By Jeanette Ponder

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Editor’s Note: Below are your monthly horoscopes for February 2017 from professional astrologer Jeanette Ponder of Parallax Astrology and Tarot. As always, make sure to read for both your rising sign and your Sun sign. -Matt

Aries: The Hot-Stepper and the Hard-Charger

February is going to be a kicker of a month for Aries. To start, you’ve had to deal with Uranus’ lovely, random influences on your life path for a long while. This “change agent” type of energy will link up with Pluto and Jupiter in messy fashion on February 6th. Of course, that leads to flak from others who sit and judge necessary coping mechanisms that keep life from falling apart at the seams. And everybody has an opinion, even if you don’t want to hear it. The gripes of those at the top, like your boss or landlord, come across like the buzzing of a particularly insistent gnat. No one seems to think you have what it takes to make it through. Not a good time. To add insult to energy, a short buzz-through by an empowered Moon will heighten the feeling of just being plain misunderstood on the 8th. Breathe. It’ll pass.

Some relief arrives at the Leo lunar eclipse on the 10th, when some of those naysayer friends or associates finally fall into line, or a solution finally moves ahead enough to make people believe in you again. Stabilizing Saturn energy also adds some strength to your progress. Give yourself a decent shake, and others will lend support and help things grow.

Speaking of relationships to others, let’s look at Valentine’s Day. Your planetary ruler, Mars, sets up shop in Aries for the month. For the first half, Venus travels close by, lending a little classiness to a commonly abrasive entity. The thinking may follow that if you simply act and push forward (there will be an impulse to flatter your love, as well), everything will be terrific, and romance will just fall into place. Let me remind you: relationship building has its roots in trust, as well as a happy, satisfied, trustful emotional state. Start out with honest relating at the heart level, and the action (heh heh heh) will follow.

As if there wasn’t enough on the Aries plate, Mars squares Pluto from the 21st to the 24th. This is definitely not the time to get aggressive about anything that has to do with the following areas: taxes, inheritances, deeper sexual matters, surgery, or shared resources. Avoid conflict in those areas during that period, because you won’t come out on top. Everyone is liable to be high-strung due to tense skies those couple of days, so just let it go and refocus your anger and/or dissatisfaction somewhere else.

Aries, let’s finish off the month with a discussion of the solar eclipse in Pisces on the 26th. This will bring yet more time to examine those inner emotional caverns and haunts that can limit development to the next level, with long-lasting results. Since this solar eclipse is within kissing distance of dreamy Neptune, look for chances to develop bonds in a spiritual fashion. Discover another person – heck, even yourself – through music, swimming, or fiction that feeds the soul. End February with the open mind of a wanderer, and don’t get too attached to precision.

Taurus: The Farmer and the Financier

In the early part of February, Taurus will be in a state of adjustment as Venus, your ruling planet, changes from sweet, swoony Pisces to assertive, take-no-prisoners Aries. On top of that, our girl Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of lessons, hard work, and everything un-chic. As they part from their clunky, awkward dance, there are other issues: namely, a scuffle between Uranus, Jupiter (fresh into retrograde mode), and Neptune (with a little Pluto thrown in) that takes place starting on the 6th. Creeping fears from the emotional deep affect your day-to-day, perhaps making you skeptical of moving ahead with tax plans, inheritance money, sexual matters, and shared resources. I can already hear the voices in your head, Taurus: that nagging suspicion that your doctor’s missing SOMETHING in that x-ray, or that coworkers are conspiring to cut you out of your team bonus. Worse yet, the Moon in Leo drops in on the 8th to give a slight kick to your income or self-esteem. Fun!

More crunchiness comes two days later on February 10th, when the lunar eclipse in Leo lights up your home and family zone. Though there’s been much upheaval in the world, it’ll be a good time to stretch your mind: are you mentally prepared to grow your career or business? Is your car and home insured and in good repair? Take advantage of this time to take care of things that will bring peace of mind in the future as you seek to expand.

Valentine’s Day is a low-key pleasure this year. Venus and Mars both clash with the Moon, which makes for conversation that misses the romantic mark. An unrequited love could suddenly come out of hiding, or a partner can express feelings in a completely ham-handed fashion. However, there’s also great potential to turn things around, especially if a thoughtful gift and a trip to a beloved local hangout are involved. Don’t try too hard, and keep a sense of humor if possible.

