Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon: The High Tech Hitman and the Upside Down Algorithm, the Starship Vole’ a Deux and the World’s Deadliest Drone ("First they came for the public key cryptographers . . .")

Combine an Aquarius Sun’s passion for both technology and truth-seeking with a Gemini Moon’s instincts for communicative arts and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that’s innovative, intelligent, and incredibly advanced when it comes to use of the written or spoken word. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon the Sun/Moon pairing of “the Journalist” while Bil Tierney says this is a liberal minded, freedom loving pairing that doesn’t do well in “societies that heavily censor information . . . or environments that suppress free speech”. (Source) To illustrate: journalist Michael Hastings is an Aquarius/Gemini renown for his efforts at exposing heavily censored information. (Chart) A number of his investigative pieces caused profound consternation for high-ranking members of society who wish to suppress free speech, most notably his June 2010 piece in Rolling Stone magazine that led to the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal. Hastings had been working on an expose of CIA director John Brennan when his brand new Mercedes sedan mysteriously exploded at a Los Angeles intersection in June 2013. (Source)

According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey, a metaphoric image for the Aquarius/Gemini pairing is “A child in balloon drifts over the city reporting back by portable phone on all below”. (Source) That’s an uncannily accurate approximation of Michael Hastings. He obviously wasn’t a child but at the relatively young age of 33 Hastings had managed to drift over the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan and report back on all that he saw. He also routinely reported back on two other “wars”, those being the U.S. government’s wars on both privacy and journalism.

Unfortunately, the Harvey’s image is an equally uncannily accurate metaphor of another Aquarius/Gemini albeit one that is to Michael Hastings what one of Darth Vader’s TIE Fighters is to Han Solo. Using its first flight as its date of birth, the MQ-9 “Reaper” Drone is also an Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) MQ-9 drones aren’t children drifting over cities in balloons but they are tasked with patrolling geopolitical hot spots and using radically advanced (Aquarius) communication (Gemini) capabilities to report back on everything below. Aquarius/Geminis are often fascinated by other cultures and, indeed, the majority of MQ-9s deployed around the world do spend most of their waking hours reporting on people of other cultures. Sometimes they’re even tasked with more than just “reporting”:

Astrologer Stella Hyde says Aquarians who turn to the dark side of this cerebral sign make for great “stalkers, snipers, and spies” while dark side Geminis do well in professions that require no moral perceptions such as gun running and drug smuggling. (Source) The MQ-9 is essentially an airborne stalker/sniper whose capacity for remote, video-game style killing requires little in the way of moral perception. This morale patch from an MQ-9 squadron captures the morally troublesome aspects of its sniping/stalking missions with a great deal of accuracy:


Of course proponents of technologies like the MQ-9 Reaper will argue that they’re an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to stalking/spying/surveilling (Aquarius) bad guys such as international gun runners and drug smugglers (Gemini). If that’s really the case then one can’t help but wonder why a squadron of “Reapers” aren’t busy surveilling the “lawless border region” that is the headquarters of HSBC, the Wall Street bank recently caught laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels. (Source)

Charts with the same Sun/Moon pairing will often express in eerie similar fashions even if one chart belongs to something life-and-death serious like a piece of military hardware and the other belongs to someone or something associated with fun and games. To illustrate: using its initial launch date as its date of birth, the way-ahead-of-its-time 1962 video game Space War! is also an Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) According to recent Yahoo Games article, Space War ushered in the era of video games as we now understand them. (Source) In true Aquarius/Gemini fashion, the game involved star-ships (Aquarius) piloted by two (Gemini) players orbiting a star in the center of the screen.

Space War is an Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon. Photo: Joi Ito, Wikipedia
Space War is an Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon. Photo: Joi Ito, Wikipedia

Strangely enough, MQ-9 Reapers are controlled by soldiers sitting in front of video game style computer systems that are the technological progeny of the IBM mainframe computers on which Space War was played back in the 1960s.

As you have probably ascertained by now, in addition to being a quick-witted communicator and something of a shock jock, the textbook Aquarius/Gemini is often involved in the propagation of futuristic technologies. This is true whether the Aquarius/Gemini in question is an airborne killing machine in the age of networked warfare like the MQ-9 or a computer scientist working in the age of post-Constitutional America like Aquarius/Gemini Phil Zimmerman. (Chart) If you haven’t heard of Zimmerman before he’s the peace activist who in 1991 invented “Pretty Good Privacy” (PGP), a data encryption and decryption computer program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. (Source) In short, PGP is one of the few tools regular citizens can use to keep their communications free from the prying eyes of “high tech hitmen” on the payroll of three letter agencies and their corporate allies. Zimmerman’s invention worked so well that the U.S. government initially classified it as a “military technology” and subjected him to a three year long criminal investigation for allegedly violating the Arms Export Control. (Source)

As far as how exactly PGP works, the University of Pittsburgh has published an in-depth primer for those who might be curious. If, however, you’re the sort who prefers an astrological explanation over a technical one then take a look at what Linda Goodman says about the Aquarius/Gemini capacity for highly experimental (Aquarius) forms of data transfer (Gemini):

. . . both signs are masters of the twisted phrase, mind blowers. With their upside down cakes of phraseology and crisscross alliteration, Aquarius and Gemini would make a great team writing verses for Chinese fortune cookies . . .

