Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Super Star Space Warp(s) and the Best Friends Forever

(Image: The X-Files, available via Amazon.com)

Leo is the sign of the celebrity and the superstar. People with their Suns (conscious identity) in this high profile sign make for great media moguls, circus ringmasters, and goldmine owners according to astrologer Stella Hyde. (Source) Sitting 180 degrees opposite Leo is Aquarius, sign of the scientist, the space alien, the all round super-freak. People with their Moons (emotional needs) in this far out sign feel most at home in oddball places like science fiction conventions or when setting off political revolutions Hyde tells us. Actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are both Leos with their Moons in Aquarius. Both are famous (Leo) for starring in The X-Files, a show about space aliens and super-freaks (Aquarius). As a result of the show’s success, both actors are huge hits (Leo) on the science fiction convention (Aquarius) circuit where they’ve coined a veritable goldmine (Leo) from the strange, the freakish, and the extraordinary (Aquarius).

Neither Duchovny or Anderson are high-profile (Leo) political revolutionaries (Aquarius) per se. However, they were so riveting as Mulder and Scully that, in a round about, they did help to bring attention (Leo) to political matters often considered too fringe to be taken seriously (Aquarius). In the early 1990s anybody who believed the government was conspiring with the forces of evil to tap our phones, poison our water, and hide the truth from us was considered too nutty to have around polite company. By the time The X-Files finished its eight year run it was almost acceptable to be concerned about such matters. That shift in our culture was in no small part thanks to the high profile (Leo), super-cool (Aquarius) aplomb that Duchovny and Anderson brought to bear as agents Mulder and Scully. They were the first pair on network television to shine the spotlight (Leo) on two characters who, in effect, operated as proxies for all us intellectually dissident, fringe dwelling, social rejects (Aquarius) of the world. In a pre-internet world that was a very big deal (Leo), even a bit revolutionary (Aquarius).

Astrologer Raven Kaldera calls the Leo/Aquarius pairing the “Friendship Moon” while Suzi and Charles Harvey say it excels at “flamboyantly crossing accepted social boundaries.” (Source) Duchovny and Anderson were so interesting as Mulder and Scully because they portrayed their alter egos as friends first, ones who turned “crossing accepted social boundaries” into an art form of flamboyantly intergalactic proportions. Whether it was aliens out of Area 51, monsters from the deep, conspiracy theorists from the internet, dudes from the CIA, heck, even an astrologer in one episode (“Syzygy”) — Mulder and Scully certainly did not discriminate when it came to who they would associate with or befriend.


Although officially “just friends”, both on screen and off, the sexual tension between the two was so palpable that rumors of a more-than-friends relationship have circulated nearly nonstop since the show debuted. Their alter egos Mulder and Scully apparently did pair off in other-worldly communion during the show’s 2016 reboot. No doubt it was both hawt-as-fawk (Leo) and more than a bit freaky (Aquarius), just what we’d expect from two members of the zodiac’s super star (Leo) space warp (Aquarius) club.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Scorpion King and the Public Enemy, the Black Swan and the Solar Eclipse ("Now the story I’m kickin’ is gory . . . ")

(Image: Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” music video)

Combine the stage presence of a Leo Sun with the psychological depth of a Scorpio Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that is magnetic yet defiant, deeply principled yet incredibly determined, and capable of leading others through even the most soul-crushing of environments. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson writes of this pairing, “purposeful and bold, you usually have a master plan for living and you follow it carefully. You enjoy the battlefield of life.” (Source) Astrologer Jeremy Neal makes a similar point, that at its finest the Leo/Scorpio square produces the “Scorpion King” who stands his or her ground as effectively as Leonidas at Thermopylae. (Source) Rapper Chuck D, head of the pioneering rap group Public Enemy, is a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon and probably about as close to a modern day version of Leonidas at Thermopylae as you’re going to find. (Chart)

Astrologer Sue Tompkins observes that historically, the Leo/Scorpio square has been associated with success in opera:

The classic zodiac combination associated with opera is Leo and Scorpio. Most people with an emphasis in these two signs really love opera if they are exposed to it. Leo suggests drama and color, and Scorpio indicates passion, tragedy, and revenge — favorite storylines of many operatic scores.

Chuck D is a rapper, not an opera singer, but a huge proportion of his work is characterized by drama, color, passion, tragedy, and revenge every bit as much as the most compelling classical operas. In fact, some have been so compelling that they were banned from the airwaves. The same goes for a good deal of his political and social commentary, which is often as creatively forthright (Leo Sun) and psychologically intense (Scorpio Moon) as any Public Enemy album.

Carolyn Reynolds says this is the Sun/Moon pairing of “The Ruthless Animal” whose intense energies must be channeled into something creative and productive. (Source) If not he or she could very well turn into something akin to a werewolf. I don’t know if Chuck D has any werewolf tendencies but there’s no doubt you need at least a little bit of a “ruthless animal” in you to survive in the increasingly corporate dominated world of music. This is doubly the case when you’re unwilling to compromise your truth for the all-mighty dollar.

