Sky-diver, BASE-jumper, and professional daredevil Jeb Corliss is an Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, the same Sun/Moon pairing as Steve McQueen. (Source) On January 16th, 2012 Corliss almost died during a wing suit demonstration gone horribly wrong over South Africa’s Table Mountain. The video of the accident is gruesome but if you want a very clear example of somebody crashing head on with the current square (collision) between Uranus (sudden shocks) in Aries (the Risk Taker) and Pluto (terror/extremes) in Capricorn (structures, including geologic ones), this is sure as heck it:

Amazingly, Corliss survived the collision and subsequent crash. On March 1st, 2012 he appeared on the Conan O’brien show where he recounted the incident, including an out-of-body experience he had upon realizing he was tumbling towards his death:

Corliss’s accident occurred when transiting Pluto (terror, extremes) in Capricorn (geologic structures) was squaring (colliding with) his natal Sun (identity) in Aries (the Risk-Taker). According to astrologer Steven Forest, transiting Pluto squaring a person’s Sun is associated with a number of unpleasantries including the potential for death:

. . . these transits tend to press Plutonian issues to the forefront. They are impossible to ignore . . . Here we often find forced contact with life’s darker side: a child is discovered with a drug problem, crime occurs, disease makes itself felt, an intimate death may take place. (Source)

Robert Hand warns that a square from transiting Pluto to a person’s Sun will “test your strength and the energy with which you have established yourself in the world.” (Source) In Corliss’s case the risk-taking Aries energies that have fueled his identity (Sun) are now being tested as he rehabs from his injuries.

Transiting Uranus (sudden shocks) was also squaring Corliss’s natal Mars (physical assertion) when the accident occurred. Astrologer Robert Hand warns that this transit is a really, really bad time to take unnecessary risks to life and limb:

Watch out for impulsive actions, rash decisions, and other actions that may have sudden, unexpected consequences and undesirable results in the future. You may feel that your ego is at stake in some way and you have to assert yourself now regardless of the risk of getting involved in an accident. Do what you must, but act with a little discretion.

. . . unconscious eruptions of these energies can be quite disruptive. Accidents that you have not apparently caused but have somehow made more likely are one outcome of this transit. (Source)

Of course Corliss is a professional daredevil so it’s next to impossible for him to go very long without taking risks. His final jump off Table Mountain, however, was extremely dangerous even by his standards. In previous jumps he had come within six feet of the cliff that he later collided with. In the jump that almost killed him he cut the margin down from six feet to only six inches, thus exponentially raising the risk of an accident. HBO sports was there to film him so, as Robert Hand warns, Corliss may have been feeling pressure to take risks above and beyond what he could responsibly manage.

To Corliss’s credit he seems to have learned his lesson. During his interview with Conan O’Brien he stated, “I lost respect for the mountain. I was pushing way too hard and it spanked me. I’m very thankful I made a mistake so massive and still be able to recover from it.”

It should be noted that Corliss’s North Node, the point of destiny should one choose to accept it, is in Scorpio. It thus makes sense he is best known for flying around in an all black “wing suit” that bears more than a few resemblances to the wing suit worn by Batman, a character that most astrologers agree is Scorpionic in nature.

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