Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Super Star Space Warp(s) and the Best Friends Forever

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Leo is the sign of the celebrity and the superstar. People with their Suns (conscious identity) in this high profile sign make for great media moguls, circus ringmasters, and goldmine owners according to astrologer Stella Hyde. (Source) Sitting 180 degrees opposite Leo is Aquarius, sign of the scientist, the space alien, the all round super-freak. People with their Moons (emotional needs) in this far out sign feel most at home in oddball places like science fiction conventions or when setting off political revolutions Hyde tells us. Actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are both Leos with their Moons in Aquarius. Both are famous (Leo) for starring in The X-Files, a show about space aliens and super-freaks (Aquarius). As a result of the show’s success, both actors are huge hits (Leo) on the science fiction convention (Aquarius) circuit where they’ve coined a veritable goldmine (Leo) from the strange, the freakish, and the extraordinary (Aquarius).

Neither Duchovny or Anderson are high-profile (Leo) political revolutionaries (Aquarius) per se. However, they were so riveting as Mulder and Scully that, in a round about, they did help to bring attention (Leo) to political matters often considered too fringe to be taken seriously (Aquarius). In the early 1990s anybody who believed the government was conspiring with the forces of evil to tap our phones, poison our water, and hide the truth from us was considered too nutty to have around polite company. By the time The X-Files finished its eight year run it was almost acceptable to be concerned about such matters. That shift in our culture was in no small part thanks to the high profile (Leo), super-cool (Aquarius) aplomb that Duchovny and Anderson brought to bear as agents Mulder and Scully. They were the first pair on network television to shine the spotlight (Leo) on two characters who, in effect, operated as proxies for all us intellectually dissident, fringe dwelling, social rejects (Aquarius) of the world. In a pre-internet world that was a very big deal (Leo), even a bit revolutionary (Aquarius).

Astrologer Raven Kaldera calls the Leo/Aquarius pairing the “Friendship Moon” while Suzi and Charles Harvey say it excels at “flamboyantly crossing accepted social boundaries.” (Source) Duchovny and Anderson were so interesting as Mulder and Scully because they portrayed their alter egos as friends first, ones who turned “crossing accepted social boundaries” into an art form of flamboyantly intergalactic proportions. Whether it was aliens out of Area 51, monsters from the deep, conspiracy theorists from the internet, dudes from the CIA, heck, even an astrologer in one episode (“Syzygy”) — Mulder and Scully certainly did not discriminate when it came to who they would associate with or befriend.


Although officially “just friends”, both on screen and off, the sexual tension between the two was so palpable that rumors of a more-than-friends relationship have circulated nearly nonstop since the show debuted. Their alter egos Mulder and Scully apparently did pair off in other-worldly communion during the show’s 2016 reboot. No doubt it was both hawt-as-fawk (Leo) and more than a bit freaky (Aquarius), just what we’d expect from two members of the zodiac’s super star (Leo) space warp (Aquarius) club.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Smooth Talking Spy and the Deep Cover Diplomat (“Don’t let the sweet talk fool ya'”)

Combine the highly social, smoothly diplomatic ways of a Libra Sun with the covert instincts of a Scorpio Moon and you get a person who can thrive in artistic or social ventures (Libra) that require the native to walk through the valley of death (Scorpio). According to astrologers Charles and Suzi Harvey this is the combination of “. . . the blonde bombshell whose self-possession and sanguine smile says ‘don’t mess with me’.” (Source) Astrologer Jefferson Anderson observes that this pairing “possesses the style of the dove and the intensity of the hawk.” (Source) To illustrate: rapper Calvin Broadus Jr, best known as Snoop Dogg, is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon (Chart) Snoop’s combination of smooth, dove-like lyricism (Libra) and clandestine, hawk-like intensity (Scorpio) comes through with extreme clarity in the music video for the 1991 film “Deep Cover”, the video that launched his career. He’s obviously not an actual “blonde bombshell” but, even at a then 21 years old, his self-possessed demeanor definitely communicates that he is not one to be messed with:

According to Stella Hyde, Libras make for great lawyers and spin doctors who “can take any piece of info — especially the damaging kind — and spin it into a web of silken verbiage until it gleams” while Scorpio Moons are nourished by jobs such as Professional Assassin, Secret Agent and Vampire Slayer. (Source) The backstory to the Deep Cover theme is a great example of this pairing’s capacity for spin doctoring (Libra) potentially damaging information about the slaying of a vampire (Scorpio Moon) until the resultant story sounds as smooth to the ear as silk feels to the touch. At the time “Deep Cover” was in the works, the authorities were all over the group N.W.A. for their song “Fuck tha’ Police” and rapper Ice-T for his song “Cop Killa”. Snoop knew that due to the fallout from these songs he would have to lawyerly spin doctor (Libra) Deep Cover’s storyline about the assassination of a corrupt undercover officer (Scorpio Moon) into verbiage so subtle and silky that it would slip past the censors at MTV like a pair of $500 Gucci loafers. A 1993 article in the New York Times explains how he did this:

Snoop’s vocal style is part of what distinguishes him: where many rappers scream, figuratively and literally, he speaks softly. Compare the treatment of the murder of a police officer in the song “Deep Cover,” from the soundtrack of the 1992 movie of that name, with that of Ice-T’s “Cop Killer.” Both songs gained popularity in the summer of 1992, but “Deep Cover” did not provoke the controversy “Cop Killer” did because of Snoop’s subtlety: to understand “Deep Cover’s” refrain — ” ‘cuz it’s one eight seven on a undercover cop” — one has to know that in Los Angeles police terminology the number 1-8-7 means homicide.

