Today’s full moon at 12 degrees Capricorn bears a number of astrological similarities to the voyage of La Amistad, the Spanish slave ship whose “cargo” decided they weren’t going silently into the night. If you’re not familiar with the mutiny on board the Amistad and the subsequent Supreme Court case that decided the fate of the survivors, Steven Speilberg’s 1997 historical film Amistad will give you the Hollywood version of events. The film was made with an eye towards making sure white people left the theater feeling good about themselves but for the purposes of this post it’s a good enough summary for those who may be unfamiliar with the story:

Here’s the chart for the Amistad voyage. Here’s the chart for today’s full moon at 12 Capricorn. You’ll notice the following similarities:

Today’s full moon: Sun at 12 degrees Cancer, Moon at 12 degrees Capricorn
The Amistad: Sun at 5 degrees Cancer, Moon at approximately 13 degrees Capricorn

Today’s full moon: Mars (fighting) at 0 degrees Libra (balance of power)
The Amistad: Mars (fighting) at 0 degrees Libra (balance of power)

Today’s full moon: Pluto at 8 degrees of a cardinal sign (Capricorn)
The Amistad: Pluto at 18 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries)

Today’s full moon: Jupiter in the early degrees of an air sign (Gemini)
The Amistad: Jupiter in the early degrees of an air sign (Libra)

Uranus (shocks) in Aries (fires, explosions) is a major player in today’s full moon chart. Uranus (shocks) was in Pisces (oceans) when the Amistad launched, a very different placement that is much more about diffusion than explosions. Uranus was, however, conjunct the North Node (destiny) in the chart of the Amistad voyage so there was a major Uranian (shocking) component to that chart similar to the chart for today’s full moon.

The Mars at 0 degrees Libra is the lynchpin in both charts, in my opinion. People often think of Mars in Libra as “The Peacemaker” but that’s not quite accurate. When Mars is in Libra (the scales of justice), the martial fighting spirit of Mars is invested in fighting to restore balance of power between the races, genders, and economic classes. It also comes up a lot in the charts of people or events that involve fighting (Mars) between equals (Libra). Mixed Martial Arts superstar Gina Carano, for instance, has Mars in Libra.

As far as how this full moon will affect you: take a look at where 0 degrees Libra sits in your chart. That will be the house where balance of power issues will be coming up. (Do try to keep matters more peaceable than Mrs. Carano did in Haywire.) Then take a look at the house where 12 degrees Capricorn sits as that will be where something is coming to a culmination or ending.

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