A word of caution for Taurus people born at the end of the sign (May 20th to 22nd): watch out around the 18th for a stressful configuration between the Nodes, the Sun, and the Moon. You may experience a feeling of muddled thinking and blocked action. People may seem to change their minds, or may become hard to tie down. Get agreements in writing, or waiting till the next day to make moves.

Taurus closes out the month with a solar eclipse in Pisces focused on friends, social interaction, and groups. Joined by Neptune, you’ll find that the next few weeks bring some really pleasurable times. If you’ve ever thought of joining an orchestra, or taking a class to brew wine or beer, this is the time to do it. You may even find that past artistic or spiritual (not necessarily religious, there’s a difference) endeavors pop up for closer examination. While a solar eclipse usually brings new, shiny experiences, Mercury’s meeting with the South Node in Pisces can also mean a second look at past forays that can enrich or serve for years to come.

Gemini: The Correspondent Au’ Courant and the Communications Super-Specialist

My Mercury friends, the month begins with tension between personal pleasures (perhaps a past lover, or old creative endeavor?) and the buzz of the greater, more generalized world outside. You’re always of more than one mind when it comes to life’s little dilemmas, but one central issue hovers in the midst: how to stay in touch with deeper issues and debts: to your body through intimate, deep, committed sex; to society, through taxes; to others, through common wealth and resources. Watch that you’re not playing side off of one another, because there could be some spoilsport waiting in the wings to whack you back down to size through gossip or personal pot-shots. The 8th is the messiest day in this whole situation, because a hidden enemy might pop up, or some sort of institutional situation could complicate life. My advice? Have fun, but remember that others may want to get involved, too.

To that end, Mars recently moved into Aries, which gives you a little bit of an energy boost. Venus follows it a few days later. Going into the Leo lunar eclipse on the 10th, Gemini is once again looking at a clash between the romantic, fun part of life and generalized group concerns. But wait! This time, you’ve got some help from the Sun and Moon. During this lunar eclipse, it’s time to gather your personal assets and quantify your beliefs. How does your fun and social life reflect your personal truth? How do all of those things create lasting intimacy, sex, and resources that may be shared with others? Whatever doesn’t suit that purpose has to go.

For Valentine’s Day, Geminis get to have a good time, but watch out for surprises in the romantic realm. Jupiter retrograde in Libra faces off with Uranus in Aries, resulting in a possible clash of beliefs that may have been simmering in the background. At the same time, Venus and Mars in Aries tussle with the Moon in Libra. People are in their feelings! However, your ruler Mercury comes to the rescue, which can make for some pleasingly life-changing conclusions by the end of the day.

Luckily, a lot of subsequent activity misses Geminis for the next few days. Mars will square Pluto in Capricorn from the 21st to the 24th, but Gemini’s cozy connection to Mars mitigates many of the troubles that may plague others. Just the same, tread softly on those dates. Why invite trouble?

The Pisces solar eclipse on the 26th holds some interesting messages for Gemini. Ruler Mercury is on the South Node, which may bring old, worn fears about direction and aimlessness back to the forefront. However, this is a great time to get ahead and productively seek to change feelings of listlessness or fogginess. The eclipse is snuggled up next to Neptune, so why not use that Piscean haze to improve your life? Have you thought of yoga, or meditation? Therapy? This is the time to start establishing spiritual practices that can keep you thriving for years to come.

Cancer: The Hometown Hero

The month starts off feeling like an intermezzo, Cancer, but it’s a big one for changes and new inspiration. The Moon, Cancer’s ruling light, is pivotal in much of this month’s astrology, so be ready to adjust, learn, and adapt.

The Cancerian tendency to favor home and family – or, at least, things that create a feeling of familiarity and domestic bliss – doesn’t mix well with a highly volatile career world at the moment. With service to home and hearth battling against almost obsessive survival mode in the career sector, pressure from partners, both intimate and non, are a huge bother. Some of what you hear from others can even sound like outright sabotage. On the 8th, the lack of support elevates your stress levels as the Moon lights up the Jupiter retrograde/Uranus/Mercury soup. To make things even better for Crabs born around June 21st to the 25th, Mars moves into Aries and squares your Sun, joined by Venus a few days later. Thrilling

The Leo lunar eclipse brings a bit of solace to the situation. The Sun and Moon lend some structural support to cranky Jupiter retrograde and Uranus, enabling you to start figuring out some long-term financial strategies. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Save as little as 5% of each paycheck to reward yourself, with another small percentage towards debt or tax obligations. You’ll not only establish a habit of substantively investing in your own joy and pleasure, but you’ll also start to feel free of baggage from past monetary obligations.

