Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Maverick Moonshiner and the Redneck Renegade, the Hillbilly Heretic and the High Tech Hash Slinger, the Black Sheep Skywalker and the Barbed Wire Bandito

Symbolized as a beautiful bovine, Taurus is the sign of the Rancher and the Grower, the Landscaper and the Gardener, the Biodynamic Farmer and the Agricultural Biologist, the King of Top Shelf Liquor and the Queen of High Quality Chocolate, the Sous Chef of Slow Cooking and the Cuisinier-in-Chief of Sensual Delights. Taurus is the sign of resource accumulation so whether they’re driving a brand new Bentley with 22 inch rims through the streets of Beverly Hills or a used Chevy truck with mud flaps through through the backwoods of Georgia, Taureans usually find a way to materially provide for themselves and their families, whether in good times or bad. They’re also the sign most likely to have a garden, a green thumb, and be found romping around grass fields. (Source) To illustrate: singer Willie Nelson is a Taurus whose made a career out of singing about living life close to the earth through both good times and bad. He’s also well-known for his love of grass.

Sitting 270 degress from Taurus is Aquarius, a radically different sign. Where Taurus Suns are identified with the conventional, Aquarius Moons are emotionally nourished by the radical. This the sign of the Genius and the Mad Scientist, the Rebel and the Revolutionary, the Exile and the Eccentric, the Antagonist and the Anti-Hero, the Social Heretic and the Sectarian Pagan, the Oddball Nonconformist and the Off-Beat Iconoclast, the Avant Garde Android and the Maverick Mini-Computer, the Splinter Cell of Scientific Dissent and the Professor Emeritus of Social Anarchy. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Aquarius (the future), they’re nourished by the the unpredictable, the unconventional, and the uncharted. They often have an instinctive (Moon) understanding of technology and are emotionally nourished by unusual hobbies such as UFO-watching or computer hacking. (Source) Symbolized as two lightning bolts, Aquarius can take the “30,000 foot view” of events so it has a tendency to view things before others can. Perceiving the Earth’s inhabitants from a vantage point analogous to outer space is why Aquarius Moons often resonate emotionally with the fringes of society, whether in matters technological or political. To illustrate: actor Steve McQueen is a representative Aquarius Moon. In addition to his numerous real-life run-ins with the law, he is best remembered for portraying rebellious anti-heroes, counterculture iconoclasts, and renegades wanted dead-or-alive. His most notable role came in 1963 when he portrayed Captain Virgil Hilts, an Allied prisoner of war escaped from a German concentration camp in The Great Escape, a film based on the real life escape from the Nazis’ infamous Stalag Luft III prison camp.

Combine a Taurus Sun’s orientation to food and farming with an Aquarius Moon’s need to rebel against the status quo and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing likely to succeed in business enterprises (Taurus) that are somewhat anarchist (Aquarius) in nature. In particular they’re likely to succeed at forms of agriculture (Taurus) which involve breaking with the status-quo (Aquarius). In her book Aspects, astrologer Sue Tompkins writes of the Taurus/Aquarius knack for expressing material values (Taurus) by way of avant-garde groups or enterprises (Aquarius):

This is also sometimes the combination of the person who seeks to live a simple, uncluttered life close to nature, sometimes in building a community life; the person who lives in an unconventional style but nevertheless in a way that is solid and secure. Thus it is the combination of the hippie, the “Good Lifer” concerned with self-sufficiency.

One manifestation of Taurus/Aquarius is surely ‘Friends of the Earth’. There is often an intuitive understanding of the earth, and the type may be practical and inventive. Perhaps this is also the combination of the organic farmer, the person who wants to revolutionize the way the masses might be fed.

In all sorts of different ways, feeding groups of people on a large scale is also often a theme with this mix. This is the individual who does all the catering for their friends to the club to which they belong.

To illustrate: using its operational start date as its date of birth, the seed library started by the Good-Life minded folks at the Joseph T. Simpson public library in Mechanisburg, Pennsylvania is a Taurus/Aquarius. (Chart) Launched on Earth Day 2014 by the Cumberland County Commission for Women, the Simpson Seed Library (SSL) was built around a converted card catalog turned seed lending repository that allowed patrons to “check out a packet of seeds, then grow fruits/vegetables, harvest the new seeds from the biggest and best, and return those seeds so the library can lend them out to others” according to NPR. (Source) The intent of the SSL was to help build up the local community by assisting people growing their own food but it was shut down by the real life “Boss Hogs” at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture who said the library could be used by Al-Qaeda for purposes of spreading “agri-terrorism.” (Source)

That a community seed library could be shut down by the government for fostering “agri-terrorism” is hard to believe but not totally out of line with the sort of experiences many Taurus/Aquarians. In his book Moon Phases, Raven Kaldera says Taurus/Aquarius is the pairing of “The Heretic” who will eventually come face to face with such injustices:

The word heretic comes from a Greek root meaning free choice. In order of have free choice, one must paradoxically be able to give up anything or the choice isn’t real. The path of the Heretic is to bring his truth to the people he values, to be rejected, and to find the strength to walk away. There is always another group, another family of like minds, another place to call home . . . and if there isn’t, there is the strength to be alone with one’s convictions

To illustrate: Thomas Drake is a Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon who was a senior executive at the National Security Agency in 2005 when he attempted to blow the whistle on severe illegalities surrounding the NSA mass surveillance programs. For his efforts he was subjected to criminal prosecution and threatened with 35 years in prison. Fellow NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has said that Drake’s efforts inspired him to leak a treasure trove of NSA documents to journalist Glenn Greenwald in June 2013.

Taurus is the sign of agriculture while Aquarius Moons are emotionally in tune with outcasts and outsiders. The combination is thus something of the “Black Sheep” of the zodiac. That phrase has historically been a perjorative term but in a world that is on the cusp of total tyranny we could certainly use a few more “Black Sheep” like Thomas Drake and the Simpson Seed Library, ones willing to traffic in the maverick moonshine that is community supported agriculture or the high tech hash that is evidence of high level criminality.

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Our premier issue (Photo Credit: HennaByHayet.com)

Aries Sun, Leo Moon: The One Woman Powerhouse and the One Man Mythmaker, the On-Stage Super Sensation and the *Original* Astrologer to the Stars, the Best Selling Bombshell and the Chart Topping Romantic, the Dynamic Duo of High Drama and Sky High Ratings

Combine the ass-kicking, self-starting, take-no-prisoners attitude of an Aries Sun with the stunning stage presence of a Leo Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that is heroic, honorable, and heading straight for super-stardom if not to the stars themselves. Almost always the center of attention, the textbook Aries/Leo will make their entrance to a restaurant, night club, or even the laundromat with all the fiery drama and theatrical aplomb of a Space Shuttle launch. This is not a coincidence! How do I know? Because using its original launch date as its date of birth the Space Shuttle itself is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon! (Chart)

Enthusiastic and energetic, bold and brave, vivacious and vibrant, Aries/Leos are born leaders with big appetites for adventure a penchant for taking big risks. The textbook Aries/Leo – particularly the female of the species – can turn a trip to the store for some groceries into a dramatic adventure worthy of a James Cameron film, an all points bulletin by the police, a front page story in the National Enquirer, a big-time book deal and on a really good day all of the above. Astrologer David Wells writes of this pairing, “if there’s a commotion you can be sure this person is at the center of it” while Jefferson Anderson refers to the Aries/Leo pairing as “The Dynamo” who takes a distinctly head-first approach to love, life, and lively self-expression:

Ambitious and self-assertive, you are an individual among individuals. Courage is one of your greatest gifts: the courage to be yourself, to dare, and to create.

