The Sagittarius Woman: The Professor, the Wrestler, and the Crocodile Wrangler ("She comes from the streets, she comes from the city, she comes from the world where there is no pity . . .")

(Image: Netflix)

Symbolized as a centaur-archer armed with a quiver full of flaming arrows, Sagittarius is the sign most likely to ride into a sleepy village in the middle of the night and raise absolute holy hell. Women with their Sun (identity) in this wildly adventurous sign will often come to be identified with their boldness, their athleticism, and their propensity to “grab the spotlight and set shit off” to quote astrologer Sonya Magett. (Source) This is the woman you’ll see “showing up in an outfit made for the comic books” Magett observes. (Source) To illustrate: using the comic book’s original publication date as the character’s date of birth, Wonder Woman herself is a Sagittarius. (Chart) She’s been showing up in “outfits made for the comic books” and “setting shit off” for the last 70 years. If Bruce Lee and Samuel Jackson are the ultimate examples of Sagittarius men who became icons for firing flaming arrows of truth, justice, and total badassery at all-comers then Wonder Woman is a case-study in the Sagittarius female’s desire to outfight, outrun, and outshoot the boys:

Sagittarius loves two things more than anything else: wild adventures and straight shooting honesty. Not coincidentally, Wonder Woman has her own airplane for spur of the moment adventures and is armed with a magical lasso that compels others to speak the truth.

Astrologer Austin Coppock describes Sagittarius as the “Doom Super Soldier” of the zodiac whose life is all about non-stop action while Stella Hyde says Sagittarians make for great rock stars, car-jackers, and crocodile wranglers. (Source) They are particularly well suited for work as “stunt artists” since this line of work allows them to “crash through plate glass windows and get paid for it” Hyde tell us. (Source) To illustrate: using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1980s all female professional wrestling promotion known as the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” (GLOW) has its Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus all in Sagittarius. (Chart) The promotion was, in effect, a band of female stunt artists who (briefly) became something akin to rock stars for raising absolute holy hell in the sleepy village that was late night television during the uber-conservative Reagan era. Two of the performers even came to the ring dressed as car-jackers (“Hollywood and Vine”) while another arrived as an actual crocodile wrangler (“Jungle Woman”). More than a few appear to have been “doom super soldiers” of various persuasions, whether in spirit or by trade. The ladies of GLOW may not have crashed through actual plate glass windows but they did shake up society’s glass like assumptions regarding what women should or should not do with their bodies. They did such a memorable job of breaking barriers that the promotion is now the subject of a top ranked Netflix series:

Sagittarius women love to make audacious proclamations every bit as much as their male counterparts and, indeed, the line from the GLOW rap “we come from the streets, we come from the city, we come from the world where there is no pity” is an excellent summary of the Sagittarius female’s bold approach to life.

It may seem ridiculous to use a cultural roller coaster as spectacularly absurd as GLOW to illustrate anything serious but truth be told it’s a textbook example of all things Sagittarius. During its four year run the promotion “grabbed the spotlight and set shit off” so boldly that shortly before its unexplained folding it had amassed 7 million weekly viewers, an incredible number given its threadbare budget and kitschy production values. In true Sagittarian fashion, GLOW even managed to fire off a few flaming arrows of competition at the World Wrestling Federation, the vastly larger wrestling company that considered women incapable of getting the job done as actual in ring performers. As a surprisingly moving 2012 documentary about GLOW explains, the ladies were politically incorrect, totally out of control, and unlike anything else on television at the time. In other words, they were as Sagittarius it gets:

It’s a toss up between Aquarius and Sagittarius as to which astrological sign is most likely to believe “the powers that be” are suppressing advancements in science and technology or silencing truth-tellers. GLOW obviously had nothing to do with suppressed science or advancements in technology but one can’t help but why, out of the blue, it was forced to close up shop after only 4 years in existence. With 7 million weekly viewers, very healthy profit margins, and seemingly unlimited marketing opportunities something doesn’t add up about why it was shut down at the very height of its popularity. Maybe the idea that wrestling was obviously entertainment and that women could draw ratings as well as men was a bit too much truth for the wrestling world’s version of the “men behind the curtain”. Female icon and all round Super-Sag Wonder Woman has never gotten her own motion picture the way iconic male superheroes like Superman and Batman have, perhaps for some of the same narrow minded reasons GLOW has never been resuscitated.

Like her male counterpart, the Sagittarius woman will often outdo her competition by leaps and bounds. Magett warns her readers that this is the sign most likely to take a broken champagne bottle to somebody’s neck at a party or to solve a workplace dispute by leaving a bag of snakes on their boss’s desk. (Source) None of the GLOW ladies ever went quite that far but one did routinely make her way to the ring operating an actual chainsaw while another once wrestled a live bear. (Being half-horse Sag is usually an animal lover) Even those performers who shied away from industrial strength power tools or 700 pound killer animals made no apologies for venturing way outside the boundaries of what was considered socially acceptable for women to be doing with their lives.

