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Capricorn is the sign of the Prime Minister, the Authority Figure, the Administrator, the Strategist, the Business Man, the CEO, the General, the Admiral, and the Tycoon. When a person’s Sun (identity) is in Capricorn (strategy) they will come to be identified with their capacity for organization, management, and long term planning. Benjamin Franklin is a Capricorn. In addition to being a great inventor, Franklin organized a number of large scale civic institutions including several universities and even the U.S. Postal Service. Capricorn is the sign of hard won material success so Franklin would probably be pleased to know his face now graces the front of the $100 dollar bill:

Aries, sitting 90 degrees away from Capricorn, is a radically different sign. Capricorn respects the rules while Aries breaks them, particularly those they see as unjust. This is the sign of the Trail Blazer and the Troublemaker, the Firestarter and the Firefighter, the Lone Explorer and the Last Man Standing, the Daredevil and the Disruptor, the Survivor and the Superhero, the Amazon Warrior Princess and the Ass-Kicker in Chief. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Aries (ass-kicking) they’re nourished by anything that involves going “head-to-head” against an overwhelming challenge. Civil rights leader Malcolm X, famous for his philosophy of “by any means necessary”, is an Aries Moon:

Combining the highly organized, hard working, rule-making nature of a Capricorn Sun with the aggressive, risk-taking instincts of an Aries Moon, this pairing wants to climb to the top of life’s mountain’s like the Mountain Goat (Capricorn Sun) while simultaneously being the first one to scale them like the Ram (Aries Moon). This pairing will set seemingly insurmountable goals and then pursue them with determination of a bulldozer, a battering ram, and a B-52 bomber all rolled into one. Astrologer Hazel Dixon Cooper says “nothing short of a nuclear bomb” can stop this pairing once it puts its mind to something. (Source) To illustrate: King Henry IV of France is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Arguably the most revered monarch in French history, Henry once explained that he ruled France with “weapon in hand and arse in saddle”, a line which could double as this pairing’s life motto.

Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon rules “with weapon in hand and arse in saddle” (Pictured: Henry IV)

True to his Capricorn/Aries pedigree, Henry set and accomplished extraordinarily ambitious goals during his reign. These included “the promotion of agriculture, and the construction of a new system of tree-lined highways, and the renewal of Paris as a great city.” (Source) He reduced France’s national debt by 90% while financing several expeditions to the new world, including one by Samuel de Champlain that laid claim to the entirety of North America.

Tenacious, tireless, forceful and focused, this is the Sun/Moon pairing of the “well heeled member of the business world” who is simultaneously a “wild-haired leader of the revolution”. Henry IV, for instance, ultimately became the King of France but as a young man he was imprisoned by the Catholic Church for for being a Hugenot. For those may not be read up on the history of religious warfare, the Hugenots were to the Catholic Church of the 16th century what anarchist computer hackers are to Wall Street banks here in the 21st. A Hugenot like Henry becoming King of France can thus be likened to a modern day young person who works for Wikileaks becoming president of the United States in 30 years.

Speaking of computer hackers who later ascend to great worldly success . . . using its launch date of 1/2/93 as its date of birth, the magazine Wired is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Take a look at this photo from the magazine’s initial issue as it offers an uncannily accurate approximation of the Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon combination:

Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon is both the Tribal Chief and the Tribal Outlaw

These days can find the magazine on the desks of executives throughout Silicon Valley, making it very much a “well heeled member of the business world”. Yet in its 20 year history it has routinely pushed the limits of what status-quo interests find acceptable. Take a look at the cover of the magazine’s second issue back in February 1993 as it bears more than a striking resemblance to imagery associated with the Zeitgeist, Occupy, and Anonymous movements of nearly 20 years later:

Second Issue of Wired Magazine, Copyright Conde Nast

More recently, the magazine’s March 2012 cover story on a new, terrifyingly vast NSA surveillance system created a shit-storm of Defcon One proportions while the Pentagon has admitted to keeping close tabs on its controversial “Danger Room” blog. This willingness to throw blows at the establishment has generated for the magazine a tremendous degree street credibility among wild-haired leaders of the revolution (Aries) even as it continues to rake in the big bucks from the business world (Capricorn).