Your healthy (some would say, a little too healthy) ego craves attention, and you express yourself dramatically and sometimes flamboyantly. Your dress, mannerisms, and actions are often calculated to draw attention to yourself. Center stage is what you want, and your charm, vitality, and enthusiasm for life usually assure it. (Source)

Starting a new television network and want it to be a success? Have an Aries/Leo anchor your evening programming and watch your ratings go through the stratosphere. Holding a fund-raiser for your local high school? Have an Aries/Leo headline the event and you’ll have it sold out almost as soon as tickets go on sale. To illustrate: country music superstar Loretta Lynn, often referred to as “The First Lady of Country Music” is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

True to her Aries/Leo nature, Lynn conquered much more than just the country music charts. Her 1976 autobiography became a best-seller and was made into an Academy Award-winning film, Coal Miner’s Daughter Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar says the textbook Aries/Leo woman is “fiery and passionate, your raw energy makes you sexy . . . for many men you are simply too hot to handle”. (Source) No kidding. Now in her 70s Lynn still continues to win awards, sell out arenas, and exude every bit as much fiery passion as she did in her 30s:

Both Aries and Leo are considered male signs so Aries Sun, Leo Moon females absolutely, positively do not take kindly to being told to sit quietly in the back of the bus, so to speak. Loretta Lynn, for instance, routinely pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable behavior for a woman in the archly conservative industry of country music. According to her Wikipedia entry, “Lynn sang honestly about birth control (‘The Pill’), repeated childbirth (‘One’s on the Way’), double standards for men and women (‘Rated X’), and being widowed by the draft during the Vietnam War (‘Dear Uncle Sam’). Country music radio stations often refused to play her songs.” Aries/Leo is a very courageous pairing so true to her astrological pedigree Lynn did not let the censors stop her.

Although not identified as a “feminist”, Lynn’s willingness to courageously speak her truth means she’s got more than a few things in common with feminist icon Gloria Steinem, a contemporary of Lynn’s and a fellow Aries Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Steinem is best know for her politics but true to her Aries/Leo nature she was also quite the attention-getting show-stopper. Take a look, for instance, at this screen shot of her making a grand entrance to a circa 1970 New York charity event. See how her escort is shielding his eyes from all the flashbulbs? That’s what happens when you show up to an event with an Aries Sun, Leo Moon female. It’s gonna be lights, camera, action so you had best bring your sunglasses (and your seat-belts).

Aries Sun, Leo Moon individuals love, love, love being the center of attention. (Photo copyright Canadian Broadcast Corporation)

The above screenshot is taken from this CBC documentary on Mrs. Steinem. In it she says she was very reluctant to get all dressed up to go to a celebrity studded event but forced herself because it was for a good cause. With all due respect to Mrs. Steinem, I call shenanigans on her feigned “reluctance”. Aries/Leo loves, loves, and I mean *loves* to get dressed up and go out to big events particularly those where they’re likely to be the center of attention. That’s what this pairing lives for! Besides why deny that you need heaps of affection and adoration when one is so worthy of it anyways?

If there’s one thing this pairing does better than being the center of attention, it’s being the boss with a capital “B”. Grant Lewi writes of the Aries/Leo’s leadership capabilities, “This is a fine pairing for executives as you are able to manage affairs, both your own and others, to excellent advantage.” (Source) Let’s say you find yourself running the most powerful country in the history of the world and need an astrologer to tell you what to do, who ya gonna call? An Aries Sun, Leo Moon that’s who! According to Suzi and Charles Harvey this pairing “believes it belongs at the very center of the Universe”. (Source) The upside to possessing such a robust ego is this pairing won’t be the least bit intimidated when it finds itself at the center of places like Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street or even the White House itself. To illustrate: Joan Quigley, the astrologer famously consulted by first lady Nancy Reagan during the 1980s, is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

Aries Sun, Leo Moon loves being the boss

In 1988 Quigley was the subject of a Time Magazine cover story, “Astrology in the White House”, according to which the Reagans didn’t plan anything of significance without first consulting with her. The article created an absolutely huge uproar which brings us to one of the challenges for this Sun/Moon pairing. Both Aries and Leo are very overt, above-board, out-front, thrust-oriented signs so when you combine the two together you get a high-energy combination that can’t hide from the public even if it wanted to. Trying to conceal your association with an Aries/Leo is like trying to conceal a giant UFO landing on the White House lawn like in one of those big budget Hollywood movies. Good luck with that one!

As far as the White House goes, we don’t know if there will ever be another astrologer running it but there several young (under 40) Aries/Leos who are fixing to follow in the superstar footsteps of Mrs. Quigley. Michelle at AstroFix.net is an Aries/Leo and her articles get up to 150-200 comments each, which for an astrology site is simply amazing. London based astrologer Lada Duncheva is also an Aries/Leo and her YouTube channel has amassed nearly 14,500 subscribers in only two years, making it one of the most popular astrology channels on YouTube.

Aries/Leos typically take as bold and fiery an approach to romance as they do do to self-expression. Aries rules the head while Leo rules the heart so when the two combine you get a Sun/Moon pairing that demands both thoughtfulness (head) and passionate adoration (heart) from its partner. In return it will provide the partner with heaps of both. To illustrate: actress Olivia Hussey is an Aries Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) She first came to prominence in when she portrayed Juliet in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet, a role for which she won a Golden Globe. Aries/Leo individuals often have very resonant speaking voices so it’s no surprise Hussey has gone on to win numerous awards for her voice work. (Source) Now in her 60s, she still vibes as bold and regal as ever:

Carolyn Reynolds says Aries/Leo is the Sun/Moon pairing most likely to take off on wild romantic adventures such as “making love in a boxcar”. (Source) To say this pairing can be a handful in relationships is akin to saying the Titanic was a “boating mishap.” The upside to this is it’s completely straightforward with its intentions. You know the old rule about how a woman should wait 2-3 days to return the phone call of a new suitor? Hah! Leave that sort of subterfuge to Scorpio/Libra types, the Aries/Leo female is more likely to crash head-on into its intended with all the subtlety of a Mack truck. (The men will at least attempt a slightly more debonair approach.) With this pairing what you see is 1,000% what you get and what you get is one of the most courageous, authentic, and impassioned of Sun/Moon pairings. Doesn’t that make putting up with a few temper tantrums and dramatic outbursts totally worth it?

Speaking of drama, a warning you must heed should you date (let alone marry) an Aries/Leo of either gender. Under no circumstances should you let them be in a room with another Aries/Leo! Put two Aries/Leo males in a room together at a dinner party and you can be guaran-damn-teed they will lock horns like wild animals in those nature documentaries you see late night on the Discovery channel. And that will seem downright tame compared to the epic battle that will ensue between two Aries/Leo females competing for turf (attention). This is a very competitive combination and simply will not tolerate being anything other than “The Alpha”. Truth be told there simply isn’t enough space in any one room or on any one stage for two members of the zodiac’s most heroically mythic Sun/Moon club.

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Photo Credit: Vanessa Guazzelli Paim

Aries Sun, Gemini Moon: The Sky Diver and the High Flyer, the Loose Cannon and the Live Wire, The Outlaw Biker and the Race Car Driver ("Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a wild ride")

Combine the natural courage of an Aries Sun with the instinctive dexterity of a Gemini Moon and the result is one of the most exciting, most exhilarating, and most totally unpredictable Sun/Moon pairings. Loaded with moxie, full of attitude, and exuding an aura charged with electricity, this combination typically talks, moves, and thinks like a human firecracker. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls this the Sun/Moon pairing of “The Speed Demon” while Suzi and Charles Harvey say one if its greatest strength is its ability to “reach for the stars.” (Source) Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver whose record-breaking leap from the edge of space set the internet ablaze in the fall of 2012, is an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Baumgartner sure seems to be doing a good job of “reaching for the stars” while during his descent from the edge of space he became the first skydiver to break the sound barrier of 690 miles per hour. A “Speed Demon” indeed.

Baumgartner has a number of fast-moving, chutzpah-loaded astro-twins worth checking out, including former WWE superstar Amy Dumas aka “Lita”. (Chart). Like Baumgartner, Dumas is a sky-diver (of sorts) whose capacity for “lively” self-expression is a testament to this pairing’s risk-taking moxie and fire-cracker like temperament. Like Baumgartner, she too “reached for the stars”, although the stars she reached for were the ones located amid the wildly colorful constellations of the World Wrestling Federation instead of those at the edge of space.

