Libra: Smooth Charm and Suave Ways

We’re in the middle of a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Libra. Venus is the planet of love; Saturn is the planet of hard work, boundaries, and things built to last; Libra is the sign of one-to-one partnerships. Put the three together and the theme is “love built to last.”

This video of an older couple playing with their laptop’s webcam, not aware it was recording them, went viral a few weeks ago when Venus hit zero degrees Libra. Words don’t do its hilarity and sweetness justice other than to say it’s a really great example of the energy of a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Libra:

ABC News did an article on the couple and their video shortly after it first went viral: Elderly Couple Viral Video Sensations

As far as their signs/charts: I’d guess he’s either a Leo or has Leo emphasized in his chart. Leo is the entertainer of the Zodiac, known for its stage presence. I’d guess she is either a Taurus or has Taurus emphasized in her chart. Taurus is great with objects and quite pragmatic. While he is hamming it up for the camera she’s thinking about how to get the thing to actually work.

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