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The four Zero Points: 0 degrees Aries, 0 degrees Cancer, 0 degrees Libra, and 0 degrees Capricorn are considered the four most potent, powerful, and explosive degrees of the 360 degrees that comprise the zodiac. (Source)

To illustrate how planets express themselves through the four Zero Points, consider the film Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Born (released) May 4th, 1982 the film has Mars at zero degrees Libra. (Natal Chart) Its trailer will give you an idea of the colossal amounts of energy this placement is associated with:

Libra is usually associated with peace and diplomacy but that’s not necessarily the case when it’s Mars in Libra. When Mars is in Libra what you’re looking at is a confrontation (Mars) between equally matched opposites (Libra). When you think Mars in Libra think of “a duel”, be it a duel under the blazing sun of the Western frontier or a duel in the icy coldness of outer space. The duel between Kirk and Khan portrayed in Star Trek is thus a great metaphor for how Mars at 0 degrees Libra will often express itself: an absolutely explosive (Zero Point) confrontation (Mars) between equally matched opposites (Libra).

The Sabian Symbol for 0 Degrees Libra is “A man with a pistol in each hand walks in a barren land, unaware that he is followed by a man holding a sword.” (Source) That’s a pretty good metaphor for the way Mr. Khan stalks Kirk through the barren vastness that is deep space.

Truly great films always have endings that correspond to their North Node, the astrological symbol of a person’s destiny should they choose to accept it. The Wrath of Khan’s North Node is in Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother. At the film’s conclusion the Genesis Device, the ultra powerful terra-forming device Mr. Khan had attempted to weaponize, is used to birth a new planet.

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