Exciting acrobatics for sure but that voice over of an out-of-character Dumas berating the audience is pretty obnoxious don’t you think? Well it’s to be expected given her astrological pedigree. Jefferson Anderson writes of the Aries/Gemini’s flash-fire like temperament, “You are never one to sulk in a corner, unless your need to communicate is somehow thwarted by an unattentive (or unappreciative) audience. If so, you may be subject to a sudden but fleeting temper tantrum that people will long remember.” (Source)

The textbook Aries/Gemini is fiercely independent, quick to be bored, and an extreme seeker of novelty. They will not give a second thought to throwing convention, caution, and concerns about what others may think all to the wind when in pursuit of a new hobby, passion, or even career. Mrs. Dumas, for instance, moved to Mexico at age 19 to pursue wrestling on more or less a whim. She’ll probably be making similarly spur of the moment decisions well into her senior citizen years as Aries/Gemini is somewhat of a permanent teenager.

This pairing is one of the Sun/Moon pairings most likely to have pants-crappingly high car insurance premiums. Astrologer Bill Tierney writes, “Both signs know little about applying the brakes in life, and tend to go at whatever interests them at a rapid pace.” (Source) To illustrate: Martial artist Jackie Chan is an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Known for both his fun loving demeanor and his fast moving fists, Chan has starred in three installments of the Rush Hour franchise, an appropriate titled vehicle for a Sun/Moon pairing as fast moving as Aries/Gemini:

Speaking of “rush hour”, Aries Sun, Gemini Moon individuals often live their lives according to the philosophy of “Who needs seat belts when you don’t have brakes?” This makes them the life of pretty much any party but also prone to accidents, particularly when they’re rushing head first into something new as they so often are. Dumas, for instance, once nearly decapitated herself when she overshot her target while performing a head first stunt known (appropriately) as a “suicide dive”:

In the lead up to Baumgartner’s record setting skydive a number technicians were concerned that his leap would end up as the world’s most well publicized “suicide dive”. Jackie Chan has also had a number of head on brushes with death or dismemberment as a result of “suicide dives”m including one incident where “his grip on a branch slipped and Jackie fell forty feet to the ground below. Chan landed hard on his head, hitting a rock and caused a partial skull fracture, resulting in bone entering his brain.” (Source) But a Sun/Moon pairing as perpetually effervescent as Aries/Gemini rarely gives too much thought to such possibilities so let’s just skip, bounce, and bubble along to something more exciting . . . like . . . hot guys on tricked out motorcycles!!! Outlaw motorcycle customizer Jesse James, best known as the CEO of the West Coast Choppers motorcycle shop and one time love interest of actress Sandra Bullock, is an Aries/Gemini. (Chart)

Aries Sun, Gemini Moon individuals typically have very fast moving trains of thought and little patience for slow moving, cautious types. Astrologer Linda Goodman points out in her book Love Signs that, “Since Aries bubbles with naive impetuosity, and Gemini is determined to attain complete independence by breaking every bond of the spirit, maturity of [thought is not emphasized] with this pairing”. (Source) Mr. James, for instance, is now nearly an icon for making decisions based on less than fully matured thinking patterns:

Aries Sun is considered the most brashly impetuousness of solar placements while Gemini Moon is nourished by social and communicative gymnastics. The combination gives Aries/Gemini individuals a vivacious, eternally youthful energy that electrifies those who come in contact with it. Anderson tell us that “despite lacking diplomatic skills this combination is usually quite popular”, as this video of Dumas signing autographs makes clear.

Aries Sun, Gemini Moon Astro-Twins: Bette Davis, the City of San Francisco

Dumas and Baumgartner have a few fellow Aries Sun, Gemini Moon astro-twins worth mentioning. The first is Hollywood Golden Era actress Bette Davis. (Chart) Similar to Mrs. Dumas, Davis was considered at her best when portraying characters with an aggressive edge who were willing to take things to extremes. It was Davis who coined the phrase, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night” which was originally a line of hers in the film All About Eve.

Like many Aries Sun, Gemini Moon individuals, Davis was also an excellent trash-talker full of honest if totally untactful observations. Davis once observed of her longtime MGM rival Joan Crawford, “She’s slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie”.

The city of San Francisco, incorporated (born) on April 15th, 1850 is also an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Not unlike its Aries Sun, Gemini Moon astro-twins Amy Dumas, Bette Davis, and Jesse James, the city is known for its high-flying night life and “live-wire” social orientation. It also has a flourishing “outlaw biker” scene, at least in a manner of speaking.

This pairing is as swift-moving and excitement-seeking in matters of the heart as it is in matters of career. Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar writes of the Aries/Gemini woman’s romantic vivaciousness, “You exude sparks of life that promise sensual magic and a mind that declares excitement. When a man gets to know you he might feel as if he has opened Pandora’s box.” (Source)

Dumas, for instance, explained in a recent interview that she was at her best when projecting as either a tough girl tomboy or (and I quote), “a loose cannon slut who would say pretty much anything.” I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say Aries/Gemini is the combination of “the loose cannon slut” but it definitely does have an emphasized need for dexterity and romantic variety. Bette Davis once said, “An affair now and then is good for a marriage. It adds spice, stops it from getting boring . . . I ought to know.” (Source) The city of San Francisco is a non-living entity so while it isn’t technically capable of having an “affair” there is probably no city on planet Earth where a wider variety of “wild rides” is only a text message away. Happiness is possible for the Aries/Gemini individual but only with a partner who is as mentally flexible and capable of romantic quick-changery as themselves. Felix Baumgartner, for instance, is partnered with a former professional gymnast, a fitting match for a Sun/Moon pairing as flexible and multi-faceted as Aries/Gemini.

Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Part II: The Octopus Conspiracy and the Joint Expedited Data Interface (aka “the J.E.D.I.”)

(Image Credit: Fox Mulder with the Lone Gunmen of X-Files fame, available for purchase at Amazon)

Sun/Neptune/Mercury are all in Pisces (sign of the psychic), Moon is in Gemini (sign of data exchange) today. All modern day mass surveillance systems — including the PRISM system brought to light by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden — are descendants of what’s known as “P.R.O.M.I.S.” software, the backstory of which is so filled with intrigue (Pisces) and unanswered questions (Gemini) that it was even the subject of a deeply unsettling episode of NBC’s television series Unsolved Mysteries. Dubbed the “Octopus Conspiracy”, the software at the center of the story is a Pisces/Gemini based on its operational start date. Find out what made it so powerful and why it took me nearly a decade to summon the courage to write about it publicly:

Additional notes:

The “Joint Expedited Data Interface” (J.E.D.I.) computer network featured in the 1990 espionage thriller Black Money, authored by former Lehman Brothers partner Thomas Frank, is almost certainly based on P.R.O.M.I.S. software. According to a review of the book, it’s a “twisted trail of a criminal enterprise established mainly to legitimize Colombian drug lords’ money, flight capital from underdeveloped countries, terrorists’ slush funds, and the illicit profits of putatively respectable corporations.” (Source) It’s also, according to those in a position to know, so accurate that Frank had no choice but to write the book as fiction.

The short lived X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen, pictured above, is a Pisces/Gemini based on the show’s debut date. The show is famous for its pilot episode which involved terrorists flying airplanes into the World Trade Center nearly a year before 9/11 occurred.

The original article can be read in its entirety here:

Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon: “The Source Code, the Spook Loop, and the Psychic Surveillance State”

Copyright Matthew David Savinar, 2016

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Pisces Sun, Aries Moon: The Professional Ouija Board Operator and the Occult Warfare Specialist

Sun/Neptune/Mercury are all in Pisces (sign of the occult), Moon/Uranus are in Aries (sign of warfare) today. This paring sports a 3D-holographiclly enabled imagination and is likely to excel at mystical or occult (Pisces) forms of competition or combat (Aries), often but not always involving music, meditation, or advanced technological methodologies. A bit more about this combination:

The original article can be read in its entirety here.

