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Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces: "I hear the secrets that you keep when you're talking in your sleep. I know I'm right cause I (see) it in the night"

Songs have astrological charts just like people, companies, organizations, events, vessels, space satellites, etc. Just use the song’s release date as its date of birth and you can bring up its chart just like you would for a person or an event. To illustrate: the other day I was listening to the radio and the 1983 song “Talking in Your Sleep” by the Romantics came on. Listening to the chorus “I hear the secrets that you keep when you’re talking in your sleep” got me thinking “Okay, one of its luminaries is probably Pisces since Pisces rules sleep while the other luminary is probably Cancer (emotional intelligence) or Scorpio (secrets)”. Take a listen to the song and see if you can make a guess as to its Sun/Moon pairing:

Turns out it’s a Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon. (Chart)

Here’s where things get interesting: I’ve done 50 Sun/Moon articles and my favorite one thus far was the Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon article on SeaSat One, NASA’s amazing oceanographic satellite. (Source). “Talking in Your Sleep” includes the line, “When I hold you in my arms at night, don’t you know you’re sleeping in a spotlight?”. Now take a look at NASA’s original drawing of SeaSat and see if you don’t notice something extremely uncanny:

Artist's original concept image of SeaSat (Image Source: NASA, NTRS)

Like many Cancer/Pisces individuals, SeaSat excelled at sensing all things hidden. NASA launched it to study the oceans using remote sensing technologies that could see hundreds of feet deep into the oceans. What surprised the heck out of them was that it also ended up “hearing secrets that the United States keeps while it talks in its sleep”. Among other things it picked up, SeaSat unexpectedly detected all the U.S. ICBM armed submarines in addition to spotting experimental stealth bombers which at the time were a “black project” being flown out of Area 51. That seems pretty good example of somebody “hearing (seeing) the secrets that you keep while you talk in sleep.”

For more information on the Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon combination make sure to check out:

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