As many of you know I host a radio show on KOWS 107.3 FM, a local station here in Northern California. I was recently invited to do an analysis of the station’s chart for our monthly newsletter and figured may as well re-post it here now that the newsletter is out circulating:

The neat thing about astrology is you can run a chart for pretty much anything, including a radio station such as KOWS. To illustrate: using the date the FCC approved its “license to cover” of December 2nd, 2005 as its date of birth, KOWS has both its Sun (identity) and Moon (emotional needs) in the sign Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the sign of the Traveler, the Truth Seeker, the Scholar-Lecturer, the Philosopher-Prophet, the Professor of High Adventure, and the Super-Crusader of Quests and Faith. When a person or, in this case, radio station has both its Sun (identity) and Moon (emotional needs) in Sagittarius they’re endowed with an overflow of all things Sagittarius: gregarious enthusiasm, physical restlessness, and most notably a desire to explore wide-ranging religious, spiritual, and philosophical geographies. This is the Sun/Moon combination of the spellbinding speaker, the outrageous orator, and the crazy boisterous college professor. In their book Sun Sign, Moon Sign astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey observe that this is the Sun/Moon pairing of both “the wise cracking comedian full of provocative witticisms” and “earnest preacher full of moral certainty and determined to put the world right.”

There is a curious astrological phenomenon often witnessed in people who have both their Sun and Moon in the same sign. They often end up expressing as the opposite sign! What happens is there’s so much of one sign’s energy circulating in the person’s emotional ecosystem that their system attempts to balance things out by “unloading” the excess over to the opposite part of their chart, not unlike what happens when a dam overflows to the bursting point. A similar mechanism is seen in Chinese medicine where one meridian gets so overloaded with energy that the person hyper-expresses the characteristics of the opposite meridian. A chart like the one for KOWS that has so much energy in Sagittarius will thus often end up expressing as a Gemini, the sign opposite to Sagittarius known for quick communications, cross-pollination, and chatting late into the night.

KOWS’s North Node (point of destiny) is in Aries, the sign of courage and confrontation, self-starting and self-preservation. Its North Node ruler is Mars (fighting) in Taurus, the sign most oriented towards securing territory. KOWS is a radio station so I’d hazard to guess its destiny will end up revolving around securing and/or protecting access to bandwidth on the airwaves, the radio world’s version of physical territory.

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