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I imagine most folks in Hollywood are at least loosely familiar with Sun sign astrology. A person’s Sun sign is certainly important but it really takes a backseat to the Moon sign when it comes to figuring out which roles are best for which actors. This is because the Sun sign correlates to the conscious mind while the Moon sign correlates to the unconscious mind. As with an iceberg and its tip, what lies below (the unconscious) is orders of magnitude more powerful than what lies above (the conscious). Ideally a role matches up with an actor’s Moon and their Sun but at the very least it needs to line up with their Moon for them to truly resonate with the role.

Actress Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame, for instance, has her Moon (instincts) in Aries, the sign of the Trailblazer, the Daredevil, the Warrior, the Survivor, the Competitor, the Ass-Kicker, the Amazon Warrior of the Zodiac. Her Sun in “lights, camera, action” Leo certainly helped in terms of stage presence but it was that Aries Moon that allowed her to instinctually “click” into the role of Wonder Woman. (Analysis of Lynda Carter’s Natal Chart)

That wardrobe transformation spin move still works so well after all these years because it was a near perfect, if dramatized, projection of her internal patterns out onto the external world of film: from her South Node (past lives) in Virgo (The Analyst) to her Moon (instincts) in Aries (The Warrior) all in one big bright flash (Sun in Leo).

NBC’s 2011 failed attempt at a remake of Wonder Woman really illustrates how astrology can be put to practical use. NBC produced some screen tests of actress Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights fame as Wonder Woman running through the streets of Manhattan before quickly canning the project. (Palicki’s Chart) As astrologer Mystic Medusa pointed out, “Adrianne’s a beautiful woman for sure but [with three planets in Taurus] she vibes like she’s running to the bakery.” (Source)

Mrs. Medusa obviously did not intend her comment as a critique of Palicki’s appearance, dietary habits, or athletic abilities. She’s a great actress and it’s clear takes excellent care of herself. It’s just that Taurus is the slow moving, silently powerful, super sensualist of the Zodiac. It’s the sign most associated with food, farming, fertility, and fabulously luxuriant creature comforts. Hand a woman with that much Taurus in her chart Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and she’ll likely lasso herself a deliciously rich meal and a 2 hour massage from Hanz the masseuse.

Palicki’s Moon, meanwhile, is in Pisces — the mind-reading mystic of the Zodiac. Symbolized as a fish, Pisces is at its highest expression the sign of universal compassion. But when Pisces goes bad it morphs into a primal sea-monster whose rage is as vast as the ocean itself. With her Sun in sensual Taurus and her Moon in sea-faring Pisces, Palicki was a spot on selection for the role of Nadia, the mind-reading, shape-shifting siren of sensual destruction and doom in the 2006 Aquaman pilot:

While Palicki’s instincts for the sensual depths may be superb, as a Taurus/Pisces she’s not the optimal choice to portray a fast moving, high flying, and extremely fiery character such as Wonder Woman.

So what actress does fit the bill? The best candidate for the role, so far as I can tell, is soap opera star Nadia Bjorlin. Like Lynda Carter, Bjorlin is a Leo Sun, Aries Moon, making her an astro-twin of Carter’s. (Bjorlin’s Natal Chart) Take a look at this clip from the 2007 film Redline where she plays a professional singer who moonlights as a custom race car mechanic to see what I mean:

I’m not sure what Eddie Griffith was supposed to be doing in this film but his line to Bjorlin at :08 of the above clip, “they must have put jet fuel in your baby bottle” happens to be an excellent approximation of the Aries Moon. The Moon describes what a person finds emotionally nourishing. When it is placed in Aries, the person is nourished by action, adventure, excitement, and speed. It’s the perfect Moon placement for an actress portraying an exciting, fast-moving, and extremely adventuresome character such as Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter, Nadia Bjorlin: Same Fundamental Psychology, a Few Mars/Venus Tweaks

All twins have differences and astro-twins (people with the same Sun/Moon pairing) are no exception to this. Two major differences between Bjorlin and Carter’s charts that would color their respective versions of Wonder Woman are as follows:

Difference #1: Bjorlin has a Mars/Pluto conjunction in her chart, indicative of “killer instincts”. (Source) Placed in the sign of Libra – the most socially adept and aesthetically oriented of signs – she would bring a suave ruthlessness to a remake of Wonder Woman.

Difference #2: Bjorlin’s Venus (the planet of style) is in chatty Gemini where Carter’s Venus is in bookish Virgo. Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana Prince would thus have to be retooled as a blogger, news columnist, or somebody who works with social networking systems instead of a nurse to best match the strengths of Bjorlin’s chart.

So while tweaks to the character would be necessary to make the best use of Bjorlin’s Mars/Venus placements, she’s got the fundamental astro-goods to project as a credible Wonder Woman. With the same Sun/Moon pairing as Lynda Carter, she’d likely even remind people a bit of the original Wonder Woman although they wouldn’t be exactly sure why.

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