Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon: The C.I.A. and the O.G.D. (“The Cash Investment Agency and the Original Girl Detective”)

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Taurus is the sign of resource accumulation. It’s symbolized by the bovine, a symbol of wealth dating back tens of thousands of years. In the old days Taureans were often found in hands-on professions that made use of the Earth itself. The “baker, the butcher, and the candlestick maker” were likely all Taureans. In the modern day, Taurus is the sign of the asset appraiser, the real estate tycoon, the luxury car dealer, the investment broker, the mutual fund administrator, the wine collector, and the cigar aficionado. To illustrate: rapper Busta’ Rhymes is a Taurus who famously penned “Pass the Courvoisier”, an impassioned ode to the top shelf cognac that is this sign’s drink of choice according to Rob Marriott and Sonya Magett. (Source)

Not all Taureans are necessarily wealthy like Mr. Rhymes but most will have a tangible appreciation for the finer things in life. Even “baller on a budget” Taureans are likely to experience dinner at the Four Seasons or a trip to the Bentley dealership as something akin to a religious pilgrimage.

Taureans of the vegan or yogini persuasions may eschew overtly opulent creature comforts for ones that are sustainably correct but still quite luxurious. The more bohemian versions of this sign will pass on the Courvoisier in favor of designer Kombucha while trading in reservations at the Four Seasons for organic meals from the Whole Foods corporation. Actress turned New Age icon Shirley Maclaine is a good example of this type of Taurus. I don’t know if she owns any luxury cars but she does claim to have encountered UFOs–high end, intergalatic forms of transport that are to the Age of Aquarius what Bentley Continentals are to the age of the automobile.

When a person, organization, or agency has both their Sun (conscious identity) and Moon (emotional needs) in this sign they will be doubly oriented to all things Taurus: high priced art and high end clothing, fine wine and gourmet food, luxury cars and lavish jewelry, bank vaults and gold bullion, dead presidents and dolla’ dolla’ bills. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson says this pairing “has an instinctive feel for money and management and does well in business, banking, and economics”. (Source) According to astrologer Jason Fleming’s article “Zodiac Mixtapes”, theme songs for this pairing include “Drop a Gem on Them” by Mobb Deep and “Paid in Full” by Eric B and Rakim. (Source) Singer Kelly Clarkson is a Taurus/Taurus whose dropped so many musical gems that she is now one of the most fully paid entertainers of her generation.

However, should this pairing turn to its dark side it goes from being good with money and a natural at management to being possessed by greed and obsessed with gettin’ paid. The 1991 rap song “Bitch Better Have My Money” by rapper AMG captures the shadow of the Taurus/Taurus combination in lucid, if ribald, fashion:

In addition to being oriented to resource accumulation, the Taurus/Taurus pairing will often find his or her way into covert operations and clandestine arrangements, which are generally considered the domain of Scorpio — the sign opposite to Taurus. This is because, according to Berkeley based astrologer Linda Rose, when a chart has both the Sun and Moon in the same sign the entity will often express as the opposite sign. I suspect this “kick-over” phenomenon observed by Ms. Rose is some type of psychological compensation mechanism similar to what happens in traditional Chinese medicine when one meridian is so overloaded with energy that the person hyper-expresses the characteristics of the opposite meridian. Regardless of the exact mechanism behind the phenomenon it does seem to track reality with a high degree of consistency. To illustrate: Wall Street financier Bernie Madoff is a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon whose obsession with “bitches having his money” (Taurus) led him deep into a series of shadowy underworlds (Scorpio). (Chart)

Just how shadowy (Scorpionic) were the circles Madoff was running in? According to investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, Madoff’s operation may have had some type of link to the Central Intelligence Agency, one of the most Scorpionic (secretive) outfits on the planet. (Source) A number of informed commentators in the business world have suspected Madoff was investing cash (Taurus) money (Taurus) on behalf of drug cartels — organizations which traffic in the Scorpionic trades of addictions and assassinations. (Source) Madoff wasn’t “the baker, the butcher, or the candlestick maker” but he was a banker, a broker, and may have been laundering money for the crack cocaine makers.