Astrologer Raven Kaldera associates Sagittarius with the myth of Vainamoinen, the Finnish God of adventure whose array of fascinating friends and talented sidekicks help him save the day. (Source) According to Kaldera, Vainamoinen’s gift is “to see the golden dream on the far horizon, to figure out the pathway there, to shoot for it, and to inspire others to do the same”. (Source) As the high decibel haute couture favored by the ladies of GLOW makes quite clear, the promotion had no shortage of “fascinating friends and talented sidekicks”:

More importantly than its array of fascinating and talented performers, GLOW inspired its fan base of young women to shoot for the horizons, dream the dreams, and venture the pathways of their own choosing without being held back by society’s assumptions regarding their gender. At the height of its popularity a number of the wrestlers were receiving upwards of 300 fan letters per week, most from young girls seeking advice on how to follow in the footsteps of the Vainamoinen inspired women they were watching on television each week. Writing for Vice Magazine, journalist Jennifer Juniper Stratford recalls the uplifting effect GLOW’s “take no prisoners” approach had on her as a teenager, emphasis added:

One morning in 1986, my mother came barging into the room I shared with my sister, insisting that we get in front of the television. “I think I found the greatest show on television,” she exclaimed. “It’s called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!”

We crowded around a tiny television and within seconds we were cheering and picking out our favorites. I was 14 at the time and these women were the absolute coolest role models a teenager could ask for. Not only did they wear fantastic outfits while they smashed someone’s head against the turnbuckle, they put feminine stereotypes in a chokehold as well by celebrating the many facets of women using strength and humor. Growing up with a single mom in an all-female household, this was exactly what we needed. (Source)

In other words, what was most Sagittarian of all about GLOW had noting to do with the big hair, outrageous outfits, or wildly out of control performances. According to a review of the GLOW documentary, “GLOW was about a whole lot more than wrestling or even sports: It was about politics, race, sex, gender, and power, and about who controls narratives about women’s bodies and desires”. (Source) Sagittarius is ultimately the sign of the Philosopher and the Clown, both of whom on are quests. The Philosopher is on a quest to seek great spiritual truths while the Clown is on a quest simply to have fun. Behind all the absurdity and camp of GLOW the ladies truly were on a pair of Sagittarian style quests, one to show that women are perfectly capable of defining their own experiences and the other to have outrageous loads of fun while doing so.

About the Author: Matthew David Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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Virgo Sun, Leo Moon: The Playmaker and the Theater Major (“Still on beat, showin’ love to the streets”)

Editor’s Note: audio/visual versions of this article have been uploaded to YouTube and Libsyn. -Matt

Along with being the most health conscious sign of the zodiac, Virgo also excels at writing, analysis, and forensic research due to its eye for detail, accuracy, and love of footnotes. In medical astrology, Virgo is associated with the intestines which through their power of analysis and discretion decide what stays with the body and what is discarded as waste. Virgo’s penchant for analysis and association with the intestines is also why you’ll find a disproportionate number of muckrakers born under this sign. Journalist Upton Sinclair, whose 1903 book The Jungle exposed the horrors of the early 20th century meatpacking industry, is a representative Virgo Sun. Combine the intellectual leanings of a Virgo Sun with a Leo Moon’s instincts for showmanship and the result is a Sun/Moon that is capable of doing muckraking journalism (Virgo) in a fashion that’s highly theatrical (Leo). To illustrate: using its on-air premier date as its date of birth, the 2003 ESPN television series Playmakers is a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

Yes, Playmakers was about football but don’t let that dissuade you from giving it serious consideration. The series was absolutely riveting, receiving acclaim from critics (Virgo) and sky high ratings (Leo) from viewers; a well crafted, smartly written (Virgo) piece of theater (Leo) that was to professional football at the turn of 21st century what The Jungle was to the meatpacking industry at the turn of the 20th. The show was designed for male football aficionados yet brought in huge numbers of both women and non-sports fans because it depicted the most human of dramas: depression and drug addiction, unsettling power dynamics and deeply troubling family legacies. The plot lines were thought-provoking (Virgo) yet entertaining (Leo), featuring multi-faceted characters cast into complex ethical dilemmas with no easy solutions. The show’s story arcs were fictional but highly realistic and more than a bit prescient: a star quarterback keeping his painkiller habit from his doctor, a young running back trying to escape a family curse, a respected veteran player covering up un-respectable actions from the past, a team doctor caught in an ethical quandary, a head coach keeping his cancer diagnosis from his family, and a Catholic wide receiver keeping his homosexuality from everybody — all issues that the NFL has done its best to deny or dismiss over the last 15 years. The show was a hit because it depicted the players not as caricatures but as human beings, exactly what Upton Sinclair did with meatpackers in The Jungle a century earlier.