What will you and your love do on Valentine’s Day? While you might want to go out and brave the crowds, just make sure that all the chores and day-to-day tasks are squared away. Of course, this is also a day when your look won’t come together as tightly as you’d like. Get your haircut the day before, and use setting spray to lock in that makeup look! At the very least, your sex life should be lit, so hit the sack with your S.O. and get yours.

Approaching mid-month, the Moon clashes with the Nodes and the Sun. Yes, you’re working on those finances and that self-worth, but do you wish to better your life to keep up with the Joneses, or in service to a better daily standard of living? This configuration asks Cancers to dig deeper into why they wish to make gains. Shallow, materialistic change is fleeting. Sacrifice that desire and expect better of yourself.

Another heads up: Mars in Aries will confront a terse Pluto in Capricorn from Feb 21 to the 24th. Cancers with a birthday from July 7th to around the 12th need to watch out for anger, accidents, aggression, bullies, and edgy feelings. Err on the side of caution, because you may butt heads against someone who’s got a better foundation to fight from than you.

The Pisces solar eclipse on the 26th sees your mother planet making nice with Neptune, with a passing wave to Mercury. When’s the last time you took a class, Cancer, or took in a lecture at a museum? Have you thought of checking out some free language classes at the community center? How about learning how to sing in a foreign language? This solar eclipse is positioned beautifully to benefit Crabs! I do have to warn you, though, that there are more shenanigans afoot from Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter, so don’t make promises that you can’t keep, drive carefully, and don’t piss off the boss.

Leo: The A-Lister and the All-Star

This month, Leo plays host to some interesting, transformational astrology. Let’s start off with a crunchy configuration featuring Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, and a smattering of Pluto. There’s a LOT going on in the world right now, but it’s the little things could end up biting Leo in the behind. Have you renewed your registration, or winterized the car? When’s the last time you updated your driver’s license, passport, etc? The last thing you need is to have to go do something important, and OOPS! Your birth certificate got eaten by the dog. Maybe class and work schedules clash. Health problems could pop up, and insurance issues complicate matters (in other words, certain recent events might be hitting Leos more immediately than others). The 8th brings possible added stress when the Moon visits Cancer and causes all of these nagging things to possibly erupt into a teapot-sized tempest. Be happy, though! Venus is moving into Aries to join Mars, which shines lovely rays of light onto Leo’s piece of the zodiac pie.

On the 10th, Leo hosts a lunar eclipse that serves to stabilize recent nagging issues. This Moon connects sweetly to restive Uranus, and also plays well with Jupiter. For the next few weeks, you’ll feel comfort and acceptance with new ideas from close and far-reaching sources, as well as enlightenment from your most committed relationships. Need a mentor? Start thinking about who fits the bill, and how to pitch yourself to them. Utilize the library, or enroll in a class. Challenge beliefs about you as a person, and what you offer. What do you really think about the nature of relating?

Valentine’s Day is all about enjoying the exotic. Once again, it’s fun to look at foreign-born pleasures and concepts, rather than just staying in the neighborhood and eating pizza. Leo is facing off Mercury in Aquarius at this time, which could cause some misunderstandings with higher-ups and siblings. Single Valentines may have some trouble getting arrangements off the ground, or may experience a sudden change in plans, while committed Leos might find enjoyment on a group date.

From the 21st to the 24th, Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn quarrel in a touchy, angry battle of wits. Leos miss the brunt of this highly unhappy meeting because of Mars’ positive placement relative to your sign, but that doesn’t mean others are so lucky. During this time, avoid arguing, picking fights, and general tough-guy posturing. The astrological environment is ripe for bad attitudes and unhappiness, so be on your best behavior.

Finally, we reach the Pisces solar eclipse on the 26th. Occurring in your solar seventh house, this eclipse asks Leos to make room for new, spiritually-inspired opportunities in relationships. Remember that lunar eclipse? Well, now it’s time to bring thoughts and emotional growth into reality. Notice that the main themes this month are relationships, far-flung places, higher education, and beliefs. Move forward into the world, because your growth will come from meaningful contacts with others that challenge your Leonine kingdom. The Sun and Moon are joined by Mercury as well, so expect an affinity for social meetups and larger causes in the months ahead. There is great change afoot, and taking a step into someone else’s theoretical shoes may be just the thing that Leo needs in order to thrive.