Obviously not all double Taureans will express their capacity for deep cover operations (Scorpio) in such a predatorial fashion. For instance, using its premier date at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival as its date of birth, the movie Boyz N the Hood is also a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon albeit one whose central character is to Bernie Madoff what Hans Solo was to Darth Vader. (Chart) It’s one of the few films that hints at a connection between finance (Taurus) and covert operations (Scorpio), which it does when Laurence Fishburne’s character Furious Styles (a financial broker) explains who is and is not involved in the high level bankrolling (Taurus) of the crack cocaine trade (Scorpio):

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey say this pairing excels at offering “straight from the shoulder” observations and “calling a spade a spade”. (Source) This is exactly what Fishburne’s character does in the above scene when he observes of the crack epidemic, “How you think the crack rock gets into the country? We don’t own any planes. We don’t own no ships. We are not the people who are flying and floating that shit in here . . .” Bernie Madoff was a Wall Street financial adviser (Taurus) likely in league with the drug cartels and/or intelligence agencies (Scorpio). The Furious Styles character was a financial adviser who understood the drug cartels were making money for Wall Street banks (Taurus) and/or intelligence agencies (Scorpio). They’re both double Taureans expressing as Scorpios although obviously only one of them would you trust with your checkbook.

Using the character’s debut date as her date of birth, Nancy Drew of the famous mystery novels is also a double Taurus. (Chart)

Like the Furious Styles character, Nancy Drew’s background involves money (her dad is a finance lawyer) yet she expresses as an intellectually intense Scorpio (the detective). Furious Styles and Nancy Drew may be from different sides of the tracks but as double Taureans expressing as Scorpios both are naturals at getting to the bottom of who or what is bankrolling (Taurus) the criminal conspiracies (Scorpio) being carried out in their local neighborhoods. Taurus/Taurus is generally does well financially and both the Boyz N the Hood film and the Nancy Drew series have been enormously successful at the box office and bookstores respectively.

Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon: “Bitch better have my suspicious activity reports”

Bernie Madoff and the Furious Styles character portrayed by Fishburne in Boyz are far from the only double Taureans whose lives have occupied the nexus between cash-money (Taurus) and careers in which suspicion (Scorpio) is the currency of the realm. To illustrate: using its establishment date as its date of birth, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon. (Chart) If you haven’t heard of FinCEN before, it’s a bureau inside the United States Department of the Treasury that “collects and analyzes information about financial transactions in order to combat money laundering, terrorist financiers, and other financial crimes” according to Wikipedia. Much of what FinCEN does revolves around the collection and analysis of “suspicious activity reports”, which banks are required to file anytime a customer makes a financial (Taurus) transaction that appears suspicious (Scorpio). According to a paranoia (Scorpio) inducing 1993 Wired Magazine article entitled “Big Brother Wants to Look at Your Bank Account”, FinCEN’s capacity to track the flow of money (Taurus) is of tremendous interest to spy agencies like the CIA (Scorpio):

“The risk of the CIA getting its hands on this is serious – we know the kind of unscrupulous people who populate the spook world,” said a Washington-area private investigator who conducts many legitimate financial investigations for a CIA-linked firm. “This kind of financial data, when coupled with other information like a person’s credit history, could be used for blackmail, bribery, and extortion,” said the investigator, who has a military intelligence background.