Unfortunately, despite sky high ratings and critical acclaim, the series only lasted for one season as it absolutely enraged the NFL who pressured ESPN to kill it. Amazingly, one team owner said he felt the NFL was as wholesome an institution as Disneyland but that Playmakers had depicted it as being akin to the Medellin drug cartel. That’s a strange analogy to make since the NFL is arguably responsible for more heads being bashed and lives being shortened than Pablo Escobar himself.

The theme for Playmakers includes a line “Still on beat, showin’ love to the streets come on you know me” — which just so happens to describe this pairing’s combination of conscientious mindfulness (Virgo) and full-hearted bravura (Leo Moon). In her book Love Signs, Linda Goodman describes the Virgo/Leo pairing as being exceptionally well suited for taking the beats to the streets and doing so with lots love:

. . . [this pairing] will waltz down the Yellow Brick Road, grinning at each other and tossing posies, as happy and hopeful as we mortals are capable for being, with Leo strumminig the ukulele and Virgo playing the piccolo, serenely singing their song in tune. If it goes out for a key for a few bars, Virgo will immediately blow the proper note on a pitch pipe, correct the situation, and all will be melodious again . . .” (Source)

Goodman goes on to describe high functioning Virgo/Leo pairing as “miracle set to music”. To illustrate: music journalist and hip-hop legend Fred Brathwaite is a Virgo with his Moon in Leo. (Chart) Braithwaite, best known as “Fab Five Freddy”, started off as rapper and street artist in New York’s early 1980s underground hip hop and punk scenes. In 1988 he came to public attention as the original host of Yo! MTV Raps, the first television show dedicated specifically to rap music. Freddy has likely never played the ukulele or piccolo but as the host of Yo! he did put in a lot of work getting hip hop music onto to the multi-billion dollar Yellow Brick Road of mainstream acceptance:

These days hip hop music is nearly ubiquitous. In fact, it’s such a part of contemporary culture that there are now a not insignificant number of police officers who grew up listening to rapper Ice Cube belt out “F–k Tha’ Police” while KRS One’s hit “Sound of the Police” is now used to sell internet services. At the time Freddy started hosting Yo! things were a good deal different. Back then hip hop was seen by middle America as occupying a space between fadish and irrelevant, dangerous and criminalistic. Freddy’s work as the host of Yo! helped bring it from the fringes of the party to being the party itself. In 1988 there was no Twitter or YouTube or Soundcloud for independent artists to get their work in front of the public. If you were an up-and-coming rapper who aspired to be a real playmaker, your best bet at the time was to score an appearance on Yo! with Fab Five Freddy where you’d get a chance to “stay on beat” while “showin’ love to streets”.

Yo! may not have been a literal “miracle set to music” as per Goodman’s description of the Virgo/Leo pairing but with Freddy at the helm it definitely served as a working class (Virgo) home for entertainment (Moon in Leo) at its finest. Numerous household names in the hip hop game ranging from Fresh Prince (Will Smith) to Queen Latifah to Salt-N-Pepa’ made their television debuts alongside Freddy on Yo!. Once there they were free to serenely sing their songs, blow their notes, and be as melodious as they wanted (or didn’t want) to be.

According to astrologer Stella Hyde, Virgos make for great homeopaths and life coaches while Leo Moons are nourished by highly theatrical jobs such media mogul, circus ringmaster, and WWE wrestler. YouTube health and fitness celebrity Brandon Carter is a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Carter is, in effect, a life coach (Virgo Sun) with the stage presence of a WWE superstar (Leo Moon), a statistician-homeopath (Virgo) whose the circus ringmaster of a social media empire (Leo Moon), a DIY nutritionist (Virgo) surrounded by an entourage of compatriots (Leo Moon) — some hailing from the halls of high society, some straight from the ‘hood, some sophisticated, some scurrilous. If you haven’t seen his YouTube channel it’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see if Tony Robbins (“Awaken the Power Within”) collaborated with John Shaft (“He’s a Bad Mother . . .”) or Tim Ferris (“Four Hour Body”) co-hosted a seminar with rapper Too Short (“Born to Mack”). It’s one part Dr. Axe, one part LL Cool J:

Carter’s best known for helping to popularize what are known as “street workouts”, an insurgent exercise movement that is one part old school calisthenics, one part freestyle break-dancing. Unlike expensive memberships at corporate owned globo-gyms or the over priced pretentiousness of many yoga studios, street workouts require nothing more than access to an outdoor park and a good attitude. The workouts are a highly efficient (Virgo Sun) form of exercise that rewards stagecraft and creativity (Leo Moon), one whose adherents are to mainstream gym chains what crypto-currency investors are are to the Federal Reserve or what builders of “tiny homes” are to the Toll Brothers corporation. Some samples are viewable at this link:

Don’t be too distracted by the shirtless theatrics, there is more to this pairing then keeping the body fat low (Virgo) and the drama quotient high (Leo Moon). According to astrologer Raven Kaldera, Virgo/Leo is the Sun/Moon of “The Bard” whose job is to speak truth (Virgo) to power (Leo):

The Bard is willing to go forth and speak in a sacred voice, telling even rulers how to rule and putting a check on tyranny.

