Pair the imaging capabilities of a Pisces Sun with the earthy instincts of a Taurus Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that is attuned to feelings both emotional and physical, very appreciative of the arts, and a natural at putting what it picks up via the imaginative realms (Pisces) into physical form (Taurus). According to astrologer Bill Tierney, the experience and creation of beauty is of utmost importance to this pairing:

If we have these signs natally highlighted, it will be good for us to immerse ourselves in surroundings where Nature is at its most exquisite. Pisces needs inspiration, and so, breathtaking landscapes can uplift its soul, while also helping Taurus’ physical senses come alive. Sensuality and spirituality go hand in hand; this is not a combo that can endure ascetism or sensory deprivation for long. Our inner and outer worlds must be ripe and overflowing with color and sound. (Source)

This pairing’s orientation to inspiration and imagination, sensuality and spirituality makes it a great clairvoyant, natural healer, or art therapist. World famous psychic Edgar Cayce is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon. (Chart) He spent his life caring for the sick, studying spirituality, and advocating that people immerse themselves in exquisitely beautiful natural surroundings “ripe and overflowing with color and sound” as a means of facilitating the healing process.

This pairing also makes for a great interior decorator. Pisces is the most creative of Sun signs while Taurus Moons have an instinctive feel for beauty, serenity, land, and property.

On the downside, Pisces/Taureans often immerse themselves in idealized fantasies where their normally reliable powers of discernment are turned opaque and obfuscated. Henrik Ibsen is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon who once summed up this pairing’s potential for naive susceptibility when he stated, “Castles in the air – they’re so easy to take refuge in. So easy to build too”.

Speaking of “castles in the sky”, using its deployment date as its date of birth the Central Intelligence Agency’s most most mysterious, most expensive reconnaissance satellite – codenamed “Misty” – is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon. (Chart)

Pictured Above: Possible image of 'Misty'
pisces Taurus

All classified satellites are by their very nature mysterious. The irony, however, is that even the most secret ones are often visible to anybody with a good telescope, some binoculars, and basic high school math skills. What makes Misty so much more mysterious than its brethren is it seems to have the ability to simply “vanish” into thin air, rendering it invisible to even the most sophisticated of observers. This illusiveness has garnered for it near mythic status among satellite trackers not totally unlike the mythic status Edgar Cayce’s psychic abilities garnered for him among the New Age crowd. A 2006 article in Wired entitled “I Spy” explains:

When Molczan went back and compared the mystery orbit to the trajectory of the satellite launched in February, he realized that the unknown object that Eberst and Neirinck had seen was none other than Misty. The amateurs were eager to get another look, but bad weather prevented observation for the next two days.

By the time the sky cleared up, Misty had vanished again.


Over the years, the network of observers has kept an eye out for Misty, but none so diligently – perhaps obsessively – as Molczan. Even after Misty “disappeared” in 1990, Eberst likely spotted it again on three occasions in the late ’90s, though it was very faint, even through binoculars. He wasn’t sure what the object was; Molczan ID’d it as Misty. Many experts also believe that a satellite launched in 1999, known as “USA 144” but unspotted so far, is a second-gen version of Misty.

For the observers, especially Molczan, finding Misty or its successor has taken on an almost mythological significance. In fact, in the 15 years he’s been scanning the heavens for it, Molczan and some of his colleagues have developed a theory: Misty isn’t just hiding – it’s hiding from them. (Source)

Edgar Cayce had the capacity to dematerialize his mind into realms of light and energy while Misty seemingly “disappears” into the blackness of space by subtlely distorting how it interacts with light and energy. Nobody knows for sure exactly how it manages to do this but informed observers such as Space.com senior writer Leonard David have hypothesized that Mysty is equipped with a “satellite signature suppression shield” which “deflects incoming laser and microwave radar energies, sending them off into outer space.” (Source) Others have theorized that it also deflects or absorbs visible light so that even a sophisticated satellite tracker with a high powered telescope could be staring right at it yet totally unable to see. (Source)

If reflecting energy off into the environment as it maneuvers through outer space is how Misty maintains its illusiveness it certainly makes sense as this is a capability the Pisces/Taurus pairing is renown for. Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar writes of this combination:

You are poetry in motion. Others turn around when you glide by. You know when to communicate, when to change directions. You have a tendency to pick up on your environment and reflect it in some way. (Source)

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey do tell this pairing, “you are something of a nature mystic who comes alive when your senses meet the sounds, scents, sights, and tactile sensations of the countryside.” (Source) That’s an excellent approximation of both Edgar Cayce and Misty. Cayce was an actual mystic who believed the sounds, scents, sights, and sensations of the great countryside had the ability to bring ill people back to life. Likewise, Misty’s imaging technologies were designed to “come alive” when surveilling the sounds, scents, and sights of the countrysides in Russia, China, Central Asia, and other Regan-era hotspots although they certainly weren’t put to use bringing people back to life.

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