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Our premier issue (Photo Credit: HennaByHayet.com)

Marvelous March Horoscopes from Elodie Miaow

(Photo Credit: NAAN/Shutterstock)

Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant to be a broad insight into certain time signatures. If you want a more detailed forecast, you can book a reading with me at 9thhouseastrology.com. It will be my pleasure to help you unlock and prepare for any upcoming opportunities or challenges. The rising sign is essential in understanding our personal dispositions, please read your Sun sign and Rising sign for extra clarity. Happy explorations! -Elodie


If you haven’t noticed, I decided to switch things around and put you first in the line to receive your monthly forecast. That way you don’t have to spend the extra few seconds scrolling passed all the other signs to get to yours. By being number one (even if it’s just for this month) it also keeps you from having to pass by everyone else’s “problems” and run the risk of getting sucked in. This month is about You. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th and 9th is in your sign. The Sun will disappear for a moment and re-emerge – signaling the beginning of a new cycle. It will be dark for a moment but it is in the darkness that new life begins. Seeds sprout deep in the soil, away from the harsh and drying sunlight. This is why it is believed that a New Moon is a good time to set intentions. The eclipse will bring with her some revelations or perhaps a shift that could have some important impact in your life in the next year. It’s also good time to consider where in your life you might have “eclipsed” yourself and your needs and how you could find some equilibrium. The next 6 months will reveal a lot about partnership and the people you share your light with. There is a shift that is happening now and a story that will unfold and culminate in September. This time could be very energizing and confusing all at once. Focusing on a few important projects instead of spreading your sight in all directions will help you stay on course.


Don’t forget the momentum that you’ve felt around the Virgo Full Moon of February 22nd. Hold on to the vision of future victories in your mind’s eye. You will need a distant light house to get you through the waters of March. You might momentarily forget your crystal clear intentions as ghosts from you past resurfaces to test the dedication you have in moving forward. The Sun will find its heat again in the fires of Aries on the 20th of March. Until then, you are walking on the old battlefield. Mingle with the spirits who resides here. Get to know who, or what, they are so that you can release them. The more you resist the encounters, the more they will have a hold on you. You might as well get it over with. Old heart breaks, failures and self-defeating habits will try to get a hold of you. Acknowledge them for what they are and then let them go. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th and 9th is a perfect time to set your intentions around releasing. Bury the dead and realign the helm of your ship. Be aware of any lingering delusions around dead-end scenarios. But this month is not all about your ghost stories. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd highlights your partnerships and a possible culmination of a recent team effort. You will find a second wind for your work and projects as the Aries season officially begins.


Your talents have gotten you a lot of praise recently and it’s not over. Expect a month filled with inspiring connections and inspiring people. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th and 9th is a good time to set intentions around sharing your bliss and what you love doing. It could also be about bringing more inspirational people in your life so that you can exchange knowledge and ideas. Collaborating on something bigger could prove to be a lot of fun. Step outside of your immediate concern to participate in a collective experience. In other words go out! A movie, a play or a concert could give you the prefect dose of soul-soothing medicine. Taureans usually like to have their boundaries delineated but you will have to put your walls down a bit this month. If you don’t do it voluntarily, it will happen anyway and it could be the type of boundary crossing that makes you feel invaded. There could be issues around a collective space that you have to share with others and a need to re-evaluate the situation. Communications should be handled delicately all month. Some people could be extra sensitive or on the defensive. Pay attention to what surfaces in your conversation and adjust your message in accordance. Earth signs like you can be anchors for the more emotionally fragile folks. Practice staying grounded and receptive. Flexibility will be your best ally all month.


If I had a magical formula that would help you resolve the conflicting dualities you are experiencing, I would give it to you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and you have to find your own answers. Perhaps it is also that deep down you love contradictions because they keep you on your toes? Either way you have done your fair share of weight lifting in the recent months and I am wondering if you noticed your muscles getting bigger? With all the questions you have asked yourself, you should really start to know exactly what it is that you want. You are also very aware of what is lacking or what you can’t have at the moment and that might be why it’s challenging. Instead of focusing on the missing elements, maybe this month you can take stock of your blessings? The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8 and 9th is connecting you to your career or your social/public standing. You can bring significant changes that will have long-lasting effects but you have to discriminate between your fantasies and what is possible. Cultivating awareness of your inherent dualities and the narrative you tell yourself will help sort out your priorities. The greatest opportunities are found in adversity. Focus on your talents and all the tools that you have in your arsenal. Reality is stranger than fiction and you will be amazed at what you can set in motion with a little elbow grease.


The month begins with the distant calls of sirens, luring you towards nebulous territories. Since you are a natural dreamer with a rich fantasy life, this might not seem out of the ordinary. I would still take advantage of the first half of the month to renew with your love of dreaming. Connect with your muse. Let her guide you to the hidden treasures that your imagination holds. I would suggest that you keep a pen and paper handy so that you can write down the incoming waves of inspiration. Exploring uncharted territory will not suffice. You will need to translate your experiences. And that might be the difficult part. You might be tempted to bask in the glory of the indefinable emotions you experience and surrender to the immensities. However you will need to retrieve the treasures you find and bring them back. Connect to what you know in your heart to be true and take the first step towards aligning with that truth. Even if it is just a baby step. Find the proper vehicle for your revelations. If you had to give a physical shape to your dreams, what shape would you give to them? What material do you have available to you right now that would help you? Work with what you have. Expect the pace of things to pick up around the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd. There may be a culmination of a recent project you’ve been working on. You could receive some praise for your contribution in your career. It looks like the end of the month will be very busy for you.


Recently, you have let all sorts of old insecurities take center stage in your mind. They crawled up, uninvited and made themselves comfortable, pretending that this is their rightful place. Your imagined downfalls, your flaws and fears have nagged you; starved for attention. What you might not have realised is that they are mere shadows and that your apparent loss of power is but a trick of the light. Don’t be fooled! You have already conquered them all. These ghosts are testing your resilience. They are not making you weaker, they are making you stronger by reminding you how far you have come. They are directly connecting you to your power and helping you surpass yourself. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8 and 9th is asking you to exorcise remnants of these old narratives you might still be telling yourself. Be very clear about who you are and what you are made of. Let them know that there is no space in your life for anything but solid goodness. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd brings the completion of a process that started about 2 years ago. You can close that chapter and expect a new one to begin soon. Be flexible about what is possible. This month, you are crossing a bridge and it’s up to you to visualise what is on the other side. Be ready to move forward with your head high and an open heart. Be ready to reclaim your rightful place.


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th and 9th is connecting you to your partnerships, what you are getting from them and what you wish you were getting from them. Discriminate between realistic expectations and fantasy. Are your expectations too high and are you constantly disappointed by what others deliver? Or is it that you expect too little and you undervalue yourself and your needs? It could also be a little bit of both. Plant your seeds. What is your vision of a healthy relationship? The give and take dynamic between 2 people doesn’t mean sacrificing your integrity. There is a certain amount of pressure right now to get to know your own needs. There is an emphasis on bringing health and vitality to you first. You are learning to delineate your boundaries and are experimenting between give and take. You need to find the perfect dosage and write down your recipe. This process might take some time but you already have a pretty good idea of the ingredients you need. One of the essential ingredients of course is: communication. We cannot expect others to telepathically anticipate our needs. We have to be able to articulate them. Often that is the tricky part. Misunderstanding happens when we tell a story in our heads and then assume that the other person heard us. We even react to others with the assumption that they know exactly where we are coming from. Good relationships don’t get built on assumption. Observe your interaction with others and see how your messages are received; I bet you this experiment will be a very enlightening.


The New Moon/Solar eclipse on the 8 and 9th is a great opportunity to bring back some well needed attention to your physical and mental well-being. You don’t need to go completely overboard with this. In fact, just a small barely noticeable adjustment to your routine could bring huge results down the road. One of my good friend was recently telling me about the concept of Kaizen which is the japanese word for ”improvement” or “change for better”. One of the most notable features of kaizen is that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time.(1) The emphasis is on the process and not the result. If you had to make one small adjustment to your routine to feel more vibrant, what would it be? What small step would you be willing to take to bring more vitality and health to your body? It could be as simple as taking 5 minutes a day to focus on your breath. Making ambitious resolutions is very noble but it can also be discouraging when life gets in the way. The beauty of Kaizen is that power lies in the minor adjustments. Since it doesn’t disturb your daily flow, the changes are barely noticeable. Overtime those small changes become more and more noticeable. In other news, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd is in Libra. It could signal the culmination of a relationship or a process that started about 2 years ago. A New chapter is about to begin.