The Bard was deemed too dangerous to less secure Kings, and he was taken out of the equation . . . a deed that became deadly in the end. When the Bard cannot act as a check and balance to the King, the situation is turned over to the Aquarius opposition, who will have the King down as fast as possible. Thus the Bard’s job is crucial to the King, even if the King dislikes it occasionally (or often). (Source)

Kaldera tells us that in addition to speaking truth to power, the Virgo/Leo Bard can often be found speaking, writing, or reading “eloquent and inspirational political writing and thinking deeply about how it moves them.” (Source) Prior to becoming a fitness (Virgo) celebrity (Leo), Carter had gained some traction in the independent music scene. Like the music of any good Bard, his lyrics were aimed at putting a check on the tyrannical rule of various out of control Kings. Consider, for instance, these excerpts from his 2010 single “Blood Money”:

That Holy war ain’t working Mosque and Churches get it straight . . . Because I know for certain the verses don’t advocate . . . You killing another person or hurting them for their faith . . . Al-Qaeda wont see the virgins, Bush wont see no pearly Gates . . . They tryin’ to enslave you, Obama works for Goldman Sachs, how he gonna save you?

Carter’s video for “Blood Money” was released to YouTube where it quickly racked up 200,000 views before YouTube removed it from their site for reasons that are not totally clear.

Carter released “Blood Money” during the heyday of the Occupy Wall Street movement, a brief time during which it seemed the forces of decency might be turning the tables on the forces of tyranny. Unfortunately, that era did not last long. By the fall of 2016 autocracy was on the rise and hate on the offensive. Despite the efforts of Bards throughout the country, Donald Trump ultimately ascended to the office of the Presidency via a campaign of garish misogyny and race based grievances. Furthermore, a number of respected outlets suspect the Trump family is funded by blood money while it’s now become clear they intend to bleed the country dry.

An ad-hoc, Aquarian-era network of groups has since coalesced into “the Resistance”, a series of loosely affiliated tribes who seek to oppose the Trump family and turn back the damage they’re doing to the country and world. The Resistance has scored some definite victories in recent months, mostly by rallying together the targets of Trump’s scapegoating: women, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, and others. However, it has also struggled mightily to connect with the disaffected young males that form the backbone of the “alt-right” — the internet era, social media shock-mob that propelled Trump into power.

Purusing his YouTube channel, it appears that Carter has pivoted from his more politically oriented, Occupy Wall Street era musical projects into selling sports supplements and providing life success tips. That sort of pivot is certainly understandable given how difficult it is to monetize one’s creativity in the current media environment. That goes double if you don’t have family money, a fat curriculum vitae, or flush Silicon Valley stock options to fall back on. At the same, it’s really unfortunate. The forces that have mobilized to oppose the alt-right eventually must connect with at least a portion of those disaffected males if they hope to turn back the tides of fascism. Running 76 year old Bernie Sanders or establishment wonder-boy Joe Kennedy out there is only going to get “the Resistance” so far. If they really want to win they’d be wise to consider enlisting the services of some legitimate playmakers who can “stay on beat while showing love to the streets” ala Brandon Carter.

About the Author: Matthew David Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults via Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, LibSyn or this site’s contact page.

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Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon: The Wave Runner and the Rescue Jumper, the Super Paramedic and the Universal Soldier

(Image: U.S. Air Force Pararescue, found via YouTube)

Like their animal symbol the crab, Cancer Suns often identify with the creatures of the seashore. Like their animal symbol the horse, Sagittarius Moons must roam free in the great outdoors if they are to feel themselves. Combine a security seeking Cancer Sun’s love of the seashore with a Sagittarius Moon’s need for adventure and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that makes for a fabulous lifeguard. Expansive, explorative, and extremely concerned about the welfare of others, this pairing is one part Den Mother (Cancer), one part Super Crusader (Sagittarius). To illustrate: using the day of its activation as its date of birth, the U.S. Air Force’s Para-Rescue squad is a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) Originally established shortly after World War II to rescue downed U.S. airmen, they’re also the folks you see retrieving astronauts when they splashdown in the ocean after coming back from space:

Photos Courtesy NASA, U.S. Air Force

Cancers are notoriously home-bound but that’s not the case with this one. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings this is the one most likely to make its home (Cancer) on the high seas or in far off frontiers (Sagittarius). Most Cancers stay close to home, this one prefers to make its home on the range. To illustrate: Sir Walter Raleigh is a Cancer/Sagittarius who established the first English colony in the New World. (Chart) Of course he also was responsible for the “Lost Colony” on Roanoke Island, an endeavor that definitely could have used the services of a para-rescue squad.

