Libra: Smooth Charm and Suave Ways

Looking for a man who knows how to dress well, smells nice, carries himself with grace, and is a natural at relating to others? Then you may want to consider a Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, and partnership. Check out the following examples of Libra men for a taste of what the seventh sign of the Zodiac has to offer:

#1) Miss Piggy Puts the Moves on Actor Roger Moore

Is it any surprise that an actor who portrayed super-smooth ladies-man James Bond more times (7) than any other Bond actor would have a Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra, the sign of the super-smooth ladies-man? (See Chart) It shouldn’t be as Libra is the Zodiac’s Olympic gold champion when it comes to being popular with the chosen gender. It’s also the sign most likely to already be in a relationship, as Miss Piggy found out when she put the moves on Roger Moore in this circa 1985 episode of The Muppets:

Miss Piggy shouldn’t give up on Roger just yet though. As Ren Alexander and Geraldine Rose explain in their book Seduction by the Stars, “Libra is the sign about which you can feel least morally squeamish when it comes to tossing your hat in the ring with a number of hats already lying there. Libra has an eye out for an improved version of their current partner.” (Source)

#2) Don Cornelius: So Cool the Man Could Freeze Hell Over

According to Sonya Magett and Rob Marriot, the authors of Astrology Uncut: The Street Smart Guide to the Stars, Libra is the “Finesse Pimp” of the zodiac, with a “Game Quotient” of 10 and a “Drama Quotient” of only 2. (Source) Is there any man in show business who more embodies the term “Finesse Pimp” than Don Cornelius of Soul Train fame? With both his Sun and Venus in this finesse-oriented sign, Cornelius is “so cool he could freeze hell over”, as one commenter said of this circa 1975 video:

The thing about Cornelius is he was much more than just the host of a popular television show. He was the founder of Soul Train, which was very much a pioneering project for its time. This is, again, an example of how signs always have a lot in common with their opposite sign. Aries is considered the trailblazer of the Zodiac but it was an uber-Libra like Don Cornelius who created a show as socially and musically trailblazing as Soul Train.

#3) Derek Jeter: A Super Smooth Libra Moon, On And Off the Field

With his Moon, Pluto, and Uranus in this stylish sign, it’s no wonder NY Yankess shortstop Derek Jeter has graced the covers of GQ, Vanity Fair, and dozens of other fashion magazines. Exuding the natural confidence Libra is known for, he was a perfect fit for the Gillette company’s 2008 “Staying Alive” campaign alongside golfer Tiger Woods, whose presence now only serves to highlight Jeter’s gentlemanly Libra demeanor:

Don’t think Jeter’s classy persona is just an act for the cameras. Even when mobbed by fans, Jeter is known for maintaining the grace you’d expect from somebody with a Moon/Pluto conjunction in smooth-as-silk Libra. As a writer for CBS News observed of Jeter when out in public, “In the time it takes him to order a java chip frappucino, Jeter poses for eight photos snapped by owners of camera phones, shakes five hands and signs seven autographs, never losing his gracious manner.” (Source)

#3) Snoop Dog and Buzz Aldrin Cut a Rap Album Together

As the sign most associated with an innate awareness of the other, a major theme for Libra is the concept of “social intercourse”. You will be hard pressed to find a better example of “social intercourse” then rapper Snoop Dog’s 2009 rap song collaboration effort with 80 year old former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who Snoop nicknamed “Doc Renedevous”. (Source)

Perhaps not coincidentally, Buzz’s Moon is at 19 degrees Libra, conjunct Snoop’s Sun at 26 degrees Libra. In Western Astrology, a Sun/Moon conjunction between two individuals is considered a five star synastry contact, excellent for marriage or any other 1-to-1 partnership such as collaboration on a rap album.

#4) Bill Clinton Smacks Around Fox News Reporter Chris Wallace

Libra is known as the peacekeeper of the Zodaic but don’t let this fool you into thinking this sign can’t or won’t fight. Bill Clinton, for instance, is a Leo Sun but has Mars, Venus, Neptune, and his Ascendant all in Libra. Like many people with a Libra emphasis in their chart, Bill has been known expend so much energy trying to maintain that sense of balance that he eventually just snaps, as he did during this appearance with Fox News reporter Chris Wallace:

Of course it’s hard to talk about Bill Clinton without mentioning infidelity. While Libra is famously considered the sign of “balance”, it is also the sign that can balance multiple relationships behind your back while maintaining the appearance of an ideal marital union. As astrologer Stella Hyde writes of Sun/Mars conjunctions in Libra, like the one found in Bill’s chart, “if your Mars is in Libra as well as your Sun, you often find yourself with your pants down and in no position to fight.” (Source)

#5 Mohandas Gandhi: The Icon of Libran Values . . . but with a Scorpionic Twist

There are few, if any, individuals who better embody the highest expressions of the Libra archetype than Libra Sun Mohandas Gandhi. (See Chart) A lawyer and civil rights champion, Gandhi led India to independence from Britain by way of peaceful non-violence, the ultimate Libra value.

But life wasn’t all Libra sugar for Mr. Gandhi. According to his Wikipedia entry, Gandhi “was in his mid-30s and the father of five sons when he vowed celibacy and it became a continual trial. He was a great flirt and spent his life tempting fate. A long line of secretary-nurse-companions massaged him, bathed him and even slept with him to keep him warm.” (Source) Seems a rather peculiar path for a marriage-minded Libra but keep in mind the man did had Mars, Venus, and Mercury all in Scorpio – the sign most likely to congregate at the extremes of any human behavior bell curve. As always, a person is more than just their Sun sign, including lovely Libras.

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