Until the end of June one of your primary focuses will be on gathering the resources you need for your master plan. If you don’t have a master plan (which would be really surprising because you’re a Scorpio) I would suggest you formulate one. Dream big but remain fully aware of the work and the assets you will need to realise your goals. Keep in mind that you will likely need to step outside of your comfort zone to get there. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8 and 9th could be carrying with her old memories. You might have to take resolutions about something from your past that keep showing up but that belong to another time in your life. There will be ample opportunities this month to heal old standing issues. But don’t get stuck in the hurt trying to cover it up with a stoic demeanor. Find the medicine or in some case: poison that you need and take it. The important part is that you move through the month with a complete awareness of why you do what you do. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd will bring with her some form of completion and the work you have done in the last 2 years to uncover the ways in which you undermine your success will start paying off. You are aware of your darkness and more willing than ever to coexisted with your shadow. You can finally close an old chapter that has dragged on too long and focus on your master plan.


It looks like you might have the drive and the steam to work hard this month. You are about to receive a triple dose of will-power to fire up your engines and whatever you are working on will benefit from this dose of vitality. You might feel like re-inventing the wheel but I would guard you against such a foolish enterprise. Be mindful of where you decide to invest your energy because it might come back to bite you later. Discriminating and prioritising are your new best friends. It’s not that you can’t do it all. But be aware that what begins now will take longer to complete than you think. Discriminate between what is possible and perhaps what needs to stay in the realm of fantasies for now. Knowing where you want to invest your time and energy will keep you from draining your batteries and will help you have the staying powers in whatever project you are working on. You might feel enthusiastic about many ideas but prioritising is essential if you don’t want to get overwhelmed by responsibilities down the road. Save yourself the headache and differentiate between the people who are worth collaborating with and the ones who may not be reliable. This might not sound like much fun but actually this is a period in your life when you can get a lot done and reach new grounds. You have the discipline, the guts and the stamina. That is why it is even more important to be wise about where you invest your time and energy.


With Spring on the way, the urge for renewal is increasing for all us. The trees are ready to release their sweet waters and it is the contrast of cold nights and warm days that trigger the flowing of the sap. Birch sap is commonly used here in the North for it’s diuretic and purifying properties. The sap taste like water but it contains vitamins, proteins, amino acids, sugars and enzymes. It helps the body detoxify toxins accumulated during the winter months, also eliminating toxins that only the liver can process. The reason I am telling you about the birch is because I think you could learn a lot from this tree right now. You have an abundance of sweet juices accumulated that are ready to be released into the wild/world. If you wait any longer these sweet juices might start fermenting into an intoxicating brew. Now would be prime time to nourish others with your unique properties. I was also thinking that you could probably use a dose of your own medicine at the same time. Before the end of the month, I would suggest you clarify, detoxify and purify your internal and external space. The medicine or ingredient you need to do that is within you. You hold the key to your sense of ease and it has to do with releasing, letting go, surrendering to the natural movement/flow that wants to happen.


You might be blissfully unaware of what is happening around you right now. We could say that you are focus on the task at hand, dealing with the daily grind and doing what needs to be done. It’s not that nothing is happening in your life but I have a feeling that you are one of the most equipped to deal with a crisis at the moment. The world could crumble around you, I think you would still keep all of your faculties. Your ability to deal with stressful situations was seriously tested in the last few years but now, nothing can surprise you. Your peace comes with a deep understanding that you cannot control everything, and you are fine with that. You know where you stand but it might be the people around you who create some drama this month. Be ready to deal with external fluctuations and temperature changes from scorching heat to freezing cold. I don’t mean this literary of course, but some of the situations that arise this month are not definitive. Use your own discretion on how you want to deal with them but keep an objective stance if you can. Things are not completely as they seem, there will be changes made down the road so there is no need to jump to conclusion. Be careful about quick fix solutions or something/someone who seems to good to be true: it/they probably is/are. The end of the month brings a flurry of activity, communications and responsibilities. Projects that begins now might take a lot more time than you think. Keep that in mind before you sign up for anything.

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Elodie Miaow blogs at 9thHouseAstrology.com

Horoscopes copyright Elodie Miaow, republished with permission.

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Professional astrologer Elodie Miaow with her copy of Hexagon #2
Professional astrologer Elodie Miaow with her copy of Hexagon #2

Mecca Woods on the Astrology of Hip Hop Duo Salt N’ Pepa

Professional astrologer and hip hop aficionado Mecca Woods of MyLifeCreated.com joined me to discuss her article on the astrological connections between the all-star hip hop duo Salt-N-Pepa:

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When are you going to do my Sun/Moon combo?

(Photo Credit: CastleSki/Shutterstock)

For people who’ve asked “when are you going to do such and such combo?”, these have all been outlined and are in the pipeline:

Aries Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Top Flight and the Upper Deck, the Major Leaguer and the Merchant Wildcatter”
Examples: The film Major League, whose plot-line has a number of similarities to the backstory of the Upper Deck company, makers of premium baseball cards. Matt Simmons, an oilman turned environmentalist. The Empire State Building.

Aries Sun, Cancer Moon: “The Athena Project” aka “The Alpha Female”
Examples: book The Athena Project about the U.S. Army’s attempt to develop an all female “Delta Force”, Planned Parenthood organization.

Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon: “The Repeat Offender”
Examples TBD

Aries Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Stargate and the Psy-War”
Examples: Russel Targ, director of the CIA’s “Project Stargate” program of psychic spying. The Xerox corporation, inventors of photocopy machine.

Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon: “The Baker, the Butcher, and the THC Candlestick Maker”
Examples: Willie Nelson

Taurus Sun, Libra Moon: “The Bon Vivant and the Restaurateur”
Examples: Cedric the Entertainer

Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon: “The Wild Ginseng Rustler”
Examples TBD

Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon: “The High Class Heiress and the Local Land Baron, the Art Gallery Owner and the Public Works Administrator”
Andre the Giant, Brooke Hogan, James Monroe (former president), Sophia Amaruso (founder of “Nasty Gal”)

Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon: “The Empire Strikes Back”
Harry Truman, Hosni Mubarak, and Mark Zuckerburg

Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Opera Singer”
Coretta Scott King and Shaun T of “Insanity Fitness”

Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Bra Shop Broad and the Special Delivery Man” aka the “Side Hustle”
The Victoria’s Secret company and Fed-Ex

Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon: “The Rapper, the Reporter, and the Rhyme Writer”
Astrologer Grant Lewi and rapper-reporter Ice Cube; writer Adam Gilad

Gemini Sun, Leo Moon: “The Spin Docta'”
Ketchum, a major D.C. public relations firm

Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon: “The Wordsmith”
Art Bell and the Notorious B.I.G., Mishka the talking Huskie (YouTube Star)

Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon: “The Battle Rapper”
Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring and Lady-of-Rage (1990s rapper

Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon: “Doc Disco-Techque and the Hi-Fi Hornet’s Nest”
The Defcon computer hackers conference, Lockhead Martin’s “Skunkworks” division, Alonzo Williams (founder of the electro-funk group the World Class Wrecking Cru),

Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Strobe Light” aka “Dude, Where’s Our Satellite?”
Prince, the Hexagon satellite, the Pentagon’s “Gay Bomb”

Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Home Town Creamery and the Backyard Butter Churn”
Examples TBD

Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon: The Matriarch and the Mother-Ship (also, “the Mafia Family”)
Examples TBD

Leo Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Cigar Aficionado and the Boot Knocka-In-Chief”
Bill Clinton and Sir Mix-a-Lot

Leo Sun, Gemini Moon: “The Internet Marketing Muskateer and the Social Media Superstar and the Salesman-in-Chief of Crown Royal”
Barack Obama and Amelia Eahart

Leo Sun, Leo Moon: “The Reality TV Star”
Examples TBD

Leo Sun, Virgo Moon: “The Hollywood Homeopath and the Hip Hop Herbalist”
Examples TBD

