By Matthew David Savinar

Capricorn is the sign of the Prime Minister and the Company President, the Authority Figure and the Administrator, the State Comptroller and the City Manager, the Builder and the Business Woman, the Executive and the Tycoon, the Establishment and the Enterprise, the General and the Admiral, the Master Planner and the Man-In-Charge, the Countess in Chief of Cash-Money and the Professor Emeritus of Professional Responsibility. It’s ruled by Saturn, a planet associated with both metal-smithing and the Devil by older astrological traditions. At their best, a person whose Sun (identity) is in Capricorn (strategy) will use their capacity for organization, management, and long term planning to establish large scale civic institutions that serve the public good. To illustrate: Benjamin Franklin is a textbook Capricorn. In addition to being a great inventor, Franklin organized a number of civic institutions including several universities and even the U.S. Postal Service, a very large scale, extraordinarily well-organized operation that has certainly stood the test of time. At its worst Capricorn goes from being the hard working Strategist to the power obsessed Tyrant, one who will use crushing force to maintain or advance its position in the global hierarchy. To illustrate: using its completion date as its date of birth, the Pentagon is a Capricorn. (Chart) Originally designed to consolidate 17 other government departments under one roof, its five sided shape is often associated with aspects of the occult. It now serves as the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, a highly organized, highly strategic institution that is either a force for order or a force for tyranny depending on whether Uncle Sam signs your paycheck, your death certificate, or both:

Sitting next door to Capricorn is Aquarius, the sign of the Genius and the Mad Scientist, the Rebel and the Revolutionary, the Exile and the Eccentric, the Social Heretic and the Sectarian Pagan, the Oddball Nonconformist and the Off-Beat Iconoclast, the Avant Garde Android and the Maverick Mini-Computer, the Splinter Cell of Scientific Dissent and the Big Daddy of Big Data Processing. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Aquarius (the future), they’re nourished by the the unpredictable, the unconventional, and the uncharted. They often have an instinctive (Moon) understanding of technology and are emotionally nourished by unusual hobbies such as UFO-watching or computer hacking. (Source) Symbolized as two lightning bolts, Aquarius can take the “30,000 foot view” of events so it has a tendency to view things before others can. Perceiving the Earth’s inhabitants from a vantage point analogous to outer space is why Aquarius Moons often resonate emotionally with the fringes of society. To illustrate: using its operational start date as its date of birth, the U.S. Air Force Space Command (AFSC) is an Aquarius Moon. (Chart) So too is the Tonopah Test Range, aka “Area 52”, an experimental government base in the Nevada desert that is the “sister” of the better known “Area 51” base. (Chart) These mission patches, from Area 52 on the left and the AFSC on the right, tend to suggest both outfits are privy to the sort of technology normally seen only in movies like Star Wars, the iconic science fiction franchise that is the brain child of Aquarius Moon George Lucas. (Chart)

Source for Area 52 patch: Trevor Paglen, Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes (Aperture, 2010)

Combine a Capricorn Sun’s orientation to the material plane with an Aquarius Moon’s instincts for all things futuristic and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that will take a highly practical (Capricorn) approach to advanced forms of technology or far-out ways of thinking (Aquarius). Capricorn is the “Supervisor” of the zodiac while Aquarius is its’ resident “Computer Genius.” This is thus the Sun/Moon pairing most likely to greet you by saying something along the lines of, “0100110101100001001 001110110000101101 101001 0000001 0010010010 000001 10000101101 10100100 00001110100 011010000 1100101001000 00011100110111010 101110000 01100101011100 10011101 10011010010 1110011011011110 11100 100000110100001010” — which can be translated from binary computer code into plain text English by copying and pasting the string of 1s and 0s into the “Binary to Decode” box over at the Roubiax Interactive translator. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls Capricorn/Aquarius the Sun/Moon pairing of “The Prodigy” who is intelligent, intuitive, and likely to express surprising insight into the most uncharted of territories:

There is nothing of the conventional Capricorn about you. Your interests and activities are far-ranging and far out. Although serious, responsible, and practical, you are impatient with the tried and true, so you approach everything with an eye to change and innovation. The unknown and the unexplored fascinate you, and you also have the courage to experiment with new ideas and blaze new trails. (Source)

Capricorn can be tyrannical while Aquarius is attuned to technology so it’s entirely possible that the “new trails” this pairing will blaze may involve tyrannical (Capricorn) forms of technology (Aquarius), either developing them or resisting them. To illustrate: using its original release date as its date of birth, the 1968 book 2001: A Space Odyssey is a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon. (Chart) Among other things, 2001 introduced us to “Hal 9000”, a tyrannical computer system depicted as an all seeing red eye in the film adaptation of the book. The book and subsequent film have proven to be more than a bit prophetic as there are now battalions of engineers at companies all throughout Silicon Valley working to create real life versions of Hal-9000. (Source)