DTS could present an inviting mechanism for quieting unwanted dissent or for defanging an unruly congressional leader bent on exposing some questionable CIA operation. Although still in its embryonic stage and in spite of the looming privacy obstacle it will inevitably confront, FinCEN is seen by many in the government as the catalyst for a powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing, global, financial-tracking organization. (Source)

Speaking of “quieting unwanted dissent” and “defanging unruly political leaders”, Taurus loves money and Scorpio loves sex so maybe it’s fitting that transactions recorded by FinCEN were what revealed New York State governor Elliot Spitzer had been availing himself to the services of the $4,000/hour “Emperor’s Club” VIP call-girl operation. (Source) It’s probably just a coincidence that shortly before Spitzer’s call-girl payments were made public he had announced plans to go on the warpath against Wall Street’s biggest banks and their partners in crime inside the Bush administration. (Source)

Unfortunately, outside of Wired’s 1993 article, there’s been very little written about FinCEN since it was established over twenty years ago. The agency does, however, get a brief mention in the 1998 spy (Scorpio) film Enemy of the State where a federal agent orders a “FinCEN workup” on the Will Smith character:

Taurus is great at keeping things short and simple so here’s a short if over-simplified way to understand FinCEN: it is to your bank accounts and business filings what the National Security Agency is to your email accounts and telephone calls.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Computer Disk Crypto-Magickian the Special Agent Storyteller, the Hushmail Hashishiyyin and the Ubuntu Nosferatu

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Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who leaked information about the NSA’s “PRISM” surveillance program, has his Sun in Gemini (communication) and his Moon in Scorpio (secrets). (Chart) As explained in a previous article, both Gemini and Scorpio “are associated with spy-craft, smuggling, and special operations albeit in very different ways.” Gemini is the information broker who traffics in flash drives, Scorpio is the power broker who traffics in secrets. Gemini is the system-admin op who knows where the phone lines are buried, Scorpio is the deep cover cop who knows where the bodies are buried. The Gemini/Scorpio pairing thus makes for a great investigative reporter who uses their mental dexterity to unravel high level criminality, a cunning double agent who plays multiple sides of a complex conflict, or a fiction writer whose spell-binding stories leave you thoroughly mind (Gemini) f****d (Scorpio) but loving every minute of it. Snowden has thoroughly mind-f****d the NSA and, while the agency is probably not loving him for it, most of us in the 99% sure appreciate what he’s done. Contrary to what certain psy-op outfits would have us think, there is no evidence that Snowden is a double agent. However, he has expertly played multiple sides of a very complex situation and lived to tell his story in Laura Poitras’ spell-binding documentary Citizen Four and be portrayed by Joseph Levit Gordon in the Oliver Stone blockbuster film Snowden:

Astrologer Raven Kaldera calls Gemini/Scorpio the Sun/Moon pairing of “The Cloaked One” who “understands brutality and horror . . . who must go down to the darkness and wrestle demons to the ground”. (Source) During his time amid the darkness of the NSA, Snowden came to understand the brutality and horror of the surveillance state. In Citizen Four there is even a scene where he literally cloaks himself so as to avoid any electronic demons that may have infiltrated his hotel room.

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey write of the Gemini/Scorpio pairing, “Your life seems to be a breeze until you start noticing the monsters from the deep coming up for air”. (Source) Snowden’s life certainly seems to have been a breeze until very recently. Back in March 2013, he was living with his acrobatic dancer girlfriend on the breezy island of Hawaii earning six figures working for NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. (Source) Then he decided to take on the NSA, the ultimate “monster from the deep”, and is now a high profile enemy of the state hiding in Hong Kong and attempting to come up for air in Moscow.

According to astrologer Stella Hyde, Gemini is the sign of the “Street Magician” while Scorpio Moons are nourished by highly dangerous jobs such as “Vampire Slayer”. (Source) Snowden’s unprecedented exfiltration of data from the NSA is, in effect, the technological equivalent of a massive street magic trick, one that has served to thoroughly slay the public’s confidence in the vampire that is the surveillance state.

