By Matthew David Savinar

Combine the Pluto powered magnetism of a Scorpio Sun with the stunning stage presence of a Leo Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that will have jaws dropping, heads turning, and pulses racing. Dramatic and magnetic, determined and ambitious, this pairing is difficult to resist and impossible to ignore. If this pairing has a theme song it’s either “Number One Stunna” by Birdman or “This is Why I’m Hot” by MIMS. Actress Veronica Lake, Hollywood’s original smokin’ hot femme fatale show-stopper, is a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

Scorpio Sun represents the darkest of the dark while Leo Moon represents the brightest of the bright. The combination is correlated with high contrast and high drama. According to astrologer Jefferson Anderson, the collision of late autumn darkness with mid-summer sunshine produces the “Magnificent Obsession” who will be anything but pedestrian as they walk through life:

You stand apart from the crowd. A rugged individualist, you have tremendous confidence and self-sustaining vitality, which make it unnecessary for you to rely on others for encouragement. People sense you are a leader for your presence alone is compelling.

With a strong sense of the dramatic, you rarely do things halfway, and your actions and behavior are usually designed to attract attention. (Source)

Actress Julia Roberts, who has been named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” list eleven times, is a Scorpio/Leo. (Chart) Like many Scorpio/Leo natives Roberts has major workaholic tendencies, having starred in a total of 42 films in the last 22 years.

One of the most intensely romantic of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings, relationships are of extraordinary importance to this pairing. Actors do best in roles that match their Sun/Moon pairing so it’s no coincidence that Roberts is best known for roles in films with distinctly romantic themes such as Pretty Woman, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Eat Pray Love.

Actress Gabrielle Union is also a Scorpio/Leo who has carved out a successful acting career in romantic themed films such as Two Can Play That Game, Deliver Us from Eva and The Honeymooners. (Chart) Like many Scorpio/Leo natives Union is known for her compelling presence, attention getting style, and near total immunity to would be haters:

This pairing can be more than a handful in relationships. Union, for instance, has been banned from sitting court side at Miami Heat basketball games for her intense trash talking of players, fans, referees, and even her own boyfriend NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. (Source)

Not unlike her fellow Scorpio/Leo Julia Roberts, Union is a legit “Number One Stunner” whose show-stopping hair style has been known to, quite literally, set off the body scanner security alarms at airports:

Actress Lauren Hutton, a former Vogue cover model and Revlon spokeswoman, is also a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) At age 61 she is still a “number one stunner”, having recently posed naked and guest starred on the television show Nip, Tuck. (Source) Her Scorpio/Leo astrological pedigree comes through quite clearly in the 1984 film Once Bitten where she plays a centuries old vampire who keeps herself going by romancing much younger men, including the then 22 year old Jim Carrey.

Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon: The Show Stopper and the Good Samaritan

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Julia Roberts, Gabrielle Union and other Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon natives such as Veronica Lake and Lauren Hutton are known for stopping traffic, setting off body scanner alarms and stunning the daylights out of scandalously younger men. There’s much more to this pairing than just bright lights, big hair, and show-stopping style. Scorpio Sun, at its most profound, has an deep understanding of others’ emotional pain. Leo Moon, at its most generous, will give of its time, energy, and money as freely as the Sun gives its light and warmth. The combination make for a Sun/Moon pairing that will bring sunshine (Leo) to those trapped within even the most subterranean of emotional situations (Scorpio). Gabrielle Union, for instance, has donated generously to rape crisis centers. Commenting on why she has chosen to be public on the matter:

This is why I now lobby for state legislatures across the country and the federal government to help raise funds and awareness for rape crisis centers, and I speak to all different kinds of people across the country about what happened to me. My goal is to never hear the words ‘me too’ from someone after I say ‘I was raped.’ (Source)

Union’s Sun (identity) is closely conjunct her Black Moon Lilith, a point which in astrological canon represents the female survivor archetype. (Source) Her identity (Sun) is thus closely connected to being a survivor (Black Moon Lilith) of the darker experiences that people with Scorpio emphasized in their charts often endure.

According to the Harveys, two metaphoric images that capture the highest expression of the Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon combination are, “A Samaritan mirrors sunshine into the depths of a dark pit bringing hope to those who live there . . . A sexy superstar creates a new charity.” (Source) Both images happen to be an excellent approximation of Mrs. Union. A sexy superstar, she has mirrored sunshine into the depths of the dark emotional pit that survivors of sexual assault so often fall into.

Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon Astro-Twins: Actress Gabrielle Union, CEO George Zimmer

The Harveys’ images also happen to be excellent approximations of one of Union’s Scorpio/Leo astro-twins, Men’s Warehouse CEO George Zimmer. (Chart) If Zimmer’s name doesn’t ring a bell his commercials for Men’s Warehouse probably will. They’re the ones that end with Zimmer delivering his signature line, “You’re gonna look great, I guarantee it.”

A go-getter in the business world and a superstar of men’s clothing who specializes in helping others look like number one stunners, Zimmer has donated generously to marijuana legalization efforts. (Source) He’s also helped finance research into the use of MDMA, commonly called “Ecstasy”, as a therapy for those suffering from PTSD. A study he donated money for in 2005 included a rape victim who had suffered from nightmares for twenty five years. (Source)

People with the same Sun/Moon pairing often bear an impossible to dismiss resemblance to each other even if they’re obviously not related by blood. For instance, take a look at these photos of Gabrielle Union and George Zimmer and notice how the camera picks up on a vibe of charismatic self-confidence and magnetic vitality in both of them:

Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon: The Showstopper, The Number One Stunner (Photo copyrights Nick Stepowyj, Thomas Hawk)

That Gabrielle Union and George Zimmer would both be legit number one stunners who also help those trapped in darkness is no surprise given their astrological pedigree. At its most noble expression Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon is both the showstopper who slows traffic with their superstar style and the Good Samaritan who renders assistance to those in desperate need.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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