Leo Sun, Libra Moon: “The Salsa Dancer and the Stylist, the Broadway Set and the Silk Stocking CEO”
Deon Sanders aka “Neon Deon” and Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour clothing company

Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon: “The Uber-Cougar”
Kim Cattrall and Gillian Anderson, Miesha Tate (MMA star)

Leo Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Magic City”
The city of Miami

Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Curator and the Craftsperson”
Examples TBD

Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon: “The Kitchen Witch”
Examples TBD

Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon: “The Emoticon”
Examples TBD

Libra Sun, Aries Moon: “The Honeymooner”
The tv show The Honeymooners

Libra Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Earth Priestess”
NASA, Biosphere 2 project

Libra Sun, Gemini Moon: “The Correspondent Au Courant”
Examples TBD

Libra Sun, Leo Moon: “The Politician and the Performer, the Prime Minister and the Five-Percenter”
Examples: Ghandi, the film In Time, Rich Piana (fitness star), Laurie Penny (activist)

Libra Sun, Libra Moon: “The Metrosexual”
The website IAmAlphaM.com

Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon: “The Lawyer, the Client, and the Player-President” aka “The Lexus Dealership”
Examples TBD

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon: “The Jazz Orchestra and the Space Symphony”
Examples: John Lennon and Don Cornelius, the “Majestic 12” document

Libra Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Occultess with the Mostess”
Examples TBD

Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Super-Cruiser and the Luxury Liner”
Examples TBD

Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon: “The Preacher, the Prophet, and the House Party”
Examples TBD

Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Moon: “The Baddest Bitch”
Examples: Miss Trina (rapper) and Judi Dench (actress)

Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: “The Time Traveler”
Examples: The show Dr. Who, Keith Alexander (NSA director), Phillip K. Dick

Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon: “The Management Magnate and the Business Administrator, the Cash Money Millionaire and the Billionaire Boyz Club”
Examples: The Pentagon, Master P (rap impresario), the new series Billions

Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon: “The Weight Pusher and the Knot-Maker” aka “the Department Chair of the Double Entendre”
Examples: Bitcoin and John Delorean, the Brown Brothers, Harriman corporation

Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon: “The Adjustment Bureau” aka “Ma’am, I *am* the Supervisor”
Examples TBD

Capricorn Sun, Libra Moon: “The Judge, the Advocate, and the General”
Examples TBD

Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon: “The Office Linebacker”
Reebok’s “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker” series of commercials, the “Business Cat” internet meme

Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon: “The Old School Rebel and the New Age Outlaw”
Harriet Tubman and Oprah Winfrey

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon: “The New World Order”
Examples: Facebook and Ceiling Cat (internet meme), also “High Fidelity” a new virtual reality world

Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon: “Operation Morning-Star”
The Ivanpah solar installation

Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Cyber Seance and the Smart Phone Smoke Signal”
Commander Data from Star Trek and inventor Ray Kurzweil

Pisces Sun, Aries Moon: “The Cult Leader”
Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins

Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon: “The Hypnotherapist”
Dr. Lloyd Glauberman who invented “Hypno-Peripheral Processing”

Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon: “The Rum Runner and the Mirage Machine”
Donald Joel Aronow who invented the cigarette speed boats favored by drug dealers and made popular in shows like Miami Vice

If your combo isn’t listed it’s most likely because I’ve already done it so check out the Sun/Moon profiles page.

Hexagon #2 now available:

Hexagon #1 and Hexagon #2
Hexagon #1 and Hexagon #2

Fabulous February 2016 Horoscopes from Elodie Miaow

(Photo Credit: Denis Belitsky/Shutterstock)

Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant to be a broad insight into certain time signatures. If you want a more detailed forecast, you can book a reading with me at 9thhouseastrology.com. It will be my pleasure to help you unlock and prepare for any upcoming opportunities or challenges. The rising sign is essential in understanding our personal dispositions, please read your Sun sign and Rising sign for extra clarity. Happy explorations! -Elodie


Some interesting developments are happening in your career or how you are seen in the world. You now have a pretty clear idea of who is on your side, and who will help you further yourself and your work. The New Moon on the 8th of February connects you to your friends and the groups you mingle with. Doors are opening if you are willing to intertwined your fate with the folks who think like you. You have the skills and the avant-garde visions; you might be asked to take part in a group collective and teach what you know. There is also the possibility of a conflict between your ambitions and your personal life, as the responsibilities start piling up. There could be issues or fears around money and how you make it. That which ties you to others loom large this month; you might also have to face issues of shared resources or finances. In the second half of February, there is an opportunity to find inspiration and renewal through solitude or meditation. The Full Moon on February 22nd illuminates any dependency or addictions you might be struggling with; your focus turns toward healing any long-standing issues. Make your body a priority. Detoxify and rid yourself of any self-defeating behaviour that keep you from feeling whole. Jupiter has your back.


Your beliefs have been under incredible transformation. You have been slowly getting rid of assumptions, political views or teachings, that you’ve held on to, as you realise they are not serving you anymore. All of these considerations are giving you fresh perspectives and new philosophies to contemplate; it’s also allowing you to see new possible ways you could put them to good use. We could call this process: ”the creative reform”. The repercussions of your creative reform will be mirrored in all facets of your life. You will start seeing new roads toward places you can’t even begin to imagine. Taureans are known for being stubborn and single-minded, but it couldn’t be further from the truth at the moment. An iconoclast is hiding within you and is starting to make itself known. We are still in the early stages – you might have to stick to conventions for now. The New Moon on February 8th is asking you to integrate your recent ideas and visions to your career and to a larger extent your community. This looks like an excellent month to think about furthering yourself in your chosen path. You might feel like you can take on all the work by yourself, but by the end of the month, you will realise the important role people around you play in your success. Give thanks and acknowledge the support you’ve received in implementing your ideas. The Full Moon on February 22nd will illuminate the way you handle stress and the impact on your body. You might be curious about alternative or innovative trends in the holistic world. It could also be that you feel a need to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. Listen to what comes up.


Your obligations and responsibilities towards others is still being felt heavily this month. However, your ruler Mercury, now direct after being retrograde for most of January, allows you to look towards the future. You should really start feeling the ease flowing back into your life mid-month. Your gaze is on the distant horizon and possible new ventures. You could feel a need to break from the beaten path. Your career also needs to be addressed; you might be giving a lot more than what you are getting in return. At this point, you should ask yourself if it’s worth the sacrifices. There could be some stress around money, other people’s assets, and taxes. Make sure to give yourself ample space to decompress at home and consciously release stress and tension. The New Moon, on February the 8th connects you to higher learning, dreams, journeys or distant travels. It is a good time to set in motions long-term ventures that will help you broaden your horizon. Explore new ideas and concepts. You might also be asked to share what you know with a group of people; this could take place over the internet. By the end of the month, you should have a clear idea of where to invest your energy in the coming months. You will also have a clearer sense of where you need to make yourself and your well-being a priority.


The contracts, agreements and the work attached to obligations are strongly highlighted this month. Your wishes have been granted and you now have to deliver the goods. Lucky for you, your creative reservoir is bursting at the seams. Some folks might wonder how you do it, but you wont give your secrets away. One thing is certain: you have many tricks up your sleeve that are helping you succeed where so many failed. You could also give thanks to Mars in Scorpio, who is in partly responsible for fueling your engine at the moment. You are walking on a sharp edge that is directly connected to your career. You are also getting a lot of inspiration from the small details of everyday life: rejoice! You don’t get the creative juices flowing by indulging in front of the tv like a beached whale. You get it by rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty; and that is exactly what you have been doing. You could say that the wisdom you have acquired in the bottom of your own darker corners is finally being integrated in healthy ways. If you don’t harness all the stamina in your creative pursuit, you could find your sex drive increased or, at worst you might become edgy and argumentative. If possible, defuse the tension in your personal relationships. Acknowledge your needs and the needs of your partner; and notice that it all originates from the same flame. You are too busy to be fussing over trivial details anyway.


