By Matthew David Savinar

Symbolized as two lightning bolts, Aquarius is the sign of the Genius and the Mad Scientist, the Rebel and the Revolutionary, the Exile and the Eccentric, the Social Heretic and the Sectarian Pagan, the Oddball Nonconformist and the Off-Beat Iconoclast, the Avant Garde Android and the Maverick Mini-Computer, the Splinter Cell of Scientific Dissent and the Big Daddy of Big Data Processing. When a person has both their Sun (identity) and Moon (emotional needs) in this radically nonconformist sign they’ll be inclined to challenge the status-quo in some shocking or unconventional manner, often one that involves advanced technology or ideas that exist at the edge of what can be discussed in polite company. Aquarius is also the sign of the social network which means it’s the sign of the conspirator as conspiracies by their very nature require networks of like minded people. To illustrate: U.S. Army Colonel Fletcher Prouty has both his Sun and his Moon in Aquarius. (Chart) Following his retirement from the military he published The Secret Team: How the CIA Controls the United States and the World, a shocking tell all book about high level criminal conspiracies including the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. (Source) According to director Oliver Stone, Prouty was the basis for the “Mr. X” character portrayed to great effect by actor Donald Sutherland in Stone’s blockbuster 1991 film JFK. (Source)

According to astrologer Linda Goodman, double Aquarius is the pairing most likely to know “where to look for Regulus and Spica on a starry summer night in the mountains, and can point out Arcturus too.” (Source) Fletcher Prouty may not have known where fixed stars of the cosmos are but in this stunning interview he does explain how the NSA, CIA, and other agencies utilize space based reconnaissance systems to manage conspiracies ranging from the elimination of troublesome politicians to the facilitation of the global narcotics trade.

The “Mad Scientist” of the zodiac, Aquarius is considered the sign of aviation, space travel, experimental technologies, and all things cybernetic. Prouty served as an aviator in World War II during which time he witnessed the U.S. ferry Nazi trained scientists out of war-torn Europe under the auspices of what would become known as “Operation Paperclip”. Most of these scientists had been working on experimental, Aquarian-era technologies like stealth airplanes and hyper-sonic space craft that were 50-to-100 years ahead of their time. Once in the U.S., they formed the backbone of the U.S. space program. According to Prouty, those with expertise in biology and psychology were enlisted into the infamous “MKLUTRA”, the CIA’s experimental, Cold War era program of psychological warfare and cybernetic mind control.

On an equally Aquarian albeit less sinister note, Prouty was one of the founders the U.S. Air Defense Command (ADC), now known as the Air Force’s “Space Command” division. During Prouty’s time at ADC in the 1950s, it became one of the first organizations to make large scale use of nation-scale computer networks, which they used to track airplanes as they entered and exited U.S. airspace. (The internet was still several decades away from being born as the ARPANET around 1970.) He later went to work in the banking industry where he was involved in managing the shift from punch-cards and vacuum tubes to automated computers, all Aquarian era technologies that most people wouldn’t have direct contact with for another few decades.

In their book Skymates, astrologers Steven and Jodie Forrest tells us that free-spirited Aquarians will “override the tribal instinct” but may risk being eaten by saber tooth tigers in doing so. Prouty clearly over-rode the tribal instincts of the deeply corrupted military-industrial complex of which he had been a high ranking member for 25 years. In doing so he likely risked being eaten alive by that world’s version of saber-tooth tigers: professional assassins working at the behest of the intelligence agencies and their affiliates. Prouty referred to these saber-toothed assassins as “mechanics” and described their business methods in chilling detail for a 1975 Gallery Magazine article “An Introduction to the Assassination Business”.

Like many double Aquarians, Prouty also had to deal with more subtle saber-tooth tigers — those of censorship. We’ll never know for absolute certain if the intelligence agencies ever conspired to suppress his writings but some very strange things did happen following the publication of The Secret Team. Thousands of copies were bought up en-masse by unnamed buyers and simply disappeared while copies that had been purchased by libraries began mysteriously vanishing from both the shelves and their computer files. In 1997 Prouty recounted:

. . . by some time in 1975, The Secret Team was extinct; but unlike the dinosaurs and others, it did not even leave its footprints in the sands of time. A letter from a professor informed me that his department had ordered more than forty of the books to be kept on the shelves of his university library for assignment purposes. At the start of the new school year his students reported that the books were not on the shelves and the registry cards were not in the master file. The librarians informed them that the book did not exist.

