Aries Sun, Gemini Moon: The Live Wire, By Matthew David Savinar

Combine the natural courage of an Aries Sun with the instinctive dexterity of a Gemini Moon and the result is one of the most exciting, most exhilarating, and most totally unpredictable Sun/Moon pairings. Loaded with moxie, full of attitude, and exuding an aura charged with electricity, this combination typically talks, moves, and thinks like a human firecracker. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls this the Sun/Moon pairing of “The Speed Demon” while Suzi and Charles Harvey say one if its greatest strength is its ability to “reach for the stars.” (Source) Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver whose record-breaking leap from the edge of space set the internet ablaze in the fall of 2012, is an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Baumgartner sure seems to be doing a good job of “reaching for the stars” while during his descent from the edge of space he became the first skydiver to break the sound barrier of 690 miles per hour. A “Speed Demon” indeed.

Baumgartner has a number of fast-moving, chutzpah-loaded astro-twins worth checking out, including former WWE superstar Amy Dumas aka “Lita”. (Chart). Like Baumgartner, Dumas is a sky-diver (of sorts) whose capacity for “lively” self-expression is a testament to this pairing’s risk-taking moxie and fire-cracker like temperament. Like Baumgartner, she too “reached for the stars”, although the stars she reached for were the ones located amid the wildly colorful constellations of the World Wrestling Federation instead of those at the edge of space.

Exciting acrobatics for sure but that voice over of an out-of-character Dumas berating the audience is pretty obnoxious don’t you think? Well it’s to be expected given her astrological pedigree. Jefferson Anderson writes of the Aries/Gemini’s flash-fire like temperament, “You are never one to sulk in a corner, unless your need to communicate is somehow thwarted by an unattentive (or unappreciative) audience. If so, you may be subject to a sudden but fleeting temper tantrum that people will long remember.” (Source)

The textbook Aries/Gemini is fiercely independent, quick to be bored, and an extreme seeker of novelty. They will not give a second thought to throwing convention, caution, and concerns about what others may think all to the wind when in pursuit of a new hobby, passion, or even career. Mrs. Dumas, for instance, moved to Mexico at age 19 to pursue wrestling on more or less a whim. She’ll probably be making similarly spur of the moment decisions well into her senior citizen years as Aries/Gemini is somewhat of a permanent teenager.

This pairing is one of the Sun/Moon pairings most likely to have pants-crappingly high car insurance premiums. Astrologer Bill Tierney writes, “Both signs know little about applying the brakes in life, and tend to go at whatever interests them at a rapid pace.” (Source) To illustrate: Martial artist Jackie Chan is an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Known for both his fun loving demeanor and his fast moving fists, Chan has starred in three installments of the Rush Hour franchise, an appropriate titled vehicle for a Sun/Moon pairing as fast moving as Aries/Gemini:

Speaking of “rush hour”, Aries Sun, Gemini Moon individuals often live their lives according to the philosophy of “Who needs seat belts when you don’t have brakes?” This makes them the life of pretty much any party but also prone to accidents, particularly when they’re rushing head first into something new as they so often are. Dumas, for instance, once nearly decapitated herself when she overshot her target while performing a head first stunt known (appropriately) as a “suicide dive”:

In the lead up to Baumgartner’s record setting skydive a number technicians were concerned that his leap would end up as the world’s most well publicized “suicide dive”. Jackie Chan has also had a number of head on brushes with death or dismemberment as a result of “suicide dives”m including one incident where “his grip on a branch slipped and Jackie fell forty feet to the ground below. Chan landed hard on his head, hitting a rock and caused a partial skull fracture, resulting in bone entering his brain.” (Source) But a Sun/Moon pairing as perpetually effervescent as Aries/Gemini rarely gives too much thought to such possibilities so let’s just skip, bounce, and bubble along to something more exciting . . . like . . . hot guys on tricked out motorcycles!!! Outlaw motorcycle customizer Jesse James, best known as the CEO of the West Coast Choppers motorcycle shop and one time love interest of actress Sandra Bullock, is an Aries/Gemini. (Chart)

Aries Sun, Gemini Moon individuals typically have very fast moving trains of thought and little patience for slow moving, cautious types. Astrologer Linda Goodman points out in her book Love Signs that, “Since Aries bubbles with naive impetuosity, and Gemini is determined to attain complete independence by breaking every bond of the spirit, maturity of [thought is not emphasized] with this pairing”. (Source) Mr. James, for instance, is now nearly an icon for making decisions based on less than fully matured thinking patterns:

Aries Sun is considered the most brashly impetuousness of solar placements while Gemini Moon is nourished by social and communicative gymnastics. The combination gives Aries/Gemini individuals a vivacious, eternally youthful energy that electrifies those who come in contact with it. Anderson tell us that “despite lacking diplomatic skills this combination is usually quite popular”, as this video of Dumas signing autographs makes clear.

Aries Sun, Gemini Moon Astro-Twins: Bette Davis, the City of San Francisco

Dumas and Baumgartner have a few fellow Aries Sun, Gemini Moon astro-twins worth mentioning. The first is Hollywood Golden Era actress Bette Davis. (Chart) Similar to Mrs. Dumas, Davis was considered at her best when portraying characters with an aggressive edge who were willing to take things to extremes. It was Davis who coined the phrase, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night” which was originally a line of hers in the film All About Eve.

Like many Aries Sun, Gemini Moon individuals, Davis was also an excellent trash-talker full of honest if totally untactful observations. Davis once observed of her longtime MGM rival Joan Crawford, “She’s slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie”.

The city of San Francisco, incorporated (born) on April 15th, 1850 is also an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Not unlike its Aries Sun, Gemini Moon astro-twins Amy Dumas, Bette Davis, and Jesse James, the city is known for its high-flying night life and “live-wire” social orientation. It also has a flourishing “outlaw biker” scene, at least in a manner of speaking.

This pairing is as swift-moving and excitement-seeking in matters of the heart as it is in matters of career. Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar writes of the Aries/Gemini woman’s romantic vivaciousness, “You exude sparks of life that promise sensual magic and a mind that declares excitement. When a man gets to know you he might feel as if he has opened Pandora’s box.” (Source)

Dumas, for instance, explained in a recent interview that she was at her best when projecting as either a tough girl tomboy or (and I quote), “a loose cannon slut who would say pretty much anything.” I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say Aries/Gemini is the combination of “the loose cannon slut” but it definitely does have an emphasized need for dexterity and romantic variety. Bette Davis once said, “An affair now and then is good for a marriage. It adds spice, stops it from getting boring . . . I ought to know.” (Source) The city of San Francisco is a non-living entity so while it isn’t technically capable of having an “affair” there is probably no city on planet Earth where a wider variety of “wild rides” is only a text message away. Happiness is possible for the Aries/Gemini individual but only with a partner who is as mentally flexible and capable of romantic quick-changery as themselves. Felix Baumgartner, for instance, is partnered with a former professional gymnast, a fitting match for a Sun/Moon pairing as flexible and multi-faceted as Aries/Gemini.