“It’s the way you put it down,” Snoop explains. “I put it down with a twist. Everybody in the whole world knew ‘Cop Killer’ meant kill a cop. And every policeman knows the municipal code is 187, but everybody in the whole world didn’t know that. (Source)

Obviously, few if any Libra/Scorpios will not end up as rap musicians like Snoop. Many, however, will find their lives characterized by subtle (Libra) intrigue (Scorpio) not totally different from that described above. The fox who made his or her way into the hen house was likely a Libra/Scorpio.

Libra, the sign of social justice, is at its best when reconciling divisions between people. Ecologically, Scorpio is the energy of the composting process in which old death is transmuted into new life. Given the epidemic levels of death, decay, and social division now plaguing America, a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon such as Snoop could be quite effective at navigating the current political landscape. Snoop as a political leader may sound a bit outlandish if you’ve seen some of his more irreverent performances – such as his brownie-baking appearance on Martha Stewart’s show – but here is a video of him discussing politics with Larry King and doing so with both smooth aplomb and a tangible air of gravitas:

Even if Snoop has no desire to get into political leadership, he would likely excel in film roles of a much more intensely political nature than those he’s taken to date. Actors do best when their roles match the traits found in their astrological charts and Snoop happens to have the same Sun/Moon pairing as the Black Panther Party, the revolutionary African American social movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Using their establishment date of 10/15/66 as their date of birth, the Black Panthers are also a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Black Panthers’ Chart)

Jimmy Carter, the only U.S. president who has had the intestinal fortitude to tell Americans the truth about their oil predicament, is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Source) Despite their radically different external appearances, Carter and Snoop actually have quite a few things in common. Carter got his start in government as a young naval officer navigating the clandestine underworld of the 1940s submarine wars. Snoop got his start in music as a young rapper navigating the clandestine underworld of the 1990s gangster rap wars. The two ecosystems aren’t as different as one might think. Both involve deadly underworlds where deciphering friend from foe and up from down requires deftly honed sensitivities – which is exactly what the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon person is in possession of.

People remember Carter as the kindly peanut farmer president but the reality is he was as tough a customer as they come. Take a look at the calm (Libra) intensity (Scorpio) emanating from his eyes during his days as a young submarine warfare officer. Then compare that to the look emanating from Snoop’s eyes as a young artist navigating an ecosystem every bit as opaquely threatening as the depths of the North Atlantic sea during World War II:

Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon: This pairing excels at deftly navigating even the most deadly of ecosystems

In both men what you see is “the blonde bombshell whose self possession says don’t mess with me”, even though neither man is literally a “blonde bombshell”.

Carter told it like it was in regards to the geopolitics of U.S. oil dependency, the Black Panthers told it like it was in regards to econo-politics of the prison industrial complex, and Snoop has a reputation for telling it like it is in regards to the socio-politics of the music industry. (Source) That all three would share a reputation for unflinching honesty regarding issues of life-and-death is no surprise given their Sun/Moon pairing. At its most effective expression, the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon individual can remain calm and diplomatic (Libra) during times of intense crisis and change (Scorpio).

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Our premier issue (Photo Credit: HennaByHayet.com)

Astrology News Roundup #6: Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Edition

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For the lunar eclipse in Pisces a big issue is the difference between verifiable reality (Virgo) and the world of make believe (Pisces). Example: Stars and Stripes magazine is reporting that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the U.S. taxpayers $5 trillion (and counting). (Source) That equates out to about $55,000 per taxpayer, more if you’re in a higher than average tax bracket, less if you’re in a lower one. For married couples with dual incomes that’s an average of almost $125,000 per household.

The wars were happening at a time when the country was being flooded with ideas via books like The Secret that convinced people their money challenges are entirely a product of a person’s bad thoughts. Excessive negative thinking certainly doesn’t help people mobilize whatever resources may be at their disposal. However, when $125,000 is diverted from each household’s bottom line for the purpose of destroying other countries it’s inevitable that more families are going to struggle. On top of that, getting guilt tripped by those sort of books that it’s all their own fault only adds salt to the psychic wounds that accompany people’s financial struggles. So make believe (Pisces) has been used to distract people from verifiable reality (Virgo), something that is now coming out at the eclipse.

Today’s news roundup:

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Dreams, Mysticism, Healing, Psycho-Pharmacology, Strange Stuff)

Pluto in Capricorn: Planet of Power and Purging in the Sign of Big Business, Big Government

Saturn in Sagittarius: Planet of Karma in Sign of Law, Truth, Travel, Publishing, International Relations

Venus/Jupiter in Libra: The Great Benefics in the Sign of Romance, Socializing


About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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