Aquarius: Rules Were Made to be Broken, Astrology of Film and Television

Aquarius is the sign of Genius, the Mad Scientist, the Truth Speaker, the Rebel, the Revolutionary, the Exile, the Eccentric. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Aquarius, they’re nourished by the bizarre, the unpredictable, the unconventional, and the shocking. Symbolized as two lightning bolts, Aquarius can take the “30,000 foot view” of events so it has a tendency to view things before others can. Perceiving the Earth’s inhabitants from a vantage point analogous to outer space is why Aquarius Moons often resonate emotionally with the fringes of society.

Actor David Duchovny, best known for playing FBI agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files, is an Aquarius Moon. (Chart) With his Moon (emotions, instincts) in uber-eccentric Aquarius it was easy for him to slide into the emotional body of an uber-eccentric character like Fox Mulder:

Like Fox Mulder, most Aquarius Moons have a near total immunity to the weird. They also tend to attract a bizarrely eclectic mix of friends and can have trouble picking up on subtly romantic overtures from the opposite sex, again, just like the Fox Mulder character.

At its highest expression, Aquarius is the sign of tolerance for others, independent thinking, and radical innovation. To illustrate: Director George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, is an Aquarius Moon. Star Wars did to the status quo in Hollywood circa 1966 what an actual UFO landing on the White House lawn would do to the status quo in Washington D.C. circa 2012. Had Lucas told people in the mid 1970s about his plans for Star Wars they likely would have thought “That sounds totally crazy.” That’s because given the primitive special effects standards of that era, his plans for the film were totally crazy. But doing the “totally crazy” is what an Aquarius Moon needs to do in order to feel normal.

Sometimes, as with Lucas’s Aquarian brainchild Star Wars, what was originally thought of as totally revolutionary later becomes the established standard by which all others are evaluated. This is why Aquarius has two planetary rulers: Uranus and Saturn. Uranus rules radical shocks while Saturn rules established structures. The young radical who later becomes an established politician is very much an Aquarian archetype.

Aquarius Moons can often be found working in large groups where they can feel a sense of esprit de corps. “All for one and one for all”, “Liberty and justice for all, malice towards none”, and “We all hang together or we all hang separately” are sayings probably thought of by people with Aquarius emphasized in their charts. The chart of the United States includes, not coincidentally, the presence of an Aquarius Moon. (Chart)

The Moon of the United States is in Aquarius, the sign of the revolutionary who later becomes a dictator

If you can imagine the feelings the founding fathers likely had for each other that is a good approximation of the ideal emotional state of an Aquarius Moon. They came from different colonies which in those days may as well have been different nations or even different worlds. They likely had plenty of beef with one another but they knew that the good of each of them was riding on the good of all of them. Most importantly what they were doing was incredibly innovative, absolutely shocking to the rest of the world, and involved pursuing the ultimate emotional need for an Aquarius Moon: independence.

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