Pallas Athene: The Female Warrior Asteroid

The following is an 450 word excerpt from “Ladies of the Zodiac, It’s Showtime!”, a 4,500 word article on the astrology of the feminine asteroids that is one of the four features in our premier issue. It was written by Willow of Willow’s Web Astrology, republished with permission. -Matt

Pallas Athene: The Female Warrior Asteroid

The asteroid Pallas Athene is the female warrior, and this symbol indicates something for which we are willing to fight throughout our lives. It indi- cates how we fight — but in a less overt and obvious way than the male warrior symbol, Mars. This symbol is about the way the feminine fights, with its very own strategies, skills, and cunning. Pallas athene indicates battles that go on in the subtler realms and battles that involve strategy. This is also a symbol related to the battle for equality and justice between the sexes.

Pallas Athene was a woman who, according to the mythology, was born from the forehead of her father zeus wearing a full set of armor. There could be no doubt that she was a born warrior, and her skills in strategy, crafts, and combat were so impressive that she was accepted into the fold by the male warriors.

There was just one hitch: in order to be accepted as an equal, Pallas athene had to give up her sexuality and remain celibate, something that was not required of the male warriors.

The mythology of Pallas athene involves an element of female sexuality suppressed in order to be accepted amongst the men. There is a theme of women having their sexuality controlled by the established order and of women having to remain celibate in order not to threaten that established order.

The suppression of female sexuality in professions like military or police work is a Pallas athene theme. Rape against women in the military, a widespread problem, is another. According to an April 2014 lawsuit filed by service Women’s action network and Vietnam Veterans of America against the Veterans’ Administration, nearly 1 in 3 female U.S. soldiers is raped during her service. (Source) There are currently 200,000 active duty women in the U.S. military so that would mean nearly 66,000 of them have been raped during their service. A 1976 U.S. army Manual advised female soldiers that they should guard against being raped by “wearing comfortable clothing and shoes adaptable to running.” (Source) According to a recent Alternet article, “Inside the Military rape Cult”, “in 2010, the DoD found that 19,000 service members were sexually assaulted. (Source) Of those a paltry 3,100, or 13.5 percent, were reported, and of those only 17 percent were prosecuted.” (Source) The overwhelming majority of the 19,000 service members sexually assaulted were junior enlisted women under the age of 25. In 2012 the Pentagon estimated the number had risen from 19,000 to 26,000. (Source) Shockingly, female soldiers are far more likely to be raped by fellow service members than they are to be killed in combat by enemy fire. According to a 2012 Huffington Post analysis of data provided by the Pentagon, “a servicewoman was nearly 180 times more likely to have become a victim of military sexual assault in the past year than to have died while deployed during the last 11 years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.” (Source)

Female soldiers who do come forward with accusations of rape are often harassed by male soldiers and intimidated by their higher-ups, discouraging the reporting of these crimes.

Themes of sexual violence against women as well as the suppression and control of female sexuality run through much of the Greek and roman mythology, reflecting the violent, patriarchal societies from which the stories came.

From Persephone being forcefully dragged off to the underworld by Pluto to Pallas athene having to take a vow of celibacy in order to do her work, many of the feminine bodies are connected to mythological themes of control, suppression, violence, and abuse, often along sexual lines.

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Saturn in Sagittarius and Freeing Suppressed Truths with our Blazing Arrows of Righteousness

Photo Credit: A Katz/

This is an 850 word excerpt from a 7,000 word article on the transit Saturn (planet of suppression) through the sign Sagittarius (truth) by Astrologer Willow of Willow’s Web. It’s scheduled to appear the second issue of Hexagon this December, reposted with permission. -Matt

Over the next three years, we will be working with a number of suppressed (Saturn) truths (Sagittarius) within our cultures. This involves some of the knowledge we absolutely must master in order to be successful from here on in. We are all challenged to update our educations during this transit in order to stay relevant in these quickly-moving times. The spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the continued infiltration of the food supply are major “suppressed truth” subjects on which we must get a strong handle during the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius. Damage to animal health has been shown in multiple scientific feeding trials of GMO diets. Reproductive damage, digestive damage, organ damage, and premature death are just some of the problems observed.

