By Matthew David Savinar

Editor’s Note: this is excerpted from “Astrology of the Central Intelligence Agency”, one of four features originally published in the Summer 2016 print edition of Hexagon. A Virgo (analysis) with its Moon in Scorpio (secrets), the Agency has a trine (supportive contact) between its Mars (fighting) in Cancer (the homefront) and Jupiter (expansion) in Scorpio (secrets). -Matt

The Agency has Mars (fighting, aggression) in Cancer, sign of home and family. According to astrologer Sue Tompkins, Mars in Cancer “may be prone to interfering inappropriately” in domestic matters. (Source) The Agency’s Mars (assertion) in Cancer (home) receives an expansive trine from Jupiter (religion, zealotry) in Scorpio (the underworld, the occult). The Agency’s mission statement prohibits it from operating domestically, but there are numerous reputable sources that indicate it has been fighting (Mars) on the home front (Cancer) and doing so in a very expansive (Jupiter) if totally undercover (Scorpio) fashion. For instance, in the 2007 documentary American Drug War: The Last White Hope, former LAPD narcotics investigator Michael C. Ruppert explains that, during his time as an officer, the Agency kept its eye on the domestic drug trade via operatives it had implanted deep within police departments throughout the country. These officers had access to what was then known as the “Narcotics Intelligence Network”, a computer system that kept track of pending drug busts. If a CIA-affiliated ring was about to get raided they would get a tip to clear out. “That’s the way the CIA protects its share of the drug trade,” Ruppert explains in the film.

According to astrologer Austin Coppock, when Mars is placed in the sign of the crab, one of the most primitive forms of life, it “taps directly into the primordial pool of blood and bathes in it.” (Source) Coppock associates Mars in Cancer with both Norman Bates and the archetype of the “Werewolf” who must guard against suppressed drives, eventually “damaging what one is sworn to defend.” (Source) In the case of the CIA, its suppressed (covert) drives to defeat Communism abroad have prompted it to engage in Werewolf-like forms of behavior at home, as described by Fletcher Prouty, Mike Ruppert, and others. The subsequent Norman Bates-style bloodbaths of addiction, violence, and economic devastation that erupted across the country as the crack epidemic took hold have proven extraordinarily damaging to communities throughout America—the very country the Agency has sworn to defend. Since the Agency is legally prohibited from operating on U.S. soil, this also means it has been “interfering inappropriately” in domestic matters, exactly what Sue Tompkins warns is one of the liabilities that attach to Mars when it’s placed in Cancer, sign of its fall.

Mars/Jupiter aspects like the one seen in the Agency’s chart are considered absolute powerhouse combinations as they combine the natural aggression of Mars (the warrior) with the religious fervor of Jupiter (the preacher). Tompkins considers Mars/Jupiter the combination of the “Holy Crusader” who can “often be found fighting for or on behalf of God.” (Source) The CIA’s extensive ties to religious organizations throughout the world have resulted in its being referred to derisively as “Christians In Action” by more ribald corners of the military-industrial complex. however, the true God(s) on whose behalf it crusades are the Lords of Big Business, most notably Fortune 500 members of the weapons and oil industries, both of which are dependent on war for their livelihoods. As part of this crusade the Agency has applied energy (Mars) to suppressing dissent on the domestic front (Cancer) via far-ranging (Jupiter) if totally secret (Scorpio) methods. For instance, as part of its 1967-73 “Operation Chaos”, the Agency “kept files on 7,200 Americans, and a computer index totaling 300,000 civilians and approximately 1,000 groups” as part of its crackdown on the anti-war movement. (Source) The Agency conducted similar operations on university campuses, codenamed “Operation Resistance” and “Operation Merrimac.” Given recent revelations regarding the surveillance state combined with the decades long hyper-ascendancy of Big Business, it’s by no means unreasonable to suspect similarly zealous, pro-business, home-front holy crusades (Mars/Jupiter) are still being carried out by the Agency.

Mars/Jupiter aspects are also associated with the mass mobilization of resources in the legal or judicial systems. The combination can be interpreted as warfare (Mars) involving the legal system (Jupiter). The Agency has a long history of conducting “lawfare” operations (Mars/Jupiter). For instance, in 1981 the Agency worked out an agreement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) in which it would be exempted from any formal requirements to report drug law violations on the part of its employees. The importance of that agreement in regards to what would soon be unleashed (Mars) upon the home front (Cancer) is difficult to overstate. According to Mike Ruppert’s analysis of the CIA’s agreement with the DOJ, “With the stroke of a pen the CIA had been absolved from turning in its employees, its contractors, and the employees of its proprietary companies who were soon to be found smuggling cocaine, hand over fist, and airplane over cargo ship.” (Source) That memorandum was, in effect, the legal justification for the crack epidemic—a multi-billion dollar business enterprise that would go on to generate enormous profits for scores of companies in the prison and judicial industries.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

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