If, as per James Bamford’s books on the history of the NSA, the NSA’s Scorpio/Gemini Sun-Moon pairing can be likened to a “Puzzle Palace” or a “Shadow Factory” then the Gemini/Scorpio pairing can be likened to “a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma” to quote Winston Churchill. Gemini is duality while Scorpio is secrecy so anytime you see these two signs paired together there is a high likelihood that multiple (Gemini) layers of concealment (Scorpio) are afoot. This is because each sign’s ruling planet excels at disguising itself. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the fast moving planet of mixed messages and multiple personalities. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the deep digging Lord of Hades whose cap of invisibility allows him to operate undetected. At its best the combination of duplicity (Gemini Sun) and depth perception (Scorpio Moon) makes for a person who can get to the bottom of mind-dizzying complex situations. It can also indicate somebody who finds themselves living in circumstances that require extremely quick movements (Gemini) within bottomless pits (Scorpio), like something out of one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure children’s books except with decidedly more malevolent plot-lines.

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People with the same Sun/Moon pairings often have biographies that share uncannily similar themes. To illustrate: author George Orwell is a Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon just like Ed Snowden. Orwell is best known for writing 1984, the book which famously envisioned a dystopic future characterized by a ubiquitous surveillance state, a future that Snowden’s leaks have made clear is now a reality.

Mars Conjunct the North Node: Medals for Bravery

Snowden’s Mars (planet of fighting) is conjunct (merged) with his North Node (point of destiny), an aspect that astrologer Celeste Teal associates with “being awarded medals for bravery.” (Source) His Mars/North Node conjunction is in Gemini so the bravery indicated by this aspect was likely to involve Geminian matters such as communication, computer disks, and data-sharing. This Mars receives a trine (supportive contact) from a Saturn–Pluto conjunction in Libra, the sign of justice, in his 5th house of self-expression; this aspect is associated with “battling the powers that be,” according to astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan. Snowden is unlikely to win any medals of bravery from the government for his efforts, but no reasonable person doubts the enormous courage it takes to battle with the powers-that-be running the NSA.

As for what lies ahead for Snowden, with his North Node in Gemini he’ll need to tap into the fast-moving, quick-thinking nature of the Twins to the maximum of his ability if he wants to stay out of the catacombs of the U.S. justice system. As he knows all too well, these days the hills really do have eyes.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Preying Mantis and the Mission Impossible, the Artisan Assassin and the Craftsperson of Covert Operations

Image: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, available via Amazon.

Editor’s Note: the majority of this article is excerpted from “Astrology of the Central Intelligence Agency”, one of four features originally published in the Spring 2016 print edition of Hexagon. -Matt

The Sun symbolizes the conscious identity, and the Moon symbolizes deeper, more unconscious emotional needs. These are the two sources of light (energy) in a chart, and together they describe the basic psychological architecture of a person, project, organization, or company. The CIA has its Sun in Virgo (sign of competency) and its Moon in Scorpio (sign of covert operations). Both signs are associated with investigative work albeit in slightly different ways. Virgo is the CSI officer assigned to examine a crime scene, Scorpio is the deep cover agent assigned to infiltrate a crime syndicate. Virgo’s eye for detail makes it great at forgery, sabotage, and cyber-warfare — either committing it or spotting it. Scorpio’s sense for the hidden makes it great at blackmail, coercion, and espionage — either plotting it or untangling it. Virgo’s discreet nature means it excels at being seen without being noticed, similar to a company’s janitorial staff. Scorpio’s secretive nature means it excels at being neither seen nor noticed, similar to a company’s internal affairs department. For example, the 1975 film Three Days of the Condor is a surprisingly accurate portrayal of the Agency’s methodically (Virgo) investigative (Scorpio Moon) modus operandi. It stars Robert Redford as Joe Turner, a bookish CIA analyst (Virgo) working under the secret guise (Scorpio Moon) of the “American Literary Historical Society”, a CIA funded arts-and-literature organization:

