By Matthew David Savinar

(Image: Capricorn/Leo Marlene Dietrich in The Shanghai Express available via

Capricorn is the sign of the Prime Minister, the Authority Figure, the Strategist, the Business Man, the CEO, and the Tycoon. People with their Sun (conscious identity) in this sign will come to be identified with their capacity for organization, long term planning, and hard won material success. Like their animal totem the Mountain Goat, Capricorns ensure their success through taking a strategic, sure-footed, and step-by-step approach to climbing life’s mountains. This is where Capricorns get their famous executive abilities from but also their diabolical tendencies. Actress Jane Badler is a Capricorn best known for portraying the oh-so-strategic yet oh-so-diabolical Diana on the 1980s television series “V”. (Chart) These days she brings a Capricornian sense of authenticity to her role as a well-dressed, highly ambitious, and oh-so-devious businesswoman on the hit Australian soap opera Neighbors:

Sitting 150 degrees from Capricorn is Leo, the sign of the Entertainer and the Performer, the Actor and Actress, the King and the Queen, the Movie Star and the Showman, the Mistress of Ceremonies and the Professor of Super Stardom. Even the most mundane of activities will be infused with all the drama of a big budget movie premier or Broadway play when a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Leo (attention). Astrologer Raven Kaldera associates the Leo Moon with “Bast”, the Egyptian Cat Goddess who was the patron saint of parades and performances. (Source) Australian sprinter turned YouTube dance routine super-sensation Michelle Jenneke is a Leo Moon whose instincts (Moon) for parades and performances (Leo) have made her a viral video mega-celebrity who is to the denizens of social media what Bast was to the citizens of ancient Egypt. (Chart)

Combine the organizational capacity of a Capricorn Sun with the theatrical instincts of a Leo Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that gets down to brass tack reality (Capricorn) but with a whole lot of pizzaz (Leo), combines business mindedness (Capricorn) with creative flair (Leo), is very ambitious (Capricorn) yet also quite charismatic (Leo). This is the Sun/Moon pairing most likely to find success (Capricorn) in the entertainment (Leo) business, whether it’s amid the gratuity and glamour of Hollywood or the dropkicks and flying face-busters of the World Wresting Federation. To illustrate: Joan Weston is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon best known for her ability to deliver dropkicks and face-busters amid the camp glamour and gratuitous showmanship that was 1970s Roller Derby. (Chart) This pairing has a passion for both the big bucks (Capricorn Sun) and the bright lights (Leo Moon) and Weston is thought to have been the highest paid female athlete of her era. (Source) Astrologer Jefferson Anderson observes that this pairing is “much more extroverted than their fellow Capricorns”, something that Mrs. Weston’s disposition in this circa 1975 photo makes quite clear:

Image: American Public Television
Image: American Public Television

Derby was more fringe spectacle than legitimate sport during Weston’s heyday but lately it’s experienced something of a revival, both culturally and financially. Capricorn/Leo is a very ambitious, determined pairing that wants respect with a capital “R” more than anything else. Were she still alive, a Capricorn/Leo like Mrs. Weston would thus be thrilled that a recent Sports Illustrated article explained, “not only is the Derby thriving again, it’s downright respectable to be a doll on wheels”. (Source)

Suzi and Charles Harvey write of this pairing’s capacity to combine work (Capricorn) with high profile fun (Leo), “Women born with this combination are particularly likely to find their way to the top of their chosen mountain, but they will also find the J. Arthur Ranks, David Bowies, and Robert Blys there to party with”. (Source) The good news is that the textbook Capricorn/Leo will not only find a way to bump elbows with the glitterati, they’re also likely to arrive in a first class ride. To illustrate: using its incorporation date as its date of birth, the Bentley automobile corporation is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

Pictured above: a Bentley Continental (Image Source: “GT Speed” by way of Wikipedia)

The even better news is that astrologer Carolyn Reynolds notes that the Capricorn/Leo woman can “handle her liquor”, which is always good if one is partying with the David Bowies of the world. (Source)

Capricorn and Leo form what’s known as a “quincunx”, an astrological relationship that’s as difficult to reconcile as it is to pronounce. Where Capricorn leans heavily towards the cautious and the conservative, Leo expects the regal and the extravagant. The two signs don’t have too much in common except one thing: they both want to be on the “A-List”, with Capricorn wanting to be on the A-List in the business world and Leo wanting to be on the A-List in the creative world. Linda Goodman observes of the Capricorn/Leo’s capacity for social climbing:

. . . the typical Capricorn prefers marrying up the social ladder to down. [They’re] secretly and shyly impressed by — even in awe of — fame and success, whether on a local community, national, or worldwide basis.

. . . the typical Leo realizes relatively early in life, some measure of prestige and status, some degree of public notice or social distinction.

. . . Capricorn’s “purple mountain majesties” beckon the curious Leo with the promise of a magnificent view from the top. (Source)

Using its initial flight as its date of birth, the Lockheed Martin SR-71 “Blackbird” reconnaissance plane is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Originally introduced in 1966, the SR-71 flew higher, faster, and further than any plane before and any plane since — an amazing set of achievements given the advancements in technology of the last 60 plus years. In true Capricorn/Leo style, it existed at the top of the social ladder (Capricorn) and has enjoyed such enormous public notice (Leo) that even people outside the aviation world will often recognize its distinctive frame. The handful of pilots who’ve flown the SR-71 generally acknowledge that few planes offer a better chance to observe the world’s “purple mountain majesties” or to enjoy “magnificent views from the top” of the world. One pilot even compared it to driving a luxury automobile. (Source) The SR-71 isn’t a Bentley but it does sort of resemble a limo-ride, at least the reconnaissance world’s version of a limo-ride:

The SR-71 is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon (Photo: USAF, Tech. Sgt. Michael Haggerty)
The SR-71 “Blackbird” is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon (Photo: U.S. Air Force, Tech. Sgt. Michael Haggerty)

The really amazing thing about the SR-71 is that despite being nearly 60 years old, Lockheed Martin is still using it in the recruiting materials for young aeronautical engineers that they place in the pages of aviation related magazines. You could say the SR-71 is to the world of military aviation what a Bentley is to the world of luxury automobiles: a classic that never goes out of style, which is exactly how most Capricorn/Leos would like to be thought of.