Where-ever they decide to call home, Cancer/Sagittarians will often be found rendering assistance to those in need. Astrologer Bill Tierney says both signs “share a common desire to help the helpless” with Cancer willing to share its food and Sagittarius willing to share its camping gear. (Source) The pairing thus also makes for a great park ranger, outdoor adventure guide, or wilderness paramedic — a point which this promotional poster from an Air Force Para-Rescue unit’s public relations office makes quite clear:

Image: U.S. Air Force

Linda Goodman says the Cancer/Sagittarius pairing is often found having a “jolly good time” while Suzi and Charles Harvey cite its “wry sense of humor” as one of its strengths. (Source) Curiously enough the unofficial morale patch for Para-Rescue jumpers features a Jolly Green Giant who goes by the wry motto “You fuck up, we pick up”:


In addition to its sense of humor, this pairing is often profoundly sensitive (Cancer) to issues of right and wrong (Sagittarius). Many Cancer/Sagittarians will, at some point in their life, come face to face with gross injustices which his or her culture of origin (Cancer) judges to be perfectly moral (Sagittarius). To illustrate: using its premier date as its date of birth the 1992 film Universal Soldier is a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) The film stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren as soldiers who killed each other in Vietnam only to be reanimated in the 1990s as part of a Pentagon program to develop zombie like super soldiers. Their programming is designed to wipe their memories clear but like all Cancers, this one never forgets. Upon completing his first mission as a reanimated “UniSol”, Van Damme’s character experiences a flashback in which he remembers attempting to stop Lundgren’s character from committing Nazi-like war crimes:

Universal Soldier is a fictional film but there are more than a few Cancer/Sagittarians who can relate to the emotional (Cancer) journey (Sagittarius) of Mr. Van Damme’s character. To illustrate: Jesse Ventura is a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) A Navy Seal during the Vietnam War, Ventura famously went on to become a professional wrestler, movie star, and politician. These days he’s best known for his outspoken views on corporate criminality and government corruption. For instance, in this 2009 interview with Larry King he explains that #1) in his opinion Guantanamo Bay is the U.S. version of the Hanoi Hilton, the infamous Vietnam era prison and #2) if he was president he would prosecute George Bush and Dick Cheney as war-criminals for their roles in making torture a sanctioned component of U.S. foreign policy. The Harveys say this pairing will live its life with “moral integrity” and won’t back down from speaking its mind. You’ll be hard pressed to find better examples of either trait than this interview with Mr. Ventura starting at 1:18:

Cancer is considered the comedian of the zodiac while Sagittarius is known for its outrageous proclamations. The Cancer/Sagittarius pairing thus has a knack for making folks laugh even when speaking defiantly and candidly about important moral issues. When Ventura proclaims to Larry King in the above interview, “Give me Dick Cheney, a water board, and one hour and I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders” it’s impossible not to let out a righteous chuckle even though what he’s discussing is anything but a laughing matter. More recently, he appeared on the Alex Jones show to discuss the presidency of Donald Trump. According to Ventura, “If Trump builds that wall of his I’m going over the top and staying in Mexico”. Some of Ventura’s other media appearances have been so pregnant (Cancer) with flaming arrows of truth and forthrightness (Sagittarius Moon) that it’s amazing he’s ever allowed on mainstream television.

Aries is thought to be the warrior of the zodiac but Cancer’s association with the “Great Mother” makes this sign absolutely ferocious when it comes to defense of home, family, clan, and country. Paired with the crusading spirit of a Sagittarius Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that can be a true “universal solider” — one who fiercely defends (Cancer) universal principals of human rights (Sagittarius Moon), something that’s needed now more than ever before.

About the Author: Matthew David Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon: The Source Code, the Spook Loop, and the Psychic Surveillance State (Part II, "Through a PRISM, Darkly")

Continued from Part I

By now you’ve heard about “PRISM”, the NSA surveillance program so all encompassing it can “watch your ideas as they form”, to quote Edward Snowden’s assessment of its capabilities. What you probably haven’t heard about is a database and pattern recognition program by the name of “PROMIS”, the circa 1982 granddaddy progenitor of today’s mass surveillance systems. Why haven’t you heard about PROMIS before? There’s a number of reasons not the least of which is journalists who get too deep into the story have a nasty habit of turning up dead, usually under very suspicious circumstances. (Source) An astrological consideration of PROMIS is certainly in order at this time because, as an early 1990’s Australian news program “A Current Affair” describes it, the PROMIS saga revolves around “spying on a scale never before imagined”:

Using the date of its creation as its date of birth, PROMIS is a Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) Astrologer Linda Goodman observes that Pisces “absorbs people’s feeling and emotions like a psychic sponge” while Gemini “always wants something to read.” (Source) As explained in a previous article, this pairing can get so good at connecting, collating, and cross-indexing subtle impressions from the psychic world (Pisces) with data driven perceptions from the information world (Gemini) that he or she will seem to sense your thoughts before you do:

When the intuitive abilities of a Pisces Sun are combined with a Gemini Moon’s need for constant communication the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that’s adaptable, versatile, hyper-flexible, and hyper-aware. This combination is often something of a savant when it comes to languages, whether spoken or symbolic, ethereal or technological.

