Sagittarius: Crusades, Quests, and Expanded Horizons, Sample Chart Analysis, South Node: Past Lives

Your South Node is placed in the 10th House, the house concerned with the government, big business, the status-quo, anything to do with your relationship to “The Establishment”. In the astrology of the medieval days, the condition of your 10th House was considered to be indicative of “your status before the king.” Today it is more commonly associated with your career as seen from the view of the public. (Your day-to-day working environment, on the other hand, is described more by the 6th House than the 10th.)

With your South Node in the 10th House, you were likely a member of “The Establishment”, an authority figure, or otherwise in a position of public acclaim and importance in your past lives.

But, and this is a crucial “but” in your chart, the planet Uranus (symbolic of shocks, rebellion) is conjunct (fused) with the South Node (past life). So it is likely you were involved in some type of rebellion (Uranus) against “The Establishment” (10th House) even if you were originally born into “The Establishment”. As your South Node/Uranus conjunction is in the sign Sagittarius, the nature of the rebellion had something to do with Sagittarian themes of religion, faith, the pursuit of truth, or belief systems and philosophies.

Uranus in the 10th: Determined Idiocy or Strategically Planned Acts of Independence?

Uranus/South Node is a very edgy energy to be bringing into this life. This aspect imbues you with a wealth of “out of left field” type creative gifts but can lead to sudden disruptions in matters associated with your 10th House of Career and Public standing. At its highest expression, this aspects indicates you have likely been a force for speaking truth to power (the function of Uranus) over matters related to the status-quo (the 10th House). Darker possibilities include participation in a futile rebellion (the Uranian shadow) against tyrants or authoritarian establishments (the 10th House shadow). If, in this life, your efforts at breaking with the status-quo ever begin to feel more like “determined idiocy” (the Uranian shadow) than strategically planned acts of independence (the healthy expression of Uranus), then you may want to reconsider how you’re making use of this energy.

The good news, given your political and socio-cultural leanings, is that with South conjunct Uranus in your chart, you’re in very good company: Filmmaker Michael Moore and musician Willie Nelson, as well as several other notable modern day “rebels”, also have this aspect in their charts. (Source)

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