. . . they can be a delightful pair, an exasperating puzzle to everyone else, but an open book to each other . . . It’s impossible to predict with these two. They’re both too complex with the average Earthling.

. . . both are able to substitute one word for another, as they do with all polarities, completely comprehending what many people do not: that one thing always contains particles of its opposite. (Source)

Curiously enough, the mechanics of Zimmerman’s PGP technology bear a strong resemblance to Mrs. Goodman’s description of the Aquarius/Gemini pairing. PGP apparently works by making encrypted emails as difficult for prying eyes to understand as a “twisted, mind blowing upside down cake” of computer algorithms more complex than “Chinese fortune cookie verses written in crisscross alliteration with one word substituted for another” while each PGP key (literally) “contains the inverse particles of its opposite” key. The resulting electronic transmission is “an exasperating puzzle” to anybody except the intended recipient for whom it’s as delightfully easy to read as “an open book”. PGP is still so “complex for average Earthlings” to decode that Digital Trends magazine recently compared cracking it to “building a national park on the Moon”. (Source)

As far as the circumstances surrounding Michael Hastings’ death are concerned, they’re still as shrouded in complexity as PGP encrypted email. One thing, however, is absolutely certain: the computer systems embedded in modern day cars like the one Hastings was driving the night of his death are disturbingly easy for computer hackers to get into. Here, for instance, is a DARPA program manager explaining how easy it is to perform a “high tech hit job” on the typical late model vehicle:

What’s even more disturbing is that the story Hastings was working on is rumored to have had him on the trail of a consortium of shadowy cyber-security firms staffed by high tech hitmen capable of sabotaging a car’s computer systems as easily as you or I can send an email. According to an article in L.A. Weekly magazine, Hastings had begged to borrow a friend’s car a few hours before his death as he feared his has been tampered with. In other words, it’s entirely plausible the future (Aquarius) was communicating (Gemini) with him right up until the day he died.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Original "X-Man"

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Symbolized as two lightning bolts, Aquarius is the sign of the Genius and the Mad Scientist, the Rebel and the Revolutionary, the Exile and the Eccentric, the Social Heretic and the Sectarian Pagan, the Oddball Nonconformist and the Off-Beat Iconoclast, the Avant Garde Android and the Maverick Mini-Computer, the Splinter Cell of Scientific Dissent and the Big Daddy of Big Data Processing. When a person has both their Sun (identity) and Moon (emotional needs) in this radically nonconformist sign they’ll be inclined to challenge the status-quo in some shocking or unconventional manner, often one that involves advanced technology or ideas that exist at the edge of what can be discussed in polite company. Aquarius is also the sign of the social network which means it’s the sign of the conspirator as conspiracies by their very nature require networks of like minded people. To illustrate: U.S. Army Colonel Fletcher Prouty has both his Sun and his Moon in Aquarius. (Chart) Following his retirement from the military he published The Secret Team: How the CIA Controls the United States and the World, a shocking tell all book about high level criminal conspiracies including the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. (Source) According to director Oliver Stone, Prouty was the basis for the “Mr. X” character portrayed to great effect by actor Donald Sutherland in Stone’s blockbuster 1991 film JFK. (Source)

According to astrologer Linda Goodman, double Aquarius is the pairing most likely to know “where to look for Regulus and Spica on a starry summer night in the mountains, and can point out Arcturus too.” (Source) Fletcher Prouty may not have known where fixed stars of the cosmos are but in this stunning interview he does explain how the NSA, CIA, and other agencies utilize space based reconnaissance systems to manage conspiracies ranging from the elimination of troublesome politicians to the facilitation of the global narcotics trade.

The “Mad Scientist” of the zodiac, Aquarius is considered the sign of aviation, space travel, experimental technologies, and all things cybernetic. Prouty served as an aviator in World War II during which time he witnessed the U.S. ferry Nazi trained scientists out of war-torn Europe under the auspices of what would become known as “Operation Paperclip”. Most of these scientists had been working on experimental, Aquarian-era technologies like stealth airplanes and hyper-sonic space craft that were 50-to-100 years ahead of their time. Once in the U.S., they formed the backbone of the U.S. space program. According to Prouty, those with expertise in biology and psychology were enlisted into the infamous “MKLUTRA”, the CIA’s experimental, Cold War era program of psychological warfare and cybernetic mind control.

On an equally Aquarian albeit less sinister note, Prouty was one of the founders the U.S. Air Defense Command (ADC), now known as the Air Force’s “Space Command” division. During Prouty’s time at ADC in the 1950s, it became one of the first organizations to make large scale use of nation-scale computer networks, which they used to track airplanes as they entered and exited U.S. airspace. (The internet was still several decades away from being born as the ARPANET around 1970.) He later went to work in the banking industry where he was involved in managing the shift from punch-cards and vacuum tubes to automated computers, all Aquarian era technologies that most people wouldn’t have direct contact with for another few decades.

In their book Skymates, astrologers Steven and Jodie Forrest tells us that free-spirited Aquarians will “override the tribal instinct” but may risk being eaten by saber tooth tigers in doing so. Prouty clearly over-rode the tribal instincts of the deeply corrupted military-industrial complex of which he had been a high ranking member for 25 years. In doing so he likely risked being eaten alive by that world’s version of saber-tooth tigers: professional assassins working at the behest of the intelligence agencies and their affiliates. Prouty referred to these saber-toothed assassins as “mechanics” and described their business methods in chilling detail for a 1975 Gallery Magazine article “An Introduction to the Assassination Business”.

