South Node: Past Lives

The South Node is the primary astrological indicator of past lives. I call it the “Karmic Blowback Point” as it indicates where a person likely got things wrong in their past lives as well as how they’re most likely to self-destruct in this life. The North Node is the solution to all the problems and excesses of the South Node. No matter whether we’re looking at the natal chart of an individual, a composite chart of a relationship, or the chart of an event, investing time and energy in the patterns symbolized by the North Node will get the person or situation on a path that is best for all.

To illustrate: think back to the spring of 2003. At that time the South Node was in Sagittarius, the sign of optimism, faith, expansion, overseas crusades, and belief systems including religion. Not coincidentally, we were being sold on the war in Iraq – an expansive, faith-based, overseas crusade for “democracy” with major religious overtones to it.

That’s a rough video to watch. Sitting in the middle of a foreign land, trapped alone in a stalled vehicle, watching three co-workers get executed, yelling into a radio “I’m fixin’ to get killed, I need help, I have no gun, I’m by myself” pretty much summarizes the worst possible outcome of a Sagittarius South Node.

The North Node at the time was in Gemini, the sign of asking questions. Had the country as a collective entity asked more questions during that time we might not have wasted 10 years, trillions of dollars, and untold amounts of blood on two enterprises that represented all the lowest, darkest attributes of Sagittarius.

That’s an extreme example of how the Nodes works but that’s why I use it: it illustrates the importance of the North Node in a fashion that is now obvious to all regardless of political/social leanings.

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  • iris says:

    hey matt

    i know its a lil off topic but how would a synastry case of someones moon or sun conjunct anothers south node work out in terms of the carmic thingy

  • Alec says:

    North Node was conjunct America’s descendant and Uranus, having come off the conjunction with Mars. (7th house – foreign affairs)

    North Node ‘getting in over your head’ x Uranus/Mars willfulness had a lot to do with it. South Node conjunct Ascendant does sound like national self-undoing too.