Even Capricorn/Leos who find themselves in distinctly alternative professions such as astrology will find a way to do so with class, style, prestige. For instance, astrologer Noel Tyl is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Prior to getting into astrology, Tyl was an opera singer who “specialized in the larger than life roles of Richard Wagner” his entry tells us. In true Capricorn/Leo fashion he also worked in the business management side of opera and is now “known and respected as a lecturer in almost every major city in the U.S. and Europe”. You could go so far as to say Tyl is to the world of professional astrologers what the SR-71 is to the world of reconnaissance aircraft: a jet setting high flyer known the world round.

In his book Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, Tyl says that in the Capricorn/Leo pairing, “the energy to organize and deploy resources is showcased for the fulfillment: self-dramatization is the mode for persuasion and the call for appreciation”. (Source)

Capricorn/Leos are naturals when it comes to management, leadership, showcasing, and self-dramatization but they can also be serious social snobs and more than a bit dictatorial. This is because both Capricorn and Leo have a streak of elitism in their DNA, with Capricorn leaning towards elitism in the financial world and Leo leaning towards elitism in the social world. The Bentley corporation, for instance, is a symbol of class and style but also financial despotism (Capricorn) and unabashed social privilege (Leo). Even the SR-71 was something of a social snob in its day. According to a recent documentary, its unique aerodynamics caused the plane to fly with its nose pointed up in the air even when it was flying straight and level, almost as though it thought it was superior to all the other aircraft beneath its vapor trails. In other words, the SR-71 often sported exactly the sort of posture we’d expect from a CEO (Capricorn) or member of royalty (Leo) who walks around with their nose in the air thinking they’re “above” everybody else — which technically the SR-71 was.

Even Capricorn/Leos squarely in the “99%” will often consider themselves a member of the “1%”, albeit one in waiting. Not coincidentally, the SR-71 flew so high that it was routinely in the upper 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere. (Source) Capricorn/Leos feel being in the 1% is safe because when you’re that high up nobody can hurt you. The SR-71 flew in the upper 1% of the atmosphere not only for purposes of spying but also because being that high up meant it was out of the range of Cold War era Russian jet fighters and surface to air missiles. From that altitude it was thus nearly impossible to shoot down. The pilots who flew the SR-71 were also considered in the upper 1% of their respective profession, generally older and much more established than their hot-shot, “Top-Gun” inspired brethren.

“In the one percent? Older and more established? Well then, what’s his phone number?” more than a few Capricorn/Leos will ask.

The SR-71 was a supersonic reconnaissance plane, not a bomber or attack aircraft. So while it was never used to kill people the U.S. did utilize its capacity to generate incredibly loud sonic booms in a distinctly Capricorn/Leo fashion: when other countries were having national events the U.S. would sometimes have a SR-71 do a supersonic flyby from tens of thousands of feet up in the air. The subsequent sonic boom would totally disrupt the event, thus letting everybody down on the ground known who the real boss is.(Source)

Capricorn/Leos are often very shrewd when it comes to money but the Harveys warn that this pairing can also be something of a gold-digger. Jill Kelley, the media savvy Tampa Bay socialite who was at the center of the Paula Broadwell/David Petreaus scandal, is a Capricorn/Leo. (Chart) More than a few commentators have characterized her as a straight up gold-digger. (Source)

Of course, there are different types of “gold diggers” — not all of them necessarily bad. A high proportion of Capricorn/Leos are the sort of gold-diggers willing to show up to the gold mine at the crack of dawn with shovel and pick in hand, more than ready to put in a hard day’s work for their gold. If they just so happen to partner with somebody who’s also really good at digging for gold then what’s so wrong with that? After all, even Mrs. Kelley had to put in a whole lot of work organizing the lavish, A-List parties she and her surgeon husband were known for throwing.

As the saying goes, “don’t hate the playa’ . . .”

Anyhow, Capricorn is the sign of the structures built to last and Leo has been associated with gold bullion so if you do find some gold and need a safe place to stash it, the house of a Capricorn/Leo might be a good spot. To illustrate: using its completion date as its date of birth, Fort Knox is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) For those who may not know, Fort Knox is the repository for the federal government’s gold supply. It was established during the Great Depression as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s plan to stabilize the nation’s collapsing economy. Capricorn/Leos do well in Hollywood and, as coincidence would have it, Fort Knox has been the subject of many Hollywood films. Most notably, it was the subject of Gold Finger, widely considered the most iconic of the James Bond films:

So long as they keep the social climbing and gold-digging to a reasonably low roar, Capricorn/Leos often posses first rate organizational acumen and a knack for raising funds on behalf of philanthropic endeavors. Better yet, this pairing knows how to keep its poise, polish, composure, and class amid even the toughest of circumstances. At a time when the economy is still mired in the most dogged recession since the 1930s and pretty much everybody seems to be going through a giant collective mental breakdown, this pairing’s combination of backbone (Capricorn Sun) and self-assurance (Leo Moon) might be worth more than all the gold in the world.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.