Pisces is associated with diffusive invisibility while Gemini is associated with multiple identities. The combination can thus ply its trade while remaining opaque, obfuscated, obscured or even disguised as something innocuous, similar to what a chameleon can do. In the old days it made for a great witch (or warlock). In the modern day it makes for a great computer hacker.

William Gibson, the writer who coined the phrase “cyberspace” in his 1984 novel Neuromancer, is a representative Pisces/Gemini. (Chart) His novels typically feature computer hackers, renegade CIA agents, ubiquitous surveillance systems, and other techno-occult themes.

According to astrologer Bill Tierney, “Pisces seeps into a situation’s hidden layers to uncover less visible facts” while “Gemini’s job is to spot, observes, and articulate”. (Source)

Short for “Prosecutor’s Management Information System”, PROMIS was originally intended as a federal case management tool. Designed by former NSA analyst Bill Hamilton, it worked by reading and integrating a wide variety of previously non-compatible databases into a single elegant, searchable, private proto-Google. This enabled the prosecutor to peer into previously “hidden layers” (Pisces) of a case to “uncover less visible facts” by “spotting, observing, and articulating” (Gemini) all the actions of the defendants, witnesses, arresting officers, judges, detectives, and defense lawyers in all their previous cases. (Source) When all that information was cross-collated and analyzed it became easy to predict which defense attorney and/or which judge was going to take which course of action in which case with what degree of probability. A legal strategy that might have taken months or years to research and develop before PROMIS could now be decided upon in nano-seconds. For the attorneys with access to it, PROMIS was, in effect, a micro-processor powered crystal ball.

Intelligence agencies quickly realized that with a few modifications PROMIS could be altered to quickly cross-collate and analyze a target’s bank deposits/withdrawals, credit card transactions, insurance files, stock investments, book purchases, phone calls, porn habits, geographic movements, as well as those of all their associates out to several degrees of separation. When all of that information is overlaid with data from reconnaissance satellites, surveillance cameras, and license plate readers the resulting dossier is astonishing in its thoroughness. Investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts, the Assistant Secretary of HUD during the Bush I administration, has said the film Enemy of the State is a good approximation of what these systems were capable of back around 1992. Today the systems are run not by humans sitting in front of terminals but by automated, artificial intelligence powered super-computers that compile high detail, low-cost, real time dossiers on the entire population, not just selected troublemakers. (Source) What’s depicted in Enemy of the State is thus more than a generation out of date but if you fast forward to 00:48 of this scene you’ll at least get a decent, if fictionalized, visual reference for how invisible (Pisces) connections (Gemini) can be discerned with PROMIS progeny:

According to LAPD narcotics detective turned investigative reporter Michael C. Ruppert, by the turn of the millennium the system had mutated into an automated, algorithm driven Hydra, with a computerized “head” invisibly (Pisces) peering (Gemini) into every database and through every camera on the planet 24 hours a day. (Source) In other words, how modern government surveillance is less “FBI agent listening in on your phone calls” and more “All Seeing Eye, Version 2.0”:

What would you do if you possessed software that could think, understand every language in the world, that provided peep holes into everyone else’s computer “dressing rooms,” that could insert data into computers without people’s knowledge, that could fill in blanks beyond human reasoning and also predict what people would do – before they did it? You would probably use it wouldn’t you?

[large snip]

[My source] described an actual physical point in space, further out than ever thought possible and now used by US satellites. This distance is made possible by PROMIS progeny so evolved that they make the original software look primitive. [From there], everything would be visible in terms of measurable and predictable patterns – the ultimate big picture.

[large snip]

Once its power and advantages are demonstrated, most corporations, banks or nations are eager to be a part of the “exclusive” club that has it. (Source)

There are, of course, perfectly legal and reasonable uses for PROMIS. According to Bill Hamilton, it’s now routinely used to by banks, insurance companies, and law enforcement to spot everything from identity theft to insider trading to insurance fraud to tax evasion. By 2007, the technology had advanced to the point that credit card companies could even predict which married couples would get divorced with a 95% plus rate of accuracy just by running their credit card transactions through AI-powered “data waterfalls”. (Source) That’s more accurate than most psychics (Pisces), no matter how many inquiries (Gemini) they make.