If animals are exhibiting this GMO-related health damage, it is almost certain that the humans eating the animals, animal products, and GM crops will eventually experience similar problems. Despite European bans on genetically modified seeds and crops, genetically modified canola has been found growing wild at four sites in Switzerland. (These represent four “scientifically documented” cases, not the full extent of the problem.) Conventional canola is so contaminated by GMOs at this point that GM canola plants are spreading wherever canola is transported or planted. This means that even nation-wide or continent-wide bans cannot stop the spread of genetically modified seeds and plants.

Here, we see the challenges of living in a world of global trade where decisions made in one country can negatively affect other countries halfway across the world (a Saturn in Sagittarius theme). The labeling of foods containing GMOs is also not fully effective. The really insidious problem is the unintentional and undesired spread of GMOs into natural crops. Labels would cover only those foods knowingly produced with GMOs. Unintentional contamination – a widespread problem – would fly under the radar. These are examples where the anti-GMO rhetoric (“labeling will solve the problem,” “banning GMOs from our country will solve the problem”) is not the full truth. The solutions being proposed and accepted at a mass level are not fully effective. We will be confronted with many instances during Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius when the accepted rhetoric, including in alternative scenes, is not fully effective or truthful. It will be up to us to call these out.

Farmers and citizens have been warning the public about uncontrollable cross-contamination since GMOs were first released in the 1990s. You can’t put nature in a neat, little box, and this truth will be reinforced many times during Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius. At this point, even the natural, non-GM crops of canola, corn, and soybeans have become contaminated by GM versions. This necessitates the elimination of canola oil, corn oil, and soybean oil from the diet, as well as all derivatives of those crops, including lecithin and maltodextrin.

Canola, corn, and soybeans are currently the most GMO-contaminated crops in existence, and all three are common ingredients in processed foods and in livestock feed. Certified organic foods or foods farmed up to organic standards continue to be the best bet for staying as GMO-free as possible. The spread of genetically modified alfalfa is another under-reported situation that adversely affects the global food supply and most directly the North American food supply. I don’t believe there is a single larger threat to the safety of our food supply today. GM alfalfa – modified genetically to withstand massive doses of Monsanto’s chemical herbicide Roundup – is the first feral, perennial GM plant ever unleashed in North America. Alfalfa grows and spreads like a weed. If you thought GM canola spread like wildfire, you haven’t seen anything yet.

GM alfalfa is already widely contaminating the U.S. alfalfa crop after being unconditionally approved by Obama & Gang in 2011. The first reported case of contamination came swiftly. In September 2013, a farmer in Washington state had his alfalfa crop rejected for export due to unintentional and undesired contamination by Roundup Ready GM alfalfa. In other words, the farmer had not planted genetically modified alfalfa, but it infiltrated and destroyed his natural crop. The farmer was told by the USDA – the body that approved GM alfalfa unconditionally – that he would have to re-coup his losses by suing Monsanto. There was no assistance from the United States government for his ruined crop despite the fact that it had given GM alfalfa the green light. In late 2014, China slammed the door to U.S. alfalfa hay imports after tests found contamination of U.S. alfalfa by an illegal GM version.

Alfalfa is used widely as livestock feed and as fertilizer in organic farming. It is also often used as the transition crop during the three-year conventional-to-organic farming shift. The GMO corporations and pro-GMO governments (the Harper regime in Canada and the Obama regime in the United States being two of them) are attacking at the very foundations of organic and non-GM agriculture.

If genetically modified alfalfa continues to infiltrate the natural crop, it could, in effect, be the end of organic or non-GMO agriculture. Dairy and meat would be the most affected, but since alfalfa is commonly used in organic farming, it could mean the end of organic soil, period.

For more on GM alfalfa, make sure to check out the primer on GM alfalfa available at Willow’s blog. She also has several articles in the premier issue of Hexagon, including a feature length piece on the astrology of the feminine asteroids titled “Ladies of the Zodiac: It’s Showtime”.