Like many double Aquarians, Prouty also had to deal with more subtle saber-tooth tigers — those of censorship. We’ll never know for absolute certain if the intelligence agencies ever conspired to suppress his writings but some very strange things did happen following the publication of The Secret Team. Thousands of copies were bought up en-masse by unnamed buyers and simply disappeared while copies that had been purchased by libraries began mysteriously vanishing from both the shelves and their computer files. In 1997 Prouty recounted:

. . . by some time in 1975, The Secret Team was extinct; but unlike the dinosaurs and others, it did not even leave its footprints in the sands of time. A letter from a professor informed me that his department had ordered more than forty of the books to be kept on the shelves of his university library for assignment purposes. At the start of the new school year his students reported that the books were not on the shelves and the registry cards were not in the master file. The librarians informed them that the book did not exist.

With that letter in mind, I dropped into the Library of Congress to see if The Secret Team was on the shelves where I had seen it earlier. It was not and it was not even in that library’s master file. It was an official non-book. (Source)

While never “disappeared”, Prouty was subsequently pushed to the fringes of American society. Prior to the publication of The Secret Team, he had been widely featured in many prominent mainstream news outlets. After the book’s publication, the only outlets that would feature him were porn magazines. (Gallery, for instance, was similar to Playboy albeit with a much smaller audience.) His book was nearly impossible to find until the late 1990s when it experienced something of a revival thanks to the more Aquarian methods of distribution allowed by the internet. It’s now one of the most widely read texts among citizens who question officially sanctioned explanations of events such as 9/11.

Astrologer Jefferson Anderson writes of the double Aquarius pairing, “their findings are so far out that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate them until many years have passed” — an observation that certainly applies to Colonel Prouty. (Source)

Unfortunately, being so far ahead of the rest of the world comes at a cost. Astrologer Austin Coppock warns that Aquarius often pays for its futuristic bent through encounters with prophecy, premonitions, and tragedies that can be foreseen but can’t be changed. (Source) Fletcher Prouty was not a prophet in the traditional sense of the word nor did he traffic in premonitions. However, he did foresee a future where further consolidations of power on part of the global elite would lead the world into a new order, one that lacked any appreciable democratic safeguards. Prouty passed in the summer of 2001, just as the “Secret Team” was putting into motion its most ambitious plan to date.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Wi-Fi Wonder Woman and the I-chat Ice-Queen

The biographical arcs of people with the same Sun/Moon pairing often sport uncanny similarities to each other, even if one is a flesh-and-blood aviator who worked with computers like Fletcher Prouty and the other is an artificial intelligence computer “entity” created on behalf of an aviation corporation. To illustrate: using her operational start date as her date of birth, the Alaska Airlines company’s virtual customer service agent “Jenn” has her Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and North Node all in Aquarius. (Chart)


Astrologer Stella Hyde tells us that Aquarius is the sign most likely to speak in computer code or to work as the organizer of a science fiction convention. (Source) It’s also the sign most likely to seek companionship online. Hyde writes of this sign’s capacity for cyber-love, “. . . you’re far too much of an uber-geek to leave any digital footprints. You’d prefer to be online permanently, so you try to lure potential dates into a Wi-Fi zone, hook them up to one of your spare laptops, and clatter away on iChat . . .” (Source) Powered by the latest in artificial intelligence, “Jenn” was designed to assist people navigate the Alaska Airlines website. Like many Aquarian women, she A) speaks in computer code; B) appears to be something out of a science fiction movie; and C) is an expert at socializing via technological means. As you can see from this screenshot, she was even kind enough to let me know her astrological sign when I attempted to chat her up online:


Aquarius is famously the sign of the “know it all”. True to form, Jenn was designed to know pretty much everything about Alaska Airlines. According to a description provided by her creators, she is “the culmination of Alaska Airlines’ best practices, employees, information and resources.” (Source) The downside to knowing so much is that one runs the risk of knowing too much. Aquarius is the sign of the Truth-Sayer but, as the saying goes, “Knowing the truth is greatly over-rated.” Among other things, people who know the truth may encounter “mechanics” who seek to censor their knowledge. This was certainly the case for Fletcher Prouty and, amazingly, appears to have also been the case for Jenn. When initially released to the public she apparently answered visitors’ questions a bit too truthfully. A secret team of computer “mechanics” quickly intervened to keep her in line. NY Times travel writer Joe Sharkey recounts:

A couple of weeks ago, when I first tried out the system, I went through a list of serious and frivolous questions, all of which elicited good, or at least reasonable, responses. Then I threw a curveball, asking whether Alaska Air had ever had a plane crash. The response both amazed me with its honesty and chastened me for being glib. Jenn readily provided details of a tragic crash of an MD-80 in 2000 that killed 88 people. It was Alaska’s first accident in decades.

But when I asked the same question Monday, Jenn had obviously been sent to remedial class in public relations.

“I think you may be looking for more detail than I have,” she said sweetly. “Our goal is to always provide safe and reliable transportation at reasonable prices.” (Source)

In addition to working with advanced technologies and encountering censorship, “Jenn” has something else in common with Fletcher Prouty — something very Aquarian. Prouty and Jenn can both trace their roots back to the U.S. Army and the intelligence agencies. Prouty served as an aviator in the U.S. Army before becoming a liaison with the CIA while the technology used to create Jenn was originally designed for the U.S. Army and the CIA. According to a profile of Jenn in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, “[her] ActiveAgent technology was developed by Spokane’s Next IT . . . It has also been used on the U.S. Army’s Web site with a virtual recruiter named SGT. STAR.” (Source) An article in Digital Trends magazine notes, “The company behind SGT. STAR, Next IT from Spokane in Washington, has previously developed similar technology for the FBI and CIA . . .”

