I recently came across a 2006 Vanity Fair astrology article, “Horoscope USA”, by Michael Lutin that has proven to be disturbingly accurate in its forecasts for 2008-2012. Writing at time when most of America’s middle and upper middle classes were still lost in the hallucinated rapture of the bubble-fuck economy, Lutin accurately predicted both the economic collapse of 2008 and mounting levels civil unrest that would explode no later than 2011. What really got my attention was his prognostications for Uranus’s ingress into the 29th degree of Pisces:

. . . Uranus at the end of Pisces can seem like a torrential flood that comes out of nowhere. Everything that has piled up and been swept under the rug comes spilling out. To the apocalypse crowd, it will seem like the wrath of God . . .

When Uranus hits the 29th degree of Pisces, before it pops into Aries, even the Pope could have a stroke over the upheaval the world will find itself in. Uranus in Pisces washes everything away . . . (Source)

“Torrential flood that washes away everything”? That’s a pretty damn accurate description of the Japanese tsunami, which happened during the final moments of Uranus’ transit through the 29th degree of Pisces.