Jupiter is the planet of expansion, blessings, philosophy, and good fortune. It’s the closest thing to a “cosmic benefactor” that we have, both in our own natal charts and by transit. It turns out there’s something about Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun that actually diverts meteors from hitting planet earth, making it a “guardian angel” in both astrology and astronomy.

Gemini is the sign of communication, connectivity, and cross-pollination. It’s symbolized as two twins talking to each other and is the sign of the Messenger and the Trickster, the Blogger and the Bookseller, the Writer and the Journalist, the Sales Rep and the Spin Doctor, the Numbers Runner and the Negotiator, the Quick Thinker and the Quick Change Artist. Astrologer Michael Lutin has analogized Gemini to the “human equivalent of a fiber optic cable”.

When Jupiter moves through Gemini we get a large shot of good fortune (Jupiter) flowing from Geminian type people/objects/institutions/endeavors such as cell phones, laptops, online forums, social networking sites, local meet ups, quick calls and short trips, bloggers and computer hackers, etc. To illustrate: Jupiter was in Gemini during the summer of 1989 when Atari released its Portfolio model “palmtop” computer. (Source) If you don’t remember the Portfolio its claim to fame is being the nifty laptop type device that Edward Furlong’s character carried around in Terminator 2. There’s a great scene early in the film where he uses his Portfolio to get an ATM machine to spit out money so he and a friend can go play video games. The scene is viewable in Spanish at YouTube here and and would likely find an even more enthusiastic reception among audiences here in the age of bank bailouts and mass foreclosures then it did 20 plus years ago.

Near the end of the film Furlong’s character uses the Portfolio to disable the security system at the Cyberdyne company, a defense contractor that is the fictional equivalent of Monsanto, IBM, and Blackwater all rolled into one. Once the system is disabled Furlong and friends are able to destroy the futuristic microchip that will otherwise lead to the extermination of the human race. That’s about as extreme an example of the planet of good fortune (Jupiter) in the sign of trickery (Gemini) that I can think of, right up there with Jupiter itself using some type of orbital quick-trickery to divert a meteor from exterminating all life on planet earth.

Furlong’s use of the Portfolio in the film is fictional but back here in the real world something similar was going on at the same time the product was released. Over in the Soviet Union, what was known as the “Samizdat Press” had really kicked into high gear. Samizdat translates as “self-published” and was then used to refer to dissident publications that circulated in Soviet controlled countries. Very few if any Samizdat publishers had access to devices like the Atari Portfolio but by the summer of 1989 a significant number had managed to acquire fax machines. Blessed (Jupiter) with access to new forms of communications technology (Gemini), the Samizdat press was able to greatly accelerate the rate at which they circulated censored information throughout the population, thereby hastening the collapse of that empire’s oppressive power structure.

Jupiter is currently at 6 degrees Gemini. Check your chart to see what house 6 degrees Gemini is in as that’s where you can disproportionately benefit from all things Geminian for the next 6 months, whether they be fax machines and laptops or quick phone calls and short trips.

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