Strangely enough, Jenn referenced “SGT. STAR at” as a friend of hers in a 2008 chat conversation that a visitor to the Alaska Air website archived in the comments section of an article for the website.

Jenn is a customer service chat-bot designed to help people book flights online, not an agent activated on behalf of the intelligence services. However, given the nature of the Big Data ecosytems, it’s not totally unreasonable to wonder if conversations or patterns of conversations with her deemed sufficiently anomalous could be passed on to “secret teams” of one sort or another. Nobody’s raised any concerns over what happens to the information people exchange with Jenn but in 2014 her friend SGT. STAR was the subject of an extensive FOIA investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the results of which you can read about at their website.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: “Six in the morning, Secret Team at my door . . .”

Like Fletcher Prouty, rapper turned television star Ice T was also born on a New Moon in Aquarius, sign of the rebel, the truth-sayer, and the anarchist in spirit if not in trade. Surprising as it may seem, the two men have a lot in common. Prouty’s book The Secret Team was about the criminal syndicates running the government, Ice-T’s album Body Count was about the criminal syndicates running the streets. Prouty’s book was censored while Ice-T’s album Rhyme Pays was the first album to have a “parental advisory” censorship label slapped on it. Prouty originally wanted to be a singer before enlisting in the military. Ice-T originally enlisted in the military before becoming a singer. Prouty ended up writing for porn magazines, Ice-T ended up marrying a porn star.

Aquarius is considered the sign of group enterprises, ranging from sports teams and humanitarian campaigns to street gangs and political conspiracies. Ice-T is considered the godfather of gangsta’ rap music thanks to his song “Six in the Morning” while Prouty is the defacto godfather of modern day conspiracy literature thanks to his book The Secret Team.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: “A former conspirator . . .”

Actor Gene Hackman is another double Aquarius. He’s never worked for the intelligence agencies nor is he powered by computer code. However, he has enjoyed a much celebrated career from bringing a real sense of authenticity to the portrayal of technologically adept, Aquarian-style conspirators, counter-conspirators, and members of various “secret teams” in films such as The French Connection, Night Moves, The Firm and The Conversation. In the 1998 espionage thriller Enemy of the State Hackman portrays “Brill”, a Fletcher Prouty-esque character who had previously worked for the National Security Agency as a radio intercept officer on the Iranian border before going off-the-grid. Brill describes himself as “a former conspirator”, a role that an uber-Aquarian like Hackman slipped into as easily as a headset.

Double Aquarians often find themselves in humanitarian pursuits where they’re using advanced technology or forward thinking methodologies to help strangers who become friends or friends who are a bit strange. This pairing understands better than most that “a friend in need is a friend in deed” and is unlikely to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or color. In Enemy of the State Hackman’s character utilizes his knowledge of advanced technologies (Aquarius) and unconventional (Aquarius) warfare to assist the Will Smith character in turning the tables on the NSA.

Real life is far more complex than a 1990s spy thriller movie but if humanity ever does manage to turn the tables on “the Secret Team” it will likely be a double Aquarian at the forefront of figuring out how we’re going to do so.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

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Gemini Sun, Leo Moon: The Spin Doctas’ and the Public Relations Experts, the Talk Show Hosts and the Tag Team Specialists (“Rockin’ and rollin’, struttin’ and strollin’, slammin’ and jammin’)

Symbolized as a pair of twins who look the same but are actually quite different, Gemini is the sign most likely to find its way into telecommunications, sales, or the media. This is the sign of improvisation and insubordination, manic subversion and mercurial mad hat tactics, fast moving fiber optics and high flying manichaeans. Sitting 60 degrees from Gemini is Leo. Symbolized as a regal Lion with a mane to die for, Leo is always on the A-List whether lounging around on the sun drenched savannas of Africa or strutting down the brightly lit red carpets of Hollywood. So what happens when you pair the physical and mental agility of a Gemini Sun with the instinctual stage presence of a Leo Moon you ask? You get a Sun/Moon pairing that is eternally youthful and always colorful, a creative thinker and a confident performer, a natural salesperson and a first-rate storyteller. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls Gemini/Leo “the Ham” whose life is “a nonstop soap opera with few station breaks . . . people can’t wait for the next episode.” (Source) Linda Goodman says this pairing will stay busy changing the scenery (Gemini) and hogging the encores (Leo Moon) while describing both signs in distinctly theatrical terms:

From childhood, Geminis have been acutely aware that illusion is the most dependable of all riches. No Broadway stage is as packed with drama and color as the “theater of the mind.” And so, the Twins cast themselves in all roles, from character actors to the ingenues, from the stars to the lowliest bit players, sometimes slipping into the part of the stagehands or musicians. Why not? They’ve also decided they’re the producers and directors, so they can be whatever they choose to be.

