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Combine an Aquarius Sun’s radical inventiveness with a Virgo Moon’s instincts for clear thinking and forensic research and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that will not only seek the truth but will actually find it. Astrologer Bil Tierney says this pairing is “not afraid to be exposed to knowledge and will not tolerate censorship.” (Source) To illustrate: using its registration date as its date of birth, the website (DCE) is an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) The site has some similarities to Julian Assange’s brainchild Wikileaks but with one big difference: the DCE traffics only in publicly available documents that have already been declassified. What makes the DCE unique is that its proprietors have developed radically advanced technologies (Aquarius) that can actually decipher (Virgo) the parts of declassified documents so often censored behind black bars. Exactly how they do this is beyond the technological understanding of this astrologer but Wired Magazine recently published a lengthy profile of the DCE so if you’re curious about its methods — and Aquarius/Virgo is always curious — then that’s a good place to start.

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Astrologer Stella Hyde says Aquarians make for great data miners while Virgos make for great crime scene investigators. (Source) While the folks behind DCE are by no means political radicals, it sure seems their data mining (Aquarius) techniques could potentially be used to discern (Virgo) evidence of crimes committed in the name of national security but hidden behind those ubiquitous blacked out redactions.

Using its registration date as its date of birth, the website is also an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) According to a San Francisco Chronicle profile of the site, ShadowStats is “a one-man crusade to expose official economic data as grossly misleading at best and, at worst, a pack of lies.” (Source) One of the key research findings repeadtedly published on the site is just how cooked the government’s official unemployment numbers are. According to ShadowStats, the U.S. unemployment rate is generally 250-300% higher than what the government says it is. Many of us have suspected this to be the case but ShadowStats has utilized advanced technologies (Aquarius) and forensic research (Virgo) to actually prove it.


Aquarius/Virgo makes for a great analyst and loves to study curious phenomenon so here’s a very curious phenomenon that a number astrological analysts have come across in their studies: the character traits of an actor’s signature role(s) will usually match the characteristics of their Sun/Moon pairing, often to an uncanny degree. To illustrate: actor Marc Singer is a Aquarius Moon, Virgo Moon. (Chart) Singer is best known for portraying truth-seeking (Aquarius) journalist (Virgo) Michael Donovan in the ground breaking 1983 miniseries “V”. In particular he’s most remembered for a pair of scenes widely considered to be two of the most shocking moments in television history. In the first scene he climbs aboard the alien mother-ship and finds out that the Visitors are not the benevolent humanoids they’ve been passing themselves off as:

In a later scene he comes to find out that the real reasons the Visitors have traveled across the galaxy are not to seek our assistance but to steal the Earth’s water and abduct humans for use as food back on their home planet. According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey, a metaphoric image for Aquarius/Virgo combination is “Aliens extract human genes to breed the human race on a planet of superior design.” (Source) That’s a spooky accurate approximation of the Visitors’ conspiracy to use humans as food back on their home planet uncovered by Singer’s truth seeking alter ego Mr. Donovan.

What’s really spooky about the original “V” is just how how similar the modus operandi of the Visitors was to the modus operandi of the Bush/Cheney regime. Just substitute “water from Planet Earth” with “oil from Iraq” or “laundered drug money from heroin soaked Afghanistan” and the plot of V offers an excellent approximation of the actual agendas behind the various wars initiated since 9/11. The mysterious epidemic of deaths among microbiologists during the Bush/Cheney years even parallels the disappearance of scientists depicted in V. The Bush/Cheney regime may not have planned to use humans as food but their friends on Wall Street have certainly been eating Americans out of house and home. What’s equally spooky is that the only journalist in the mainstream media principled enough to call Bush/Cheney out for the fascist reptilians that they are was Keith Olberman who, like Marc Singer, is also an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart)

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