By Matthew David Savinar

The Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon combination is a great one for anybody involved in large scale social movements as it combines the humanitarian identity of an Aquarius Sun with the strategic instincts of a Capricorn Moon. Astrologer Bil Tierney writes of this combination’s social leanings:

Those of us with these energies highlighted in our charts are very much activists at heart . . . We’re willing to become involved in community affairs by supporting groups and organizations that bravely advocate fresh ideals that challenge mainstream thinking and social conformity. Our sense of civic duty is usually strong . . . (Source)

Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks are both Aquarius/Capricorns natives who exhibited very well developed “senses of civic duty” coupled with the “brave advocacy of fresh ideals” regarding community affairs.

The problem for people who advocate new ideals as effectively as some Aquarius/Capricorns do is that they often end up getting attacked by those who seek to preserve the status-quo. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings this might be the one most likely to get raided by the SWAT team or hauled off to prison for their efforts at challenging oppression. To illustrate: internet mogul Kim Schmitz, aka “Kim Dotcom”, is an Aquarius/Capricorn. (Chart) He’s best known for creating the site Mega Upload, which for a long time was the world’s most popular file hosting site. More importantly, he had apparently developed an entirely legal way for artists to get their music out to the world while getting paid but all without the need for large record companies to be involved. He was just about to deploy this new project in January 2012 when (“coincidentally”) he was raided by 70 members of the SWAT team and hauled off to prison:

If the raid seems a bit out of proportion that’s because it was. In fact it was so heavy handed that 18 months later a New Zealand court ruled it illegal and Mr. Dotcom to be released from prison. (Source)

Investigative reporter Mike Ruppert is another Aquarius/Capricornwho knows more than a few things about what the “Powers That Be” will do silence individuals who advocate new ideals. (Chart) Mike was working as an LAPD narcotics investigator during the 1970s when was recruited by the CIA to be involved in the drug trade. He refused the agency’s advances and attempted to go public with what he had been exposed to. For this he was at shot at and forced out of the police force despite possessing a service record of the highest order. (Link to Full Bio) Mike recounted these experiences, including his 1996 televised confrontation with CIA director John Deutsch, for the documentary American Drug War. If you want your mind blown make sure to watch at least the first 30 seconds:

Mike’s never been raided by the SWAT team like Mr. Dotcom but in 2006 his office was broken into and his computers destroyed beyond all repair after he published an in-depth expose of the Pentagon’s cover-up of Pat Tillman’s murder.

The character traits of an actor’s signature role(s) will usually match the characteristics of their Sun/Moon pairing, often to an uncanny degree. To illustrate: actor Michael Ironside is an Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon. (Source) His breakthrough role came in 1983 when he portrayed CIA contractor turned worldwide resistance organizer Ham Tyler in NBC’s “V”, the groundbreaking miniseries originally intended as a fascist allegory. In this scene he repels a squadron of fascist space alien storm troopers who’ve come to carry a group of human resisters off to an internment camp:

Obviously few, if any, Aquarius/Capricorns will ever face off against an army of invading space Nazis like Ham Tyler but his line, “Without proper leadership, you’re gonna get hung out to dry. Now we’re organized and we have a plan” is an excellent approximation of what the Aquarius/Capricorn pairing is fundamentally all about. Aquarians are inherently oriented to making plans based on the “30,000 foot” view of events while Capricorn Moons have an instinctual understanding of how to organize & lead large scale enterprises. (Note: In the time since I originally posted this article, the bulk of Ironside’s dialogue has been edited from the above clip.) Ironside so effectively projected the Ham Tyler character into the imaginal world as a highly-organized strategist with little patience for lightweights because that’s the highest expression of the Aquarius/Capricorn combination in the real world.

Were Ironside younger and of a different ethnic background he would be a natural at portraying his fellow Aquarius/Capricorn Fred Korematsu, the Japanese American citizen who was forced to become a fugitive when he refused to be placed in an internment camp by the United States government during World War II. (Chart)

This pairing will often express interest in how new technologies and social networks (Aquarius) can be utilized (Capricorn) to liberate people from oppression. At the time of his arrest Mr. Dotcom’s new project was set to leverage the decentralized nature of the internet to liberate both artists and fans from the clutches of the record companies. For a number of years Mike Ruppert ran a social networking website which connected people looking to break free from the mindless fascism that is modern consumer culture. Even Michael Ironside’s fictional alter-ego Ham Tyler brings with him new, high-tech tools which were to be utilized in the liberation of humanity from fascist space Nazis.

People with the same Sun/Moon pairing often bear a resemblance to each other even if they don’t look related by blood per se. In the latest installment of the Terminator franchise Ironside portrays General Hugh Ashdown, the leader of the human resistance against tyrannical cyborgs:

Now compare the above photo of Ironside as Ashdown delivering a message from his base of operations with this photo of Mike Ruppert delivering a message from his base of operations and try not seeing the basic thematic similarities:

Mike Ruppert at his office circa 2010
Mike Ruppert at his office circa 2010

Astrologer Jefferson Anderson tell us that Aquarius/Capricorn natives, “often have a gleam in their eyes that hints at either genius or madness.” (Source) Whether taking on the multinational record companies like Kim Dotcom, refusing to sit in the back of the bus like Rosa Parks, resisting internment like Fred Korematsu or blowing the whistle on CIA narcotics trafficking like Mike Ruppert, you’d have to be a bit “mad” to speak truth to power the way this pairing often does.

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  • Matt — nicely delineated, and it’s good to see you working with foundation charts for organizations as well as mundane charts of countries. Have you considered looking into traditional mundane techniques such as annual Aries ingress charts? Might be educational

  • pamela says:

    Matt, that was one of the best articles like that I’ve read.
    and the insight into both Ruppert and CollapseNet was really fascinating. I’m re-reading it again to get all the good out! LOL

  • pete says:

    Well done, Matt. I’m somewhat familiar with Mr. Ruppert – have been more attentive to fellow peak-oilers Greer (above), Richard Heinberg and James Howard Kunstler – but will have a closer look now.

    • MattSavinar says:

      Regarding Kunstler: a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon. The Harveys’ image for that combo? “A lecture on ancient Greek architecture and town planning.” They intended those images as metaphors but it never ceases to amaze me how often they are accurate in a literal way.