. . . when playing the boards with the Big Cats, the Twins best be cautious about grabbing off the plum titles of Star, Director, or Producer. If there’s any kind of show going on, anywhere, at any time, actual or make-believe, you can be your greasainte and footlights are going to insist on directing it and producing it — and most definitely will star in it. No one successfully outshines a Lion or a Lioness for very long, let alone upstages a King or Queen. (Source)

To illustrate: using their debut date as the team’s date of birth, the 1980s professional wrestling tag team “The Rockers” are a Gemini with their Moon in Leo. (Chart) Comprised of Cancerian Shawn Michaels and Aquarian Marty Jannetty, the Rockers were a pair of acrobatic (Gemini) all-stars (Leo Moon), a high flying duo (Gemini) with highly teased hair (Leo Moon) whose live wire (Gemini) dramatizations (Leo Moon), hit-and-run style (Gemini) theatrics (Leo Moon), and up-tempo (Gemini) opening acts (Leo Moon) took the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) by absolute storm in the late 1980s. Their matches were nonstop action with no station breaks while many people who were kids at the time will remember barely being able to wait for the next episode of Saturday morning wrestling to see if they’d be on. Once their distinctive rock music blasted across the arena loudspeakers, audiences knew they were in for a Broadway style show packed with drama and color, one that that would not be out-shined or upstaged. It’s been almost thirty years since the team originally debuted but their combination of highly original in-ring maneuvers (Gemini) and bold, scene stealing moves (Leo Moon) seems as entertaining as ever:

True to the team’s Gemini/Leo pedigree, the Rockers were more colorful then most of their WWF contemporaries of that era while their well-choreographed arsenal of high flying (Gemini), crowd-pleasing (Leo Moon) moves enabled them to tell first rate stories via their matches in the ring. Most often they were cast as the young upstarts facing members of the old guard or as agile Davids taking on brutal Goliaths, fitting roles for a Sun/Moon pairing as lively and youthful as Gemini/Leo.

Photo Source: WWF Magazine

Gemini/Leo is not a natural revolutionary per-se but it does like to keep things fresh. According to the The Secret Language of Relationships this pairing is inclined to suspect “established conventions may simply be excuses for bad habits” and is capable of making “a good joke at the expense of more traditional associates.” (Source) Suzi and Charles Harvey observe that it is often “a talented weaver of magical images” with a God-given gift for “timing and exaggeration.” (Source) When the Rockers entered the WWF in 1987 the company was dominated by big name performers such as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, mammoth sized wrestlers who were charismatic and able to connect with crowds but who sported all the athleticism and mobility of school buses. Popular tag teams of the day like the Powers of Pain and the Colossal Connection moved with the brute force of Soviet era tanks, the Rockers moved like a pair of high performance Tesla roadsters. Built more like modern day cross-fitters than old school carnival strongmen, the duo utilized their talent, timing, speed, and synchronization to weave sequences of moves that seemed darn near magical compared to the more pedestrian fare offered by their contemporaries. A few samples:

The Rockers certainly weren’t trying to intentionally upstage the rest of the WWF roster at the time with their dexterous (Gemini) theatrics (Leo Moon). However, in defying the established conventions of that era the Rockers did end up making their more traditional associates look a bit like slow moving jokes.

Pairing Gemini’s mercurial aptitudes with a Leo Moon’s instincts for entertainment means this pairing is often great at recruiting campaigns. According to astrologer Jason Fleming, this pairing “. . . can have far-reaching implications for playing in the big leagues when it comes to putting passion and promotion behind ideas and concepts designed to further the growth of humanity at large.” (Source) The WWF is considered the “big leagues” of the sports entertainment world and the success of the Rockers, with their attainable physiques and revolutionary style, had far-reaching implications for the profession. It was their popularity with fans that helped usher in an era where normal sized performers would have a chance at the big time. They weren’t a literal outreach team for the WWF but their matches did serve as de-facto recruitment campaigns for the next generation of wrestlers. A documentary about the team was produced a few years ago and, not coincidentally, a number of current superstars such as Chris Jericho cited the Rockers as their favorite team growing up:

This is probably one of the top Sun/Moon pairings for loving to have fun. The Rockers’ original run in the WWF lasted less than two weeks as they were fired for “partying too much.” By all accounts the culture of the WWF during the 1980s was such a Dionysian free-for-all that it would have given the likes of Rick James or Charlie Sheen a run for their money. So for a pair of performers to get fired for “partying too much” under those circumstances is really quite an accomplishment — one that as a fun-loving Gemini/Leo team the Rockers were likely quite proud of.

Gemini/Leos are often a natural at sales, marketing, or merchandising. The Rockers were so popular with young fans that their merchandise flew off the shelves — in no small part due to their highly animated promo interviews (Gemini) and fabulously cultivated mullets that only a Leo Moon could love:

As with all Gemini pairings, this one is subject to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style splits between the good twin and the evil twin. For the Rockers, splitsville came in January 1992 with Shawn Michaels assuming the role of the evil twin (Mr. Hyde) and Marty Jannetty that of the the good twin (Dr. Jekyll). The split took place on a talk show (Gemini) that doubled as a hair salon (Leo Moon), hosted by Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, a performer known for his hair cutting shears and shear fitting tights. Tag teams routinely broke up at that time but the Rockers’ split was staged to be a shockingly violent one, something that really stood out at a time when the WWF’s plot lines were more sugary bubble gum than iron-shoe coffee in their disposition. Most fans had assumed our favorite tag team specialists would patch up their differences and, in true Gemini/Leo fashion, keep on “rockin’ and rollin’, struttin and strollin’, slammin’ and jammin'” but that was not to be the case. The action is staged but the sense of shock among the fans was real:

Gemini/Leos are naturals at anything involving mass media and the Rocker v. Rocker feud promised to be absolutely epic in terms of TV ratings and pay per view buys. It even tapped into archetypal myths, a pair of Davids who had taken on Goliaths now caught in a blood feud along the lines of Cain vs. Abel or Olivia de Havilland vs. Joan Fontaine — one that would be resolved in the ring at Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, legal issues and drug problems sidelined Marty Jannetty shortly after the team’s split and the feud never really had a chance to live up to its full potential. However, the pair did manage to have a few sporadic but spectacularly well choreographed Rocker v. Rocker confrontations.