The New Moon on February the 8th is in your house of partnership. It serves as a kind of reset button. Set your intentions around your relationships and what you expect from them. Let yourself be seen by others and reach out. Unexpected but fated encounters are very likely this month if you step out of your comfort zone. I realize that this might be easier said then done. How can you go about impleting new ways of doing things when you are so busy with the daily grind? Well, it starts with staying open to new encounters: people who could bring a lot of creative freshness, the ones we sometime label weirdos – artist, rebels, inventors or mad-scientist types. The current tensions you are feeling are mainly connected to the struggle between your need for unrestrained explorations and the obligations that are weighing you down. In other words, the battle between two very dissonant urges. By teaming up with others, you will be able to find some novel ideas and new perspectives. The Full Moon on the 22nd of February is in your house of material resources. It could clarify the things that are available to you, and how you can put them to good use. You will understand the sort of initiatives needed on your part to get where you want to be. Get in touch with your core motivations. What is driving you? What do you need? Exorcise your impatience by getting to the roots of your ambitions. Get feedback from others on your role and responsibilities. Then you can choose which road you want to take with a clearer sense of direction.


The darkness that has emerged in the last few months should be seen as a creative process. To touch others, one must have the necessary depth and the wisdom. That is, to some extent, the process you have gone through. By digging deep into your core, you have retrieved some pretty powerful stuff; and this process is not over. The romance or playfulness you are craving might not be forthcoming, but you are at the moment, one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. Everyone has had to work hard to exorcise their demons, some more than others. With Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in your sign until September, you can definitely count on some positive development in the near future. Here is the thing: Jupiter is currently moving backward through your sign until the second week of May as part of its retrograde cycle. You might not feel the blessings of the great benefactor quite yet, but he is working his magic backstage, and you are too. In astrology, it is widely understood that easy aspects or planets that are deemed beneficial are not always positive. Why is that? Because when things are easy, we usually take it for granted. You have until May, to train in becoming a grateful recipient of all the positive things that are happening, or that will happen to you. Part of your homework for the next few months is to learn to see and use opportunities that might not seem like opportunities, to your advantage. Develop an optimistic gaze; see the good in others; spot the silver lining; become a faithful devotee of chance; trust the outcome. Don’t take the gifts you receive for granted. The Full Moon on February 22nd is in Virgo. Expect some clarity around partnership.


Libra, you have hosted some interesting guests into your very private quarters in the past month or so. Their visit has prompt you to clean up all of your blind spots—the ones you can’t see everyday, where dust builds up. Some of the clutter has been family mementos you are holding on to for no reason except a sense of burdensome responsibility. This process felt scary at first but quickly turned into a catharsis. And now you can feel the spaciousness and ease that is slowly permeating through all the aspects of your life. All you had to do was be willing to shine the light in the attic for a moment to see the “monsters” for what they really are: a pile of old insecure rubbish that you have outgrown. There might still be some boxes in your basement that needs sorting, but at least you are aware of it. They say ignorance is bliss but, in your case, knowledge is power. The New Moon on the 8th is a push that can help you innovate in a project you are working on. Be alert for ingenious ideas that seem to pop out of nowhere. Listen to the iconoclast in you, the one who doesn’t want to do things like everyone else. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 22nd will prompt you to find solitude and tranquility. Retire from the world for a moment, maybe finish cleaning up your basement.


The first 2 weeks of February continue to be about clarifying your message. The way others receive what you have to say, the methods you use to communicate and the meaning behind what you are trying to convey was a big part of January. Studying the way others have communicated in the past might help inspire you to reform the way you use language and words. With Mars transiting in your sign for a good part of the year, you could appear a lot more pushy or combative than you really are. You don’t want to start an argument, you just know what you know—you know what you want and you want it now. The New Moon on February 8th prompts you to deal with family matters or your home front, and the material resources available to you. You are craving independence and self-sufficiency: set you intentions and get to work. Expect a tidal wave of inspiration to flow in around mid-month and make sure you capitalize on it. Deal with any fears associated with your powerful creative urges. Find allies that will help you further yourself and your creative projects. You have so many resources available to you at the moment; you just need to be willing to put in the extra hours.


The material resources available to you at the moment seem to be in a state of flux. Your income or the way you make money had to be reviewed or reformed in the last few months. You are now starting to feel the repercussions of these changes. It looks like you have a lot of work on your plate, and a lot of inspiration to get down to business. The New Moon on February 8th is a reset button in regards to the way you communicate. You are now in a place where you could teach what you know, if you don’t already. Another big theme coming up for you is connected to your sense of authority. Have you ever considered passing on your knowledge or mentoring? I think you know enough in your field of expertise to consider the option of taking students or apprentices or to work on your current projects. The Full Moon of February 22nd will highlight a sort of dichotomy between your place in the world and your inner sanctuary. Confusion on the home front is very possible in the second half of the month and you could find solace if you step outside, walk around, and talk to people in your neighbourhood. In the last week of February, there is an opportunity to clarify an issue or misunderstanding around boundaries and personal space. You should feel confident enough to bring up the conversation and find a solution.


As you go about your business this month Capricorn, I want you to contemplate this famous quote from the Greek philosopher Plato: ”The measure of a man is what he does with power.” Such a simple statement but in reality, very hard to put into practice, especially when we are asked to step up in a leadership role. Of course most Capricorn will say it is their natural birth right since they are after all one of the most competent sign of the zodiac. The problem arises when other people start relinquishing their own authority and look to you for answers. What do you do with the heavy responsibilities that are handed down to you by others? How do you handle problems that are not your own? Now would be a good time to reflect on your place in the world and how you go about using your powers. Venus in Capricorn until mid-month will give you a good balance between social grace and getting what you want. The New Moon on February 8th is a fantastic reset in regards to finances. Find new ways of generating revenue, and look for the trend setters that could help you innovate. You have a lot of resources available to you at the moment, capitalize on what you have. The Full Moon on February 22nd highlights your learning journey; take stock and adjust your sails.


Aquarius remains the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. It is not that you are inaccessible; in fact, you are very much a social creature, but your mind dwells where not many people dare to venture. You are not bound by time in a mundane sense; but time is the thread that leads you to perceive future realities. Your gaze is set on the multiple possibilities that would allow you to reform our social mores and align them with your vision of the future. In a sense, time allows you to experience the future. Society needs people like you to move us forward and help us break free from the stale structures. It is so easy for you to see solutions for the problems that plague modern society that you wonder sometimes why people are still so archaic. The good news is that this is your time of the year. The New Moon on February 8th is in your sign and it is in some ways a new start for you. Forget about the projects that didn’t reach what you had envisioned. The future is now. Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, will be in Sagittarius until December 2017. This is your cue to reform some of your beliefs and philosophies. If you are still holding on to dated misconceptions about what you want, what you are or what you want to be, now is a great time to let them go. You are ripe for a new vision.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

My father is a Pisces and a guitar maker or luthier. Growing up I spent many hours in his shop looking around at all the exotic woods and little drawers filled with pieces of bones, shells, tagua nuts and ornamented guitar keys that would later become part of an instrument. He probably kept a watchful eye on me, but I felt like I had free reign to play around and explore. He would let me use his band saw to cut pieces of wood that I would turn into jewelry, giving me tips but also letting me make mistakes. Sometimes he would give me a small job, but it never felt like it an obligation. To this day, there is always an “aprentice” in his orbit and through the years many young artist have adopted him as a sort of “spiritual father”. As a Pisces, you hold a key to the mysteries of life that make others want to be close to you. You naturally take people under your wing without questioning their intentions which in turn makes them feel accepted. Your deep understanding of pain and struggle allows you to have compassion for everyone and this is a true blessing. Make sure you do the same for yourself as you come to the end of the yearly cycle and are about to celebrate another trip around the Sun. Have patience with yourself and for your perceived flaws and imperfections. Acknowledge your wounds and give yourself the compassion and acceptance you would give someone else.

