The neat thing about astrology is you can run a chart for pretty much anything: a person, a government agency, a film, etc. To illustrate: a hobby of mine is looking up the charts of pharmaceutical drugs (“entities” I call them) based on the dates their patents were filed. From a wellness standpoint it’s useful to check the charts of any pharmaceuticals you’ve taken or might take and compare those charts to your own chart. By ingesting the drug you are literally merging with it just as you merge with a lover. Performing a synastry analysis between your chart and the drug’s chart is thus a very prudent consideration, particularly since Saturn (karma) is now in Scorpio (mergers).

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy it occurred to me to look up the chart for what is believed to be the primary patent for the technology used in HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). For those who don’t know what HAARP is: Officially it’s a ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and DARPA but a number of informed analysts have suspected it’s a weaponized form of weather manipulation. If weather manipulation sounds outlandish or the province of conspiracy theory it really isn’t. The New Zealand government, for instance, was studying how to weaponize tsunamis as far back as World War II. (Source) In 1996 an internal report by the U.S. Air Force report indicated weather patterns will be fully weaponized by 2025. (Source)

The HAARP installation, pictured above, is located in remote part of Alaska and was built by the defense contractor BAE Advanced Technologies. BAE is, among other things, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of electronic warfare systems. (Source)

Here’s the chart for the primary patent associated with HAARP:

We don’t know what time it was filed but I’m going to guess 9:30 am. This places the ascendant in late Aquarius, the sign of technology. More importantly it makes Uranus in Sagittarius the chart ruler, right on the Midheaven. The Midheaven represents a chart’s relationship to the public at large, including the government, while astrologer Raven Kaldera has associated Uranus in Sagittarius with the myth of “Oya”, an Afro-Caribbean weather goddess who manipulates winds, thunderstorms, and lightning strikes:

Lightning and thunder and rain and wind. Stolen fire in a pot. Smashed crockery. The while of purple cloth and copper beads. A swarm of locusts, a charging water buffalo. A glass knife slashing, a spinning top. A tornado sweeping the sand clean and white.

Oya is the weather goddess of the Afro-Caribbean Yoruba religion. Capricious as a lightning strike, one calls on her at one’s own risk. (Source)

Regardless of where HAARP’s ascendant is, the chart for its patent has a Mars/Uranus square. Adrian Ross Duncan says Mars/Uranus squares are associated with “shock tactics” while Sue Tompkins associates them with “sudden violence”. (Source) HAARP’s Mars is in Pisces which means the “shock tactics” or “sudden violence” will involve Piscean matters: deception, diffusion, drugs, and chemicals.

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  • Lynn Post says:

    I find your information very interesting had never thought about a chart for HARP.

  • Iris Horsey says:

    Agree with Lynn Post and had never heard of HARP before. When you consider that Saturn is also a ruler of Aquarius it looks even more malevolent…