Virgo: The Top Shelf Technician and Tactical Office Support Specialist

Virgo, February starts off with an interesting conundrum between finance, the daily grind, and fun. As much of a smart cookie as Virgo is, you’re also human, and everyone gets overwhelmed. Maybe home expenses have driven costs up, which strains your bank account, which leads to stress, which leads to irritability, which leads to a distinct lack of exploration and romance. It’s great that some lurking resentments about the balance of labor in the home have started to resolve themselves, but there’s still a lot going on, and relaxation feels like an impossibility. When friends or (supposed) support groups potentially fail you around the 8th, don’t give up! There’s some help coming down the pike in the form of the lunar eclipse.

The Leo lunar eclipse on the 10th takes some of this unsettled energy and weaves it into something useful. This eclipse highlights hidden healing resources at your disposal. Maybe a father figure gives you advice, or a trusted financial adviser has some words of wisdom. I also really want you to look at sex, or other shared treasures, during this time. How do these cooperative things reward you? How do you grow from the energy that others pour into you, whether it be from orgasm or payment for a days work? Lunar eclipses usually ask us to let go of old emotional states in order to make room for new, tangible growth, and this one is no exception. There’s also a sweet linkage between your ruler, Mercury, and both Venus and Mars at this time to help you along.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? With both the Moon and Jupiter, now retrograde, in your solar first house, you’re ready to slay and be relationship minded. Once again, your ruler Mercury is showing you a good time, especially if you’re single and ready to mingle. Mars and Venus in Aries are clashing with your vibe a bit, and could potentially create a sexually combustive night. It’s not the smoothest Valentine’s Day, but it could be a pretty damn sexy one.

Virgo, let me touch on one conflict in your sign this month: a harsh meeting of the Nodes and the Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th. The Sun, freshly moved into your opposite sign Pisces, adds a watery, cloudy influence to the past. So does the Moon. Are you seeing former events in a more rosy light than they deserve? Having some unhelpful nostalgia about the old ways, or agreements where you felt victimized? If even washing the dishes makes you nostalgic for previous situations, it may be old pain that’s been triggered. Do some cleansing and meditation to get on a healthier path.

This won’t be the only time that you’ll have to deal with Piscean energy. The solar eclipse on the 26th is brimming with Neptunian charm, especially since it lies in close proximity to the Sun and Moon also in Pisces. Past health problems may come up for some help, as well as situations that involve taxes, inheritance, deep intimacy, or shared resources. These may spring up at a moment’s notice, and could require some new agreements or talks in order to come to resolution. Draw up those contracts if you want, but just know that they’ll have more import than usual, and that volatility may lie between the lines.

Libra: The Silk-Satin Attorney and the Smooth Talking Attache’

Libra starts this chock-full month with its tenant, Jupiter, going into retrograde motion on the 6th. That sense of abundance and expansion that you’ve been enjoying for a while is going to dull down n favor of a bit of backwards examination. Since Jupiter rules your solar third house of transportation, communication, siblings, and the ‘hood, maybe it’s time you stopped and reviewed the joys of the getting around, short vacations, and goofy sisters. Jupiter gets crabby with Mercury in Capricorn, as well as Uranus directly across the way in Aries. If you have dreams of perhaps moving cross-country or off making huge social waves, this really isn’t the time to do it. The 8th can really exacerbate this, with the Moon dropping into an inopportune spot. A boss or authority figure may poo-poo your plans, or your career may suddenly put the kibosh on those large-and-in-charge fantasies.

The Leo lunar eclipse serves to stabilize this frustrating energy. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall as far as progress is concerned (especially with a freshly retrograde planet in your sign!), look to both solar and lunar energy to take some of the sting away. Are there ways to network through your job, like happy hour drinks? You need to focus on making friends and having some fun. Yes, Libra thrives on having big dreams, but you’ll go nowhere if you’re burned out. As you assimilate energies from constant relational changes with a now more internalized, personal evolution, fun is going to be the only way that you don’t navel gaze yourself into oblivion.

