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Those of you who followed my work at LATOC know what a huge fan of NBC’s 1983 miniseries “V” I am. To satisfy my curiosity, I ran the chart for V’s premier (May 1, 1983 in NYC at 9:00 PM EST) and, lo and behold, the series is a Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon – the same Sun/Moon combination as Adolf Hitler. (Source) That’s a pretty amazing instance of synchronicity as V writer/director Kenneth Johnson has explained, “I intended the series to be an allegory for a fascist takeover of America, similar to what happened in Germany.” (Source)

If you’re not familiar with the original V or its been decades since you saw it, check out the following video for a primer:

I originally saw the series as a six year old and was terrified for all the reasons you might expect. I happened to re-watch the original series as a 26 year old, shortly after the invasion of Iraq. The second time around I wasn’t terrified but I did get chills down my spine at how similar the fictional agenda of the Visitors was to the real-life agenda of the Bush/Cheney regime. Just substitute “water from Planet Earth” with “oil from the Middle East” and the plot of V offers an excellent approximation of the real agenda behind the various wars of the last 10 years.

Saturn/Pluto Conjunction: Battles with the Authorities

Along with it’s Sun/Moon pairing, the thing that really jumps out to me about V’s chart is the presence of a Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Adrian Ross Duncan explains the meaning of a Saturn/Pluto conjunction as follows:

The signature for the pairing is overwhelming power, coupled strongly with fear and anxiety. It is an extremely difficult energy to handle because it keys in to primitive and atavistic fears relating to survival. It seems that there is no possibility of compromise when this energy is activated . . . . Battles with the powers that be – the police, the authorities, and other shadowy groups – are indicated. (Source)

V’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction is sitting on the cusp (border zone) between the 11th House of Group Associations (which includes political movements) and the 12th House of Secret Agendas and Hidden Matters. The series revolves around a group association (the 11th House) of resisters who meet in secret (the 12th House) to plot battles with the authorities (Saturn/Pluto).

The series has held up surprisingly well over the last 30 years, and for good reason: When V was made in 1983, the economy was in the tank and the threat of nuclear war was at the forefront of the collective zeitgeist. Today, concerns over nuclear annihilation have receded but fears regarding economic and ecological annihilation are now so omnipresent it’s difficult not to feel swamped by them.

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  • Willow says:

    I was fascinated by V as a little kid. I think it was mostly how they tore their faces off. And then there were those red and black V pleather jackets that were all the rage. I thought it was a regular show, so it made a pretty huge impact considering it was a mini-series.

    I didn’t know the premise until reading this, either. Pretty spooky correlations to current foreign policies, indeed.

  • MattSavinar says:


    yeah V was pretty damn awesome. there was a regular show in ’85, not a very good one, that followed the original miniseries in ’83.

  • MattSavinar says:


    Kenneth C. Johnson, the writer/director of the original V, was kind enough to reply to my email regarding this article. He informed me the series actually premiered at 9 pm EST, not 8. This moves the Saturn/Pluto conjunction to the cusp (border) between the 11th House of Group Associations (Including political movements) and the 12th House of Secret Agendas.

  • Charles says:

    I remember when they filmed V, they did a lot of the street scenes in Studio City, where I lived at the time. One evening, I came home from work, and there was a spacecraft in the spot where I usually parked my car. Dammit, it wasn’t easy to find spots on Tujunga, and some alien took mine! LOL.