Aquarius: Rules Were Made to be Broken, Astrology of Film and Television

Aquarius is the sign of Genius, the Mad Scientist, the Truth Speaker, the Rebel, the Revolutionary, the Exile, the Eccentric. Astrologer Judy Hall writes, “Many Aquarians feel alien on earth, as though home is a long way away, or in a future where humankind is in a better place.” (Source) Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Mr. Spock on Star Trek, has Venus (style, self-worth, love) in Aquarius on his Midheaven (career). This means his public reputation (the Midheaven) was destined to be characterized by Aquarian themes no matter what specific career path he embarked upon. (Chart)

Like a textbook Aquarius, Nimoy’s space alien alter ego Mr. Spock favored logic and rational detachment to excessively messy emotional entanglements. Spock was also an outsider, an exile among both Vulcans and Humans, but his instinctive understanding of technology and capacity to pull information out of thin air were tremendous assets to the crew.

This scene from the film Star Trek: The Voyage Home captures nicely the modus operandi of an Aquarius Moon: involvement in humanitarian endeavors, engaging in behavior that shocks, taking an opinionated approach to political matters, and even being a bit socially awkward:

Anybody whose raised an Aquarian child can probably relate to Captain Kirk’s reaction of stunned shock upon realizing that Spock had jumped into the whale exhibit at the museum.

Aquarians find it darn near impossible not to speak their truth. Spock, not coincidentally, was unable to tell a lie.

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