Cancer Sun, Leo Moon individuals have a real knack for drawing attention to themselves. Being the sign of emotional intelligence, Cancer has a real knack for intuiting the tides of public sentiment in much the same way a crab intuits the tides of the ocean. As the entertainer of the zodiac, Leo is at its best when on stage performing for an adoring audience. Tom Cruise, for instance, is a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon whose ability to attract attention to himself never ceases to amaze. (Chart)

Astrologer Bill Tierney writes of the Cancer/Leo pairing, “When the social atmosphere is right, expect a colorful, vibrant personality to shine.” (Source) Some of Cruise’s recent escapades have been perhaps a bit too dramatic but his rendition of “You Lost that Loving Feeling” in the 1986 film Top Gun is an absolutely shining example of this pairing’s potential for vibrant, colorful forms of self-expression:

Michelle Jenneke, the 19 year old Australian sprinter who recently did for women’s hurdling what Neil Armstrong did for space travel, is also a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) She too has managed to attract attention to herself albeit using methods much more conducive to a sense of psychological equilibrium than some of the recent antics of her couch-hurdling astro-twin. If you haven’t yet come across the viral video of Mrs. Jenneke that blazed across the internet during the summer of 2012 it’s 1,000% worth the time to watch it all the way through to the end. From start to finish it’s three minutes and seven seconds of totally unabashed amazing awesomeness and, in its own way, as entertaining an expression of the Cancer/Leo capacity for theatrics as Cruise’s rendition of “You Lost that Loving Feeling”:

Michelle Jenneke from Losse Veter on Vimeo.

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us that a metaphoric image for the highest expression of Cancer Sun, Leo Moon is “A child ventures forth from her family to seek her greatness.” (Source) Is that ever an excellent approximation of Michelle Jenneke. A Cancerian who, from the looks of this circa 2010 video is still very much attached to home and family, she has managed to find her greatness in a very big, very bright, very Leonine Moon way.

Her North Node (destiny, truest path forward) is in Sagittarius, the Centaur-Archer of the Zodiac who roams free like a wild horse. In medical astrology Sagittarius rules the hips, the primary muscles that a hurdler uses to get over those hurdles and down the track. Talk about somebody “living their chart”.

Her Mars is at 29 degrees Leo, a fantastic placement for sports. Mars indicates how a person fights, how they execute a plan and is the primary indicator of a person’s athletic abilities. When placed in Leo, the sign of the lioness, Mars competes as ferociously as its animal totem. Astrologer Raven Kaldera associates Mars in Leo with the myth of Sekhmet, the Egyptian lioness goddess who doubled as the ancient world’s version of a movie star:

In this placement, Mars the Warrior combines with the solar force of Leo the Lion, and this can be an overwhelming combination of fire and sun, explosion and brilliance. It can light the sky, bring down the walls, or blow everything to pieces. Here we honor the Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet, whose name means “powerful.” Fierce and gracious, regal and deadly, she was usually shown as a lioness-headed woman sitting on a throne.

A Mars in Aries may be content with being the head of the parade; a Mars in Leo needs the adulation of the crowd as well. This need to be seen comes out of a Mars in Leo with all the melodrama of a silent movie star. (Source)

Mars in Leo is also great at performing in front of crowds or coming up big in the clutch. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, nicknamed “Mr. November” for his ability to perform under the pressure of the post-season, is a Cancer Sun with Mars in Leo and North Node in Sagittarius just like Jenneke. (Chart)

Jeter’s also done pretty well financially by way of endorsement deals and it’s hard to imagine Jenneke won’t be offered similar opportunities. Cancer Suns love having money in the bank as it is a proxy for the emotional security they seek. Leo Moons are also quite fond of it although they’re more likely to spend it on throwing awesome parties for their friends (their entourages) than hoard it at the bank. Assuming she gets some good people around her and find a balance between the Cancerian desire to save and the Leonine impulse to spend she’s off to the races now both literally and figuratively.

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