On Valentine’s Day, Mars and Venus both meet up in Aries to give you a time to remember. The Moon visits your sign for the day, and its brief meeting with the aforementioned pair may cause sparks to fly. Your stars point to a pretty good time, but just watch out for smart-mouthed people who might say something snide. I wouldn’t want your evening to get ruined by some passive-aggressive foolishness.

A little further in the calendar finds Libra facing the nasty square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn from the 21st to the 24th. What stinks about this is that Libra children lie smack-dab in a spot that acts like a hub for this stressful, angry, touchy combo. Furthermore, Jupiter is there, bloating things up. Look: if you see that there’s angry stuff brewing (especially in home, partnership, relationship, or legal areas), don’t charge in there! The only thing that will do is confuse the situation and turn the heat on you. This is especially true in you’re born from October 1st to 8th, give or take a day. About the only help you might get is from Mercury, and I wouldn’t bet the house on that.

We finally wrap up the month with a solar eclipse in Pisces. While this eclipse doesn’t directly hit your Sun, it does light up your solar sixth house of service, day-to-day work, volunteering, and health. This would be a great time to put together a fitness regimen and find a workout partner. While it’s moved to the edges of friendly Sagittarius, Saturn is still in a position to help out Libras, so take advantage and dust off that gym membership. Since Mars square Pluto wasn’t enough, I’ll also give some forewarning that your ruler, Venus, will take her turn squaring Pluto next month. I know you’re excited!

Scorpio: The Sorceress Emeritus and the Spell-Castrix Semper-Paratus

Scorpio starts off February facing a dilemma that I’ll call “the small ways of fitting in.” You’re so ready to leap forward, and yet, there are still residual doubts and inner arguments about how to move to the next stage. Your deepest demons have to be at peace before moving into your best self. Your local surroundings, transport, and familial peers – siblings – need to be secure before you can truly be at home, on a trusty foundation. Bodies and routines must be solid before building with another, and that may include some sacrifice. See how all of those parts need attention before growth happens? On the 8th, another part of the puzzle may come up for review: how the need to examine beliefs and obtain guidance will bring you up the next professional, or worldly, rung of the ladder. It’s all about closure and transition for you, Scorpio. Plus, your classical ruler, Mars, moves into its Aries stronghold at the beginning of the month, giving you a signal boost that lasts for several weeks ahead.

The Leo lunar eclipse on the 10th is a chance to move forward, Scorpio. The Moon in Leo, coupled with the Sun in Aquarius, sheds some much-needed light into the future. While career paths and managerial connections have seemed a touch inscrutable, there should now be a little more comfort as far as how you can most effectively be of service to your professional goals. Jupiter retrograding in your solar twelfth house could bring out old enemies or fears, but this is your chance to cleanse out the dust.

Can I ask you a favor for Valentine’s Day? Watch that you’re not indulging someone by performing unnecessary, or even careless, emotional labor. Venus and Mars in Aries both face off against the Moon and Jupiter retrograde, and I think you might be game to try anything if it gets you closer to your object of desire. The thing is, Scorpio, that you know what to say in order to make someone not only want to give up the cookies, but also want to build something long term. Words matter. It could be that you’re saying things that you think the other person wants to hear, thinking that it’s kindness since it gets you both want you want. That’s not exactly true. With these stars, I favor honesty and fairness.

I’m going to now bring up the Mars-Pluto square, since this really has an effect on Scorpio. These two planets have jurisdiction over your Sun, they’re clashing from the 21st to the 24th, and it has the potential to be ugly. Things to watch for: car accidents, mishaps during routine tasks, angry locals. Pluto loves a good power play, but Mars will fight back. Things may get even more erratic around the 26th, when Mars tag-teams Aries into this already volatile mix. If you feel impatient or unreasonable during this period, take a step back. Tomorrow is another day. Don’t fight now.

We end the month with a pleasing, beautifully placed Pisces solar eclipse. Nestled in your fifth house of fun, pleasure, and children, this eclipse brings a chance for an increase not only in good times, but in spiritual connection to the fun you’re having. Neptune lends his dreamy, impractical touch to your shenanigans, which means that you could have some experiences that seem straight out of a movie. This is a great time to play dress up with the kids, or to get them involved with a Neptunian hobby, like painting, instruments, or swimming. While the astrological environment isn’t completely easy for you, Scorpio, know that better times are coming down the pike. Just calm down!

