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Combine an Aquarius Sun’s desire to make the world a better place with the interpersonal instincts of a Libra Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that’s liberal, charming, affable, and very avant garde when it comes to people, politics, and music. Jefferson Anderson calls this the Sun/Moon pairing of “the Idealist” whose “ingenuity and originality are focused on romantic, social, and artistic endeavors”. (Source) To illustrate: astronaut Buzz Aldrin is an Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) Aldrin’s best known for traveling in outer space (Aquarius) alongside his partner (Libra) John Glenn back in the 1960s but these days he’s busy hanging in a high-technology (Aquarius) music studio alongside his colleague (Libra) rapper Snoop Dogg. The idea of a man from space like Buzz Aldrin and a man from the streets like Snoop Dogg cutting a hip hop album together may sound outrageous to the point of being unbelievable but, as this oddly (Aquarius) endearing (Libra) video documents, it really did happen:

Aldrin’s hip hop stage name “Doc Rendezvous” given to him by Snoop is actually a nice approximation of this pairing as Aquarius is the zodiac’s most scientifically attuned sign while rendezvous with “the other” is an emotional survival need for a Libra Moon. Given the Aquarius/Libra capacity to appreciate different points of view, Aldrin was probably quite receptive to Snoop’s inclusion of a reference to smoking marijuana while on a rocket trip to the Moon in his “G-Funk” style remix of Aldrin’s rap efforts.

Aquarius/Libras often excel at handling controversial (Aquarius) matters in a diplomatic (Libra) fashion. This is a pairing that very much believes in not going to bed angry. For instance, in the above video the issue of Gil Heron’s poem “Whitey on Moon” is raised. A poem which contrasts the scientific achievement that was the Moon landing with the suffering of black people back here on Earth would make most white people feel noticeably uncomfortable, particularly if the white person in question is the “whitey” who actually did land on the Moon. Being a Aquarius/Libra, however, Aldrin addresses it in a good humored fashion without any of the touchy defensiveness that such conversations are so often characterized by. Aquarius is the sign of “the revolution” but when paired with a Libra Moon it wants the revolution to be as peaceful and friendly as possible.

Most Aquarius/Libras will want to explore a wide range of the arts, ideally alongside a stylish and glamorous partner. In addition to exploring the world of the Moon alongside John Glenn and the world of of hip hop alongside Snoop Dog, Aldrin has also explored the world of partner dancing alongside professional dancer Ashley Costa, a woman almost as stylish and glamorous as the “d-oh-double-gee” himself:

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of excitement and futuristic developments while Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of interaction and sociability. The Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon pairing thus often express similar to a Venus/Uranus aspect, which astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan associates with going “off to foreign or exotic lands” and having a “relationship with someone of another nationality and perhaps from a completely different culture.” Buzz Aldrin’s relationships with Snoop Dog and Ashley Costa are two examples of an Aquarius/Libra venturing off to exotic lands (the rap studio, the dance floor) to enjoy partnerships with people of completely different cultural backgrounds. Legendary hip hop music producer Dr. Dre is an Aquarius/Libra whose relationship with his protege Eminem is another example of this pairing’s eclectic social leanings. (Chart)

In their book Sun Sign, Moon Sign, astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey say the Aquarius/Libra pairing can be an “easy going member of the gang who can get rebellious if your rights are abused.” Dr. Dre rose to fame in the early 1990s producing songs for Death Row Records, an extraordinarily successful if highly controversial record label that many commentators say was run like a street gang. In 1996 Dre shocked the music world by rebelling and leaving the label because, among other reasons, his rights were being abused. According to a former colleague of Dre’s, while at Death Row Dre was forced “to follow his sergeant’s directions or [he’d] get popped by the Smith and Wesson”. (Source) A Sun/Moon pairing as sociable, civilized, and peace-loving as Aquarius/Libra is really going to struggle in such a conflict prone work environment.

Stella Hyde says futuristic Aquarius is the sign of the “Mad Scientist” who is often surrounded by stacks of shiny technological apparatus while Libra is the zodiac’s resident fashion maven. (Source) A decade or so prior to pioneering the “G-Funk” style of hip hop in the early 1990s, Dr. Dre got his start in music dee-jaying for the Los Angeles based electro-group the “World Class Wrecking Crew”. As you can see from this vintage video of the group, Dre was essentially a Mad Scientist of funky beats who sported a distinctly futuristic fashion sense all while being surrounded by stacks of shiny, music-producing technological apparatus:

In addition to excelling at exciting or off-beat (Aquarius) partnerships (Libra), this pairing can often be found promoting futuristic enterprises as both Aquarius and Libra are air (mental) signs. Bil Tierney writes of the Aquarius/Libra’s passion for stimulating intellectual pursuits, “this pairing seeks to network with stimulating minds who are willing to pool their intellectual energies to serve a progressive social cause”. (Source) Using its establishment date as its date of birth, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, aka “DARPA”, is an Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) Responsible for the funding of radically advanced technologies, DARPA is the agency that originally provided funding for the development of the internet in the 1960s and 70s. Originally known as the “ARPANET”, the internet was in its early days a “network” made up of “stimulating minds” who pooled their computer power together to create what was then seen as a radically progressive social endeavor:

As coincidence would have it, inventor Christopher Sholes is also an Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) He invented the QWERTY style typewriter, which in the 19th century was the premier technology (Aquarius) for enabling social (Libra) intercourse. These days his inventions allows us to type on computers hooked into DARPA’s Aquarius/Libra brainchild the internet.

Linda Goodman says of this pairing, “Aquarius is the inventor of new ideas; Libra is the architect who designs them for practical use”. (Source) In addition to funding the development of the internet, DARPA has also been responsible for inventing a wide range of technologies (Aquarius) that it ultimately shared with others (Libra). The technologies behind GPS, Apple’s “Siri” personal assistant, and Google’s “Street View” were all originally funded by DARPA. Today we use these technologies (Aquarius) to facilitate our rendezvous with others (Libra) on pretty much a daily basis. If we’re fortunate, at least some of these rendezvous will be as egalitarian (Aquarius) and harmonious (Libra) as Buzz Aldrin’s rendezvous with Snoop Dogg.

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