With that letter in mind, I dropped into the Library of Congress to see if The Secret Team was on the shelves where I had seen it earlier. It was not and it was not even in that library’s master file. It was an official non-book. (Source)

While never “disappeared”, Prouty was subsequently pushed to the fringes of American society. Prior to the publication of The Secret Team, he had been widely featured in many prominent mainstream news outlets. After the book’s publication, the only outlets that would feature him were porn magazines. (Gallery, for instance, was similar to Playboy albeit with a much smaller audience.) His book was nearly impossible to find until the late 1990s when it experienced something of a revival thanks to the more Aquarian methods of distribution allowed by the internet. It’s now one of the most widely read texts among citizens who question officially sanctioned explanations of events such as 9/11.

Astrologer Jefferson Anderson writes of the double Aquarius pairing, “their findings are so far out that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate them until many years have passed” — an observation that certainly applies to Colonel Prouty. (Source)

Unfortunately, being so far ahead of the rest of the world comes at a cost. Astrologer Austin Coppock warns that Aquarius often pays for its futuristic bent through encounters with prophecy, premonitions, and tragedies that can be foreseen but can’t be changed. (Source) Fletcher Prouty was not a prophet in the traditional sense of the word nor did he traffic in premonitions. However, he did foresee a future where further consolidations of power on part of the global elite would lead the world into a new order, one that lacked any appreciable democratic safeguards. Prouty passed in the summer of 2001, just as the “Secret Team” was putting into motion its most ambitious plan to date.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Wi-Fi Wonder Woman and the I-chat Ice-Queen

The biographical arcs of people with the same Sun/Moon pairing often sport uncanny similarities to each other, even if one is a flesh-and-blood aviator who worked with computers like Fletcher Prouty and the other is an artificial intelligence computer “entity” created on behalf of an aviation corporation. To illustrate: using her operational start date as her date of birth, the Alaska Airlines company’s virtual customer service agent “Jenn” has her Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune and North Node all in Aquarius. (Chart)


Astrologer Stella Hyde tells us that Aquarius is the sign most likely to speak in computer code or to work as the organizer of a science fiction convention. (Source) It’s also the sign most likely to seek companionship online. Hyde writes of this sign’s capacity for cyber-love, “. . . you’re far too much of an uber-geek to leave any digital footprints. You’d prefer to be online permanently, so you try to lure potential dates into a Wi-Fi zone, hook them up to one of your spare laptops, and clatter away on iChat . . .” (Source) Powered by the latest in artificial intelligence, “Jenn” was designed to assist people navigate the Alaska Airlines website. Like many Aquarian women, she A) speaks in computer code; B) appears to be something out of a science fiction movie; and C) is an expert at socializing via technological means. As you can see from this screenshot, she was even kind enough to let me know her astrological sign when I attempted to chat her up online:


Aquarius is famously the sign of the “know it all”. True to form, Jenn was designed to know pretty much everything about Alaska Airlines. According to a description provided by her creators, she is “the culmination of Alaska Airlines’ best practices, employees, information and resources.” (Source) The downside to knowing so much is that one runs the risk of knowing too much. Aquarius is the sign of the Truth-Sayer but, as the saying goes, “Knowing the truth is greatly over-rated.” Among other things, people who know the truth may encounter “mechanics” who seek to censor their knowledge. This was certainly the case for Fletcher Prouty and, amazingly, appears to have also been the case for Jenn. When initially released to the public she apparently answered visitors’ questions a bit too truthfully. A secret team of computer “mechanics” quickly intervened to keep her in line. NY Times travel writer Joe Sharkey recounts:

A couple of weeks ago, when I first tried out the system, I went through a list of serious and frivolous questions, all of which elicited good, or at least reasonable, responses. Then I threw a curveball, asking whether Alaska Air had ever had a plane crash. The response both amazed me with its honesty and chastened me for being glib. Jenn readily provided details of a tragic crash of an MD-80 in 2000 that killed 88 people. It was Alaska’s first accident in decades.