Sagittarius: The Intellectual Bounty Huntress and the Professor de Internationale’

For the fiery archer, the month starts with tension between your social sphere and/or accomplishments versus more personal pleasures, children, and romantic love. In between lies your cash and personal, earned resources, both material and more esoteric. While you may want to throw money or launch a charm offensive at a particular problem, it probably won’t work. In fact, it may backfire, because there’s a call here for authenticity and thoughtful, upbeat conversation,. This is especially true with Saturn in your sign right now. Believe it or not, Saturn wants you to talk and share your beliefs with others, not stifle them. While you may get blowback or strife from sharing those viewpoints around the 8th, it’s way better to aim for the truest representation of self that you can muster.

Let’s take a minute to talk about Jupiter retrograde, since this is your ruling planet. The planet of expansion, beliefs, international concerns, and education will be walking backwards until the beginning of June. What does this mean for Sagittarius? It means that your usual open nature may become a little more introverted as Jupiter turns more ponderous and studious. You may find that life meanders past some old incidents that need resolution; these will most likely pop up from your solar zone of friends, social causes, groups, and accomplishments. This is a great time to clean house and fix associations that don’t align with your core ideals. You haven’t dulled your shine, Sagittarius. You’re just using a different type of bulb than normal.

Mars cruises into Aries at the beginning of the month, closely followed by Venus. Since Aries is a friendly cohort for Sagittarius, look for a boost in your solar fourth house of home and foundations. This could be a lovely time to do active things in the house (time for a foosbal table?), but not the best time to redecorate (Venus isn’t at her best in Aries).

The Leo lunar eclipse on the 10th helps the planets form a stable platform to work out some of the above difficulties. Yes, the socializing struggle may be real, but look at the fun things you can do in your neighborhood! Trivia night, anyone? Better yet, how about a vacation? If you can’t afford on, how about organizing a documentary viewing party featuring exotic locales? Enjoyment is simple, if you stop over-complicating things. You’ve got lovely help from Mars and Venus, who work well with Mercury in Aquarius at this time. Open up to the possibilities…you might even find love while you’re at it.

For Valentine’s Day, there’s more of the same shenanigans between your creative, romantic side and social side. Fun can happen at the most random locations and in the most unexpected ways, but your spontaneity may be hobbled a bit by your recently retrograde ruler, Jupiter. While Sagittarius’ ruling planet takes a wander backward, it’s possible that you find more questions than answer popping up about life in general, as well as your place in it. However, Valentine’s Day isn’t the night for having an existential crisis. Instead, use the potentially flirty and edgy energy of the evening to flirt, have fun, and tease.

In more love life/creative/kid news, Mars in Aries starts to edge closer to Uranus around the 19th. First, however, it moves through a volatile square with Pluto in Capricorn from the 21st to the 24th. While the Pluto fracas won’t have too much direct affect on Sagittarius, Mars joining Uranus will. There’s potential benefit to this pairing, because it can cause some very passionate outbursts, changes, and revelations. What’s not so great is the tinge of dark, murky Pluto that may color these wonderful breakthroughs. Sometimes, creativity or love can hurt so good, but it’s always in your best interest to control the pain.

The Pisces solar eclipse rounds out the month, landing in your solar fourth house of home and family. Handling dreamy, foggy Piscean energy isn’t your strong suit, but that energy is going to enter your castle nonetheless. Funny enough, that Pisces vibe simply calls you back to the main theme of the month: create, love, and have fun! The aforementioned Mars and Uranus meetup will be in full force by this time, as well, so Sagittarius’ plate will be full managing all of this change and inspiration. If all else fails, get some good wine and have a date night. Neptune’s watery touch on this eclipse demands it.

Capricorn: The Strategist and the CEO, the Boss Woman and the Business Person

Due to Pluto’s slow drag through your sign, Capricorn has had a merry time of it for a while. This month, Goats start off with your ruler, Saturn, getting out of a tight situation with Venus in Pisces. Within the first week of the month, however, Venus moves away from the square aspect, which should allow you a little more breathing room. However, one situation gives way to another: Mercury, also in Capricorn, clashing with Uranus and Jupiter (newly in retrograde). It’s action time, and all bases are fired up and popping. Home and family needs clash with career, politics, and the public at large, while you and your choices seem to get caught in the middle. At times like these, it’s easy to imagine that Capricorns feel like no one is listening, and everyone wants what they want NOW, thankyouverymuch. Around the 8th, additional pressures fire up when the Moon stops in Cancer, giving air to some small tensions in your partnership, committed romance, and legal sector.