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Cancer Sun, Libra Moon: “The Black Knight”

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

Raven Kaldera’s book Moon Phases is often spooky accurate. For example, he describes the waxing quarter moon in Libra (Cancer Sun with Libra Moon) as “The Black Knight” whose:

Idealism has turned to anger . . . hopes have been betrayed by the cruelty of unjust people. Anger explodes and the Black Knight takes justice into his own hands. He knows that he is not working for the Man, as it were. He is aware that he is outside the law but considers the law corrupt . . . (Source)

To illustrate: using its premier date (July 21st @ 7:30 pm in Philadelphia) as its date of birth, the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta’ Compton is a Cancer with a Libra Moon — a “Black Knight” as Kaldera puts it. The subjects of the film are, as per his description of the Cancer/Libra pairing, entirely “aware they are outside the law but consider the law corrupt.” The film depicts how their anger at injustice and cruelty meted out by the deeply corrupted LAPD explodes into their 1988 anthem “Fuck Tha’ Police”, the build up to which comprises some of the film’s most sagaciously timely scenes such as this one:

As far as fashion goes, the group favors the all black attire of the L.A. Raiders (Knights) professional football team. None of of the young men appear to own any horses like the Knights of old but their leader is known for cruising around town in a 1964 model Chevy Impala, a high performance vehicle that is to rap musicians of his era what horses were to Knights of medieval times. He even records a song about it, the film’s depiction of which is both wryly humorous and deeply humanizing:

Straight Outta’ Compton is, as a review in Esquire put it, “a music biopic unlike any other musical biopic.” As coincidence would have it, astrologer Linda Goodman describes the biographical arc of the Cancer/Libra pairing in distinctly musical terms. In her book Love Signs she writes:

. . . for a while this can be a melodious scene. Libra adores laughter and the humor of Cancer becomes a rhythmical lyric to the mellow music of Libra’s Venus essence, smooth and restful at times, yet also containing crashing chords and sour notes, punctuated by a kind of rocky roll. It’s pure entertainment, and fortunate indeed are the innocent bystanders brightened by the musical duets of this combo while they’re getting along. The innocent bystanders should enjoy it while it lasts. (Source)

True to Ms. Goodman’s description of the Cancer/Libra pairing, the consensus among reviewers seems to be that Straight Outta’ Compton’s most enjoyable scenes are those which depict the group’s musical performances. Those scenes, all of which take place during the first half of the film, are pure entertainment. The songs we see performed in the film combine the smoothly rhythmical, proto-G-funk style of Dr. Dre’s producing abilities with the crashing intensity of Ice Cube’s lyrical genius, all punctuated by the menacingly understated street drawl of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. In contrast, the second half of the film focuses on what happens when the musical duets stop and disputes over money begin. By the end of the film those disputes leave a trail of innocent bystanders in their wake: wives and girlfriends, business partners, even Eazy-E himself.

According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey, the Cancer/Libra pairing possesses a “strong social conscience” and will often find itself involved in “politics where your concern for the underdog and your desire for justice can express itself eloquently.” (Source) This is exactly what we see depicted in Straight Outta’ Compton: a group of underdogs whose impassioned calls for justice so completely disrupt politics as usual that they set off a firestorm of controversy and end up being targeted by the FBI.

Straight Outta’ Compton has received mostly rave reviews but the film is not without some shortcomings. The group’s misogyny and homophobia are left unquestioned while Dr. Dre’s vicious beating of music journalist Dee Barnes is left unmentioned. (Source) The contributions of all-star girl group JJ Fad are conveniently written out of the film even though it was money and acclaim from their hit song “Super Sonic” that established the groups’s label Ruthless Records as a legitimate mover-and-shaker within the music industry. (Source) So while not without some serious oversights, the film is most likely to be remembered as an eloquent expression of why calls for justice regarding police brutality are as relevant today as they were during N.W.A.’s heyday of the 1980s. For instance, anybody with even a hint of a social conscious will find it impossible not to be moved watching the scene in which a 17 year old Ice Cube is brutalized by the LAPD in front of his own home while his parents are forced to watch on helplessly. In a post-Ferguson, post-Baltimore world, it’s scenes like this that make Straight Outta’ Compton so timely it’s almost chilling:

As a review in the New Yorker put it, “Straight Outta Compton is straight outta 2015.”

One of the Harveys’ “images for integration” for the Cancer/Libra pairing is, “Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy tale creatures.” Strange as it may sound, that is actually an excellent metaphoric approximation of Straight Outta’ Compton. The film’s primary plot line follows Eric “Eazy E” Wright as he midwifes a group of modern day poets whose life stories have taken on such mythological like levels of significance that the film is now the largest grossing musical biopic in history.