The software’s predictive abilities come alive via the power of what’s known as “block modeling”, a process IBM pioneered beginning in the 1980s when it began building computerized models of its own employees. (Source) (It’s now called “dimensional modeling”) How it works: let’s assume a person is so unique that they’re one in a million. That means there’s 350 other people with their exact psychological profile just in the United States alone. Even the most unique person’s thoughts can thus be predicted with a high degree of accuracy based on what the other 349 people in their respective data “block” have done or thought in similar situations. If an agency or corporation can data mine all of a person or community’s emails, phone calls, google searches, banking records, etc, then automatically compare and cross-analyze those against the same data mined from all the other persons and/or communities in similar “blocks” the resulting psychological profiles start to get extraordinarily granular. The software is so powerful that, according to a 1991 Vanity Fair article, journalist Danny Casolaro was murdered for his investigation into it. Dubbed “the Octopus conspiracy”, the story even made an episode of the television series Unsolved Mysteries. Fast forward to 4:07, you’ll even get to see Bill Hamilton, the man who developed PROMIS in the first place:

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us the Pisces/Gemini pairing has internal “lines of communication” which are used to “keep a running commentary on people and situations” (Source) That’s exactly how PROMIS works, by accessing every “line of communication” imaginable to keep running, real-time dossiers (“commentaries”) on not only people but also entire governments, organizations, neighborhoods, corporations, communities, ecosystems, families, and financial markets. According to a UK Register article entitled “War Games on the Grandest Scale”, the Pentagon has been utilizing PROMIS like systems to build virtual reality computer simulations of all 6.5 billion people on the planet since 2007. The system, called the “Sentient World Simulation” is, for all intents and purposes, a psychic (Pisces) data exchange (Gemini) — one that can predict the likely actions of an individual or community years before they’ve even thought to take them. That sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie but it’s actually already decade old technology. According to a recent PBS article, in the early-to-mid 2000s the National Security Agency developed a computer system called “AQUAINT” (Advanced Question Answering for Intelligence), an artificial intelligence powered black box agents can query to find out what person X thinks about subject Y. (Source) AQUAINT is, in effect, a psychic surveillance system — one whose lineage can almost certainly be traced back to the PROMIS software originally designed by Bill Hamilton and stolen from his company INSLAW.

When Jefferson Anderson wrote in 1978 that the Pisces/Gemini pairing is “actually several clever individuals inside of one and can play any part in order to get what you want” he had no idea just how accurate he was. (Source) The ability of PROMIS progeny to manipulate any database (“play any part”) makes them extremely effective at enabling subtle manipulation of both groups and individuals, from Wall Streeters to whistle-blowers, multi-national corporations to localized protest movements. Suffice it to say, it’s a excellent tool for blackmail and intimidation. Those old school J. Edgar Hoover tactics, while still useful, are crude child’s play compared to where PROMIS progeny really shine. When integrated with the latest advancements in neural networking and parallel processing they can perform not only surveillance but also intervention in the systems being monitored: cell phones, power grids, court systems, oil rigs, research facilities, traffic lights, automobiles, stock markets, email accounts, tax and regulatory records, anything computerized. (Source) Whoever wrote the 1992 Robert Redford film Sneakers had such a detailed understanding of PROMIS software’s capabilities that it’s amazing the movie was even allowed to be made. In one particularly chilling scene, Redford’s team realize the software can be used not only for theft and espionage but to do things like artificially shut down parts of the power grid or even to crash passenger jets by manipulating air traffic control systems:

As coincidence would have it, PROMIS dervied software was on the computers of the FAA, NORAD, the Secret Service, and the White House the day of the 9/11 attacks. (Source)

Using its original air date as its date of birth, the classic Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” is also a Pisces/Gemini — one whose plot bears more than a few similarities to the PROMIS software saga. (Chart) In the episode space aliens on a secret mission use advanced technology to manipulate a town’s electrical and telecommunications grid, plunging the residents into a frenzy of paranoia, suspicion, chaos, and violent scapegoating. A 2002 reboot of the series replaced the team of invading space aliens with a secret Pentagon unit tasked with stoking people’s fears of terrorism.


In the epilogue to “Monsters” Rod Serling stated, “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, explosions, and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts . . .” Unfortunately, as events of the last decade have made clear, the mass weaponization of our thoughts is no longer something confined to the Twilight Zone.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

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Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Smooth Talking Spy and the Deep Cover Diplomat (“Don’t let the sweet talk fool ya'”)

Combine the highly social, smoothly diplomatic ways of a Libra Sun with the covert instincts of a Scorpio Moon and you get a person who can thrive in artistic or social ventures (Libra) that require the native to walk through the valley of death (Scorpio). According to astrologers Charles and Suzi Harvey this is the combination of “. . . the blonde bombshell whose self-possession and sanguine smile says ‘don’t mess with me’.” (Source) Astrologer Jefferson Anderson observes that this pairing “possesses the style of the dove and the intensity of the hawk.” (Source) To illustrate: rapper Calvin Broadus Jr, best known as Snoop Dogg, is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon (Chart) Snoop’s combination of smooth, dove-like lyricism (Libra) and clandestine, hawk-like intensity (Scorpio) comes through with extreme clarity in the music video for the 1991 film Deep Cover, the video that launched his career. He’s obviously not an actual “blonde bombshell” but, even at a then 21 years old, his self-possessed demeanor definitely communicates that he is not one to be messed with:

