We’re in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde in Leo, the sign of the lioness so it’s fitting that Leo Sun legend Julie Newmar – the original Catwoman – has made a “re”-appearance to discuss the current Catwoman as portrayed by actress Anne Hathaway:

The all-black Catwoman get-up was very Scorpio in its aesthetic but Newmar herself was totally Leo in terms of her vibe both in and out of character. Check out the second photo from the top here. More recently she donned a Catwoman like costume at age 74 and still rocked it like the total lioness she knows she is.

Leo is considered the sign most likely to go into acting as they love being on stage. Even those Leos who aren’t cast in the leading role will find a way to “steal the scene”, as the saying goes. Newmar writes of her scene-stealing portrayal of Catwoman as follows:

“Of course Catwoman is more popular than Batman,” Julie Newmar, who played the character in the 1960s TV series, tells The Post. “Catwoman’s her own boss, she makes up her own mind. Catwoman will go on just about forever.”(Source)

Leo is also the sign of royalty so it’s no surprise Newmar lets you know on her website that she truly is American royalty. From her site’s biography page, “As an eleventh generation American and a Mayflower descendant, Julie Newmar has beauty, brains and a charming sense of humor.” (Source)

Like benevolent monarchs, Leos can be quite generous. They will give of their time, energy, or advice as freely as the Sun gives of its light and warmth. In Newmar’s case she just published an advice book entitled The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth where, like Leo’s ruler the Sun, she shines on light on a wide variety of issues. The book is available at her website alongside some lovely photographs that come, in true Leonine lioness fashion, autographed by Mrs. Newmar herself.

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