The USA Today is reporting that the CIA has finally acknowledged that Area 51 actually exists. (Source) The establishment date for Area 51 is a bit hard to pin down but after doing a good deal of research my best guess is it was “open for business” on July 22nd, 1955. This makes it a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac who likes to stay fortified from the outside world while Virgo is the precision oriented analyst known for being obsessive about their work. According to astrologer Bill Tierney the textbook Cancer/Virgo is “keenly attentive to details” and excels at “keeping everything well-maintained”. (Source) Area 51 was originally established by the CIA as a fortified base (Cancer) to perform keenly detailed maintenance (Virgo) on its U-2 spy plane. At least that’s the official story. The unofficial story is that it’s where the government keeps space aliens housed (Cancer) for research purposes (Virgo):

We’ll probably never know for sure what goes on at Area 51 but these mission patches from projects or units associated with the base courtesy of geographer Trevor Paglen may offer some clues. The patch on the upper left comes from “The Ghost Squadron”, a unit who (supposedly) fix the actual “black helicopters” we’ve heard so much about. The latin on the patch translates as “A Secret Squadron . . . From Deep in the Night . . . Don’t Ask Any Questions.” The patch on the upper right comes “a test squadron for classified prototype aircraft and advanced concept technology demonstrators” according to Paglen. (Source) Nobody’s been able to figure what the bottom two patches pertain to exactly although there’s been wild speculation on the net that the “Green Door” one has something to do with rooms in which “trans-dimensional portals” are kept locked away. More likely it’s related to military intelligence:


Author Tim Ferriss is also Cancer/Virgo. (Chart) Ferriss has built up a huge cult following by performing medical experiments on himself as futuristic, freaky, and in some cases as frightening as anything that goes on at Area 51. Stem cell injections, blood letting, brain wave analysis, “polyphasic” sleep experiments, exotic smart drugs imported from European pharmacies, etc. are all in day’s work for Ferriss. A 2010 article in Wired Magazine referred to him as a “self-made lab rat”. (Source) Here, for instance, is a talk he gave at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival on what he calls “Hacking the Human Body”:

If you’ve ever listened to late night talk radio you know that as far as human experimentation goes, “what happens at Area 51 stays at Area 51.” Something similar can probably said about what happens at Tim Ferriss’ place. For instance, his latest book includes a chapter “The 15 Minute Orgasm” based on techniques he learned at a San Francisco urban sex commune. (Source) No word on whether the techniques involve the use of probes like those rumored to be used at Area 51 but Ferris did show off various brain-monitoring probe devices he likes to wear during a recent appearance on the The View television show:

As you can probably infer from Ferriss’ OCD tendencies, Cancer/Virgo can be a bit of a hypochondriac but also makes for a great doctor or health guru. Linda Goodman writes of the Cancer/Virgo’s bedside manner:

This pairing can create a powerful healing vibration. These two, when they join their auras, hands, and hearts in any sort of mutural venture, possess the magic to cure many of the mental, emotional, and physical ills that plague all Earthlings. (Source)

Mr. Ferriss may be a bit of an oddball but he has made it his life’s work to produce very useful, well-researched information in regards to holistic weight loss, athletic performance, sexual enhancement and other matters of great interest to all Earthlings. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the work of his fellow Cancer/Virgo Dr. Max Jacobson, the doctor who served as President Kennedy’s personal physician (drug dealer). (Chart) Jacobson had Kennedy so loaded up with amphetamines, painkillers, and steroids that the Secret Service, with tongue firmly in cheek, famously referred to him as “Dr. Feel Good”. Jacobson is the subject of a new book by Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Bines:

Image: Skyhorse Publishing

Strange Coincidence: Ferris got his start selling nutritional supplements and does advocate low-dose anabolic steroids for certain medical conditions if used under the supervision of a physician. The original name of his best selling book The Four Hour Workweek was “Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit” but at least the drugs he’s selling and/or advocating are part of holistic programs designed to nourish (Cancer) health (Virgo), not destroy it.

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