By Matthew David Savinar

According to astrologer Austin Coppock, Sagittarius is the zodiac’s resident “Doom Super Soldier” while Scorpio is the sign most likely to harbor a “Death Wish”, literally or figuratively. (Source) Combine the conscious awareness (Sun) in the sign of crusades (Sagittarius) with the unconscious instincts (Moon) in the sign of the underworld (Scorpio) and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that’s fervent, intense, and who will live life infused with a spirit of terrifyingly high stakes adventure. A free-wheeling scholar (Sagittarius) of the shadows (Scorpio Moon) at its best or a fanatical archer (Sagittarius) of darkness (Scorpio Moon) at its worst, this pairing is more than willing to risk its life for some great cause, with some Sadge/Scorpios even willing to risk the life or livelihood of others as well. According to astrologer Wendell C Perry, for Sagittarius/Scorpio “it’s a matter of you against the world, and the world had better watch out”. (Source) To illustrate: Using its incorporation date as its date of birth, the insurance company American International Group (AIG) is a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon whose financial super-soldiering (Sagittarius) nearly doomed the world economy to a death wish (Scorpio Moon). (Chart)

Most people think of AIG as simply the large insurance company whose failed derivative schemes put the livelihood of the entire world economy at risk during the collapse of 2008. The reality is that the company’s back story is far more sinister than anything that can be represented on actuarial tables or argued on the floor of Congress. For starters, AIG has been heavily involved in covert military operations since its inception. A year 2000 Los Angeles Times article entitled “The Secret Agent (Insurance) Man” traced the company’s involvement with “shadow wars” all the way back to at least World War II:

Newly declassified U.S. intelligence files tell the remarkable story of the ultra-secret Insurance Intelligence Unit, a component of the Office of Strategic Services, a forerunner of the CIA, and its elite counterintelligence branch X-2.

. . . the unit mined standard insurance records for blueprints of bomb plants, timetables of tide changes and thousands of other details about targets . . . “They used insurance information as a weapon of war,” said Greg Bradsher, a historian and National Archives expert on the declassified records.

The men behind the insurance unit were OSS head William “Wild Bill” Donovan and California-born insurance magnate Cornelius V. Starr. Starr had started out selling insurance to Chinese in Shanghai in 1919 and, over the next 50 years, would build what is now American International Group . . . (Source)

As globalization has spread since World War II the connections between the insurance industry and overseas military expeditions have only deepened. AIG, for instance, has been the go-to insurer for the private mercenary companies that have flourished in Iraq since the U.S. led invasion in 2003. (Source)

That a seemingly boring insurance company like AIG would be so involved in covert operations and mercenary work is not as counter-intuitive as it seems when you remember that the symbols for both Sagittarius and Scorpio involve armaments. Sagittarius is symbolized by a Centaur Archer armed with a bow and quiver of flaming arrows ready to be fired at far-off targets. Scorpio is symbolized by three animals, each a deadly predator capable of surviving in extreme environments: the Scorpion armed with its stinger; the Snake armed with its venomous fangs; and the Eagle armed with its talons. With the glyphs for both signs so heavily armed, the Sagittarius/Scorpio combination is poised for a life ferocious confrontations, whether upon actual battlefields or legal and financial ones.

Astrologer Linda Goodman says the ruthlessness with which Robin Hood redistributed wealth from the rich to the poor leads her to believe he was a noble-minded Sagittarius/Scorpio. (Source) If there’s one thing the bailout of 2008 proved it’s that AIG is something of a modern day Robin Hood minus the noble intentions, one who steals from the poor and gives to the rich with every bit as much ruthlessness as the legendary archer did the reverse. AIG agents may not run around in tights or on horses like Robin Hood and his merry men but they are responsible for insuring the kevlar-clad military contractors who fly around the oil fields of the Middle East, the modern day equivalent of the forests of Nottingham:

According to a study by ProPublica, from 2003-2008 AIG made an underwriting gain of $500 million from insuring these “merry men”, all of which was picked up by the American taxpayers.

Using its initial publication date as its date of birth, the reality based comic book The Activity is also a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) According to a recent ABC News piece, The Activity is based on the Pentagon’s most secretive unit: the Intelligence Support Activity (“ISA”) aka “The Activity”, a U.S. Army unit vastly more secretive than the Navy Seals, Delta Force and other compartmentalized outfits that have garnered so much media attention in recent years. Informed observers seem to think ISA members are tasked with “snatch and grab” missions, sanitizing botched operations, and engaging in the most intensely ferocious of extrajudicial *eliminations*. (Source) The comic book, while technically fictional, is meticulously researched by its creators and reported to ring true among the few individuals familiar with the ISA’s “activities”. (Source) They may run around corners of world as dark as the forests of Nottingham but merry men (and women) they are not:

Pictured Above: The Activity (Copyright: Image Comics)
Pictured Above: ‘The Activity’ (Copyright: Image Comics)

Marital artist turned film star Bruce Lee is also a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) Lee was neither an insurance agent working to defeat Hitler or a covert operative assigned to potentially lethal missions but his life was infused with the type intensity normally reserved for such endeavors. Lee left a widow at the young age of 32 following a death as shrouded in mystery as any AIG or ISA operation.

Sagittarius/Scorpios are also known to venture forth on intellectual and philosophical expeditions as all-consuming as military crusades. For instance, using its original publication date as its date of birth, the Encyclopedia Brittanica is a Sagittarius/Scorpio. (Chart) Lee too had an encyclopedic knowledge of martial arts and was as consumed with philosophy as he was with actually fighting. He may not have been a “merry man” but, unlike American International Group, he did pair a sense of ethics (Sagittarius) with passion (Scorpio).

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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