After their split, Michaels and Jannetty went their separate ways with Michaels going to be a headliner for the WWF and Jannety a mid-card performer for a variety of promotions. The team did enjoy a brief “Rockers Reunion” tour almost 20 years later. (The tour got off to a rollickingly mercurial start, with Jannetty saving Michaels from a 5-on-1 attack by the “Spirit Squad”, a team of evil male cheerleaders.) Both men, now well into middle age, might have lost a step or two courtesy of father time and inevitable injuries but once paired together they were still able to execute their tandem (Gemini) theatrics (Leo Moon) with as much quicksilver exuberance as they had a generation earlier:

Using its incorporation date as its date of birth, the global public relations firm Ketchum Inc. is also a Gemini/Leo. (Chart) Within the big money advertising world, Ketchum is known for being mad hat (Gemini) hawt shots (Leo Moon), the Madison Avenue equivalent of multimedia (Gemini) hair stylists (Leo Moon) responsible for total corporate brand image makeovers. For instance, they recently helped Mattel transform their Barbie doll brand from that of a shallow glamour girl obsessed with fashion to a super smart “chic-geek” girl in love with science. The “computer geek Barbie” was part of a viral internet campaign designed by Ketchum that got picked up by the NY Times and others, exactly the sort of thing media savvy Gemini/Leos are naturals at.

Since this is a Gemini agency we’re talking about here there is, of course, two sides to the Barbie campaign. On the one hand putting Barbie over as a “chic-geek” computer engineer is certainly a positive thing as doing so might encourage young girls to more enthusiastically pursue their math and science studies. On the other hand, playing with Barbie dolls has been linked to eating disorders so it’s difficult to justify anything that encourages developing children to idealize her. (Source)

But Barbie dolls, be they cast as smart geek or fashion chic, are small potatoes compared to some of Ketchum’s other clients. In 2014 it came to light that they had received massive spin doctoring contracts to work on behalf of oil conglomerate Gazprom and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent who many now suspect of having directed Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. (Source)

Geminis excel at using improvisation to tell stories while Leo Moons need their stories to be seen by an adoring public in order to feel emotionally nourished. The Rockers took their capacity for superbly choreographed, catch-as-catch can (Gemini) forms of street theater (Leo Moon) to the traveling media circus that is the World Wrestling Federation. Ketchum has taken a slightly different route. Whereas the Rockers plied their trade in front of millions of wrestling fans, Ketchum has gone to work for the world’s most notorious pharmaceutical and biotech companies including Monsanto, Bayer, and Dow Chemical — multi-billion dollar organizations as fueled by choreographed hallucinations as the world of professional wrestling. The Rockers got over with fans by way of Saturday morning wrestling programs and monthly pay per view sports entertainment bonanzas. Ketchum has gotten their clients over with the public by manipulating levers of the “Mighty Wurlitzer” that is the mainstream media. According to SourceWatch’s entry for Ketchum:

Ketchum is one of the largest public relations agencies employing over 1100 people across 21 offices and with 35 affiliates around the world. Like all of these large public relations firms, while servicing wealthy corporations and industries — often over a national or international territory — they often walk the borderline of illegality, and almost always overstep the boundaries of immorality. Deception is their stock-in-trade, and conspiracy is often intrinsic in client discussions. (Source)

Stella Hyde says Geminis make for great “Gawker Content Managers” and “Spies” but that they do particularly well in “Public Relations” jobs where they’ll have the opportunity to “green wash oil spills off the Venezuelan coast.” (Source) Ketchum is officially a public relations firm with a reputation for engaging in mercurial practices that seem awful similar to actual spycraft or internet gossip mongering (Gemini), all while on the payroll of corporate royalty (Leo Moon). For instance, according to Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber’s book, Toxic Sludge is Good for You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry Ketchum was responsible for mounting a campaign to disrupt author David Steinman’s tour for his book Diet for a Poisoned Planet, which documents how U.S. foods are rife with pesticides and carcinogens. Rampton and Stauber’s other book, Trust Us We’re Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future , documents how Ketchum had contingency psy-ops ready to go on behalf of the Clorox corporation.