According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey one of two metaphoric images for the Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon combination is “An impetuous entrepreneur persuades a conservative banker to back an ambitious project.” (Source) That’s an excellent approximation of Wired as it was founded by former anarchist Louis Rosetto who received initial backing for the magazine from a wealthy Dutch investor. (Source)

Even the most successful of Capricorn/Aries individuals will typically retain sympathy for the upstarts and the outlaws of society. Henry IV, for instance, converted to Calvinism (the dominant religious force of his time) yet passed a series of edicts that guaranteed fair treatment to long oppressed Protestants. (Source) Wired is now owned by Conde Nast, a major Wall Street company (the dominant financial force of our time), yet has continued to publish surprisingly fair articles about Occupy Wall Street and other techno-cultural minority groups.

Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings this is one of the best for the capacity to organize large scale, long-term projects, involving lots of people, large sums of money, and even larger obstacles. Astrologer Carolyn Reynolds tells us that Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon individuals often plan their lives at least 20-30 years in advance. (Source) King Henry, for instance, approved the construction of the Pont Neuf in 1577. It took 30 years to build and, amazingly enough, is still standing today 450 years later.

Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon excels at organizing ambitious, large scale projects. Pictured Above: Painting of Pont Neuf in France

On a similar note, Wired’s initial issues back in 1993 included articles on cyber-warfare, cell phone hacking, nano-technology, artificial intelligence, global warming, and even online dating a good 10 years before the general public knew such things even existed. Capricorn/Aries is a major money-maker combination that gets down to brass tacks from the word “go”. It’s thus no surprise Wired’s debut issue sold 100,000 copies, a huge number of sales for a project as radically ambitious for the world of early 1990s technology publishing as the Pont Neuf was for the world of of 1570s construction technology.

Speaking of radically ambitious projects involving technology, construction, and publishing: James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine, is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) His engine is the foundation upon which all of industrial civilization is built while his name is now used to measure “watts” of electricity, the very commodity that fuels the information superhighway we all now live on to some extent. That a Capricorn/Aries is directly responsible for both the industrial revolution and information revolution should give you some idea of just how much material success this combination is capable of achieving.

Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon: Gangster Wars and Zombie Apocalypses

The level of tension inside a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon person puts them at a very high risk for breakdown, burnout, and ballistic level emotional apocalypses. It also has a tendency to bulldoze over more timid souls and to take a “my way or the highway” approach to life. Gangster Al Capone, for instance, is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) His philosophy of ruthlessness, aggression, self-interest, and excessive ego was immortalized in the 1987 film The Untouchables where he was portrayed by actor Robert Deniro:

In addition to excelling at running (or fighting) crime syndicates, Capricorn/Aries individuals are also psychologically positioned to do well once the Zombie Apocalypse occurs. This is because, according to astrologer Austin Coppock, Aries is the sign most associated with the Apocalypse while Capricorn is the sign most associated with Zombies. (Source) To illustrate: Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us that one of the two symbolic images for the combination of Capricorn Sun with Aries Moon is, “A Roman city state is attacked by barbarians but its solid walls keep the marauding bandits at bay.” (Source) Is it just me or does that sound a lot like the Roman Empire’s version of the Zombie Apocalypse?

Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon: Bloodthirsty barbarian vandals sacking Rome or radically ambitious journalists sacking corporate media?