When the Leo lunar eclipse happens on the 10th, it brings some relief. That pesky Mercury moves into sweeter contact with Venus, and the Full Moon helps balance out the home and career drama quite a bit. Earnings stabilize, partnerships get more supportive, and small, nagging mental voices go a little more quiet for a couple of weeks. The lunar eclipse is a good time to mentally prepare for the forward motion of the solar eclipse, which is placed in a friendlier position for the Goat. Mercury also moves into Aquarius on the 7th.

Valentine’s Day approaches with continued activity around work and home. I know, I know…you’d like to get away from these sectors, but change is afoot. Do something fun and active for Valentine’s Day (maybe bowling, or a nice hike?), since Venus is in Aries. Or, if you want to get naughty, stay at home. It’s a pretty assertive day all around, and your fifth house of fun, children, and romance is full of passion. Have you thought of roleplaying?

Let’s take a moment to discuss Saturn in Sagittarius, because Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter goes retrograde this month, and treks this backward path until the beginning of June. Saturn energy is what makes you guys so hard-working and solid, and Jupiter energy is highly expansive (the word ‘jovial’ refers to Jupiter), which seems like an oxymoron. Retrograde motion happens in so that people internalize and process the planet’s lessons. In this case, a lot of your inner growth focuses on those little, nagging voices you have in your head. You micromanage yourself, Capricorn, and it’s not the most efficient use of your energy. This period, attempt to expand your possibilities for yourself past fears of not being enough. You ARE enough, so stop picking your inner scabs.

As if Capricorn isn’t juggling enough, Mars in Aries faces off with your close, personal friend Pluto from Feb 21 to the 24th. Capricorns born from January 3rd to around the 10th need to watch out for anger, accidents, aggression, bullies, and edgy feelings. Pluto in your sign gives you the upper hand in any tussles, but why invite drama? Even if you feel like there’s a chance you can manipulate or power play your way to the top, refrain from doing so. Mars won’t make your victory easy, by any means.

The Pisces solar eclipse on the 26th finally brings some levity to your home zone in the form of Neptune, most happily placed in Pisces, joining with the New Moon. Piscean, watery energy is pleasurable to Capricorn, and brings a feeling of creativity, peace, and leniency to an area that’s been under constant strife the whole month. At the solar eclipse, think of how you can actively enrich your bonds with intimates in romantic, sweet, and spiritual ways. Set goals for the months ahead, and use this time to bring Neptune into the home. Adding a small fountain or starting a wine collection are only two of the many ways Capricorn can bring that dreamy, wispy touch to life.

Aquarius: The X-Woman

As we start the month with the Sun in Aquarius, the Water-Bearer’s modern ruler, Uranus, is wreaking havoc on just about everybody. You’re no different. Caught on a transformative precipice, Aquarians are trying to balance far-reaching concerns with changeable, unstable local ones. Education, beliefs, and international matters now seem hard to resolve against worries closer to home. The ‘hood may not appear so interesting when travel calls, right? There’s a feeling of constantly unfulfilled hopes and dreams that squash your optimism. To top it off, duty seems to call hard core around the 8th, which really adds to those feelings of jadedness. Life isn’t at its most inspiring at the moment.

The Leo lunar eclipse seeks to change that. A breath of fresh air sweeps in, allowing you to look at the everyday and mundane in a new light. Here’s the thing: you need to do the dull work in order to move onto the more fun stuff. As far as Aquarius is concerned, the Full Moon makes me think of your other ruler, Saturn, who always demands hard work and solid behavior in order to get anywhere. Saturn is presently in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter (newly in retrograde). This is a great time to recall how you’ve pushed through other blocks on the way to your dreams. Did you make a plan? Did you look into every possible transportation method? How about networking – who around you has some advice for getting ahead through a blockage?

Speaking of blockages, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. I’m exaggerating a bit, but there could be a tendency to overspend, due to unforeseen circumstances. Mars and Venus in Aries add some sass and brass to the day, but an inconveniently placed Moon and finicky Jupiter cause some mixed signals. Mercury in your sign mixes happily with the Moon, and highlights an opportunity to be of sweet service to your honey.

Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn feud between the 21st and the 24th, so be on your guard.. Aquarians miss the brunt of this highly unhappy meeting because they’re a safe distance away from the shenanigans, but avoid arguments, picking fights, and general tough-guy behavior. The astrological environment is ripe for bad attitudes and unhappiness, so steer clear and be diplomatic.

The Pisces solar eclipse on the 26th happens in your solar first house of self, looks, and life path. The lunar eclipse was all about getting organized and finding the middle ground between the micro and macro environments. Now, it’s all about you – how does Aquarius fit into the big picture? Do you look like you fit in wherever you go, according to custom? Another big question: is your money in order? The solar eclipse asks you to examine not only your physical representation of self, but also your material place in the world. Not home, mind you…assets and earned money. Neptune’s influence on this eclipse calls for some imagination and emotional connection here. In other words, can you make your dream self happen? What do you look like in your deepest imagination? The key to happiness is to match the outside with the sheer bliss of the inside.

Pisces: The Mystic and the Musician

Pisces, you and your ruler Neptune are two of the stars of this month’s intense and busy astrology. Let’s address the financial chaos you’re going through at the beginning of the month. Ever since Uranus in Aries entered your second house (Mars just arrived in Aries, too), it’s been nothing but financial change after financial change. Of course, these swings in fortune also affect things like loans, debt, and taxes. Oh, let’s not also leave out the fact that financial stress kills the libido. Your friends and social circle may try to help alleviate the pain, but they have demands of their own. Mercury in your solar eleventh house asks, “Why haven’t you hosted a house party lately? It’s money well spent!” Not what you want to hear right about now. Around the 8th, the pull of socialization, creativity, or kids could be too great and land you in some monetary hot water, too.

We move onto the lunar eclipse in Leo, which lights up your service, workaday, and health zones. Pisces knows sacrifice better than anyone else in the zodiac (save for Virgo), and this eclipse demands some smart exchanges in order to get ahead. How can you leverage your career and the public to make ends meet, while still staying service minded? With Mercury in Aquarius right now, this could be an excellent time to start up a crowdfunding campaign. Or, utilize the internet to find a second job. Better yet, does your boss need some extra help? That’s a way to not only get extra cash, but to look better to higher-ups, as well.

Pisces loves a good Valentine’s Day. One of the sign’s ruler is Venus, after all, so you’re all mushes on the inside. This Valentine’s Day, you might feel like getting a new haircut or beauty treatment, but be careful: with Uranus and Mars in your first house of appearance tussling with the Moon and Jupiter in Libra, it may not be the best time to make drastic changes. Instead, have some fun times with friends, or maybe have a group date with your siblings and their spouses. I’m recommending to everyone to keep Valentine’s Day toned down this year. There’s a lot going on…save your energy!

On the 18th, the Pisces Sun meets the Nodes, while at the same time exchanging cross words with the Moon in Sagittarius. As the Sun sits on the South Node, old feelings may come up for resolution at the most inopportune times. While the Sagittarius Moon calls for fair-minded, philosophical emotions with a bit of an impersonal touch, the North Node demands a service-minded spin. Meanwhile, here’s the Sun, highlighting your Piscean tendency to always go full throttle with the gooey feelings. The Moon’s demanding rays will only affect you for about a day, but think: who, exactly, are you serving in those drama queen moments?

Pisceans are our solar eclipse babies this month. Your ruler, Neptune, joins the New Moon this month, promising you the most powerful experience out of anyone in the zodiac. This power is concentrated in your twelfth house of hidden fears, outer healing and rehabilitation, unrequited love, and all sorts of torrid, potentially hurtful things. Time to take out the trash, Pisces. In addition, Mars and Uranus combine in your first house to lend an added boost of attitude to everything you do. All of this astrological wonder sits very close to that South Node I mentioned earlier, so watch the temptation to go overboard with the catharsis. That’s not to say you can’t wail, cry, and write bad poetry to your heart’s content. Just remember that you need to work, shower, and kiss your hubby good night in the process.

About the Author: Jeanette Ponder is an interdisciplinary astrologer based in Chicago. A New Jersey native, she is also a published erotic romance author and fashion industry professional. She’s a stylish Taurus with an eye towards being the well dressed front woman for a global evil empire. She can be reached for questions, comments, or astrology consults via email:

Photo: Jeanette Ponder