Premier Issue

The premier issue of Hexagon is now available. Most orders ship same business day or next business day via USPS priority mail. Canadian and overseas orders click here. -Matt

Cost including USPS priority shipping: $10.00


That’s henna artist extraordinaire Kimberly Amatullah of the Henna by Hayet shop at the birth of Hexagon on August 19th, 2015 in downtown Sebastopol:

Photo Credit: Yerevan of
Photo Credit: Yerevan of

That’s Yervan Yacoubian of Readings by Yerevan holding a copy of our premier issue. The astrologically themed henna art you see on Yerevan’s arms was done by Kimberly Amatullah (pictured above):

Photo Credit: Hayet of Henna by Hayet
Photo Credit: Hayet of Henna by Hayet

A photo of our premier issue next to a statue of Mercury (the messenger) taken by Kimberly Amatullah at her beautifully appointed henna shop in downtown Sebastopol:


That’s Willow of Willow’s Web Astrology with a copy of our premier issue while taking a break from cruising ’round the prairie in her farm truck. Willow contributed three articles to the premier issue of Hexagon:

Photo Credit: Willow's Mom
Photo Credit: Willow’s Mom

Elodie Miaow of the checking out her copy of Hexagon’s premier issue:

Photo Credit: Elodie Miaow
Photo Credit: Elodie Miaow

Super Leo Cindy Roberts of Sonoma County, California checking out her copy a few days after its release:


Another Leo, practicing astrologer Sherrye Weinstein of Worcester Astrology, with her copy and her Hexagon Founding Patron VIP card:


Table of Contents:


Final version of the cover:


Cost including USPS priority shipping: $10.00

You know what to do:

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