Mars indicates how a person fights, what their weapon(s) of choice are, which methodologies they were default to. Barack Obama’s Mars is in Virgo, the sign of analysis, precision, forensic research, health consciousness, and technical wizardry. If Mars in Capricorn is the placement of the traditional infantry and Mars in Aquarius is the sign of fast moving shock troops then Mars in Virgo is the sign of military intelligence, the geeks in the back pouring over satellite images to figure out where the front-line troops should go. As a very thorough article over at Salon.com details, the Obama 2012 campaign had teams of super intelligent super geeks who leveraged forensic research, data analysis, and the “micro-targeting” of voters to an unprecedented degree. The article’s title “When the Nerds Go Marching In” nicely approximates the modus operandi of Mars in Virgo.

Mitt Romney’s Mars is in Pisces, the sign opposite to Virgo. Mars in Pisces is a great placement for photography, mysticism, and the arts including dancing. M.C. Hammer, arguably one of the greatest dancers of all time, has Mars in Pisces. (Chart) For anybody who missed it here is Romney doing a not half bad Hammer imitation (Gangnam style) prior to one of his campaign speeches:

If they’re not involved in the arts in some way, people with Mars in Pisces will fight using Piscean methods: drugs, deceit, and deception. Romney’s campaign was essentially one giant deceptive dance routine aimed at drugging the Red State masses, Bain Capital style.

If Mars in Pisces is the sign of deceptive dance routines then Mars in Virgo is the sign of drone warfare. Why? Because it offers the illusion of precise, clean, “micro-targeted” (Virgo) warfare (Mars). With his Mars (fighting style) in Virgo (micro-targeting), it’s no surprise that aerial drone strikes and Seal Team Six hit-jobs have turned out to be Barack Obama’s weapons of choice.

Virgo and Pisces are opposites but opposites always have more than a few things in common. When Mars in Virgo turns to its shadow expression it can be just as prone to sloppy illusions as Mars in Pisces. “Micro-targeting” voters during a campaign might make for a nice, clean electoral victory but it doesn’t always work so cleanly when it comes to executing people:

In the old days Virgo was (at its best) the sign of the sacred prostitute but (at its worst) also the placement of the street hustler for whom anything and everything is for sale. As the above video explains, the DOD has been intentionally publishing “Drone Porn” execution videos to YouTube in hopes of hustling up additional funding for further campaigns of “micro-targeted” murder.

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