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Sagittarius, the sign of the the Traveler, the Truth Seeker, the Scholar-Sage, the Philosopher-Prophet, the Professor of High Adventure, and the Department Chair of Broad Intellectual Horizons. Astrologer Austin Coppock refers to Sagittarius as the “Doom Super Soldier” of the Zodiac who will stop at nothing once possessed the spirit of a high-adventure crusade. (Source) When a person’s Sun (identity) is in Sagittarius (adventure), they will come to be identified with quests of some sort. Their quests may be geographical or physical in nature but other times they will be across religious, spiritual, or political terrains. Kirk Douglas is a Sagittarius Sun whose role as a slave turned globe-trotting socio-political gladiator in the 1960 film Spartacus is about as pure Sagittarius as it gets:

Sitting 120 degrees is Leo, the sign of the Entertainer and the Performer, the Actor and Actress, the King and the Queen, the Movie Star and the Showman, the Mistress of Ceremonies and the Professor of High Theatrics. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Leo (theatrics), they will possess an instinctual knack for theatrics. Even the most mundane of activities will be infused with all the drama of a big budget movie premier or Broadway play when the Moon is in Leo. Australian sprinter and YouTube sensation Michelle Jenneke is about as close to a textbook Leo Moon as you’ll find. (Chart) Back in July of 2012 a video of her dramatically theatrical pre-race routine got so many page views it darn near fried out the Google servers:

Combine the globe-trotting, devil-may-care nature of a Sagittarius Sun with the theatrical instincts of a Leo Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that is larger than life, enthusiastically dramatic, and always the star of the show no matter where life takes them. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon the pairing of “The Showoff” who simply “doesn’t have the hang-ups and inhibitions that plague so many others”. (Source) Professional wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam is a Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Given the uninhibited “show-off” tendencies of his Sun/Moon pairing, it makes sense Mr. Van Dam is known as “The Whole F–king Show” and “Mr. Pay Per View” for his sensationally entertaining in-ring performances. Take a look at the first 30 seconds of this out-of-character interview and you’ll never see the Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon combination quite the same way ever again:

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell the Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon pairing, “your drama and volatility burn more sensitive souls who will wonder what hit them.” (Source) Professional wrestling is, of course, choreographed but if you watched the first few moments of the above video you’ll see just how correct the Harveys are in their assessment of this pairing’s hard-hitting sense for the dramatic.

The Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon individual’s penchant for both high-theater and high-adventure also what makes this is one of the Sun/Moon pairings most likely to have pants-crappingly high health insurance premiums. Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar says this pairing is “athletic and willing to take wild leaps of faith.” (Source) Or, in the case of a Sagittarius/Leo like Mr. Van Dam, “wild leaps of faith” off top turnbuckles, 20 foot ladders, and even into live audiences. (Video)

Van Dam isn’t the only Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon to make a name for himself in the world of high-flying acrobatics and death-defying forms of theater. Charles Ringling, the founder of Ringling Brothers Circus, is also a Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) In the wrestling world, Van Dam is known as “Mr. Pay Per View” while Ringling can be thought of as the original “Mr. Pay Per View”. (Strangely enough, both men also have Mars/Jupiter conjunctions in Scorpio.) Ringling is thought to have coined the phrase, “The show must go on”, a motto that Mr. Van Dam more or less lives by.

Van Dam’s chosen profession is as much a circus as Mr. Ringling’s so maybe it’s no surprise that astrologer Linda Goodman tells us that Sagittarius/Leo is the combination of the “circus parade” that can “jet propel” itself high-and-far:

There’s plenty of contagious enthusiasm and genuine affection when these signs combine . . . together they have the power to jet-propel toward the impossible. This combination can bring much happiness to the world.

Sagittarius needs the strong net of Leo’s protection to catch them when they fall from their swinging trapezes, just as Leo is secretly thrilled by the Archer’s colorful tumbling acts. When these two courageous signs combine life will never rain on their circus parade. (Source)

Nor is Van Dam the only notable Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon individual to wear extremely bright, colorful, and tight-fitting outfits to work. Actress, peace activist, and fitness icon Jane Fonda is a Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon. (Source) Like Rob Van Dam, Jane Fonda tends to be the “whole effing show” no matter where she goes or how she chooses to express herself:

Whatever their chosen profession, Sagittarius/Leo individuals will most often be found where there is some type of “main event” that they can be at the center of. Arthur Fielder, the longtime conductor of the Boston symphony, is also a Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon. (Chart) Fielder didn’t have a catchy nickname like “Mr. Pay Per View”, “Mr. Monday Night”, or “The Whole F–king Show” but you don’t end up conducting the Boston symphony for 50 straight years unless you’re capable of putting on one hell of a performance:

There’s more, however, to the Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon combination than high drama and high ratings. This combination takes a approach to intellectual and spiritual matters that is every bit as passionate as it does to giving public performances. According to the Harveys, a metaphoric image for the Leo/Sagittarius combination is, “At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal lore and ancient geography.” (Source) That’s an uncannily accurate approximation of Rob Van Dam. Wrestlers are essentially modern day athletic gypsies while Van Dam, who has studied eastern forms off spirituality, is certainly the closet thing they have to a shaman. He doesn’t have an honorary degree in herbal lore but certainly could have one as he is a very vocal advocate of marijuana legalization. He’s even financed a documentary along with Tommy Chong about the benefits of the plant and the government’s brutal insistence on criminalizing it:

In relationships this pairing has a surprisingly high capacity for happiness. Passionately romantic, the Sagittarius/Leo individual takes as expansive, high-energy an approach to romance as he or she does to public performances or the study of herbal lore. According to astrologer Hazel Dixon Cooper this pairing wants “the whole ‘effing show” when it comes to matters of the heart, “Funny, optimistic, loyal and honest, this is one of the best Sun/Moon combinations”. (Source) Van Dam has been with his wife Sonya for twelve years, stating in a recent interview, “I’ve been with the same gal for twelve years and I’m the happiest man in the world relationship wise.” (Source)

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