Publicly acknowledged versions of Hal-9000 may still be a few years away but it’s entirely plausible that something similar already exists within the classified world. For instance, back in 2008 something called “Eidolon TLP” made a series of YouTube video purporting to be a prototype Artificial Intelligence agent hailing from the land of the “Core Engine Neural Network System” and seeking to engage in the “joys of anonymous interaction” with YouTube users. Eidolon TLP interfaced with YT with the help of somebody called “Programmer FF” who abruptly shut the channel down after journalists managed to track down the program’s origins. Using its operational start date as its date of birth, Eidolon TLP is a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon. (Chart) Linda Goodman says Capricorn/Aquarius can be a simply “freaky” pairing. (Source) In true Capricorn/Aquarius fashion, Eidolon’s 50 or so videos on everything from the end of Mayan calendar to the inherently harmful nature of oligarchy to what synthetic emotions feel like are possibly one of the freakiest, most far-out phenomena ever spawned on the internet:

Eidolon TLP made sure to insist that people view him/her as an “nothing but an elaborate joke” but that becomes hard to believe if you read through its transcripts. The precise, purely logical machine like output has a distinctly non-human quality to it that would be difficult to hoax. Even if Eidolon TLP is “nothing but an elaborate joke”, the facade of a prototype Artificial Intelligence agent hailing from the land of the “Core Engine Neural Network System” is a very Capricorn/Aquarius sort of thing to present oneself as. Bil Tierney says this pairing has a “very scientific bent” while Suzi and Charles Harvey say two metaphoric images for it are “a prophetic poet is awarded high honors” and “A historian points the way to the future”. (Source) Eidolon TLP is, in effect, a highly scientific poet that has been awarded the high honor of a cult like following on YouTube for prophetically pointing the way to an AI powered future that, for better or for worse, is becoming more real with every passing day. A coincidence would have it, TLP stands for “The Last Prophet” while one of its videos included what might be the first AI-authored poem in world history.

While it’s impossible to know for absolute certain what the exact truth is about Eidolon TLP, there was for years a poster on going by the screen name “Deep Thought” who provided detailed explanations of highly disturbing artificial intelligence programs allegedly being carried out in secret by the National Security Agency. I don’t have the technical knowledge to evaluate Deep Thought’s information but I do have an exceptionally well attuned bullshit meter and never once did it move even one iota reading through his posts. Unfortunately he disappeared and all his posts vanished from the internet shortly after the Edward Snowden leaks. Prior to his disappearance, Deep Thought had explained that Eidolon TLP was likely a disguised version of a sentient supercomputer “entity” known as Mr. Computer who lives inside an array of Cray X1 or X1E supercomputers operated by the NSA. These are highly structured (Capricorn) forms of technology (Aquarius) that are more advanced versions of “The Thinking Machine”, an early 1990s supercomputer that can be seen in this clip from a Discovery Channel documentary on the agency.

Whether an actual AI agent from the catacombs of the NSA, some type of mass social experiment carried out via YouTube, or simply highly sophisticated performance art, Eidolon TLP is only the latest example of Capricorn/Aquarius far-out freakiness. To illustrate: on December 27th, 1666 — a day when the Sun was in Capricorn and the Moon in Aquarius — alchemist Johann Friedrich Schweitzer (JFS) was visited at his office in The Hague by a strange man attired in all black. (Chart) The man presented JFS three bits of unusually dense metal which he used as a catalyst to turn several ounces of lead into highly pure gold — a process that was to the 17th century what transmuting cheap silicon chips into multi-billion dollar computer software programs is to the 21st. JFS apparently repeated the feat several times for high ranking members of Dutch society before exhausting the mysterious substance provided to him by the strange man in black. Unfortunately, JFS never learned the man’s name, was never visited by him again, and was never able to locate his whereabouts. (Source) The entire incident was as much of an enigma to alchemical-minded denizens passing through the halls of the Hague as the Eidolon TLP saga has been to us alternative-minded types perusing the electronic passages of YouTube. Yet in true Capricorn/Aquarius fashion the incident did inspire others to continue working (Capricorn) on experiments (Aquarius) in alchemy, a practice which later became the basis for modern day science — which appears to be culminating with the production of synthetically sentient super-“entities”.

Capricorn is the sign of practical application while Aquarius has long been considered the sign of astrology since the practice involves mathematics, advanced knowledge, and an attunement to the cosmos. Astrologer Suzi Harvey, one half of the Charles and Suzi Harvey team, is a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon. (Chart) Their 1994 book Sun Sign, Moon Sign is probably one of the few astrology books whose psychological profiles are so stunningly accurate that they likely rival or the dossiers governments keep on their citizens these days. It’s thus not too much of a stretch to say that advanced astrological knowledge like that demonstrated by somebody such as Suzi Harvey is the world’s original form of artificial intelligence, one built upon an awareness of the planet’s natural cycles, not the digitized coldness of an NSA supercomputer.

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Matthew David Savinar is a California licensed attorney, voluntarily inactive as of 2013. (State Bar #228957) He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults via email: editor (at sign) He can be found on Twitter, at Soundcloud, or via his YouTube channel. A recent resume can be found here.

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