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Professional astrologer Elodie Miaow with her copy of Hexagon #2
Professional astrologer Elodie Miaow with her copy of Hexagon #2

Cancer Sun, Libra Moon: The Family Melody (Astrological film review of “Straight Outta Compton”)

Editor’s Note: this article appears in the Winter 2016 print edition of Hexagon. -Matt

(Photo Credit: Jamie Trueblood/Universal Pictures)

Using its first public screening (July 21st, 2015 @ 7:30 pm in Philadelphia) as its date of birth, the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton has its Sun (identity) in Cancer (sign of family) and Moon (needs) in Libra (sign of melodies, justice). The film documents the rise and fall of an ad-hoc family (Cancer) of rappers best remembered for justice minded melodies (Libra) so controversial they drew the ire of everybody from the FBI and Focus on the Family to Oprah Winfrey and Tipper Gore. It’s one of the most anticipated musical biopics in history and, as coincidence would have it, astrologer Linda Goodman describes the biographical arc of the Cancer/Libra pairing in distinctly musical terms. In her 1978 book Love Signs she writes:

. . . for a while this can be a melodious scene. Libra adores laughter and the humor of Cancer becomes a rhythmical lyric to the mellow music of Libra’s Venus essence, smooth and restful at times, yet also containing crashing chords and sour notes, punctuated by a kind of rocky roll. It’s pure entertainment, and fortunate indeed are the innocent bystanders brightened by the musical duets of this combo while they’re getting along. The innocent bystanders should enjoy it while it lasts.

True to Ms. Goodman’s description of the Cancer/Libra pairing, Straight Outta Compton’s most enjoyable scenes are those depicting the group’s melodiously ribald musical performances. Those performances, all of which take place during the first half of the film, combine the smoothly restful, rhythmically mellow proto-G-funk style of Andre “Dr. Dre” Young’s producing abilities with the crashing intensity of O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson’s lyrical genius, all punctuated by the menacing irreverence of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright’s high pitched, rock-n-roll street drawl. The result is pure entertainment. In contrast, the second half of the film focuses on what happens when the musical duets stop and disputes over money begin. By the end of the film, those disputes have left a trail of innocent bystanders in their wake: wives and girlfriends, business partners, even Eazy-E himself.

In his book Moon Phases, astrologer Raven Kaldera describes the combination of Cancer Sun with Libra Moon as “The Black Knight” for whom:

Idealism has turned to anger . . . hopes have been betrayed by the cruelty of unjust people. Anger explodes and the Black Knight takes justice into his own hands. He knows that he is not working for the Man, as it were. He is aware that he is outside the law but considers the law corrupt . . .

As per Kaldera’s description of the Cancer/Libra pairing, the subjects of Straight Outta Compton are entirely “aware they are outside the law but consider the law corrupt.” Their anger at injustice meted out by the deeply corrupted LAPD explodes into music too powerful to be ignored. “They have the authority to kill a minority”, lyricist-in-chief Ice Cube hollers in “Fuck Tha’ Police,” the group’s 1988 protest anthem as relevant to the Obama years as it was to the Reagan era.

As far as fashion goes, the group favors the all black attire of the L.A. Raiders (knights) professional football team. None of the young men own any horses like the knights of old but their leader Eazy-E is known for cruising around town in a 1964 model Chevy Impala, a high performance vehicle that is to rap musicians of his era what destrier charging horses were to knights of medieval times. He even records a hit song about it, the film’s depiction of which is both wryly humorous and deeply humanizing.

The members of N.W.A. may not be Kaldera’s “Black Knights” in the literal sense of the word but the film does depict them as low-rider driving anti-heroes who speak out about police brutality at a time when public discussion of such matters was kept under the tight control of corporate media. The film even engages in a bit of family (Cancer) lawyering (Libra). In one scene, Ice Cube responds to a reporter’s criticism of the group’s lyrics by citing the Constitution, “Freedom of speech includes rap music. We’re exercising our first amendment rights as far as I’m concerned.” He and Eazy-E then explain that the parties alleged to be responsible for gang warfare and the crack epidemic may not be the ultimate culprits they’re made out to be. “The cocaine comes from Columbia, the AKs [assault rifles] come from Russia. But none of us have a passport. So you might want to check the source,” they adroitly observe.

In their book Sun Sign Moon Sign, Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us that an “image for integration” for the Cancer/Libra pairing is, “Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy tale creatures.” Strange as it may sound, that’s actually an excellent metaphorical approximation of Straight Outta Compton. The film’s operative scene takes place inside a rented recording studio where Eazy-E recites the lyrics to “Boyz-N-The-Hood,” a bass-heavy, urban folk-poem that would become legendary for its unflinching depiction of life on the streets of Los Angeles at the height of the drug war. Eazy-E isn’t “Mother Goose” per se but the film does portray him as an ambitious, business-minded midwife to a group of artists whose life stories have since taken on such mythological levels of significance that the film is now the number one grossing musical biopic of all time.

While both critically acclaimed and commercially successful, Straight Outta Compton is not without serious shortcomings. Astrologically, it’s a good example of the Cancer/Libra tendency to deny or ignore uncomfortable issues out of existence even as it confronts others. Most notably, N.W.A.’s rampant misogyny and homophobia are left unquestioned while Dr. Dre’s vicious beating of music journalist Dee Barnes is left unmentioned. The contributions of all-star girl group J.J. Fad are conveniently written out of the film even though it was money and acclaim from their hit song “SuperSonic” that established the group’s label as a legitimate player within the music world. With a few brief exceptions, women are depicted as little more than bitches, hoes, and “house-whores.” This is a systemic and not-insignificant blight on what, at times, is one of the more emotionally moving (Cancer), justice minded (Libra) films in recent memory.

Saturn in Scorpio: Planet of Challenges in the Sign of Sex and Death

Straight Outta Compton’s Sun (identity) at 28 degrees Cancer (sign of family) receives a supportive contact from Saturn (planet of structures) at 28 degrees Scorpio (sign of underworlds). From beginning to end, the film is structured (Saturn) around a series underworlds (Scorpio). It starts in the underworld of a South Central Los Angeles dope house where we see a drug deal between friends go from bad to worse to even worse. It ends in another underworld, the AIDS ward of Cedar Sinai Medical Center. In between, it’s structured around the psychological underworlds of backroom business deals and joint financial transactions. Early in the film, a closed door agreement between Eazy-E and N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller is depicted as financially shortchanging other members of the group. Later, the strong arm tactics utilized by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight in procuring the services of Dr. Dre prompt Eazy-E to consider having Knight assassinated, a course of action Heller dissuades him from pursuing.

In his book Myth Astrology, astrologer Raven Kaldera associates Saturn in Scorpio with the myth of Cerridwen, a Celtic goddess who assist others by regenerating slain corpses in her cauldron. Nobody depicted in Straight Outta Compton is able to regenerate corpses but we do see Dr. Dre persuade Eazy-E to invest money acquired from the corrosive dead end that is the crack trade into a cauldron of smoking hot musical acts that end up cracking the top of the charts. There’s no voodoo or magic in the film, but turning money accrued from an industry backed by bullets made of lead into records made of gold arguably qualifies as something akin to alchemy.

North Node in Libra: The Other Side to the Other Side of the Story

Straight Outta Compton was released as the transiting North Node (point of destiny) was in Libra, the sign responsible for providing the other side of the story. In many ways, the film accomplishes its North Node directive as there are numerous scenes in which we see police violence depicted from the other side of the boot or battering ram. It’s in these moments that the film operates as counter-programming to officially sanctioned narratives regarding the application and misapplication of justice (Libra) in our culture.

At the same time, even compelling counter-narratives often require additional counter-narratives if justice is to be truly served (Libra North Node). In regards to the counter-narrative offered by Straight Outta Compton, most reviewers have chosen to look the other way when it comes to the group’s appalling dehumanization of women and the film’s near total erasure of them. However, a few voices have come forward with counter-narratives to the counter-narrative. For instance, in an interview published by the Huffington Post, Sikivu Hutchinson reminds us that “N.W.A. was instrumental to the normalization of terroristic, misogynistic violence against black women and girls.” Writing in the Washington Post, journalist Jamilah Lemieux acknowledges the film’s cinematic brilliance but explains that the current mobilization against police violence is “far less driven by rap and rappers than it is by black women.” Critics and fans who celebrate the group’s anti-authoritarian valor but fail to question the injustice of music that treats black women as disposable commodities are thus “missing the other half of the story”, she points out.

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