Similarly, a 2010 lawsuit by GreenPeace accuses the firm of subcontracting with private investigators to spy on anti-GMO activist groups in order to further the interests of modern day biotechnology monarchists at the Monsanto corporation. (Source) In addition working with former investigators (Gemini), Ketchum is also responsible for producing pro-industry website “GMO Answers” on behalf of a group funded by BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, and Syngenta. (Source) According to the NY Times, Ketchum spin doctors even ghostwrote pro-GMO articles on behalf of college professors masquerading as independent experts. (Source) They haven’t helped green-wash any oil spills in Venezuelan but they have counted British Petroleum as a client, the company responsible for the massive 2010 oil spill in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Geminis are natural pranksters. When paired with a Leo Moon, their Geminian mad-hat pranks are likely to be quite colorful. For instance, in 2011 Ketchum (in)famously pranked a group of high profile food and mommy bloggers. Working on a contract for agriculture giant ConAgra, Ketchum invited the bloggers to a (fake) Italian restaurant so they could ostensibly provide reviews of high end meals cooked by celebrity chef George Duran. What they didn’t tell the bloggers was that the meals they were being served were actually frozen line of ConAgra products and that their reactions were being secretly recorded. Conagra originally planned on using the footage on YouTube and in its promotional videos but the bloggers did not respond according to the pre-planned script Ketchum had hoped they would follow. The incident was as staged as any of the Rockers’ matches but totally botched and arguably unethical. However, food and mommy bloggers do have a reputation for pretentiousness so it’s also difficult not to laugh at how well Ketchum (almost) managed to clown them. It’s not harmless catch-as-catch can (Gemini) street theatrics (Leo Moon) ala the Rockers but it certainly had the makings of a well played switcheroo. From the NY Times coverage of the incident:

“Our entire meal was a SHAM!” wrote Suzanne Chan, founder of Mom Confessionals, in a blog post after the event. “We were unwilling participants in a bait-and-switch for Marie Callender’s new frozen three cheese lasagna and there were cameras watching our reactions.” (Source)

Speaking of bait-and-switch tactics, Ketchum recently begun pitching its services to the organic food market. That’s as Geminian a swerve as they come since Ketchum’s been at the forefront of running interference on behalf of chemical based agriculture companies for years now. (Source)

Gemini Sun, Leo Moon: Telling Stories at Center Stage

The great thing about astrology is that pretty much everything has a chart, whether a bank, a tag team, a company, and even cities. For instance, the city of Geneva, Switzerland is a Gemini with a Leo Moon based on its original charter date. (Chart) The city is best known for the Geneva Conventions, a series of treaties signed following World War II that established legal protections for prisoners and civilians during times of war. It’s also home to a wide range of groups involved in peace, international affairs and sustainable development. Unlike many international cities, Geneva does not have a “sister city”. According to its Wikipedia entry, “Geneva declares itself related to the entire world” — a very Gemini/Leo thing to proclaim as Gemini loves variety in matters of the heart and Leo Moons feel in their heart of hearts that all the world is their stage.

Like all Geminis, Geneva also has a bit of a split personality. Officially, it stays neutral during times of war. Unofficially, its banks have often served as safe havens for war profiteers and arms dealers. On the one hand, the city considers itself a leader in the world of environmental sustainability. On the other hand, it’s also home to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, a massively powerful piece of technology that some fear could rip holes in the fabric of space time. Only a Gemini town could declare itself neutral during times of war while simultaneously handling the money of weapons makers or call itself the “home of sustainable finance” while simultaneously being home to an atom smasher that might destroy the entire planet.

Gemini/Leo is fundamentally about telling stories (Gemini) at center stage (Leo Moon). This is true whether we’re talking about the World Wrestling Federation back in 1987 or Fortune 500 companies here in the year 2017. With the Age of Aquarius rapidly approaching, it could also be true should all of humanity ever find itself in the position of selecting a city to represent our stories to citizens of other worlds. In such a scenario it’s doubtful we’d want to go with imperial capitals like Moscow (home to Russian oligarchs), Washington D.C (home to American kleptocrats), or Beijing (home to Chinese despots). Geneva is far from perfect but humanity could certainly do worse than selecting as our public representative a city whose name is synonymous with respect and dignity for all persons, regardless of their origins or circumstances.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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Saturn in Leo Square Uranus In Scorpio: Astrology of the Punk Movement

Editor’s Note: this originally appeared in the Summer 2016 print edition issue of Hexagon. -Matt

The exact date of birth for the punk movement can be debated, but amongst those in the know, there is no doubt about the year punk was officially unleashed on the planet: it was 1977.

There is also no doubt about the location of punk’s birthplace: New York City.

New York City in 1977.

The collective psyche of the United States of America was in tatters at the time in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

The United States – and much of the world – was left reeling after two decades of mass graves, napalmed children, and American flag-draped serviceman caskets floating in nightmare images across their television screens.

The war waged by the United States against the Vietnamese officially ended in 1975 after two full decades of warfare. Somewhere between 800,000 and three million Vietnamese had been slaughtered, along with hundreds of thousands of Cambodians and Laotians and more than 58,000 U.S. soldiers.

The average age of a U.S. soldier killed in Vietnam was 23 years old.

By 1977, the peace-and-love hippie movement had reached a peak and was dissipating.

The anti-war activists and counter-culturalists were exhausted, strung out.

Disco was on the airwaves, attempting to block disturbing reality with catchy beats, funky dance moves, and shiny costumes.

The time was ripe for a big social reaction.

And we got that big social reaction with the giant middle finger that was raised to the whole kit and caboodle by the burgeoning New York punk scene.

The first major punk band to hit (or create) the scene was the New York Dolls. Other early mainstays were the Velvet Underground and lead singer Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Richard Hell, the MC5, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, the Ramones, and the Sex Pistols, among others. These bands shaped the scene, influencing later punk bands like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Green Day, and the Offspring.