According to Stella Hyde, Libras make for great lawyers and spin doctors who “can take any piece of info — especially the damaging kind — and spin it into a web of silken verbiage until it gleams” while Scorpio Moons are nourished by jobs such as Professional Assassin, Secret Agent and Vampire Slayer. (Source) The backstory to the Deep Cover theme is a great example of this pairing’s capacity for spin doctoring (Libra) potentially damaging information about the slaying of a vampire (Scorpio Moon) until the resultant story sounds as smooth to the ear as silk feels to the touch. At the time “Deep Cover” was in the works, the authorities were all over the group N.W.A. for their song “Fuck tha’ Police” and rapper Ice-T for his song “Cop Killa”. Snoop knew that due to the fallout from these songs he would have to lawyerly spin doctor (Libra) Deep Cover’s storyline about the assassination of a corrupt undercover officer (Scorpio Moon) into subtle verbiage that would slip past the censors at MTV like a pair of Gucci loafers. A 1993 article in the New York Times explains how he did this:

Snoop’s vocal style is part of what distinguishes him: where many rappers scream, figuratively and literally, he speaks softly. Compare the treatment of the murder of a police officer in the song “Deep Cover,” from the soundtrack of the 1992 movie of that name, with that of Ice-T’s “Cop Killer.” Both songs gained popularity in the summer of 1992, but “Deep Cover” did not provoke the controversy “Cop Killer” did because of Snoop’s subtlety: to understand “Deep Cover’s” refrain — ” ‘cuz it’s one eight seven on a undercover cop” — one has to know that in Los Angeles police terminology the number 1-8-7 means homicide.

“It’s the way you put it down,” Snoop explains. “I put it down with a twist. Everybody in the whole world knew ‘Cop Killer’ meant kill a cop. And every policeman knows the municipal code is 187, but everybody in the whole world didn’t know that. (Source)

Obviously, few Libra/Scorpios will end up as calmly (Libra) lethal (Scorpio) rap musicians like Snoop. Many, however, will find their lives characterized by subtle (Libra) intrigue (Scorpio) not totally different from that described above. The fox who made his or her way into the hen house was likely a Libra/Scorpio.

Libra, the sign of social justice, is at its best when reconciling divisions between people. Ecologically, Scorpio is the energy of the composting process in which old death is transmuted into new life. Given the epidemic levels of death, decay, and social division now plaguing America, a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon such as Snoop could be quite effective at navigating the current political landscape. Snoop as a political leader may sound a bit outlandish if you’ve seen some of his more irreverent performances – such as his brownie-baking appearance on Martha Stewart’s show – but here is a video of him discussing politics with Larry King and doing so with both smooth aplomb and a tangible air of gravitas:

Even if Snoop has no desire to get into political leadership, he would likely excel in film roles of a much more intensely political nature than those he’s taken to date. Actors do best when their roles match the traits found in their astrological charts and Snoop happens to have the same Sun/Moon pairing as the Black Panther Party, the revolutionary African American social movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Using their establishment date of 10/15/66 as their date of birth, the Black Panthers are also a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Black Panthers’ Chart)

Jimmy Carter, the only U.S. president who has had the intestinal fortitude to tell Americans the truth about their oil predicament, is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Source) Despite their radically different external appearances, Carter and Snoop actually have quite a few things in common. Carter got his start in government as a young naval officer navigating the clandestine underworld of the 1940s submarine wars. Snoop got his start in music as a young rapper navigating the clandestine underworld of the 1990s gangster rap wars. The two ecosystems aren’t as different as one might think. Both involve deadly underworlds where deciphering friend from foe and up from down requires deftly honed sensitivities – which is exactly what the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon person is in possession of.

People remember Carter as the kindly peanut farmer president but the reality is he was as tough a customer as they come. Take a look at the calm (Libra) intensity (Scorpio) emanating from his eyes during his days as a young submarine warfare officer. Then compare that to the look emanating from Snoop’s eyes as a young artist navigating an ecosystem every bit as opaquely threatening as the depths of the North Atlantic sea during World War II:

Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon: This pairing excels at deftly navigating even the most deadly of ecosystems

In both men what you see is “the blonde bombshell whose self possession says don’t mess with me”, even though neither man is literally a “blonde bombshell”.

Carter told it like it was in regards to the geopolitics of U.S. oil dependency, the Black Panthers told it like it was in regards to econo-politics of the prison industrial complex, and Snoop has a reputation for telling it like it is in regards to the socio-politics of the music industry. (Source) That all three would share a reputation for unflinching honesty regarding issues of life-and-death is no surprise given their Sun/Moon pairing. At its most effective expression, the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon individual can remain calm and diplomatic (Libra) during times of intense crisis and change (Scorpio).

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

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