Combine a Virgo Sun’s capacity for quiet anonymity with a Scorpio Moon’s need for secrecy and the result is a Sun/Moon combination uniquely suited for the world of high-stakes spy-craft. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls this the combination of “The Sly Fox” whose “intellectual bearing masks a deeply secretive inner nature.” (Source) Astrologer Raven Kaldera associates the Virgo/Scorpio Sun/Moon paring with the “Blood Moon” that “senses the call of the Underworld and feels instinctively that Power lies there.” (Source) On the Blood Moon “we study darkness,” according to Kaldera. Along these lines, most of what the CIA does involves intellectual analysis (Virgo) of a deeply secretive nature (Scorpio), almost all of which takes place on the sly, in the dark, and within the context of enormous amounts of power and more than a bit of blood. Looking through business documents, sifting through medical files, and pouring over satellite photos to find minor anomalies that may lead to larger conspiracies are the types of intensely intellectual (Virgo) deep cover work (Scorpio) that comprise the agency’s bread-and-butter competency.

For instance, analyzing stacks and stacks of insurance files may not seem terribly exciting but, in the capable hands of a Virgo/Scorpio, those files can be turned into a highly effective tool (Virgo) for espionage (Scorpio), one that can quickly discern a target’s most sensitive vulnerabilities. It’s not known by the general public but the CIA actually evolved out of the “Office of Strategic Services” (OSS), a World War II organization whose ultra-secret “Insurance Intelligence Unit” utilized mundane details found within insurance filings to determine who would live and who would die, which towns would be fiercely protected and which would be fire-bombed out of existence. According to a year 2000 Los Angeles Times article “The Secret Agent Insurance Men”, the agency’s insurance specialists:

. . . mined standard insurance records for blueprints of bomb plants, timetables of tide changes and thousands of other details about targets . . . That insurance information was critical to Allied strategists, who were seeking to cripple the enemy’s industrial base and batter morale by burning cities.

Linda Goodman says the Virgo/Scorpio pairing excels at “understanding their individual assets versus their liabilities.” There is little-to-no publicly available information regarding the CIA’s use of insurance files in the modern day. However, given how effectively they were used to secretly discern targets’ assets versus their liabilities during World War II, it seems entirely reasonable to suspect “Secret (Insurance) Agent Men” are still operational in some capacity to this day. This is doubly the case since the CIA operates so many front companies, including proprietary airlines that wouldn’t be able to conduct their operations if they couldn’t get insurance.

It’s not unreasonable to suspect that the CIA has equally accurate intelligence on the status of U.S. industries, including the multi-billion dollar industry that is US electoral politics. For example, there’s a fascinating interview with Jesse Ventura circulating on the internet in which he recounts the time his presence was “requested” in the basement of the capital building shortly after he was elected governor of Minnesota. Once there he was interrogated by 23 members of the agency. He found the episode entirely baffling until he realized that all the questions they asked him were about how he got elected. He surmised that the intent of the meeting was to gather intelligence on trends in U.S. electoral politics, possibly to ensure that no similarly independent candidate manage to ascend to significant office in the future. According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey, a metaphoric image for the Virgo/Scorpio pairing is “A zealous insect lover stands quietly in the bushes observing the mating habits of the praying mantis.” If Governor Ventura’s story is any indicator, it would seem the CIA monitors the voting habits of the American citizenry in a similarly zealous—and quiet—fashion.

[large snip]

The image you’re looking at is a photocopy of a driver’s license issued to CIA agent tried (in absentia) for conducting an illegal abduction in Milan. It was released by Italian prosecutors in 2005 and brought to wider public attention by author/artist Trevor Paglen through a series of art exhibits and his 2010 book Invisible: Classified Landscapes and Covert Operations. The agent’s real name is not James Thomas Harbison, that’s the name of the cover identity for whom the license was issued.

Photocopy of driver's license issued to a CIA agent for a black bag job
Photocopy of driver’s license issued to a CIA agent for a black bag job

Virgo is the Sun sign most likely to prefer working in quiet anonymity while secrecy is a deep seated emotional need for any person, organization, or “entity” with their Moon in Scorpio. Mr. Harbison is not an actual “man in black”, the license looks the way it does because it was photocopied. However, metaphorically an image of an anonymous (Virgo) man in black (Scorpio) is an excellent approximation of the CIA’s Sun/Moon pairing. Furthermore, Virgo/Scorpios tend to be very smart dressers even when they’re involved in very dirty work. In the above image, for instance, you might have noticed how neatly the agent’s tie is tied.