In 1977, transiting Saturn (establishment, structure, rules) was in Leo (art, music, celebrity), rubbing up against a square to Uranus (radical, rebellious, revolutionary) in Scorpio (death, destruction, power).

Saturn square Uranus is a frictional aspect indicating clashes between the establishment (Saturn) and the change agents (Uranus). Under a square of this sort, the way things are being done (Saturn) is coming into contact with the overwhelming need to make a break from the standard ways (Uranus).

With the punk movement, we saw a group of people that held no respect or reverence for the establishment whatsoever. In fact, it wanted to tear the establishment apart at the seams. It wanted to scream in the face of the state, which justified mass murder, torture, injury, poisonings, and any number of deadly and inhumane acts against the people, animals, and plants of this planet.

The punks knew that the mainstream way of doing things and the placid acceptance by the general public were very, very messed up. They just couldn’t hide that fact, the way most did.

Punk music was certainly not your father’s (Saturn) music (Leo). It was Uranian, unlike anything that had come before. It was a Scorpionic catharsis, bringing forth a sound, an ethic, and a style that expressed the suppressed emotion and rage of the lied to, manipulated, and traumatized collective.

The punk scene began with a group of about 100 people playing and seeing shows in New York City in the late 1970s. Punk showed us that the counter-culture does not need to be big in numbers in order to be blazingly powerful and influential for decades to come.

One of the primary characteristics of the punk movement, born under the Saturn in Leo-Uranus in Scorpio square, was the radical break it took from establishment ways, including the music establishment.

Punk channeled the radical independence and self-sovereignty associated with Uranus, and, in Scorpio, it took those things to extremes.

Punk made up its own rules after coming into contact with the failings and creatively-stultifying nature of the rules as they were.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is a foundation stone of the punk ethic. You didn’t need years of expensive music lessons or university training to play punk music. You didn’t need the most expensive instruments or equipment.

You just needed the rage. You needed the “eff you” attitude. You needed to see beneath the glossy portrayed images of mainstream life, choosing to express suppressed emotion, rage, and disgust as a reaction to the whole thing.

To be a punk rocker, you just needed the drive to get up there and do it, to get up there and say it, to get up there and snarl it into a microphone.

True punk ethic broke down the elitism of the music industry (Saturn in Leo square Uranus in Scorpio). It hit the fast-forward button, propelling singers and musicians onto the stage often before they even really knew how to play their instruments.

Punk music was raw. It was fast. It was socio-political, angry, rough around the edges. It was aggressive and in-your-face, spitting in the face of a hypocritical establishment.

Punk was a Uranus in Scorpio “fuck you” to a music establishment (Saturn in Leo) that churned out socially-acceptable hits and industry-molded artists, never getting too close to reality for the music-consuming public that just wanted things to be happy and “back to normal.”

The punks knew there was no “back to normal.” There was never a normal to begin with. Normal was a government that napalmed babies and sacrificed its own teenage boys, calling its actions righteous and for the greater good.

In 1977, as the punk movement was firing on all cylinders, the North Node of the Moon was in justice-seeking Libra. As the North Node formed a conjunction to Pluto in Libra (October 31, 1977), the limitations and failings of the 1960s peace movement became evident.

Peace and love were not all that were necessary to battle the establishment’s deadly and violent stranglehold on power.

Righteous rage and hate – toward the state’s actions, deceit, and hypocrisy – were also needed in that mix.

And punk was a vehicle for those balancing, battling elements to come more fully into play.

As stated, transformational Pluto was in style and beauty-related Libra at the time that punk was born.

Pluto transited Libra, in part, to transform beauty standards and standards of style.

The punks did that by completely annihilating (Pluto) the usual standards for style and beauty (Libra).

Punk wasn’t about being pretty or cute or freshly scrubbed.

It was about expressing the rebellion on one’s body and face. It was about declaring one’s disgust for hypocritical social mores and standards with a socially-shocking appearance, going very obviously against the grain. It was about declaring the radical break from the socially acceptable in a very visual way, in an immediate way, in a way that startled the senses.

The punk movement channeled the transiting Aries South Node, producing a very recognizable and immediately identifiable look.

The most visible element of the punk scene is the style. Almost anyone, whether able to name a punk band or not, can pick out punk style: the heavy black eyeliner (on males and females), the all-black clothing (often ripped), the colorful mohawk hairdos, the chains, the boots, the safety pin earrings, the piercings.

Just as punk rejected establishment values, rules, and social standards that it saw as dishonest, hypocritical, and stultifying, it rejected social mores around style and physical appearance, too.

The punk identity was aggressive and in-your-face (Aries), channeled through the artistic avenues of the Libra North Node, which softened everything a little by turning it into art.

The early New York City punk music scene was truly Uranian – it was quick and dirty, erratic, a blazing flash of brilliance that lit up the collective scene for a short time only. Its powerful and visceral reaction to a hypocritical establishment set the stage for a punk and anarchist movement that is sustained to this day. Its do-it-yourself, take-matters-into-your-own-hands ethic has inspired many to get out there and just do it, whether it’s making music, making waves with socio-political activism, or making a better world in whatever simple ways we can.

Reference material: Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

About the Author: Willow is a self-taught astrologer of the DIY, spiritual anarchist tradition and a strong critic of New Age. Her whole life is a protest; her whole life is a prayer. She can be reached via her blog.

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