By Matthew David Savinar

The Sun’s in Cancer (the Crab) and Moon’s in Gemini (the Communicator) today, don’t have time for a full treatment of this pairing but will sometime after the retrograde is over. These guys belonged to the “Long Range Desert Patrol Group” (LRDPG) aka the “Ghost Patrol” aka the “G-Patrol”, which based on its operational start date was a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon organization. They conducted guerilla warfare in North Africa during WWII where they would scurry along the coast of Libya from Benghazi to Tripoli in jeeps, hiding behind rocks and sand dunes — just like crabs — while radioing in (Gemini Moon) all the information they gathered about Nazi troop movements.


Jefferson Anderson says Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon is the Sun/Moon pairing of “the Antenna” who, like a chameleon, “takes on the color of their surroundings” while experiencing “more than their fair share of problems”. (Source) As is quite clear from this photo, members of the Ghost Patrol survived by blending into the background of their desert surroundings like chameleons while using antennas to report back on a terrain filled with a more than a few “problems”.

Rapper Curtis Jackson, best known as “Fifty Cent”, is also a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon. In addition to having nine bullets lodged in his body, he’s also the founder of “Guerilla Unit” records aka the “G-Unit”. Like members of the G-Patrol, members of the G-Unit have survived in harsh, problem-filled geographies populated by all sorts of warring tribes, some friendly, some hostile, some a mixture of both. Like the G-Patrol, the G-Unit reports back on everything they see.

Cancer/Gemini people are great at getting publicity for themselves. Fifty Cent is one of the few rappers whose name is known in the mainstream world while the exploits of the “Ghost Patrol” were popularized by the 1960s television series The Rat Patrol, a show whose intelligent plot lines were far too nuanced to ever pass muster on current television. Interestingly enough, the show’s distinctive theme song has been sampled by numerous rappers.

Financial talk show host Clark Howard is also a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon. The LRDPG’s job was to radio back all the info they gathered on the Nazis while Howard spends his time on the radio, discussing the info he’s gathered on the sinister practices of the big banks. The two aren’t totally different as the “Big Monster Mega-Banks”, as Howard calls them, would like to see the U.S. turned into a financial fuedal state where all us American lumpenproles have to answer to members of the Wall Street master race. Howard’s a major proponent of credit unions, locally owned financial institutions that are to Wall Street mega-banks what the LRDGP jeeps were to Nazi tanks. He’s also spent a lot of time helping people fight wrongful debt collection, a practice that is truly fascistic in nature.

As coincidence would have it, Howard is known for riding around in a customized plug in hybrid Toyota Prius — a vehicle that is to the tyranny of high fuel prices what the Ghost Patrol’s customized jeeps were to the tyrannical intentions of desert dwelling storm-troopers. Finally, like his fellow Cancer/Gemini Fifty Cent, Howard makes his living rapping and reporting on the microphone.