Combine the sexual magnetism of a Scorpio Sun with the stunning stage presence of a Leo Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that will have jaws dropping, heads turning, and pulses racing. Dramatic and magnetic, determined and ambitious, this pairing is both impossible to resist and impossible to ignore. If this pairing has a theme song it’s either “Number One Stunna” by Birdman or “This is Why I’m Hot” by MIMS. Actress Veronica Lake, Hollywood’s original femme fatale show-stopper, is a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

But don’t be fooled by this pairing’s knock out stage presence, there’s much more to the textbook Scorpio/Leo than just bright lights, big hair, and show-stopping style. Scorpio Sun, at its most profound, has an deep understanding of others’ emotional pain. Leo Moon, at its most generous, will give of its time, energy, and money as freely as the Sun gives its light and warmth. Pair the two together and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that will bring sunshine (Leo) to those trapped within even the most subterranean of emotional situations (Scorpio). Actress Gabrielle Union, for instance, is a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon who has donated tremendous amounts of time and energy to rape crisis centers. (Chart) In 2011 Barack Obama appointed her to the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women, a national board dedicated to addressing women’s rights and domestic violence:

According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey, two metaphoric images for the Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon combination are, “A Samaritan mirrors sunshine into the depths of a dark pit bringing hope to those who live there . . . A sexy superstar creates a new charity. (Source) Both of those images happen to be an excellent approximation of Mrs. Union. A sexy superstar, she has mirrored sunshine into the depths of the dark emotional pit that survivors of sexual assault so often fall into. They also happen to be excellent approximations of soon-to-be lawyer Zerlina Maxwell, a former Democratic strategist you may have seen on television going head to head with with Fox News’s roster of intellectual knuckle draggers. Like Mrs. Union, Mrs. Maxwell is a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon who has “mirrored sunshine into the dark pits” that sexual assault survivors so often fall into. (Chart)

The Harveys’ images also happen to be excellent approximations of Men’s Warehouse CEO George Zimmer, also a Scorpio/Leo. (Chart) If Zimmer’s name doesn’t ring a bell his commercials for Men’s Warehouse probably will. They’re the ones that end with Zimmer delivering his signature line, “You’re gonna look great, I guarantee it.”

Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon: The Showstopper, The Number One Stunner (Photo copyrights Nick Stepowyj, Thomas Hawk)

A go-getter in the business world and a superstar of men’s clothing who specializes in helping others look like number one stunners, Zimmer has donated generously to marijuana legalization efforts. (Source) He’s also helped finance research into the use of MDMA, commonly called “Ecstasy”, as a therapy for those suffering from PTSD. A study he donated money for in 2005 included a rape victim who had suffered from nightmares for twenty five years. (Source)

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