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Leo Sun, Aries Moon: The *Original* Warrior Princess

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Combine the stage presence of a Leo Sun with the action oriented instincts of an Aries Moon and you get a Sun/Moon paring oriented towards high drama, a sense of the spectacular, and being impossible to miss — all larger than life traits that make for a natural superhero. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson refers to this pairing as “The Showman” who is “confident, courageous, aggressive, and happiest when running the show”. Linda Goodman observes that Leo/Aries is the sign pairing most likely to “grab the spotlight and take in sweet rounds of applause ” while totally changing the world:

(Source) Actress Lynda Carter is a Leo Sun, Aries Moon best known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, arguably the most spectacular, larger than life female superhero of all time. (Chart)

That wardrobe transformation spin move still works so well after all these years because it was a near perfect, if dramatized, projection of her internal patterns out onto the external world of film: from her South Node (past lives) in Virgo (The Analyst) to her Moon in Aries (The Warrior) all in one big bright flash (Sun in Leo).

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us that this pairing’s fighting spirit, nobel intentions, regal demeanor, and capacity for self-dramatization make a “a natural for the theater.” It’s prepared to “fight for its destiny” but would “rather steal the show with your considerable intelligence and fabulous style” the Harveys tell us. (Source) If you want an absolute fabulous example of somebody “stealing the show” with “fabulous style” check out this video of Carter at a July 2011 event just a few weeks shy of her 60th birthday:

Mexican film actress and Hollywood Golden Era legend Dolores Del Rio — also a Leo Sun, Aries Moon just like Carter — has been quoted as saying, “When a woman has twinkles in her eyes, no man notices if she has wrinkles under them.” I’d say that’s a spot on description of Carter as she enters her wise elder years except for the fact she doesn’t seem to have any wrinkles.

Actress Vivica Fox is also a Leo Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Like her astro-twin Lynda Carter, Ms. Fox is more than capable of “stealing the show” with “her fabulous style”:

With her Sun in Leo (the Performer) and Moon in Aries (the Warrior), it’s no coincidence that Fox’s first big Hollywood break came as an ass-kicking stripper in the 1996 film Independence Day. As astrologer Jefferson Anderson explains in his book Sun Signs Moon Signs, this pairing is hardwired for action, adventure, and fighting the good fight:

Confident and aggressive, one of your greatest assets is courage: courage to take risks and courage to express your thoughts and feelings honestly and without inhibition.

A born leader . . . For you life is seen as war and competition can be everything. In love, business, politics, or just plain living, it’s never fun unless it’s a fight. Fortunately, you have an inherent code of honor, loyalty, and trust, so no matter how belligerent you may seem, you would never betray a friend, hurt someone weaker than yourself, or practice treachery or deceit. (Source)

Astrologer Grant Lewi observes of the Leo Sun, Aries Moon woman, “She is an idealist, a fighter strong on truth and justice.” (Source) Speaking of which, Carter – a native Arizonan of Mexican descent- has been speaking out against Arizona’s draconian immigration laws as well as the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and other political bullies. (Source)

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