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Exclusive Preview #2: "Watching the Watchers"

The following is an 1,500 word excerpt from “Watching the Watchers: Astrology of the National Security Agency (NSA)”, a 7,500 word article that is one of four features in our premier issue. -Matt

The Coffin Makers and the Code-Breakers, the Black Widows and the Men-In-Black

The Sun symbolizes the conscious identity, and the Moon symbolizes deeper, more unconscious emotional needs. These are the two sources of light (energy) in a chart, and together they comprise the basic architecture of a person, project, or agency’s psychology. The NSA has its Sun in Scorpio and its Moon in Gemini. Both signs are associated with spy-craft, smuggling, and special operations, albeit in very different ways. Scorpio is the covert operative who slips through the shadows, Gemini is the double agent who plays both sides. Scorpio is the power broker, Gemini is the information broker. Scorpio probes beneath the surface, Gemini reads between the lines. Scorpio knows where the bodies are buried, Gemini knows where the phone lines are buried. Combine the secretive nature of a Scorpio Sun with a Gemini Moon’s need to constantly communicate, and you get a Sun–Moon pairing that will insist on knowing everybody’s secrets while giving up none of their own.

Scorpio likes to wear black, and Gemini always comes in pairs, so if there was ever a combination of the real-life “Men in Black,” it’s Scorpio–Gemini. Interestingly enough, the forerunner to the NSA was a 1920s government agency known as “The Black Chamber,” whose agents once persuaded Western Union officials to illegally provide them with copies of Americans’ telegrams.

Intense Scorpio and flippant Gemini are so antithetical that they may as well be from two different planets, if not different dimensions altogether. They do, however, have one thing in common: Both signs possess excellent situational awareness. Scorpio’s situational awareness comes from its prowess at navigating the hidden undercurrents of any interaction. Gemini’s situational awareness comes from its ultra flexible, ultra high-speed mental pathways. When combined together, the result is a Sun–Moon pairing that excels at “quickly sizing up a person or situation,” to quote astrologer Bil Tierney. A Scorpio–Gemini human being might have to rely on things like body language or voice tonality to quickly size up a person or situation. The NSA need not resort to such primitive methods, though, since vastly more advanced ones are at their fingertips. For instance, as of March 2013, Barack Obama plans to give the agency full access to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) database, a massive repository of information on Americans’ financial transactions akin to the surveillance world’s version of the Rosetta Stone. It was information in the FinCEN database, for example, which revealed that Eliot Spitzer had been availing himself of the services of the “Emperor’s Club” VIP call-girl operation.

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey refer to the Scorpio–Gemini pairing as “the village gossip” who “takes their secrets to the grave.” Linda Goodman warns her readers: “It’s impossible to retain one’s personal privacy around either sign.” If there’s anything recent events have made clear, it is that the NSA is now the equivalent of a multibillion-dollar “village gossip,” with graveyards full of secrets and the capacity to make personal privacy impossible to retain.

Like graveyards in the physical world, the NSA’s digital graveyards are patrolled by various creatures of the night. The latest one is known as “the Black Widow”, the agency’s codename for its state of the art, parallel processing super-computer that can perform trillions of calculations per second across multiple languages. Perhaps it was “the Black Widow,” or one of her cohorts, who reached out through the catacombs (Scorpio) of the internet (Gemini) to interfere with UK Guardian journalist Luke Harding’s efforts at reporting on information leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. According to Harding, he began experiencing mysterious technological glitches shortly after being assigned to cover the story:

I wrote that Snowden’s revelations had damaged U.S. tech companies and their bottom line. Something odd happened. The paragraph I had just written began to self-delete. The cursor moved rapidly from the left, gobbling text. I watched my words vanish. When I tried to close my OpenOffice file the keyboard began flashing and bleeping. Over the next few weeks these incidents of remote deletion happened several times. (Source)

Even if there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the technical glitches experienced by Mr. Harding, there seems to be little doubt that the agency extensively spies (Scorpio) on writers (Gemini). In 2002 the agency began a journalist surveillance program codenamed “First Fruits” which monitored “whole groups of reporters.” (Source) Today the agency keeps detailed dossiers on at least 150 or so journalists known to write critically about the agency. (Source)

