Combine the analytical capabilities of a Virgo Sun with the relational instincts of a Libra Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that’s discerning, perceptive, and extremely aware of what others are up to. To illustrate: using its establishment date as its date of birth, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is a Virgo/Libra. (Chart) In short their job is to use satellite based forms discernment and perception to figure out what those of us back down here on earth are up to. If this is your first time hearing of the NRO then check out these NRO mission patches courtesy of geographer Trevor Paglen’s book I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me: Emblems from the Pentagon’s Black World, a concise but very thought provoking compendium of occult symbols used within the world of classified military projects:


According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey the Virgo/Libra pairing has “great powers of observation . . . but finds the whole sphere of relating to warm blooded humans a bit messy.” (Source) In each of the NRO patches, for instance, it’s hard to imagine the cold blooded snakes or scaly dragons doing much normal relating to warm blooded humans. From their vantage points high up above the earth they will, however, be able to make wonderfully accurate observations.

Virgo/Libras are typically very courteous to others. For instance, the satellites symbolized in the above NRO patches are courteous enough not to intrude upon the day-to-day activities of earthlings even as they catalog our every move with total precision. The same goes for the “entity” symbolized by a pair of glowing red eyes in this patch from a joint USAF/NRO mission:


Linda Goodman tells her readers that the Virgo/Libra sign combination has an excellent chance to “live long past the 100 year mark”. (Source) This is true even when the Virgo/Libra in question is not an actual human being but an intelligence agency which manages spy satellites. According to Paglen, the satellites launched into geosynchronous orbit by the NRO “are destined to become the longest-lasting artifacts of human civilization, quietly floating through space long after every trace of humanity has disappeared from the planet”. (Source)

Some individuals of more conspiratorial persuasions have speculated that it’s the NRO who monitors UFOs as they enter and leave Earth’s atmosphere. (Source) If true that’s an awful strange coincidence because based on its premier date Fox’s bizarre yet strangely entertaining 1995 Alien Autopsy special is also a Virgo Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) According to the Harveys, the Virgo/Libra combination is sometimes a bit of snob who “can forget simply how to be human”. (Source) Yeah, I’d say so:

Virgo/Libra excels at accurate analysis (Virgo) of “the other” (Libra), whether that “other” is an international rival from across the globe, a romantic partner from across the dinner table, a space alien from across the galaxy, or even a high ranking politician across the lectern or pulpit. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, for instance, is a Virgo Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) His analysis of Bill Clinton’s time in office (“he did us just like he did Monica Lewinsky, he was ridin’ dirty”) is as dead on accurate as the high resolution surveillance photos the NRO might be taking of you at this very moment.

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