The Harveys’ intended that image as a metaphor but a number of prominent Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon natives do seem to get involved in endeavors that bear a striking resemblance to the Zombie Apocalypse. Using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1927 film Metropolis, is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Natal Chart) Set inside a dystopic mega-city, the film concludes with the dispossessed members of society storming the gates of the city’s power generator in a manner eeriely similar to actual Zombies:

The astrological chart of a film will describe both its plot and its role in or effect upon the film industry itself. Metropolis is considered the first “modern” science fiction film as it made use of special effects techniques radically more advanced that other films of the same era. You could even go so far as to say Metropolis was to the 1920s film industry what Wired was to the 1990s magazine industry. In true Capricorn/Aries style, both endeavors were radically ambitious, way ahead of their time, and totally laid waste to the stagnant Zombie-like conformity of their contemporaries.

Metropolis isn’t the only Capricorn/Aries who accurately predicted the dystopia that is a technological civilization run totally amok. Author E.M. Forster was also a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Source) In 1909 he penned “The Machine Stops”, a terrifyingly prescient novel about the collapse of a futuristic society that has developed a Zombie-like dependency on advanced machines. The novel even includes the presence of an all-knowing information search engine that allows people to talk with each other via tele-screens. (No joke.) Wired predicted the internet would take over our lives when most people were still sending letters via snail mail, Forster managed to foresee the same development when most people were still commuting to work via horses. Capricorn/Aries is often way ahead of its time.

In 1966, the BBC television series Out of the Unknown used The Machine Stops as the basis for a 50-minute episode that will leave you with an icy feeling of terror as chilling as Forster’s original literary articulation:

Astrologer Steven Forrest, whose writings are as coherent as E.M. Forster’s are chilling, is also a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Although he shares the same Sun/Moon pairing of the Zombie Apocalypse, Forrest is definitely neither a zombie or an advocate for the apocalypse. He is, however, one the world’s foremost experts on the “Cardinal Cross”, a series of astrological transits that symbolize structural changes in society so deep that anybody clinging to the status quo will likely perceive them as something akin to a Zombie Apocalypse:

Astrologer Sue Tompkins says the Capricorn/Aries square excels at endeavors “which require true grit such as rock climbing, mountaineering and others that necessitate battling the elements.” (Source) Medical missionary Albert Schweitzer is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon who battled the elements in sub-Saharan Africa back at turn of the 20th century in order to deliver much needed medical care to isolated peoples. (Chart) Schweitzer didn’t believe in Zombies but he did start off as a theologian who believed Jesus Christ came to Earth to save it from a series of fiery catastrophes not totally unlike those depicted in modern day Apocalypse films. Inspired to spread the gospel via medical work, in 1912 he raised enough money to equip a modern hospital in Gabon where patients flocked to see him. None of his patients were at risk of having their brains eaten by actual zombies but a good number did come to him suffering from Syphilis, a disease which ultimately destroys the brain. In 1952 he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. In 2009 his life was the subject of a docudrama:

Schweitzer spent the final years of life working to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, which most definitely are a tool of persons possessed by a Zombie like disregard for people and planet.

Paul Revere, best known for warning the colonists “The Zombies are coming, the Zombies are coming!” during his midnight ride through Boston was a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon.(Chart) Along with being the “messenger” of the American Revolution, Revere was instrumental in organizing the 18th century version of a high tech counterintelligence system that would impress even the tech-nerds who started Wired. (Source)

Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon native Paul Revere: "The Zombies are coming! The Zombies are coming!

That Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon natives would resonate with Zombie Apocalypse makes sense as this is the Sun/Moon pairing most likely to take a battering ram to outdated, outworn, and oppressive social structures. Zombies don’t last long when society is functioning in a way that serves people’s interests. Only when institutions have become riddled with decay, corruption, and severe levels of criminality do large numbers of people start thinking “Gee maybe organized Zombiedom is the answer.” The good news is that newer, healthier, and more functional structures can be built up once the Zombie Apocalypse has run its course. When that day comes you can bet there will be some extremely enterprising Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon individual right there in the middle of everything with “weapon in hand and arse in saddle” to organize all of us slackers into something resembling a functioning society.

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