Scorpio/Gemini is probably the Sun/Moon pairing most likely to bring up sex on the first date. This is true even when the Scorpio/Gemini in question is a massive intelligence agency like the NSA. For instance, one Silicon Valley computer programmer who applied to the agency shortly after 9/11 was asked during his interview if he and his wife ever engaged in “spouse swinging.” That is a bizarre question to be asked during a job interview but it certainly fits with this pairing’s modus operandi, as Scorpio is the sign most associated with sex while Gemini is the sign most likely to display surprising levels of curiosity. According to a September 27, 2013 article in New York magazine, a number of NSA employees satisfied their sexual (Scorpio) curiosity (Gemini) by “using the agency’s phone-listening and e-mail-reading capabilities to spy on their significant others.” One NSA employee got so sexually curious that, according to a 2009 New York Times article, he or she even accessed the personal email account of former President Bill Clinton.

Scorpio is the sign of death while Gemini Moons often excel at work involving their hands, the body-part ruled by Gemini in medical astrology. A few centuries ago, this wouldn’t have been a bad Sun/Moon combination for an artisan coffin maker. Nobody at the NSA is likely in the literal business of handcrafting coffins but, according to a recent article by investigative reporters Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald, information in the NSA’s classified (Scorpio) databases (Gemini) is used “as the primary method to locate targets for lethal drone strikes—an unreliable tactic that results in the deaths of innocent or unidentified people.”

The NSA is legally prohibited from spying (Scorpio) on the communications (Gemini) of U.S. citizens, but according to a former NSA intelligence analyst turned whistleblower by the name of Russ Tice, that is exactly what they have been doing. In an interview on June 19, 2013 with Sibel Edmonds’ “Boiling Frogs” podcast, Tice explained that the Edward Snowden leaks are just the tip of the iceberg. Tice then specified which prominent residents of the U.S. “village” had been targets of NSA surveillance during his time at the agency:

. . .they went after high-ranking military officers, members of Congress, heaps of lawyers and law firms, State Department officials, judges [including] one now sitting on the Supreme Court, two former FISA court judges, antiwar groups, U.S. companies that do international business around the world, U.S. banking firms and financial firms that do international business. (Source)

Tice also said the NSA even spied on current village chief Barack Obama and his staff in 2004, when Obama was an Illinois Senator, and that his sources inside NSA tell him the agency has spied on all the judges on the Supreme Court, which opens up the possibility of blackmail. In an interview with the Russia Times a month later, Tice said the NSA also spied on Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton, and General David Petraeus. The agency will not be taking the secrets of these Beltway villagers or anybody else “to the grave,” but as of fall 2013, they will be storing them at a massive new data center in Bluffdale, Utah, equipped with “near bottomless databases,” according to a Wired Magazine cover article entitled “Watch What You Say.”

This all seems pretty scary, but the good news is “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

The bad news is everybody has something to hide.

Since people often identify with their Sun/Moon combinations, it is important to emphasize that few Scorpio/Geminis will express in a manner as problematic as the NSA has. To illustrate: Levi Coffin, a nineteenth-century businessman whose Ohio home was considered the “Grand Central Station” of the Underground Railroad, is also a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon. Like the NSA, Coffin ran a covert (Scorpio) communications network (Gemini) and was willing to take his secrets to the grave. Unlike the NSA, there were no questions as to the nobility of his intentions. It is estimated that he and his wife Catherine assisted 2,000 fugitive slaves over the course of 30 years, often employing incredibly innovative messaging systems that were to the nineteenth century what the NSA’s intercept technologies are to the twenty-first century. Given Coffin’s fashion sense (dark suits) and modus operandi (in the shadows), you could say he and his associates were the original “Men in Black”.

In an interview he gave near the end of his life, Coffin explained that taking a secretive (Scorpio) approach to communication (Gemini) was crucial when smuggling slaves to freedom: “I would invite them to come in and they would follow me into the darkened house without a word, for we knew not who might be watching and listening.” Were Coffin and his wife plying their trade in the modern day we now know exactly who would be watching and listening.


Exclusive Preview #1: "Ladies of the Zodiac, It’s Showtime!"

The following is an 850 word excerpt from “Ladies of the Zodiac, It’s Showtime!”, a 4,500 word article on the astrology of the feminine asteroids that is one of the four features in our premier issue. It was written by Willow of Willow’s Web Astrology, republished with permission. -Matt

Introduction: The Feminine Asteroids

As a reflection of the patriarchal constructs of current human society, we deal in an astrological zodiac that is masculine-heavy, illustrating certain reinforced dynamics on the planet. Seven of the 10 major planets used in astrological analysis are considered masculine (the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) with one (Mercury) considered neutral. Only the Moon and Venus are considered feminine. Important as those bodies are, this is still a whole lot of imbalance.

