As some of you may know, my article on the astrological charts of the National Security and Edward Snowden was the cover article for the October/November 2013 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, which is widely considered the world’s premier astrological publication. The article is now available online in its entirety (7,000 words), for free, in PDF format. You can access it by either clicking here or by clicking on the cover below:


Over the next few weeks I’ll get parts of the article uploaded to this site in text format.

One thing that I thought very interesting but that had to be edited out of the article for length purposes was a reference to the chart of Levi Coffin, the man whose farm was considered the headquarters of the Underground Railroad during the days of slavery. (Harriet Tubman and about 2,000 other escaped slaves utilized his residence as a hiding place.) Like the NSA, Coffin was a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon who ran a secretive (Scorpio) communications (Gemini) network. (Chart) Scorpio likes to wear black and Gemini always comes in pairs so you could say Coffin and his wife Catherine were the original “men in black”. Unlike the “men in black” at the NSA, there were never any doubts about the nobility of their intentions.

Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon: Levi Coffin
Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon: Levi Coffin

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