By Matthew David Savinar

Pair a broad minded, flame throwing nature of a Sagittarius Sun with the instincts for fairness, justice, and equliaty a of Libra Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that is charismatic, boisterous, lively, vivid, and and profoundly concerned about large scale social problems. It’s also quite the party animal. The textbook Sagittarius/Libra has enough social flair they can turn a 20 minute trip to the coffee ship into an adventure so joyously wide-ranging you’ll think you stepped into a George Clinton house party set inside a Ringling Brothers circus tent erected in the landing bay of an alien mother-ship on its way back from the tenth dimension bearing ancient artifacts, futuristic art, and enough stories to last ten lifetimes. Astrologer Linda Goodman writes of this pairing’s capacity for raucous (Sagittarius) sociability (Libra):

In Sagittarius and Libra, mental agility and verbal dexterity are blended in equal parts. Both are capable of being absolutely charming conversationalists, holding groups of people spellbound for hours. When [these two signs] get together, there’s seldom a still or a silent moment. They’ll talk away the hours with zest and vigor, exchanging pure enjoyment of all the mental activity. (Source)

This capacity for joyous mental activity will often be powerfully expressed via the written or spoken word. Novelist Jane Austen and rapper Jay Z are both Sagittarius/Libras who can “hold groups of people spellbound for hours” with nothing but their words. Jay Z is best known for the saying, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”. Swap out the word “bitch” for the word “husband” and that’s a pretty good approximation of what Jane Austen is known for rapping about.

Sagittarius/Libras Jay Z and Jane Austen have more in common that you might think. (Jay Z Photo: Nrk-p3, Flickr)
Sagittarius/Libras Jay Z and Jane Austen have more in common that you might think. (Jay Z Photo: Nrk-p3, Flickr)

At first you might not think a black rapper like Jay Z and a white novelist like Jane Austen would have too much in common other than being skilled with words but look a bit deeper. Marriage was to Jane Austen what hustling drugs was to a young Jay-Z: an economic necessity that doubled as an open air prison camp.

Speaking of the unfairness of social institutions doubling as open air prison camps, astrologer Bill Tierney writes of this pairing’s capacity to crusade (Sagittarius) for justice (Libra):

Sagittarius likes to take up sweeping, global causes and do battles against the biased policies of the powers-that-be, while Libra will defend the weaker and those unjustly treated by others. This pairing is as concerned about the rights of individuals as it is the right of community. (Source)

Sagittarius is the sign of far off adventures while Libra is the sign most likely to make contact with “the other” whether that “other” is another person, another culture, or even another civilization. The Sag/Libra’s concern for people’s rights will thus be expressed within the broadest of broad contexts. To illustrate: former airline captain and CIA contract pilot John Lear is a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) These days Lear is often heard on late night talk radio explaining how the U.S. government has agreed to let space aliens turn the country into a giant, open air prison camp patrolled by unmanned drones, surveillance satellites, and other methods of oppression that even the Nazis could only have dreamed of.

Pictured Above: John Lear

Even if Lear is totally off his rocker there’s certainly something to his theories on the metaphoric level. Whatever one believes in regards to space aliens, there’s no doubt that Western governments have relinquished their sovereignty to the likes of Goldman Sachs and Monsanto – corporate entities whose intentions are every bit as sinister as those of the extraterrestrial entities who populate Lear’s theories.

Linguistics professor and political dissident Noam Chomsky is a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon best known for his critiques of the military-industrial complex. (Chart) While Chomsky’s take on the truth (Sagittarius) regarding social justice (Libra) is less conspiratorial than John Lear’s, his basic model of how the world currently works is thematically very similar. For instance, in this interview Chomsky explains how U.S. foreign policy has turned certain parts of the Middle East into the equivalent of open air concentration camps.

Using its release date as its date of birth, rapper Ice Cube’s 1994 song “What Can I Do” is a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) Astrologer Jefferson Anderson says Sagittarius/Libra is the Sun/Moon pairing of “the scholar-philosopher who possesses amazing subtlety and insight”. (Source) “What Can I Do”, for instance, is widely considered one of Cube’s best songs yet it got next to zero radio airplay, perhaps because it conveys what it was like coming of age in the open air prison camp that was the U.S. government sponsored crack epidemic with as much “subtlety and insight” as any Noam Chomsky book:

The song doesn’t involve Cube flying around a high-performance jet airplane like John Lear but he does start the song off riding around in a 1964 Chevy Impala which in the rap game carries as much prestige as a Lear Jet does in the Fortune 500 game.

As far as relationships go, astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey call the Sagittarius/Libra individual as the “romantic anarchist” while Hazel Dixon Cooper says this is the pairing of the “party-hopping bed buddy”. (Source) To illustrate: Ilona Staller is a Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) If Staller’s name doesn’t ring a bell she’s the iconic Italian porn star who also served four years as a member of the Italian Parliament. Sagittarius/Libras are often honest to the point of being shocking and Staller is no exception. During one press conference, which she attended in an all black fish net bodysuit, she explained that her critics in Parliament were regularly engaging in behavior vastly more sleazy than anything she did while working in the world of hardcore porn.

In the lead-up to the first war in Iraq Staller offered to have sex with both Saddam Hussein and George Bush if doing so would maintain world peace. That a Sagittarius/Libra like Mrs. Staller would make such an offer actually makes a lot of sense. Of the 144 Sun/Moon combinations this is the one most likely to go on a raucous, wide-ranging crusade (Sagittarius) for the sake of peace, justice, and liberty for all (Libra).

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.