Women and the feminine influence are far more multi-dimensional and diverse than the loving, pleasing, and supportive mate (Venus), the mothering nurturer (Moon), or the vindictive, vixen/seductress version of the dark feminine.

We pick up some of the slack as far as the feminine influence in the zodiac with the feminine asteroids and dwarf planets.

The four major “secondary” bodies most often used in astrological charts – asteroids Juno, Pallas Athene, and Vesta, along with dwarf planet Ceres – are considered feminine, though these bodies most often play second fiddle to the planets, doing their thing with little recognition or fanfare in mainstream astrology.

An invisible feminine force doing its work from a disempowered position for much less than its due share of recognition, respect, and reward. Sound familiar?

As with the planets, these four bodies have ties to Greek and Roman mythology, which color their themes in astrological analysis.

Unfortunately, the men who created and furthered the mythology that is used in current-day astrology have missed about 50% of the story. They missed the herstory of the history, as they say.

This missing feminine/female influence is apparent in Greek and Roman mythology as well as in much of the standard religious and spiritual imagery of the current day. We’re working with partial archetypal truth at best and straight up patriarchy-approved fabrication at worst, and we have to understand how detrimental these power-imbalanced units of cultural transmission can be.

The feminine bodies used in astrology have been saddled with an Old Boys Club mythology. There is widespread sexual violence, control, and misconduct toward women, among many other offenses, in the stories of those old Greek and Roman dudes. Women are most often in secondary roles with their stories told for them by males, through the male lens.

The threads of misogyny in the symbols and myths reflect current-day societies and structures where underlying hatred of and violence against women are woven right into the fabric. They simmer and poison, a little flicker visible here and there, until they are full-on confronted – repeatedly – and made wholly unacceptable by both men and women.

(The feminine force in men is also suppressed, oppressed, and damaged by the dynamics outlined in this article.)

Instead of carrying the half-truth, misogyny, and sexual violence of this mythology forward in astrological symbolism, it’s time to consciously address it, working the feminine energy free from the karmic weight of these myths.

By exposing this androcentric mythological misogyny, by adding a stronger and more fully-developed female perspective, and by calling the old “Gods” on their crap, we move beyond the old stories and dynamics, advancing an astrology that is more balanced, humane, just, relevant, and true-to-life.

As Saturn (structure) transits Sagittarius (religion, stories, truth) into December 2017, the time is ripe to open into new truth told through cultural symbols, where the experiences of women and the feminine aren’t filtered through a male-dominant lens.

It’s time to carve a new path, shedding light on the domination/subjugation dynamics that are wrapped up so neatly in these mythological images.

Spiritual and religious paradigms past and present have whitewashed out much of the female influence, making it invisible and subservient. But as Saturn transits Sagittarius, it’s time to stand up, speak up, and add the full wisdom and knowledge of the feminine to the scene.

That wisdom and knowledge doesn’t necessarily come in the form of easily-swallowed, non-threatening Glittery Goddesses and Angels and Mermaids and Faerie Nymphs, either. (Much of that was designed to titillate males, anyway.)

The feminine wisdom and knowledge to be integrated is white hot and will shake things up considerably. It requires something of people. It makes people uncomfortable at times. It’s not about being pretty or demure or seductive.

It demands its rightful place – nothing more, nothing less.

Women are used to having to compete with each other for a limited number of spots, for a limited amount of influence.

With Saturn transiting Sagittarius over the next couple years, women will be working their way into full cultural and structural representation – or at the very least, into a full understanding of the detrimental feminine shortfall. As Saturn in Sagittarius builds to a trine to Uranus in Aries in December 2016, we have a chance to unravel these fabricated units of cultural transmission, breaking their spells once and for all.

The Goddesses are breaking out of their fairy tale nightmares. They’re tearing at the Technicolor blue skies, ripping up carefully-manicured, lime green lawns, tossing matches into the castles. They’re standing back as all of creation – the feminine and the masculine – comes spewing forth.

