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Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Part II: The Octopus Conspiracy and the Joint Expedited Data Interface (aka “the J.E.D.I.”)

(Image Credit: Fox Mulder with the Lone Gunmen of X-Files fame, available for purchase at Amazon)

Sun/Neptune/Mercury are all in Pisces (sign of the psychic), Moon is in Gemini (sign of data exchange) today. All modern day mass surveillance systems — including the PRISM system brought to light by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden — are descendants of what’s known as “P.R.O.M.I.S.” software, the backstory of which is so filled with intrigue (Pisces) and unanswered questions (Gemini) that it was even the subject of a deeply unsettling episode of NBC’s television series Unsolved Mysteries. Dubbed the “Octopus Conspiracy”, the software at the center of the story is a Pisces/Gemini based on its operational start date. Find out what made it so powerful and why it took me nearly a decade to summon the courage to write about it publicly:

Additional notes:

The “Joint Expedited Data Interface” (J.E.D.I.) computer network featured in the 1990 espionage thriller Black Money, authored by former Lehman Brothers partner Thomas Frank, is almost certainly based on P.R.O.M.I.S. software. According to a review of the book, it’s a “twisted trail of a criminal enterprise established mainly to legitimize Colombian drug lords’ money, flight capital from underdeveloped countries, terrorists’ slush funds, and the illicit profits of putatively respectable corporations.” (Source) It’s also, according to those in a position to know, so accurate that Frank had no choice but to write the book as fiction.

The short lived X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen, pictured above, is a Pisces/Gemini based on the show’s debut date. The show is famous for its pilot episode which involved terrorists flying airplanes into the World Trade Center nearly a year before 9/11 occurred.

The original article can be read in its entirety here:

Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon: “The Source Code, the Spook Loop, and the Psychic Surveillance State”

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