We’re on the cusp of a New Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the long distance quests, overseas crusades, and super-high adventure. Not coincidentally, Grind TV is running an article full of unbelievable photos about the hike up to Hua Shan, considered one of China’s most sacred holy sites. Here’s one photo of the trek up the mountain originally taken by hiker/photographer Aaron Feen, other (equally stunning) photos are available at the Grind TV article.

Photo of hike to Hua Shan in China, courtesy of Aaron Feen

Travel, freedom, and adventure are incredibly important to Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon people (and projects) but as astrologer Jefferson Anderson warns this pairing, “You should consider controlling some of your wilder impulses.” (Source) I’d say so, one wrong step on the above pictured trail and it’s a mile drop to the bottom of the canyon.

Speaking of plunging to the bottom of canyons, all the talk these days is of the manufactured “fiscal cliff”. What a great psy-op! First off, it links something imaginary to something solid (a cliff) thus generating in people’s minds a tangible feel for something that is a total hallucination. Second, it channels the average American’s legitimate anxieties about their own personal finances into a phony meme whose long term intent is to reduce/eliminate large scale societal safety nets like Social Security, Medicare, etc. Finally, the mention of “driving” off the cliff gets the meme into the huge number of brain neurons every American has to reserve for happy motoring, the single activity upon which all of modern American life is absolutely dependent upon. When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign as they are on a New Moon you often get the shadow expression of the opposite sign. With a New Moon in Sagittarius the opposite sign to check is Gemini, the sign most capable of being “duplicitous” with its communications.

The New Moon peaks tomorrow (December 13th) in the early morning at 21 degrees Sagittarius. Check your chart for where 21 degrees Sagittarius is as that’s where you’d want to plant a seed for some spiritually minded super-crusade of your own. Just make sure to eat your Wheaties and bring some chalk for the sweaty palms before setting off on it. And watch out for those cliffs, the one real ones and (just as importantly) the phoney ones too.

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