The line about one-third of the way through the above song, “Now the story I’m kickin’ is gory . . .” could be a motto for this Sun/Moon pairing. Leo Sun loves to tell stories while Scorpio Moon has an instinctual understanding of the most gory aspects of the human experience. Author Alex Haley is also a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) You could make a case that he did with his book Roots: The Saga of an American Family what Chuck D has done with his music: tell the gory truth, the whole gory truth, and nothing but the gory truth. Alfred Hitchcock, world famous for his capacity to kick stories that are gory, is also a Leo/Scorpio. (Chart)

Due to the fixed (stubborn) nature of both signs, this pairing has a tendency to go to extremes. Actress Mila Kunis, best known for her role as a ballerina who takes a number of things to extremes in the 2010 films Black Swan, is a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) Kunis is also quite capable of going “Scorpion Queen” on an adversary as this video of her confrontation with a Russian reporter demonstrates.

This combination’s tendency to go to extremes also endows it with the capacity to take an unflinchingly honest look at psychopathic behavior, including those forms of psychopathic behavior that a society comes to accept as normal. Director Stanley Kubrick is a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) He is best known for films such as Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket, each of which takes a disturbingly lucid look at the psychopathic criminality of the military-industrial complex. Something similar can be said of Public Enemy’s portrayal of the psychopathic criminality that is slavery, both the brand that existed during the days of the plantation-agricultural complex and the brand that exists currently under the prison-industrial complex.

This is probably the most street-smart of all Leo pairings. Being secretive and strategic is a survival skill for Leo/Scorpio as its capacity to produce unflinchingly honest art inevitably gets them in battles with the censors. This includes corp-gov censors and people’s internalized censors, both of which prefer keeping the most horrible truths hidden from conscious awareness. Chuck D’s battles with corp-gov censors are well documented enough that they need not be rehashed here other than to say his career could be an astrology textbook’s case-study in the Leo/Scorpio square.

Lee/Scorpio natives often possess star power but it’s not the type of star power associated with the red carpet of a big movie premier. It’s more akin to the star power of a solar eclipse than the star power of the academy awards. Astrologer Suzanne Miller describes the powerful if potentially disturbing effects of a solar eclipse as follows:

They are almost always positive, although their effects can be jarring and difficult. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, very rapidly. If we have become complacent or took someone or something for granted, chances are that we won’t after an eclipse has delivered its message. (Source)

The same can be said for the effects of and the messages delivered by Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon natives such as Chuck D, Alex Haley, and Stanley Kubrick. At its most effective this pairing will shock or shake people’s consciousness by wielding their capacity for creative self-expression (Leo Sun) regarding the most unspeakable, taboo (Scorpio Moon) subject matter.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney, voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached via email at editor (at sign) hexagonastrology.com

Dear Sports Witch: Progressed Ascendant from Flashy Leo to Meticulous Virgo?

Editor’s Note: this is a new column — “Dear Sports Witch” aka “Hey Sports Witch!” — featuring professional cyclist turned sports psychologist turned astrologer Willow Rockwell, pictured above. It was originally scheduled to appear in Hexagon #3. -Matt

Question: Progressed Ascendant from Flashy Leo to Meticulous Virgo?

Dear Sports Witch,

What role does the ascendant play in a person’s training program? I was born Leo Rising with Venus in Leo but in my progressed chart my ascendant is now Virgo with Mercury/Saturn both right there. I used to do tons of squats and deadlifts — with huge amounts of weight. People would always gawk and admire me and I would gladly answer their training questions. Now I feel like all I do is foam rolling, stretching and these weird “core” exercises to fix “imbalances” that my Pilates friend gave me. Am I ever going to be able to lift heavy weights again or am I stuck trying to activate my transverse abdominus and iron out my anterior pelvic tilt for the rest of my life?

-Neon Deon Leon

Neon Deon Leon,

The ASC rules a person’s body, their life path and their persona. You will always be a Leo rising, but progressions have a major impact on your physical self expression, especially when they first change signs. I am a Pisces rising, but when I progressed into Aries (the amazon warrior princess) I was at the top of my game. At the peak of my career (ranked #1 in the world) my ASC changed into Taurus (the earth mother goddess) and I became pregnant. Seriously, it was that dramatic. I retired after trying to come back after the birth, because I simply did not have the psychic or physical energy for it any longer.

Now I hardly even want to ride a bike! There are other things to do and other ways to move…

To me it sounds like you are very intuitive and right on track with what your body needs. Virgo is the sign of the goddess, and also the sign of the healer and healing. I would be interested to see when you progressed into Virgo, because in the beginning it is a very dramatic shift, but after a while a little bit of your Leo will come back. For now it seems you could benefit from exercising in nature (Virgo is an earth sign) and avoiding the mirrors (Leo) in the gym.

By embracing the feminine energy of the goddess you will balance out all the masculine Leo energy and really become whole. I also think the ladies will like that, and the Leo in you will like that too! It is important to remember that progressions are about moving forward and progressing, which is good! You will be admired as you once were, but now it will be for being a Renaissance man and not just an iron pumping stud.

-The Sports Witch

About the Author: Willow Rockwell — aka “Willow the Sadge Sports Witch” — was a professional cyclist for 17 years. She won two Bronze medals for the United States before retiring to raise her daughters with her husband Myles. The Sports Witch has a BA in psychology, is a Certified Sports Psychology Coach, and studied astrology with Dr. Julie Bresciani. She can be reached via her website WillowRockwell.com

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