By Matthew David Savinar

Combine the sensuous beauty of a Taurus Sun with the stunning stage presence of a Leo Moon and you get a Sun/Moon combination that is artistic and attractive, self-confident and self-sustaining, always dignified and always on the A-List. This pairing has the sex appeal of a movie-star, the strut of a mega-celebrity, and the swagger of a business mogul. It’s at its finest on the big stage earning the very big bucks. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson refers to Taurus Sun, Leo Moon as the pairing of “The Entertainer” whose larger than life persona attracts more flashbulbs than royalty and possesses enough star-power to rival the Sun itself:

There is probably no one else in your social sphere who has your forcefullness, drama, and extroverted nature. “I am my own light” sums up your character . . you are a terrific showman. If it isn’t dramatic, it isn’t any fun. For many Taurus/Leos, just taking out the garbage can be an Academy Award performance. Your dress, actions, and behavior are usually planned to call attention to yourself. You consider others fortunate to be in your presence, to share in your activities, and to applaud every step. (Source)

Fortunately for the Taurus Sun, Leo Moon individual many of those steps are likely to be taken on the red carpet, in a pair designer shoes, while on their way to one hell of a big payday. This is one of the premier Sun/Moon combinations for money-making mega-success. Taurus is symbolized by the Bull while Leo is symbolized by the Lion. Pair the two together and you get “Bullion” as in gold bullion astrologer Sue Tompkins tells us. (Source) Singer Bing Crosby is a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon who made so much money as an entertainer that he may have rivaled Fort Knox itself. (Chart)

Taurus is the sign most oriented toward accumulation, appreciation, and return on investment while Leo’s instinctual generosity often draws the attention of Lady Luck herself. Taurus wants money in the bank while Leo wants the gold jewelry that money in the bank can buy. Taurus wants fat checks in the bank while Leo applause from those who sign the fat checks that go in the bank. Taurus refuses to be deprived of high end creature comforts while Leo refuses to be deprived of attention from its adoring public. Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Her 1953 coronation was the most expensive, most anticipated, most celebrated public ceremonies of the 20th century. It was, in short, a Taurus/Leo dream come true:

Taurus is oriented towards high self-worth while Leo is oriented towards unabashed self-expression so the combination is excellent for any sort of professional performer. Taurus/Leo will also give the Scorpio/Leo pairing a run for its money when it comes to which Sun/Moon pairing will have more jaws dropping or heads turning when walking into (or out of) a room. Actress Megan Fox, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and most bankable young performers, is a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart)

Both Taurus and Leo are “fixed” which means “stubborn, obstinate, and extremely reluctant to budge off a chose course.” Pair the two together and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that can be absolutely unwilling to compromise. On the upside, this pairing’s uncompromising nature gives it a strong backbone which it will use to defend its loved ones much the way a bull (Taurus) will defend its turf or a lioness (Leo) will defend her cubs. Take a look this scene from the 2010 film Jonah starring Fox as a gun-wielding prostitute to see just how strong a backbone we’re talking about:

Taurus Sun Leo Moon can be very old fashioned when it comes to selecting a life partner. Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar tells the Taurus/Leo woman, “You are likely to choose a practical, strong provider as your partner. You never forget your first love – whether or not you marry him.” (Source) Fortunately for Fox that is not a problem as she recently married actor Brian Austin Green, who is her first love and (amazingly) only her second boyfriend. (Source) Green’s a Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon – a pairing known to be moody but that has excellent business sense, something a Taurus/Leo like Fox can really appreciate.

This is one of the most possessive of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings. When it comes to their romantic partners the typical Taurus/Leo women subscribes to the philosophy of “You cheat, you die” astrologer Hazel Dixon Cooper warns. (Source) To illustrate: notice how Fox’s hand is on her husband’s chest in the above video? Yes, that is partly a sign of affection. But it’s also a way of declaring to other women, “He’s mine so all you skank beyootches best back back off or I’ll go Scarface on you.” Of equal importance, it’s also her way of making sure he gets a similar message, that should he cheat she’ll go Scarface on him too.

We don’t know what the inside of their home looks like but if she’s in charge of decorating there’s a good chance it’s filled with luxury items, particularly fine art, a favorite of many Taurus/Leos. Theo Van Gogh, the younger brother of Vincent, is a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) According to Wikipedia, “It was Theo’s financial support of his brother Vincent that allowed him to devote himself entirely to painting.” (Source) That’s the other thing about Taurus/Leos, they are quite generous with both financial and emotional support when it comes to assisting those who are dear to them.

According to astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey, a metaphoric image for the Taurus Sun, Leo Moon individual is, “On a perfect summer’s evening, a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is held in the palace garden.” (Source) That’s an excellent approximation of Mrs. Fox, an actress whose been performing for audiences since her pre-teen years. It’s an equally accurate metaphor for other Taurus/Leo individuals such as singer James Brown aka “The Godfather of Soul” aka “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business”. Iconic rapper Too Short is also a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Like Megan Fox and James Brown he’s done extremely well for himself in the performing arts, albeit much of his success has come from encouraging or financing others to work their money-makers.