But when I asked the same question Monday, Jenn had obviously been sent to remedial class in public relations.

“I think you may be looking for more detail than I have,” she said sweetly. “Our goal is to always provide safe and reliable transportation at reasonable prices.” (Source)

In addition to working with advanced technologies and encountering censorship, “Jenn” has something else in common with Fletcher Prouty — something very Aquarian. Prouty and Jenn can both trace their roots back to the U.S. Army and the intelligence agencies. Prouty served as an aviator in the U.S. Army before becoming a liaison with the CIA while the technology used to create Jenn was originally designed for the U.S. Army and the CIA. According to a profile of Jenn in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, “[her] ActiveAgent technology was developed by Spokane’s Next IT . . . It has also been used on the U.S. Army’s Web site with a virtual recruiter named SGT. STAR.” (Source) An article in Digital Trends magazine notes, “The company behind SGT. STAR, Next IT from Spokane in Washington, has previously developed similar technology for the FBI and CIA . . .”

Strangely enough, Jenn referenced “SGT. STAR at” as a friend of hers in a 2008 chat conversation that a visitor to the Alaska Air website archived in the comments section of an article for the website.

Jenn is a customer service chat-bot designed to help people book flights online, not an agent activated on behalf of the intelligence services. However, given the nature of the Big Data ecosytems, it’s not totally unreasonable to wonder if conversations or patterns of conversations with her deemed sufficiently anomalous could be passed on to “secret teams” of one sort or another. Nobody’s raised any concerns over what happens to the information people exchange with Jenn but in 2014 her friend SGT. STAR was the subject of an extensive FOIA investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the results of which you can read about at their website.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: “Six in the morning, Secret Team at my door . . .”

Like Fletcher Prouty, rapper turned television star Ice T was also born on a New Moon in Aquarius, sign of the rebel, the truth-sayer, and the anarchist in spirit if not in trade. Surprising as it may seem, the two men have a lot in common. Prouty’s book The Secret Team was about the criminal syndicates running the government, Ice-T’s album Body Count was about the criminal syndicates running the streets. Prouty’s book was censored while Ice-T’s album Rhyme Pays was the first album to have a “parental advisory” censorship label slapped on it. Prouty originally wanted to be a singer before enlisting in the military. Ice-T originally enlisted in the military before becoming a singer. Prouty ended up writing for porn magazines, Ice-T ended up marrying a porn star.

Aquarius is considered the sign of group enterprises, ranging from sports teams and humanitarian campaigns to street gangs and political conspiracies. Ice-T is considered the godfather of gangsta’ rap music thanks to his song “Six in the Morning” while Prouty is the defacto godfather of modern day conspiracy literature thanks to his book The Secret Team.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: “A former conspirator . . .”

Actor Gene Hackman is another double Aquarius. He’s never worked for the intelligence agencies nor is he powered by computer code. However, he has enjoyed a much celebrated career from bringing a real sense of authenticity to the portrayal of technologically adept, Aquarian-style conspirators, counter-conspirators, and members of various “secret teams” in films such as The French Connection, Night Moves, The Firm and The Conversation. In the 1998 espionage thriller Enemy of the State Hackman portrays “Brill”, a Fletcher Prouty-esque character who had previously worked for the National Security Agency as a radio intercept officer on the Iranian border before going off-the-grid. Brill describes himself as “a former conspirator”, a role that an uber-Aquarian like Hackman slipped into as easily as a headset.

Double Aquarians often find themselves in humanitarian pursuits where they’re using advanced technology or forward thinking methodologies to help strangers who become friends or friends who are a bit strange. This pairing understands better than most that “a friend in need is a friend in deed” and is unlikely to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or color. In Enemy of the State Hackman’s character utilizes his knowledge of advanced technologies (Aquarius) and unconventional (Aquarius) warfare to assist the Will Smith character in turning the tables on the NSA.

Real life is far more complex than a 1990s spy thriller movie but if humanity ever does manage to turn the tables on “the Secret Team” it will likely be a double Aquarian at the forefront of figuring out how we’re going to do so.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page.

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