Want to read the rest? Then pick up the premier issue of Hexagon, due out August 19th, now available for pre-order:


Hexagon Astrology Exclusive Excerpt #1: "The Capricorn Conspiracy" by Michael Lutin


This is an excerpt from Part I of Mike Lutin’s two-part article “The Capricorn Conspiracy” appearing in the first two issues of Hexagon, reprinted with permission. If you’d like to contribute to our Kickstarter campaign you can do so here.




If I were the sort of person who had tirelessly devoted my time and effort to organizing my life in such a way that I was able to convince myself I was finally secure, I would naturally take steps to maintain that condition at all costs.

ANYBODY would, wouldn’t they?

Basing my efforts on such a premise, according to some people preposterous and fallacious, could have been a great mistake, but for the moment, let’s accept the fact that I am actually quite sane. What would I do, how would I best go about holding on to control of that security?

Naturally I would have already arranged my life in business and personal life in an orderly way, so that my resources would assure me a certain life style. I would know generally what to expect in my personal relationships. The maintenance of order would be my prime directive, and rightly so. Entropy, chaos and unforeseen, unreasonable shifts and changes would have to be factored in to life’s equation.We all have to expect some level of chaos in life. Machines run down, people catch colds, things come up. Isn’t that what adds spice to life? My love of order, however–ducks in a row, and rainy day awareness would eventually bring me to that blissful state of existing in a universe I had created around me of luxurious security.

If, however, I began to suspect that there might be a challenge to my preferred existence, I could decide to open up to the prospect of change, and look forward to a new adventure, one not of my own making.

I would need to learn how to respond to the appearance of suddenly unknown factors. I would be challenged to apply ingenuity, originality, and a level of spontaneous genius to be able to shift my focus and attitude toward an existence I had spend years creating.

Could be fun, refreshing. New experiences, a whole new, exciting paradigm. New game.

New rules.

New opportunities.

New people.

What a rush.

Many folks would think so.

Suppose, however, I didn’t see it that way. Suppose such a prospect threatened and frightened me. Suppose I wanted to keep things just the way they were. How then could I arrange my life in relation to work, family, assets, everything–so that the rhythms, patterns and status I had developed could continue uninterrupted? Suppose that goal began to consume me.

What would happen?

How would I go about it?

How could I gain complete control?


(c) copyright Michael Lutin. This material may not be copied, distributed, or sold in any form in existence now or in perpetuity without the permission in writing of the author or his representatives. All Rights Reserved

According to astrologer Willow of Willow’s Web, “If you appreciate smart, courageous, cutting edge astrological writing, you won’t want to miss Hexagon. Something this good only comes around once in a lifetime (or maybe every two or three).”

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Interview: Hexagon Astrology and the "Other" Side of the Story

This is a 13 minute excerpt from an interview I did with Jen Julius on KOWS 107.3 FM out of Occidental, California on the new print astrology magazine I’ve started. Interested in pledging to our Kickstarter campaign? You can do so here.

Previews of the first issue are availabe at our Kickstarter page. I’ve also posted some here and here.

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Hexagon Astrology Magazine Preview #1: "Watching the Watchers"

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting high resolution images from the prototype for Hexagon, the first new print astrology magazine in almost three decades. First, from “Watching the Watchers: The Astrology of the National Security Agency”, which is the first part in a three part series on the surveillance state.

Pages 36-37:


Pages 38-39:


Pages 40-41:


Pages 44-45:


Our cover, which many of you have probably seen:


According to astrologer Willow of Willow’s Web, “If you appreciate smart, courageous, cutting edge astrological writing, you won’t want to miss Hexagon. Something this good only comes around once in a lifetime (or maybe every two or three).”

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Hexagon Astrology Magazine Preview #2: "Ladies of the Zodiac: It's Showtime"

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting high resolution images from the prototype for Hexagon, the first new print astrology magazine in almost three decades. Here are some samples of the Hexagon prototype open to one of our feature articles, “Ladies of the Zodiac: It’s Showtime” on the astrology of the feminine asteroids. It was written by Willow of the Willow’s Web Astrology blog:





Our cover, which many of you have probably seen:


According to Willow, Willow’s Web, “If you appreciate smart, courageous, cutting edge astrological writing, you won’t want to miss Hexagon. Something this good only comes around once in a lifetime (or maybe every two or three).” Obviously I’m biased but I’m inclined to think she is correct and in no small part due to her contributions.

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