sign of long distance travel and expansion into new frontiers, the nature of the GGB’s public notoriety was destined to involve travel in some way. Russian Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, also has a Moon/North Node conjunction in Sagittarius in her chart. (Chart)

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