Virgo has a reputation for being discreetly kinky, while Scorpio Moons are often emotionally obsessed with sex, either totally mastering or utterly repressing it. The combination is thus associated with intellectual curiosity (Virgo) in regards to carnal pleasures (Scorpio). For instance, as part of “Operation Midnight Climax,” the CIA hired prostitutes in New York and San Francisco to ply their clients with prototype drugs cooked up in CIA affiliated laboratories. Scientists working on behalf of the Agency then observed the drugged men from behind two-way mirrors. It is suspected that the goal of Midnight Climax” was to conduct research (Virgo) on how to better utilize sexual blackmail (Scorpio).

Both Virgo and Scorpio are associated with health, with Virgo clocking in as the zodiac’s resident homeopath and Scorpio doing time as the zodiac’s resident psychologist. The Harveys tell us that this combination makes for something of a health fanatic. Along these lines, the CIA is considered the world’s premier intelligence agency when it comes to gathering “medical intelligence.” (Source) For instance, during the 1950s, as part of Operation Artichoke, the Agency collected information on medical issues such as hypnosis, morphine addiction, and LSD. (Source) The operation that located Osama Bin Laden in the lead up to his (alleged) assassination in 2011 was hidden within a vaccination drive organized by the Agency. (Source) According to a recent Mother Jones article, the Agency has detailed files on the health (Virgo) secrets (Scorpio) of numerous world leaders. (Source)

Similarly, many of the agency’s proprietary weapons have been designed to effect precise (Virgo) forms of death (Scorpio) by attacking the target’s health. During the 1970s, a Congressional investigation revealed that the Agency had developed a “heart attack gun”, numerous videos of which are now circulating on the internet. According to a June 1978 article in Gallery magazine, the Agency developed even more bizarre weapons, including bullets made of human teeth, explosives derived from aspirin, a compound intended to make Fidel Castro’s beard fall out, and an electrified “urinal of death” designed to kill its target by sending a high voltage shock of electricity back through his urine stream. (Source) Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen tells us that in recent years the Agency has gone far beyond heart attack guns and urinals of death and is now researching designer bioweapons that operate on the genetic level. (Source)

The Virgo/Scorpio pairing is “unbeatable at detective work, whether in trying to solve a crime, uncover a mystery of science, or probe deeply into a troubled psyche”, according to astrologer Bil Tierney. (Source) In true Virgo/Scorpio fashion, the CIA has proven to be largely unbeatable at probing people’s minds—both the minds of regular citizens and the deeply troubled psyches running many of the world’s largest governments and most powerful corporations. Its most well-known program for probing minds was “MK-ULTRA,” a Cold War-era program staffed in part by former Nazi scientists who were recruited during the waning days of World War II. According to a recent summary of the program published in Wired magazine, “the CIA’s Technical Services Staff launched the highly classified project to study the mind-control effects of LSD and other psychedelic drugs, using unwitting US and Canadian citizens as lab mice.” (Source) The program’s most ambitious goal was the development of a “Manchurian Candidate,” a mind-controlled automaton-servant (Virgo) who would kill on command (Scorpio). It’s unknown if the agency succeeded in developing such a soldier, but we do know that one of the 20th century’s most notorious murderers was the subject of MK-ULTRA experiments. During his time as a Harvard undergraduate, a then 17-year-old Ted Kaczynski was subjected to experiments by Dr. Henry Murray that involved severe verbal and psychological abuse. (Source)

