Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted and adapted from a magazine length article “Watching the Watchers: Inside the Astrology of the National Security Agency” that originally appeared in the August 2013 issue of the The Mountain Astrologer. -Matt

Uranus is the planet of radical change and rapid progress, advanced machinery and experimental methodologies, liberation from the status quo and sudden breaks with reality, Einstein like advancements and Frankenstein like horrors. The NSA’s Uranus is placed in the 12th House of the unconscious and the super-conscious, of mysticism and meditation, of spirits and séances. Astrologer Bill Tierney associates Uranus in the 12th House with “holographic realms” created by technology as well as “ghosts found wandering dark chambers.” (Source) In true Uranus/12th House fashion there are even rumors the NSA’s advanced super-computer networks have spawned holographic, ghost like avatars imbued with artificial intelligence that are the cyber-world’s version of sentient apparitions. (Source) These apparitions are alleged to live inside an array of Cray X1 or X1E supercomputers that are more advanced versions of “The Thinking Machine”, an early 1990s supercomputer that can be seen in this clip from a Discovery Channel documentary on the agency:

The idea of high-tech, holographic ghosts wandering the catacombs of National Security Agency headquarters sounds absolutely crazy — and it probably is. Yet access to highly intelligent, apparition-like phenomenon is the sort of experience found disproportionately among people with Uranus (radical advancements) in the 12th House (psychic phenomenon, ghost realms). If nothing else this placement indicates the agency likely has access to technology that the general population would perceive to be magic – some off the shelves of the Starship Enterprise, some off the pages of a Stephen King novel.

The NSA’s Uranus is in Cancer, the sign of the homebody, so if these “ghosts” do exist hopefully they aren’t allowed to leave the confines of the agency’s headquarters.

NSA Headquarters (Photo Credit: Trevor Paglen)
NSA Headquarters (Photo Credit: Trevor Paglen)

Astrologer Howard Sasportas associates Uranus in the 12th with access to the “mind’s storehouse of ancestral wisdom – experiences accrued in the past and inherited through previous generations” as well as interest in parapsychological enterprises like mind-reading. (Source) The NSA may not be interested in actual parapsychology but its capacity to store massive amounts of data does, in a manner of speaking, give it access to the collective experiences accrued by several generations of hundreds of millions if not billions of people around the world. According to James Bamford, the agency has plugged a good deal of this stored data into a computer system called “Aquaint” (Advanced Question Answering for Intelligence), an artificial intelligence powered black box agents can query to find out what person X thinks about subject Y. (Source) The system is, in effect, a mind reading machine — exactly the sort of thing we astrologers associate with Uranus (technology) in the 12th House (psychic matters).

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