Astrology of Film and Television, Sagittarius: Crusades, Quests, and Expanded Horizons

Sagittarius is the sign of the quests, crusades, and devil-may-care adventures. It’s also the sign most likely to be passionately involved in religious, spiritual, or philosophical pursuits. At it’s most extreme expression, however, Sagittarius is the sign of “Doom’s Super Soldier” who will stop at nothing to achieve its quest, according to astrologer Austin Coppock. (Source)

If Sagittarius is the sign of the quasi-religious philosopher-super soldier then is it any surprise that actor Samuel Jackson, best known for playing a Bible quoting philosopher-hitman in the film Pulp Fiction, is a 29 degrees Sagittarius Sun? (Chart)

There are 30 degrees to each sign, 0-29, with each successive degree correlating to a more concentrated form of that sign’s energy. Twenty nine degrees Sagittarius is thus the most intensely concentrated degree of Sagittarius. Jackson’s wallet in Pulp Fiction is inscribed with the phrase “Bad Mother Fucker” which is basically a synonym for “Doom’s Super Soldier”, the most intensely concentrated expression of Sagittarius energy.

Sagittarius can usually be found on a spiritual quest of some sort. Not coincidentally, Samuel Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction spends most of the film on a quest for his boss’s suitcase. We never find out for sure what’s in the suitcase but it does shine very brightly when opened, which leads us to suspect there may be some type of spiritual component to whatever is in it.

Like a textbook Sagittarius, Jackson’s character also undergoes something loosely akin to a spiritual awakening from the beginning to the end of the film. As he says to Ringo, the would be hold-up man, in the film’s famous concluding scene, “Normally both your asses would be dead as fried chicken but you happened to pull this shit while I’m in a transitional period.” He also speaks quite loudly, yet another Sagittarius trademark.

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