Hexagon #3: Spring 2016

If you live near a Barnes and Noble you’ll be able to purchase Hexagon #3 at most of their retail locations for $8.95 starting in mid-June. If there isn’t a B&N in your area and you’re willing to pay a bit extra you can also buy your copy direct from us for $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Orders will begin shipping on June 9th. Most orders ship out within one or two business days via USPS priority mail, confirmation and a tracking number are sent via email. Canadian and overseas readers can order here. -Matt

Front and back covers:


Table of Contents and full page ad from Sensheant magazine:


Opener to “The Zodiac of Jazz” by Jason Fleming:


More from “The Zodiac of Jazz”:


From “Pluto in Capricorn and the Plutonic Sociological Imagination” by Astro-Reporter Willow:


From “The Astrology of the Central Intelligence Agency” by Matt Savinar:


More from “The Astrology of the Central Intelligence Agency”:


From “The Secret History of SeaSat One: NASA’s Psychic Space Satellite” by Matt Savinar:


From “The Strange Case of the Two Mrs. Warrens” by Madame Zolonga:


Monthly horoscopes from Elodie Miaow:


Hex3 next to Hex1 and Hex2:


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Canadian and overseas readers can order here.

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