Discreet Virgo, the craftsperson and artisan of the zodiac, micro-manages projects down to their smallest details and precise, split-second timing. Astrologer Stella Hyde says Scorpio’s ideal job is a ‘professional assassin’ who ‘spurns the bread-and-butter gangland contracts for the edgy intrigue, secrecy, and destabilizing political fallout that comes with top-class, globally significant, grassy-knoll-style eliminations.” (Source) The CIA has a long history of conducting precision (Virgo) eliminations (Scorpio). It masterminded the elimination of Mohammad Mosaddegh, president of Iran, in 1953, and the coup that ousted President Allende of Chile on September 11, 1973. It famously spent over 50 years trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba. The Agency is considered by many to be the prime suspect in the artisan-crafted, precisely administered (Virgo) grassy-knoll assassination (Scorpio) of President John F. Kennedy in retaliation for his attempts to limit the power of the military-industrial complex.

The CIA’s arguably craftiest (Virgo) covert operation (Scorpio) of all begun to take shape in the mid-1970s. It was at this time that the agency’s affiliates in Latin American law enforcement agencies begun relaying back intelligence gathered on a disturbing new drug trend: Peruvian and Bolivian psychiatrists were being inundated with zombie like patients addicted to smoking “basuco”, a coca derived paste with pharmacological effects identical to what would later come to be known as “crack” cocaine. (Source)

That the profits from cocaine importation were used to fund the CIA’s allies in Central America a decade later has since been exhaustively documented in books such as Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion (1998), Alexander Cockburn’s Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press, and highly regarded documentaries such as American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007) and Freeway: A Crack in the System (2014). The agency even defacto admitted it had been involved in these matters in its own 1998 Inspector General’s report while Colonel Oliver North’s diary included ledgers documenting import of large sums of cocaine. Rob Bonner, a federal judge and former head of the Drug enforcement Agency, went on the 60 Minutes television news show in 1996 and said in no uncertain terms that his agency had caught the CIA involved with the importation of massive amounts of cocaine.

In their book Sun Signs Moon Signs, astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us that the Virgo/Scorpio is often “proficient at making breakthroughs in the lab or kitchen.” A noble minded Virgo/Scorpio might apply their proficiency at kitchen-lab practices to the artisan crafting of herbal remedies. During the Vietnam War, the CIA applied its proficiency in these matters to facilitating the importation of heroin, a drug that is isolated from opium in laboratories before being cooked using kitchen utensils. In the 1980s it applied the same skills to protecting networks importing cocaine and selling crack, a highly addictive drug that is first isolated from coca leaves in laboratories before being cooked into rocks on kitchen stoves — a historical fact recently depicted in the Jeremy Renner film Kill the Messenger:

Virgo is the sign most likely to work as a clean-up person or in a corporation’s customer service department while Scorpio Moons often reside in underworlds, be they emotional underworlds like those found throughout the halls of psychiatric hospitals or political underworlds like those found throughout the corridors of global finance. Not only did the agency’s foray into cocaine importation generate money for covert operations in Nicaragua, it also delivered profits for the CIA’s real customer: Wall Street investment consortiums and other underworld entities who snapped up inner city real estate for pennies on the dollar once the crack epidemic had cleansed the targeted neighborhoods of their residents. (Source)

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planetary patron saint of journalists, while Scorpio is co-ruled by Pluto, the Lord of hades whose cap of invisibility allows him to operate undetected. The combination is thus excellent for journalism (Virgo/Mercury) conducted in secret or under a cap of invisibility (Scorpio/ Pluto). The CIA has a long history of working with journalists (Virgo) under the cover of darkness (Scorpio). Michael Ruppert writes in his 2004 book Crossing the Rubicon:

In 1977 Rolling Stone published a watershed article by Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein titled, “The CIA and the Media.” In that story Bernstein dissected the documentary evidence showing that more than 400 US journalists in the preceding 25 years had carried out assignments for the CIA…the CIA’s primary and most important relationships had been with the new York Times, CBS, and Time magazine… Other publications that played ball with the Agency included the Los Angeles Times, the Columbia Journalism review, Newsweek, the Washington Star, the Miami news, the new York herald Tribune, the Saturday evening Post, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Hearst Newspapers, Copley Press, the Associated Press, United Press International, NBC, and ABC. One US senator who had been the target of CIA lobbying and smear campaign told Bernstein, “From the CIA point of view this was the highest, most sensitive covert program of all…It was a much larger part of the operational system than has been indicated.” (Source)

