Aries: Highway to the Danger Zone, Libra: Smooth Charm and Suave Ways

South Node in Libra: Symbol of Past Lives in the Sign of Good Looks, Treachery Disguised as Diplomacy

Libra is the Lover, Artist, Peacemaker, Diplomat, Statesmen, and Counselor of the zodiac. Libra is the sign most directly associated with elegance, social harmony, an innate awareness of the other, and a superb sense of aesthetics. People with their South Node (past lives) in this super-suave sign thus come into this life with these skills already very well-developed. They may also have fallen into the dark side of this sign: co-dependency, subtle treachery disguised as diplomacy, and relying on their looks, charm, and/or ability to manipulate others to get what they want.

North Node in Aries: Point of Destiny in Sign of the Trailblazer, the Ass-Kicker, and Amazon Warrior

The North Node is the solution to any problems, pitfalls, excesses or traumas of the South Node. You can think of the North Node as a person’s destiny, should they choose to accept it. If you don’t believe in “destiny”, you can think of the North Node as being akin to an astrological vitamin cocktail that will remedy what ails you even if it tastes unfamiliar at first.

When the South Node is in Libra, the North Node is in Aries, the sign of the Trailblazer, the Daredevil, the Warrior, the Survivor, the Competitor, the “Ass-Kicker” of the Zodiac. Aries’s role is to clear pathways, dive into the unknown, and fearlessly face dangers that would send other signs trembling and turning tail. Ecologically, Aries is associated with the spring equinox when plants are courageously bursting through the soil and animals are emerging from hibernation to battle for both territory and mating opportunities. It is symbolized by the Ram who will, quite literally, go head to head against adversaries.

Aries is symbolized by the Ram who goes head-to-head.

People with their South Node in Libra are often fixated on relationships but, ironically, the only way they will ever satisfy their relational fixation is by stepping into their ass-kicking North Node.

Mixed Martial Arts superstars Miesha Tate and Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey both have their South Nodes in Libra and their North Nodes in Aries. (Tate’s Chart) (Rousey’s Chart) Take a look at the press conference held during the lead up to their title match on March 3rd, 2012 for a good example of this nodal axis at work. In terms of hair, clothes, and aesthetics, both women obviously have their Libra “Finesse Pimp” skills down pat. They also have both clearly stepped into their Aries “Ass-Kicker” North Nodes:

Libra socializes its way into a room, Aries busts through the door boots kickin’ and fists flyin’. Libra is a natural at the negotiating table, Aries prefers to flip tables, as the above video makes clear.

Actress Lucy Lawless, best known for portraying “Xena Warrior Princess”, has her South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries just like Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. (Chart) Lawless has never fought competitively like Tate or Rousey but she has done an excellent job of projecting the warrior spirit of her Aries North Node into the imaginal world of stage and screen:

Lawless – whose last name practically screams “I’m Aries, bitch!” – has benefited from having a Sun/Moon conjunction in Aries as well as having Saturn (wisdom, maturity) conjunct her North Node. According to Celeste Teal, Saturn conjunct the North Node is associated with taking a very practical, patient, and self-disciplined approach to the work represented by the North Node. (Source)

Rapper LL Cool J, short for “Ladies Love Cool James”, has his South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries. (Chart) He chose his oh-so Libra stage name at age 16, a time when most people have yet to begin fully accessing their North Node. Here is a video of his very Libresque song “I Need Love” from early on in his career:

A few years later he made the video “I’m Bad” in which he must rescue his girlfriend from underworld types while dressed in an all red track suit, wearing converse sneakers, and displaying a series of over-sized gold chains. It doesn’t get any more Aries than this:

LL’s later videos such as “Mama Said Knock You Out” (filmed in a boxing ring) and “Tina’s Got a Big Ole Butt” (about a young lady with a big ole butt) also accessed the straight shooting bravado and libidinous energies of his Aries North Node.

The all-time flag bearer for a person who has managed to incorporate the super suave “game” of a Libra South Node with the adrenalin laced physicality of an Aries North Node could be actor Sean Connery, whose name is still synonymous with the iconic British spy he portrayed during the 1960s. (Connery’s Chart)

Out of curiosity I ran the chart for the James Bond character using the publication date of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel Casino Royale as Bond’s date of birth. (Chart) The book – and thus its main character Mr. Bond – has its Sun at 23 degrees Aries and Moon at approximately 18 degrees Aries. Connery’s North Node is at 24 degrees Aries. In other words, the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) of the James Bond character light up Connery’s North Node (destiny) like a pair of flood lights. Portraying that character truly was his destiny.

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  • Sher says:

    LL Cool J Breaks Burglar’s Jaw; Rapper, Actor Protects His Home

    f a burglar had looked at LL’s astrological chart and read your blog, he would have seen LL’s Sun is in Capricorn, Moon is in Cancer with North Node in Aries. Of course, he’s going to kick someone’s ass if they break into his home. lol I’m an Aries Sun, Moon in Cancer and I’ve had similiar experiences protecting friends and family.

    I’m a fan of Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano. Rousey is still undefeated and just put another arm bar within 1 minute of 1st round again this time with Sarah Kaufman:

    Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is a Cancer Sun/Aries Moon with North Node Taurus. If her and Rousey fight, who do you think will win?