Despite official denials, there is little reason to doubt that the Agency still plays a role in shaping what does and does not get published in newspapers and/or broadcast on the airwaves. For instance, a 1987 article published in LA Weekly magazine posits that the American Broadcast Company (ABC) may have been indirectly seized by the CIA when Capital Cities Communications purchased it in March 1985. (Source) According to the Weekly piece, Capital Cities had deep ties to the intelligence community while the CIA’s challenge of ABC’s broadcast license lowered its stock value—just in time for Capital Cities to purchase the network at a bargain rate. Soon thereafter, the network’s programming was taken in a conservative direction that was “subtle but apparent”.

More recently, documents obtained by The Intercept in 2014 revealed that Ken Dilanian, a prominent national security reporter for the Los Angeles Times, had “routinely submitted drafts and detailed summaries of his stories to CIA press handlers prior to publication.” (Source) Around the same time, German editor Udo Ulfkotte admitted having published articles written by CIA operatives working as journalists (Virgo) under what’s called “non-official cover” (Scorpio), not unlike what we see depicted in Three Days of the Condor.

Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Scholarly Super Fox and the Smartly Dressed Detective

Fortunately, not all Virgo/Scorpios will apply this pairing’s intellectual acumen (Virgo) and psychological prowess (Scorpio) to inciting mayhem, manipulating the media, or conducting wide-ranging international murder-for-hire schemes. Pulitzer prize-winning UCLA professor Jared Diamond is a Virgo/Scorpio. He’s best known for applying his intellect (Virgo) to solving mysteries (Scorpio) such as what causes once-great human societies to collapse into chaos, an issue he explores masterfully in his 2005 book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Educator Maria Montessori is another Virgo/Scorpio. While the CIA was applying its intelligence (Virgo) and psychological savvy (Scorpio) to developing programs of mind control, Montessori was applying hers to the field of child development. Using its debut date as its date of birth, the 1960s hit show Mission Impossible is also a Virgo/Scorpio. The show was based on a CIA-esque outfit called the “Impossible Mission Force”. It was known for its smartly dressed cast and tightly written scripts (Virgo), all set amid an atmosphere of espionage (Scorpio). Like their real life Virgo/Scorpio counterparts at the CIA, the members of the “Impossible Mission Force” accomplish their objectives through the use of subtlely effective (Virgo) yet totally secret (Scorpio) methods. Each week their methods of choice would be previewed in the show’s famously compelling opening montage.

Reading through the Mission Impossible plot summaries it’s clear the show’s writers were inspired by some of the CIA’s most clandestine operations of that era. The 1969 episode “The Brothers”, for instance, was clearly based on the CIA’s 1956 overthrow of Iranian president Mohammed Mossadegh. The series also included an episode entitled “The Astrologer” where the Impossible Mission Force manipulates a target’s fascination with astrology in order to track him down. I seriously doubt the CIA or any other intelligence agency is using astrology in such a fashion these days but astrology was the basis of some bizarre psychological operations during World War II. (Source)

Using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1997 film Gattaca is a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) The film takes place in a futuristic society whose genetic based caste system is enforced by way of advanced surveillance technologies, some of which appear not all together different than what the CIA is rumored to have in its arsenal.


The film’s protagonist, a member of the lowest genetic “caste”, adopts a clandestinely obtained identity not to conduct an overseas abduction operation but to go on a mission to space. Given the ubiquitous nature of genetic surveillance in his society his goal is essentially an “impossible mission” – the exact sort of thing that a Virgo/Scorpio is capable of accomplishing quietly (Virgo) while hidden in the shadows (Scorpio).

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

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